School Publishes Ridiculous Bullying Guidelines: Parents Outraged


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Apparently, one school’s basic guidelines for bullied kids amounts to STFU.  The Federalist Papers has more…

Another example of how school officials don’t always think clearly, and why you need to be vigilant and check up on what your children are learning at school!

Via The Blaze:

Fifth grade students at Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Neb., were recently sent home with a “flyer” outlining how they should handle bullies. The instructions were apparently deemed so ridiculous by parents that the school district quickly issued an apology and the “inaccurate information” was pulled.

That was after the nine “rules” for dealing with bullies went viral, of course.

Here are some of the more questionable ones:

• Rule #3 Do not be afraid.
• Rule #4: Do not verbally defend yourself.
• Rule #7: Do not tell on bullies.
• Rule #8: Don’t be a sore loser
• Rule #9: Learn to laugh at yourself and not get “hooked” by put-downs.

Here is the print version.

eysuwikmyh0ejieewmqy-620x315It is important to note that the school did retract these, but who in their right mind would approve something like this.


Charges Files Against South Fayette High School (PA) Student That Documented Bullying


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Imagine, if you will, that you are a kid, and that you are being bullied mercilessly in school.  Now, imagine that you went to the trouble to record evidence of the bullying, so you could take it to the school’s principal.  Because, surely the school will protect you once the evidence comes to light, right?

Then imagine that you face criminal charges for exposing it.

That’s exactly what happened to a special education student from, South Fayette High School, located in McDonald PA.   Here are some details as to what happened…

A South Fayette High School sophomore claims to have been bullied all year at his new school located in McDonald, Pennsylvania. In February, the student made an audio recording of one bullying incident during his special education math class. Instead of questioning the students whose voices were recorded, school administrators threatened to charge him with felony wiretapping before eventually agreeing to reduce the charge to disorderly conduct. On Wednesday, March 19, the student, whose name we have agreed to not include in this story, was found guilty of disorderly conduct by District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet.

The student and his mother, Shea Love, testified before the magistrate that the boy has been repeatedly shoved and tripped at school, and that a fellow student had even attempted to burn him with a cigarette lighter. The defendant is, according to school records, a well-behaved student with no history of disciplinary action. He was, however, previously diagnosed with a comprehension delay disorder, which is a slower processing speed for information than is normal, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder. He says the bullying treatment is especially harsh and academically disruptive during his special education math class, in which students with behavioral problems are also placed. On February 11, after doing research on several anti-bullying websites, he used his school approved personal iPad to make a seven-minute audio recording of his classroom experience. He played the recording at home for his mother. Outraged, Love, a former Air Force Morse code operator, transcribed the audio before calling school administrators.

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Love says that upon fielding her complaint, Principal Scott Milburn called South Fayette Township police Lieutenant Robert Kurta to the school to interrogate her son in the presence of Associate Principal Aaron Skrbin and Dean of Students Joseph Silhanek. The defendant testified before Judge McGraw-Desmet that he was forced to play the audio for the group and then delete it. Love says by the time she arrived at the school, her son was surrounded by school officials and the police officer and was visibly distraught. She says

Principal Milburn advised her that her son was “facing felony wiretapping charges” because he made a recording in a place with an expectation of privacy, and that Officer Kurta agreed.

So in my humble opinion, these are the messages that this school is sending…

1.  Better make sure the evidence gets deleted before we look bad.

2.  Oh, and kid, STFU, get back to class, and take it!

3.  Oh, and bullies, keep up the good work, we’ve got you back.

4.  Let’s make sure no other kids get the bright idea of recording any potentially embarrassing events  in school.

Sarcasm aside, this school punished a bullied kid for  coming forward to report, with actual evidence, that he was being bullied.  And, does a public school being PUBLIC and all, have an expectation of privacy (outside of locker rooms or restrooms)?  Or, is that just to make sure that “what happens in school stays in school?”  Of course, the public school, being an agent of liberalism, has to punish dissent, because any evidence that the system isn’t working has to be covered up, and those that have it are to be punished.

Everything here is perfectly fine.  Nothing to see here.  Just move along…and STFU! After all, the fine folks at South Fayette High School said so!


