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Voter Fraud: Suspected Democrat Operative Caught on Video Stuffing Ballot Boxes

In another clear example of something that your regressive betters claim never happens, a suspected democratic operative was caught stuffing ballots into a ballot box before early voting in Maricopa County.  The Blaze has more… “A person wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt dropped a large box of hundreds of early ballots on the table and started stuffing the ballot box as I watched in amazement,” said A.J. LaFaro, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party. The Maricopa County GOP chairman provided the Arizona Daily Independent with the following account of what happened during the Aug. 26 primary election cycle: […]

Gun Grabbing Democrat, Jamilah Nasheed, Gets Nabbed with Gun!

In an act of typical democrat hypocrisy, a democrat gun grabber was recently nabbed carrying a gun.  Liberty News has more… Why did staunch gun control advocate Missouri State Senator Jamilah ‘Switchblade Sista’ Nasheed feel the need to arm her self to participate in a ‘peaceful protest‘??? FERGUSON, Mo. ( – Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed had a gun in her possession at the time she was arrested Monday night outside the Ferguson Police Department, according to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson. Nasheed declined comment about the having the weapon, but did tell News 4 she has a concealed carry permit. […]

Obama Mania Is Over!

Hatp/Tip to The Blaze. We’re all familiar with the hey-day of Barack Obama’s popularity; audience members passing out, sold out crowds, throngs of eager, would-be voters lining up for hours just to get a glimpse of the man who promised Hope and Change by getting rid of “the old way of doing things” in Washington DC. That was in 2008. Fast-forward to 2014. Gone are the “Hope” and the “Change” and his promise to bridge the “bitter partisan divide” in our government. Gone are the pronouncements that he is “smartest man ever to be President.” Gone are the sold-out crowds […]

Revisited: Obama’s Ties to the Nation of Islam and Libya

Editor’s Note: This is an article that goes hand-in-hand with a previous article published here at CH2.0, entitled, “The Obama Administration’s Muslim Connections Run Deep“. It was written by one of our excellent staff contributors, Jim from Asylum Watch, in which he detailed the Obama Administration’s close relationship with radical Islam. This is an article that was written early in 2011 when Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya was still alive, but it aptly demonstrates President Barack Obama’s ties with radical Islam. February 25, 2011 via Present Discontent – In 1984, Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Jeremiah Wright traveled to Libya to be […]

The Obama Administration’s Muslim Connections Run Deep

Obama with his Muslim brother, Malik, Who Egypt States is Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist   When is treason treason? When is it not? The answer to the first question is when it is committed by you or by me. The answer to the second question is when it is committed by Barack Obama. It’s common knowledge that President Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, was born in Iran and that former Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser , Huma Abedin, is Iranian and we, also, know that John Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian-American with extensive family in Iran. Coincidence? Probably. But, coincidences […]

Aziz Ansari: Obama Invited Me To White House Then ‘Dissed’ Me By Playing Golf

  Hat/Tip to Jamie Weinstein at The Daily Caller. All we here at CH2.0 can add, is don’t worry Aziz, you certainly aren’t the only American President Obama has ‘dissed’. Aziz Ansari found out about President Barack Obama’s passion for golf the hard way. When the comedian came to Washington to perform at the Verizon Center on Sept. 27, he was invited to take a tour of the White House. According to his account on Howard Stern’s radio show earlier this week, he was told that the president was a big fan and would try to find time between his […]

Obama Scrapped CDC Rule Giving Feds Power to Block Travelers with Deadly Diseases

Hat/Tip to John Blosser at Newsmax. The safeguards that were in place to protect American citizens from exposure to deadly diseases by persons from immigrants were removed by President Barack Obama and his administration. Why? Who knows? Maybe to better fit in with his globalization agenda for America? Or maybe it was for the same reason the ACLU lauded this action when it occurred back in 2010. Four years ago, quietly and without public notice, the Obama administration scrapped quarantine plans from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which could have blocked travelers with the deadly Ebola virus from entering […]

Report: In ’08, Candidate Obama Sent Emissary to Iran, Assuring Mullahs He Would Have Pro-Iran Presidency

Hat/Tip to Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit. As our loyal followers here at CH2.0 know, I have long said that the part of American History known as the Obama Years will not look kindly upon him. And as more and more time goes by, more and more comes to light showing Barack Hussein Obama for the anti-America radical that he truly is. The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Dr. Michael Ledeen, (an expert in all things pertaining to the Middle East) is revealing that in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential Election, then-candidate Obama sent an personal emissary to […]

Barack Obama: America’s “Buck Passer-In-Chief” Still Searching For Moderate Muslims To Arm And Train

America’s Buck Passer-In-Chief never takes responsibility for anything unless it is something that has good political optics and then, of course, he claims to have done it all by himself. If the issue has negative optics, Obama has a ready list of others to blame or he will claim he only just learned of the issue from watching the nightly news on TV. (Apparently his highly paid staff never tell him anything.) So, when the President was questioned by reporters about how the ISIS could “suddenly” become such a force in Syria and Iraq, he didn’t hesitate to blame his […]

Obama Misses nearly 60% of his Presidential Daily Briefings, But Not By Accident

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. I think that there is a public misconception about these Presidential Daily Briefings we keep hearing that Obama ‘misses.’ It isn’t like the meetings are in the situation room, or some other conference room in the White House Mansion Complex. The PDB comes to the Commander-in-Chief via one of his aids. The President has to actually refuse to have the PDB as a live face-to-face, and that is what our President does considerably more than half the time. President Barack Obama has missed 58 percent of the national security intelligence briefings during each of his terms in […]

CNN Talking Head on Whether Oklahoma Beheading is Terrorism: “People Behead For All Sorts Of Reasons”…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Oh the lengths Liberals will go to and they will twist themselves into a virtual pretzel to force any situation to fit their narrative….   And yes, Dr. Hill really DID say that about beheadings.   Honest. We can’t make this stuff up, no one would believe us! . . . .

