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Obama, Democrats Take Hard Left Turn, Ignore The Will Of The American People

I have long since lost count of the times conservatives have been described as hard, right-wing idealogues that care only for our conservative ideology. The issue doesn’t really matter. The left always accuses us of being unwilling to bend our conservative principles. President Obama has been especially adept at this, along with outgoing Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. They are fond of describing to the world how Republicans are just the party of NO. Incidentally, they want the rest of us to forget that it was President Obama who refused to negotiate with the Republicans during last year’s government shutdown. […]

Three Things That Are Illegal About Obama’s Immigration Plan

Hat/Tip to Gregg Jarrett at Fox News. This article by Gregg Jarrett over at Fox sums it up pretty conclusively. He lays out the argument as to how and why President Obama’s actions to grant blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is illegal. Will the GOP led Congress that takes office in January of 2015 do anything about it? That remains to be seen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three things that are illegal about Obama’s immigration plan By Gregg Jarrett It’s official. By executive fiat, President Obama will grant amnesty to up to 5 million immigrants living illegally in the United States. […]

Liberal Professor Calls For Ending Democracy

Now that the euphoria of the mid-term elections has diminished several decibels, I want to tell you about an Op-Ed run by the New York Times (NYT) on the day before the elections. The opinion piece was written by a liberal Duke University professor and one of his brainwashed students. It was titled: Cancel the Midterms and effectively calls for an end to democracy. That the NYT editorial board would run such a piece of blather demonstrates the Grey Lady is suffering from late stage Alzheimer’s disease. The National Review Online provides the details: … Schanzer and Sullivan have a proposal that’s more […]

Stymied by Facts? Get Your Victim Card Today!

H/T:  Liberal logic Have you been caught without facts?  Have you tried to argue, but lost to a fact talking Conservative?  Your worries are over with the new and improved Victim Card! Available for FREE* at your local democrat representatives office (the few that are left, that is). *Free as in your taxes will go up 500%, but that will be blamed on Bush.  Oh, and if you like your Victim Card, you can keep it. 

Un-regulated Speech, AKA: The Truth, In the Obama Administration’s Crosshairs

As we witness what seems to our nation’s free-fall into what looks, smells, and tastes a lot like tyranny, champions for freedom cry out to get the people’s attention.    One such person is Bill Whittle.  Doug Ross (no relation) had a great write up on one of Whittle’s recent videos.  The article is written by Marc Slavo. And unlike despots of the past, the faces of modern day tyrants are smiling and look completely innocent, but their sinister intentions can be seen by their actions. They have, as Whittle warns, weaponized the government with the end game being the complete […]

Executing America

  Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary “The president has no authority to do this. It’s against the law.” — Senator Jeff Sessions “The definition of a ‘sociopath’ is a person with an antisocial personality disorder. They are often well liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.” – Wayne Root The Obama “mandate,” if such a thing […]

Valerie Jarrett: The Keeper Of Obama’s “Enemies List”

  Hat/Tip to Melanie Batley at Newsmax. It’s old news that President Obama has a “Kill List” that he periodically goes over, chooses a few names, and then authorizes the Military to kill those individuals. Yes, it was even reported in the New York Times, although the story they published was largely a “hand-wringing” extravaganza, in which they go from being worried about Obama’s “principles” being tested to bending over backwards to paint him as the most vicious anti-terrorism POTUS in history. In other words, the NYT was trying to give him cover, while whining about his “Kill List”. Now, […]

A Case Study in Liberal Logic: Mary Landrieu

Liberal Logic has a great take on Mary Landrieu… When all else fails, go to the race card. You can see more examples of  liberal logic at Liberal Logic. . . .

Must See Video: Democrats Tell Bob Woodward Privately That They Hate Obama Too [VIDEO]

Hat/Tip to Alex Griswold at The Daily Caller.  Bob Woodward is an award winning journalist and best selling author. As an investigative journalist, he has written about differing Presidents, Republicans and Democrats alike. On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, he made vocal what many of us have known all along – that Obama has not only made enemies of the GOP, but he’s also alienated his own Democratic Party. . . . .

Voter Fraud In Oklahoma: A Lesson In History

  A lot has been said about voter fraud in the past few years. We in the Republican Party insist it exists and are working to prevent it by enacting laws that require voters to show identification when casting their ballots. The Democrat Party insist voter fraud exists only in our minds and imaginations and that our efforts to enact Voter ID laws are only an attempt to keep minority voters from casting their votes. As this history lesson from Paul R. Hollrah shows that not only does voter fraud exist, but it is the prime reason why the Republican […]

Politico to Obama: Fire Valerie Jarrett Already!