#FreeKate Update: Social Justice Advocate Calls for Federal Charges, Supporters Get FOIA, and Are Strangely Silent


I had not planned on another #FreeKate post so soon, but there have been two developments to note.  The first is unexpected.  I received an email regarding a letter written to the Attorney General for the Southern District of Florida, Wifredo A. Ferrer, asking that a federal investigation be started into the crimes of Kaitlyn Hunt.  Here is more…

Request for Federal Investigation in Kaitlyn Hunt Case Filed with United States Attorney for Southern Florida.

Honorable Wifredo A. Ferrer Asked to Review Evidence for Violation of Federal Law Regarding Transfer of Obscene Material to Minors.

Contact: Bill Simpson, 301-339-3338, ProtectChildrenFromPredators@Gmail.Com

MIAMI, Dec. 17, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — A letter requesting the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida to review the evidence in the State of Florida vs Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt (Case No. 31-2013-CF-000197-A) has been filed asking for an independent, thorough and transparent investigation into a series of presumptive federal sex crimes committed against a 14 year old female Florida resident residing in Indian River County.

Kaitlyn Hunt pleaded no contest to a series of five charges resulting from a sexual relationship she had with a minor child. The plea agreement included two felonies of interference with child custody (F.S. 787.03), two counts misdemeanor battery (F.S. 784.03(1)(B)), and misdemeanor contributing to the dependency of a child (F.S. 827.04(1)).

The child victim was illegally contacted thousands of times by the defendant, Ms. Hunt, even after two separate no contact orders had been filed with the court as condition of her release from custody. This contact was made in person, through third parties, and electronically through the use of an iPod and an application called FaceTime.

“The victim in this case was sexually violated multiple times by the defendant, and those violations continued for months, long after the initial arrest of Kaitlyn Hunt,” stated social justice activist, Bill Simpson.

“It is every parent’s worst nightmare their child would be groomed by an adult for an illegal sexual relationship, not to mention the first encounter occurred in a stall in the girl’s bathroom at a public school. We should not have to worry each day when we drop our children off at school whether or not they will be sexually assaulted in a bathroom during the course of the school day,” continued Mr. Simpson.

Here is the full text of Mr. Simpson’s letter…


US Attorney Ferrer Letter 12-17-13 Regarding Kaitlyn Hunt by Bill Simpson

Concerned individuals might want to contact the AG, and let him know that you support this.

In the second development, two #FreeKate supporters, Thomas Mix, and Rachel Carson Zerbe, obtained the same FOIA information that we had received last month.  They claimed that they were going to show how we, “cherry picked” the information to make Kaitlyn Hunt and crew look bad.  Tonight, they are silent.  After some rather poor attempts at lying, they claimed victim-hood, and stopped posting.

Funny thing; they couldn’t post a single, solitary, anything that contradicted the data in these posts…

#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family Claims Anti-gay Bias, Police Investigation Finds None-Kelley Hunt Smith Engages in it?

#FreeKate Update: Victim Tried to Break Off Relationship, Kaitlyn Hunt ‘Wouldn’t Let Her,’ Described to Have ‘Problem With Lying’

#FreeKate Update: New Information Proves that Kaitlyn Hunt Knew That Her Relationship was Illegal, and That She Was Warned to End it

In fact, they refused to post a single thing that would contradict these posts.  Frankly, they couldn’t.  They had the exact same thing that I had posted, so it could not have been contradicted.  Of course, they aren’t concerned with the truth.  They are only concerned with their hate for people that expose their lies, not to mention making it legal for adults to have sex with minors.

I’m sure that they’ll be back with a new twist on their typical lying and bullying tactics.

And, we’ll be here to cover it.  Exposing bullying tactics to the world helps limit their effectiveness.  What they’ve done to the Smiths, the blaming of the victim, the stalking (pretend or otherwise) against people that oppose their efforts to lie; all needs to be seen, discussed, and countered.  If not, more and more sexual abuse victims, their families, and supporters, will be victimized.

Let this be the case where decent people stood up to the bullies, and made the country safer for children.

