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You Gotta Be Freakin Kiddin Me!

And for the Latest Vagina Gun Holster Story…

You can’t make this stuff up… A woman apparently used her vagina as a holster in an effort to out crazy her boyfriend.  I’d say she won.  The Daily Caller has more… The ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men” novelist Cormac McCarthy was arrested over the weekend for pulling a handgun from her vagina and aiming it at her current boyfriend’s head. The Smoking Gun obtained the statement of probable cause from Santa Fe County Police that says Jennifer McCarthy, 48, was arguing with her unnamed boyfriend about “space aliens” when she became angry […]

Parents, Don’t Let Your Babies Pray to Barak Obama

This is just sad, and also disturbing.  I know we are supposed to pray for our would be Marxist overlords, and I do, believe it on not.  I pray that they will develop wisdom, and embrace life and freedom.  I don’t expect much, but hey, the man upstairs wants us to do it, so who am I to argue?  However, to pray to Barak Obama? Words escape me.

RINO ALERT!! Boehner Willing to Abandon GOP & 2nd Amendment

In the spirit of pure bipartisanship that is simply for the sake of saying a bill is bipartisan, Speaker of the House, John Boehner said the following when asked if the Senate gun control bill would pass with a majority of HIS OWN FREAKING PARTY not voting for it: “GOP? GOP? I don’t need no steenking GOP to take yer guns!!” Okay, first of all, I paraphrased and secondly he was referring to the Hastert Rule which basically says that any bill without support of the majority party will not be brought to the floor for a vote. But Johnny […]

Obama/Holder’s War on Small Business and Their Gestapo Like Tactics

Last year on the campaign trail, Obama let his slip show when he said that if you owned a small business, you didn’t build that. With absolutely zero experience in the private sector, our president has no idea what it means to risk your own, hard earned money, time and good name to start a business. Being steeped in the politics of Marx, Obama actually loathes folks that have made it on their own, with no help or thanks from the federal government. His education in Alinsky’s tactics, the MSM’s blind devotion and a dumbed-down electorate have all come together […]

Seriously? White Meat Racist?

Oh yes friends.  It appears that the preference for white meat is a sure sign of racism?  According to a recycled article at Slate, via IJ Review, it is… Slate recently republished an article from 2010 saying how racist white meat is. The writer babbles on about white bread and its white history, then pivots to white turkey meat …seriously: Why have we broken the chains of the whiteness that bound us to fatally tasteless white bread while still remaining imprisoned in the white-meat turkey ghetto? … Despite its superior taste, dark meat has dark undertones for some. Dark meat evokes the […]

Winning school chants, “USA, USA!!!” Prinicipal says, “We want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

usa as flag

Our loyal readers know full well that Statism and all it’s inherent subversive agendas can be, and are dangerous to our culture; eroding away our values, mores and beliefs. This story is a prime example of just such erosion. A local school district is apologizing after an apparent incident of racism at a boys high school basketball game this past weekend. When the final whistle blew Saturday, Alamo Heights celebrated a convincing victory over San Antonio Edison. Alamo Heights Head Coach Andrew Brewer said he was proud of his team. “Tremendously proud,” Brewer said. “Tremendously. It’s the best group of […]

Infantry Officer responds to hateful Suffolk Law professor


As I am sure many of you have read Michael Avery, a professor from Suffolk University Law School not only balked at the idea of sending care packages to military men and women overseas in active duty, he took it a step further when he said in part:  “I think it is shameful that it is perceived as legitimate to solicit in an academic institution for support for men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings.”  He wrote this in response to a campus wide email soliciting holiday care packages. When you look at Mr. Avery’s […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" Edition


As the regulars here are aware, I’ve been doing “Great Moments in Civil Discourse” posts every since President Obama called on the nation to engage in “civil discourse.”  I of course, have had a blast pointing out the regressive’s hypocrisy on the matter.  Let’s face it, if the regressives were to actually engage in civil discourse, they would be effectively muted. If you recall, Sarah Palin was blamed for the shooting of Rep.Gabrielle Giffords, as well as several others.  Here was their evidence… Of course, encouraging people to vote Democrats out of office really means to kill them. At that […]