  Hat/Tip to Nickarama at WeaselZippers. You’d think it would be a no-brainer for Barack Obama to figure out his next move. I mean after all, he’s the guy who has blamed: his predecessor, George W. Bush the Middle East Israel George Bush Chinese solar subsidies the Arab Spring George Bush the Japanese Tsunami obstruction by the Republicans technology such as airport kiosks and ATMs George Bush corporations the Bush Tax Cuts Wall Street ‘Fat Cats’ George Bush health insurance companies doctors who cut your leg off rather than treat your diabetes, because like, we all know how prevalent THAT […]

Is This How Racist Democrats Will Attack Ben Carson?

Conservative Republicans that happen to have dark skin are targets of extreme interest for the party of slavery, party of the KKK, party of Jim Crow,  the Democratic Party.  After all, it’s really hard to play the race card when one’s opponent negates it! But ever resourceful, the Democrats will sink to whatever depths necessary to get the job done.    We’ll have to see how the democrats treat yet another runaway slave. You can see more of these info-graphics at Liberal Logic!  

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Racist Democrats Decry Election of Tim Scott

Last night was a historical night, for several reasons.  One particular event of note is that Tim Scott (R) was re-elected to his Senate seat.  Senator Scott came to the Senate by appointment, but yesterday, he won his election to stay in the Senate.  That is quite an accomplishment, for not only is he the first southern African American to win such a seat since reconstruction (and before the democrats stopped blacks from voting, let alone running for office).  Not only that, he is the first African American to be elected to both the House and Senate.   However, the […]

Michelle Obama Promises Black Voters a Fried Chicken in Every Pot

Please tell me this isn’t degrading, and racist. First lady Michelle Obama has a message to black voters: Don’t worry about what candidates have done or said — just vote for the Democrats. On TV One, a network operating under the motto “Where Black Life Unfolds,” the first lady told “News One Daily” host Roland Martin, “And that’s my message to voters, this isn’t about Barack, it’s not about person on that ballot — its about you. And for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, […]

Just Three Thousand Virginia Voters Request Free Photo IDs Before Election Day

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. If requiring IDs equals voter suppression, then why aren’t tens of thousands of folks getting their free IDs to vote?? A free program that is apparently not taken advantage of. In South Carolina the DMV offered free rides on the weekends and less than one thousand requested assistance. The left has no problem mobilizing buses to the polls. Via Watchdog Tuesday will mark the first general election when Virginia’s controversial photo ID law will be in full swing. But just about 3,000 voters have applied for a free photo ID from their local registrar so far. Critics […]

In Newark, NJ The Police Will No Longer Respond To “Minor” Crimes

  In the city that gave us Cory Booker the police don’t want to know if you get mugged. A newly instituted policy for city police officers may force them to deliver a less than ideal response to victims of assault and other minor crimes looking to make a complaint: Take it to court. In an Oct. 23 memo obtained by NJ Advance Media, Chief Anthony Campos informed officers that they should refer any victim complaining about crimes such as \simple assault, criminal mischief and harassment to file complaints in municipal court, rather than compile an incident report themselves. The […]

What Hillary Meant To Say Is, “If you like your job, you can keep your job”

  Here comes the spin! Last week millionaire Democrat Hillary Clinton teamed up with populist uber-leftist millionaire Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren to deliver a zinger aimed at American businesses: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” She’s a Statist. Statists believe only the government can create jobs. (Or Vernon Jordan, if you count creating jobs for Bill’s mistresses.) We get it, we didn’t build that. But, after enduring a weekend of ridicule (except on the Big 3 networks of course) The Hilldabeest backtracked, and blamed her “misstatement” on an internet video. “Trickle down economics has […]

Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder’s Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress

Hat/Tip to Katie Pavlich at Despite Democratic talking points to the contrary, the White House, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett were actively participating in the gun-running scheme that came to be known as ‘Fast and Furious’. For years the White House has argued it had nothing to do with Operation Fast and Furious while it was active and certainly wasn’t involved the fallout and cover-up that followed after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by Mexican bandits carrying guns from the lethal program.  Now years later, a Vaughn Index describing Fast and Furious documents being held […]