Note:  The Conservative Hideout and it’s contributors do not recommend contacting any #FreeKate supporters.  I condemn any attempt to harass, “dox,” or otherwise harm another human being.  We deal in truth here, we’ll leave the lies and harassment to the #FreeKate supporters.  That will not, however, prevent us from exposing their lies and bully tactics.


#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family Claims Anti-gay Bias, Police Investigation Finds None-Kelley Hunt Smith Engages in it?


Alleged Sex Offender Kaitlyn Hunt in Court

From the earliest days of the #FreeKate story, the Hunt family had claimed that ant-gay bias was the reason for the arrest of their daughter.  Their claim was that the Smiths (the parents of Kaitlyn Hunt’s victim) had told school staff that they were upset that Kaitlyn Hunt had “made” their daughter gay, and that was unacceptable to them.   However, the police investigation was unable to find anyone who heard that.  Here are some excerpts from Detective Shepherd’s report…

investigation no gay biasinvestigation no gay bias 2


investigation no gay bias 3

investigation no gay bias 4

investigation no gay bias5

“…has never heard them make any anti-gay comments and has never heard them say that Kaitlyn (Hunt) turned their daughter gay,” seems to be the lowest common denominator.

Note that others were interviewed, but did not know the Smiths.

As you can see.  Detective Shepherd asked this question quite a few times, and no one stated that they heard the Smiths making such a comment.  So, the question is, did the Smiths ever make such comments?  And, if so, to  whom?  Or, is the claim of anti-gay bias just another invention of the Hunt family in order to take the attention off of Kaitlyn’s behavior?

It is also useful to review that the Vero Beach Chapter of PFLAG found no evidence of bias…

  The Other McCain has the details…

The local chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) refuses to support accused sex offender Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt:

PFLAG of Vero Beach has received questions and comments regarding the controvery involving the two young ladies in Sebastian.
We have been watching the developments in this case since it was brought to our attention. PFLAG of Vero Beach cannot enter into the controversy for the following reason. We have not been able to find where the charges brought against this unfortunate young lady are inspired by homophobia, or are in any way anti-LGBTQ. . . .
The cry of discrimination, unless more facts come out, does not seem to apply here. Some very simple research yields cases where heterosexual kids have been arrested and prosecuted under the same law.

But, who HAS demonstrated anti-gay bias?  The FOIA information obtained by Jeanette Runyon features a text conversation between Kaitlyn Hunt’s victim, and Kelley Hunt Smith, dated January 9, 2013.  Here is a comment from Kelly Hunt Smith to her daughter’s victim…

kelley doesnt agree with gaykelley doesnt agree with gay2kelley doesnt agree with gay3


“I am a Christian and have faith in god, so for me, I don’t think it’s right, or what god intended.”

That comment would get any Christian branded as a “hater,” would it not?

Kelley Hunt Smith doesn’t believe that being gay is “right,” or isn’t “what god intended.”  Is that anti-gay?  She said she wanted Kaitlyn to see a counselor about it…because of issues with her father?

I told her that I didn’t feel like she was gay, and I felt like she needed to go talk to a counselor about her issues with her dad.

Was she suggesting that this “made” her daughter gay?

Kelley Hunt Smith stated that the victim was too young, and the relationship wasn’t healthy?   If she believed that, why didn’t she do more to stop a relationship she admitted was problematic?

So, this is what Kelly Hunt Smith tells the victim-that she believes in God, and that she doesn’t believe that homosexuality “is right.”  But in May, she was saying something rather different about the situation…

They were both students in the same high school, it was a mutual consenting relationship on both parts.

This was unusual for Kate, she has always dated boys, but being the kind of mother I am, I didn’t want to make it a big deal. I talked to her about it, and figured it was just a social thing, times have changed and a lot of kids are experimenting, so I didn’t make much of it.

James and Laurie Smith wouldn’t give up. They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter “made” their daughter gay. They are bigoted, religious [zealots] that see being gay as a sin and wrong, and they blame my daughter. Of course I see it 100% different. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality, all teens do it in one form or another. They are teens, its healthy and normal. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares, she is still their daughter.