Parallel Universe Alert: It's OK for the CIA to Kill a Cleric, but for God's Sake, Don't Violate his Rights


Anwar al-Awlaki, a Muslim Cleric from New Mexico, is on the CIA’s “Kill or Capture” list.  Apparently, it is OK to kill Americans without a trial.  However, we can’t possibly violate their right to privacy!   While the New Mexico-born cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, is the first American on the CIA’s kill or capture list, the U.S. State Department refuses to release documents about al-Awlaki citing his right to privacy. This disconnect was uncovered as part of the ongoing investigation by Fox News’ Specials Unit into the cleric who is a leader of a major Al Qaeda affiliate.  Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in March 2010, […]

Krugman Allegedly Thinks East Coast Earthquake Could Have Been a Stimulus, if Only it had been Worse UPDATED


Paul Krugman has become a certifiable expert a jumping the shark.  Last week, there was talk of an alien invasion being a stimulus.  There has also been talk of the economic benefits of wars.  Now, apparently, yesterday’s east coast earthquake would have been a great thing, if only it had been worse… Note that it has not been confirmed that this was a statement from Krugman.  Remember kids, this is the internet, and people can impersonate others. Hot Air has the coverage, as well as the above image… Is it real or just a goof? Kevin Williamson isn’t sure and […]

More People Think Ghosts are Real than Think Congress Is Doing a Good Job

A poll over the summer of 2010 showed that 18% of Americans think that Obama is a Muslim and 34% think he is a Christian. Another poll shows that 40% of people from India and China believe that aliens walk among us disguised as humans, and that 22% of all the men in the world believe aliens are here on Earth. 21% of voters in a recent poll said that the explosion and massive oil spill that resulted from the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil drilling rig made them more likely to support offshore drilling. Polls report that 27 percent of Americans believe in ghosts, and 25 […]

Blog Focus: Social Justice at Marion High School

We have a new friend in the blogosphere, Rotti’s Political Bark.  Right away, I saw that they had a fascinating post.  I obtained the admin’s permission to post the following excerpt. We have all been made aware of the creeping social justice or socialism introduction into our public schools. I will never forget the video about kindergartners praising Obama.  We should all check out our children’s books they bring home, especially those dealing with social studies or history.  It is a well known fact that many of those books are being altered and no longer teach the “real” history. Now it has come to […]

Carter insults Reagan in his Diaries

History sees Reagan as a great president and that is how the country saw him at the time, judging by the two huge landslide elections that he won. But to the man he beat in the 1980 election, Reagan was anything but a great president.

ICE supports catch and release for illegal aliens

An ICE memo leaked to the press shows an administration that supports a catch and release policy for illegal aliens.

"Disgusting" GOP Attempt to Defund Child Pornography Viewing Causes Democrats to Vote Against a Jobs Bill

“It’s absurd,” Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.) said. “It’s specious, and it’s disgusting. And those are the nicest things I can say about it.” “For anyone that is concerned about federal employees watching pornography, they just saw a pornographic movie. It’s called; ‘Motion to Recommit,’” Science Committee Chairman and bill author Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn) said. That’s right- according to the Democrats, the GOP’s attempt to prohibit federal funds from going “to salaries to those officially disciplined for violations regarding the viewing, downloading, or exchanging of pornography, including child pornography, on a federal computer or while performing official government duties” is […]

Culture Wars: Seniors Told That They Cannot Pray Over Government Food

“Our father, who art Obama…” Every once and a while, something completely ridiculous passes by, and I can’t resist covering it.  This is one of those times. Apparently, senior citizens at the Senior Citizen’s Inc, have been told that they cannot pray over their government-funded meals.  Here’s some coverage from the Augusta Chronicle. But Senior Citizens Inc. officials said Friday the meals they are contracted by the city to provide to Ed Young visitors are mostly covered with federal money, which ushers in the burden of separating church and state. On Thursday, the usual open prayer before meals at the […]