President Obama Spends More Hours on Golf Course Than in Daily Intel Briefings

Hat/Tip to Newsmax and The Daily Caller. President Obama is the king of having it both ways. When it came to the death of Bin Laden, he said this, “Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation…” Then along comes a group called ISIS, and Obama says this, “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said, resorting to an uncharacteristically flip analogy. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin […]

President Obama Apologizes For America To The United Nations

Forgive me if my rantings get a little out of hand this morning. I really do not intend to continually bash President Obama, day after day after day, but some things need to be mentioned. They bear harping on because they are so completely ludicrous and outrageous. President Obama started off his first term in office by traveling the world and apologizing for the wrongs of America. Do we have our problems? Most certainly, we do. But unlike any President before him, he had no problem going to foreign soil and bashing America. He apologized for what he considered to […]

BREAKING NEWS: Contempt of Congress Case Against Holder Will Proceed

    Hat/Tip to Stephen Dinan at The Washington Times. As reported here on Conservative Hideout 2.0 today, Eric Holder is resigning ahead of the 2014 Mid-Term elections. Now it seems that his resignation will not stop the case against him for Contempt of Congress regarding his refusal to turn over documents related to the Fast & Furious scandal. The contempt of Congress case against Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. — the first sitting Cabinet member ever to face such a congressional rebuke — will continue even after his resignation takes effect, but it’s unlikely he will ever face […]

BREAKING NEWS: Eric Holder to Resign, Clearest Sign Yet the GOP Will Take the Senate

Hat/Tip to Erick Erickson at RedState. So, if you’d spent the last 6 years lying for your boss, doing all his dirty work; bending if not outright breaking the law; been held in Contempt of Congress; pushing your racial views through the Justice Department and doing your best to obstruct every investigation of your office and your activities; all the while knowing that your Party, which controlled the Senate, was protecting you, and that they were going to lose control of the Senate – what would you do? Yeah, I’d resign too. Eric Holder is going to resign his position […]

Boehner Calls Tea Party ‘Knuckleheads’, Wants Rule Change to Squelch Their Influence

Hat/Tip to Todd Beamon at Newsmax. Back in the good old days of the Cold War, the Soviet Union relied on their Politburo to help them rule with an Iron Fist. How’s that song go, again? Oh yeah!   :::Everything old is new again!:::   Well it looks like that rule by Iron Fist is alive and well in the Republican Party, at least in the House, anyway. It looks like Johnny Boehner won’t be caught all embarrassed again when it comes time to vote for the Speaker of the House for the next Congress. See, they have a private […]

Michelle Obama: Americans ‘Take For Granted’ How Much Barack Has Improved U.S.

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Arguably the most partisan First Lady in our nation’s history, Michelle Obama is on the stump for the upcoming mid-term elections and she is partaking in some revisionist history. She speaks about for the “first time in history”, “three brilliant women serving on our Supreme Court”, as though there had been no women before Barack Obama, seemingly forgetting it was Ronald Reagan who appointed the first woman, not Barack Obama. Moreover, Justice Ginsburg was appointed by Clinton, not Obama. But let not facts interfere with fantasy-weaving… Via Breitbart: First Lady Michelle Obama proudly defended her husband’s record […]

Bridgegate: After 9 Months of Digging, Feds Find No Link to Chris Christie

Oops, the Big Guy wasn’t in the loop after all. The U.S. Justice Department investigation into Gov. Chris Christie’s role in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal has thus far uncovered no evidence indicating that he either knew in advance or directed the closure of traffic lanes on the span, federal officials tell NBC 4 New York. The September 2013 closures — where several entrance lanes to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee were shut down, causing a traffic nightmare for commuters — has been the subject of several federal and state investigations. Federal officials caution that the […]

Obama Snubs Disabled Veterans, Refuses to Attend Memorial Dedication for Them

Hat/Tip to Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon. The hubris of the President, particularly where the military is concerned is only outpaced by his enormous ego. President Barack Obama has declined to attend a dedication ceremony in October for a new memorial honoring American veterans who have been disabled fighting for their country in wars, according to sources close to the event. The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial (AVDLM), the first such memorial of its kind, is set to be dedicated during a ceremony on Oct. 5 near the National Mall in downtown Washington, D.C. However, Obama, who […]

Pic of the Day: Six Years Too Late

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Since Obama burst onto the national political scene, his detractors have tried to paint a rather unflattering picture of him. The McCain campaign took its cue from Hillary’s primary campaign and made efforts to link Obama with Bill Ayers, who was the radical domestic terrorist and co-founder of the violent domestic terror group, the Weather Underground. Asked directly about Ayers, Obama famously lied by saying he was “just a guy in the neighborhood,” and that they’d served on a board together. Wrong. This picture has been making the rounds on Twitter today. It is from a Nov. […]