Unfortunately by the letter of the law, this girl has NO voice. Her parents can play the “victims” and ruin my daughters life. We have written letters through our attorneys trying to appeal to these people as parents, talk through it and come to some agreement or understanding but James and Laurie Smith refuse. These people’s delusional stand, their hate and bigotry is tearing our daughter apart.

Note the VERY different tone between January and May?  Kelley Hunt Smith contradicts what she said to the victim, and them attacks the Smiths, for having the same beliefs that she stated having in January?

Once again, we see some glaring differences between what Kelley Hunt Smith says, and what Kelley Hunt Smith says.  The question is, when was she lying, or was she lying at both times?

Tomorrow, we will take a look into the relationship between Kaitlyn Hunt and her victim, and have some more revealing comments from her mother.

Once again, we need to extend our thanks to Jeanette Runyon, who braved being banned by on Twitter by a handful of #FreeKate supporters, who have even pretended to stalk her in real life.  And while her attackers knowingly spread lies about her, she was busy obtaining the factual information that you have seen in the posts over the last two days.

 NOTE:  As the police investigation noted, two coaches indicated that Kaitlyn Hunt was NOT on the basketball team, and had not made the team.  She was permitted to work out with the team, but was told to stop due to “drama.”

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#FreeKate Update: New Information Proves that Kaitlyn Hunt Knew That Her Relationship was Illegal, and That She Was Warned to End it


The news on the #FreeKate front has been sparse lately.  Other than a handful of #FreeKate supporters openly conspiring to get Jeanette Runyon banned from Twitter via false spam reports, there hasn’t been much about the case itself.  But, while @NicoleBonnett1 was pretending to stalk the Twitter Gulag inhabitant (plus her disabled veteran husband, her community, and her church) in real life, Jeanette was working on the case.  She had the thought to file a Freedom of Information Act Request with the IRC Sheriff’s Office.  That information arrived this past Friday.   Jeanette received over 300 pages of materials on the case.  Much of that information directly contradicts the claims of the Hunt family, and their supporters. Over the next several days, The Other McCain, and the Conservative Hideout, will be pointing out those blatant contradictions.

For today’s contradiction, or correction, that is, we have to revisit the claims that Kaitlyn Hunt did not know that her relationship with her victim was illegal, and they claim that she was never warned to end the relationship.  Here is an interview in which Kaitlyn Hunt denied knowing that she was aware that the relationship was illegal.

The claim that Kaitlyn Hunt was unaware of the illegal nature of the relationship with her victim was repeated in the 20/20 interview in early October as well.

However, information obtained from the IRC Sheriff’s Office via the FOIA Request filed by Jeanette Runyon definitely contradicts the claims of ignorance made by Kaitlyn Hunt.  The following screen-captures are from the police file, and features a Facebook chat between Kaitlyn Hunt, and a cousin of the victim…

Kaitlyn knew was warnedKaitlyn knew was warned 2Kaitlyn knew was warned 3

Note that I made the last capture wide enough to show the date of the conversation, which was January 9th.  I also, overlapped the conversation to make sure that nothing was left out.  And, if you read the first entry by Kaitlyn Hunt, you see that she fully acknowledges that she could get into trouble for her relationship with her victim.  So why then, did Kaitlyn Hunt state, to a national TV audience, that she did not know that the relationship was problematic?

Also, why did the Hunt family state that Kaitlyn was never warned to end the relationship, when this conversation obviously happened?  Also, I have to ask why Julia Graves, Kaitlyn Hunt’s lawyer, allow her client to lie on national TV?  Surely they were aware of this exchange, as it was in the police file?   Or, was it that they thought that this exchange would never see the light of day?  No matter which way you slice it, Kaitlyn Hunt knowingly and intentionally lied on national television.

Over the coming days, more and more information will be coming out about the case.  It is our intention to set the record straight and correct the false narrative set by the Hunts and their supporters.

Oh, and to @NicoleBennett1, @Periabo, Rachael Carson Zerbe, and crew; no amount of fake spam reports, making up crazy claims about people, false police reports, or PRETENDING to stalk people IRL will prevent this information from getting out.  While you were busy lying about Jeanette, she was busy exposing the lies.  This post is only the beginning.

How are all of your bullying tactics working out for you?