No Whites Allowed: Yes, This Really Happened

While professional race-baiter Al “Somewhere Inside Me There’s a Little Boy (Because I Ate Him)” Sharpton goes for the jugular — and the contents of your House — and the owner of “Los Suns” introduces Spanglish to the NBA in protest of Arizona’s immigration law, back in the rest of real America, racism is as strong as ever: An Ann Arbor elementary school principal used a letter home to parents tonight to defend a field trip for black students as part of his school’s efforts to close the achievement gap between white and black students. Dicken Elementary School Principal Mike […]

Calorie Count Mandate was in Obamacare Bill

One of the many little provisions in Obamacare that will threaten your property and liberty is one where the federal government will now order restaurant chains to post calorie counts on menus, menu boards and drive-through displays as well as provide additional nutrition information upon request. The law also applies to convenience stores and grocery outlets that serve ready-to-eat meals as well as many vending machine operators. According to the Detroit News, this new federal mandate will go into effect next year after the FDA writes the rules, and will affect more than 200,000 restaurant chains nationwide and several thousand […]

It just doesn't matter…

Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL), “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this, to be honest. Doesn’t matter to me.”

When Emos Whine: NBC Infested With Fail

In other media related news, seems NBC is miffed at their favorite President. Hat tip to – Stamping their feet and throwing out a, “That’s not fair!!” temper tantrum, NBC has filed a complaint about ABC getting too cozy with the Obama White House. Citing the last two ABC interviews, Charles Gibson in December and the very recent sit down with George Stephanopoulos, NBC claims that Stephy’s close friendship with Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel gives ABC an unfair edge. (Update: An NBC News spokesperson now tells us, “NBC News did not file a formal or informal complaint about this […]

Fascist Friday: Reporter Fired for Disagreeing with Intolerant Left

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Fascist Friday post.  However, the left has risen (or shall we say fallen?), to the occasion.  Apparently, disagreeing with the left is still wrong, characterized as hate, and very punishable. Not following me?  Thinking this is right wing lunacy?  Take a look at this from Newsbusters, and decide for yourself. The censorious intolerance of the gay left is on display again – a reporter was fired in Waterville, Maine. His offense? Sending an angry private e-mail to the Human Rights Campaign in Washington. The HRC wanted the reporter dismissed – and […]

Election '09: The Victories and Consequences

I’m not waiting to hear from the pundits on this one.  I’ll just give my raw reaction to what happened this past evening. 1.  Massive win in Virginia:  This was expected.  Good news, and it sends a message. 2.  Win in New Jersey:  So far, so GREAT!  We’ll have to see if the Democrats use their plan “B.”  (Absentee ballots) 3.  New York 23:  At the time of this writing, Hoffman was projected to lose.  This will have some far-reaching consequences, primarily for the relationship between the GOP and it’s long neglected base. By winning a victory in a powerful […]

The Sad New Criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize

Sit for 20 years in the pew of a church with a pastor that says “God Damn America” and deny you never new about his dangerous and subversive views. Ignore the man you picked to lead a “war of necessity” and endlessly debate whether to unleash a surge of troops or pull out, while the own troops who volunteered to defend you die. Release 78 terrorists into the wild so they can turn around and plot evil schemes to kill you or the people you purport to lead. Give millions to known terrorist organizations, like Hamas. Go to the U.N. […]

Large Pro-Family Rally Ignored by Legion of Doom, Surprised?

It’s predictable, but still funny.  When the Conservatives have some sort of event, the Legion of Doom either ignores it entirely, or shows up to ridicule it.  The Tea Parties being most recent example.  The cause is just as easily understandable.  The Legion in the back pocket of the messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS and his minions, and any “competing ideology” must be silenced or ridiculed.  Those darn socialists and their control of information and all! The latest example occurred back on June 9th, when the  New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms sponsored multiple rallies to draw attention to traditional family values and […]


I wonder if this is covered by ObamaCare? Want an interesting contrast between Demonrats and Republicans?  Still thinking there’s no difference between the “Demicans and Republicrats?”  Let’s take a look at the the NY State Senate.  Recently, as described here in Redstate, two Demonrats defected to the Republicans, allegedly over pending gay marriage legislation.  These defections threw the balance of power over to the Republicans. Now friends, let’s take a moment to review what happened a few  weeks ago in the US Senate.  Arlen Sphincter defected to the Demonrats.  Our response? “Don’t let the door hit you on the *ss […]