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UPDATE:  Also, #FreeKate Supporters are keeping it classy in the comments at The Other McCain…

Documents Prove Kaitlyn Hunt Lied; Knew Sex With 14-Year-Old Was Illegal _ The Other McCain - 2013-11-24_23.16.30

However, the would be stalkers have, as I indicated earlier, have only PRETENDED to stalk Jeanette, and her disabled veteran husband, her community, as well as her church.

Here is some content from The Other McCain…


Florida sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt, whose case became a cause for many gay rights activists this year, was aware that her affair with a 14-year-old was illegal, documents obtained from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office show.
“Yes, I know I’m 18 and can get in trouble,” Hunt said in an online conversation more than a month before her February arrest, “but I understand the consequences and I know what I got myself into when I entered the relationship with [the underage girl].”
Hunt, who last month pleaded no contest to multiple felony charges in the case, has claimed in media interviews that she did not realize her involvement with the minor was a crime in Florida, where the legal age of consent is 16. “I wouldn’t have continued, if I really knew what the laws were and if I knew what I was getting myself into,” Hunt told ABC’s Matt Gutman in an interview broadcast on the network’s 20/20 program. . .

Blatant lies blatantly exposed.

Linked at the American Spectator!  Thanks!


Arrest Warrant Issued for Cyber-Troll/Bully Bill Schmalfeldt


William Hoge has the following image posted today…

schmaldfeldt attIt shows that an arrest warrant has been issued for persistent cyber-troll and bully Bill Schmalfeldt.  The Other McCain has more…

It’s all fun and games until somebody goes to jail.

UPDATE: What I wrote Sunday:

After John Hoge asked the Court to enforce its peace order against deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, the latter decided he had not yet shown sufficient contempt of court, as Hoge explains:

He began tweeting to me within an hour-and-a-half of the judge’s ruling on the 16th, and he’s kept it up. . . .
So how has the Cabin Boy responded? He’s begun tweeting to me at an even greater rate.

Potential penalties are mounting, and why? Most likely because Schmalfeldt believes no judge would actually order him arrested.

It would appear Schmalfeldt has miscalculated. 

He appears to have significantly miscalculated.  Since 2011 (at least), persons, in including Bill Schmalfeldt, thought to be linked to convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin, have been engaging in a campaign of harassment against several bloggers, including John Hoge, of Hogewash.  After being subjected to continuous harassment at the hands of Schmalfeldt, Hoge obtained a Peace Order (roughly equivalent to a restraining order in other states), compelling Schmalfeldt to cease contacting him.  Schmalfeldt persistently disregarded that order. Late last week, Hoge requested that the court enforce the order, prompting Schmalfeldt to double down on the stupid and escalate this contact (as described above).

Of course, if he follows character, Schmalfeldt will claim to be the victim.  Because…

How dare you describe, and attempt to thwart,  my efforts to harass you into silence!

(With apologies to Stacy McCain)


To Tolerance of Intolerance, and Why Pointing That Out is a ‘Crime’


Stacy McCain nails it tonight, when he writes about how the our “champions of tolerance” simply cannot bring themselves to tolerate any opinion that deviates from their own…

There is a phenomenon on the Left — especially among academics and other “intellectual” types, including feminists — where they become so used to living within cocoons of like-minded sympathizers that they don’t realize how weird their ideas seem to normal people. And so, when somebody outside the cocoon takes notice and quotes their deranged gibberish, these people claim victimhood: Those right-wing [sexists, homophobes, racists, Koch-funded Rethuglicans, whatever] are [harassing, libeling, slut-shaming, whatever] me!

You can ask Jeanette Runyon how she has actually been reported to the police for the alleged crime of quoting some of the “Free Kate” weirdos who want to legalize sex with 14-year-olds.

See, the Left has spent so long preaching the rhetoric of “rights” that some of them have begun to believe their own propaganda, so that merely disagreeing with them makes you a criminal.

I could go into a million directions here.  For example, we could go on for some time about my observation that leftist ideology is so narrow in it’s definitions that they often look completely idiotic while trying to stuff every single world event into their victim narrative.   I will go into the fact the “katers” defaming Jeanette Runyon have been thoroughly exposed as rather infamous liars, yet they continue to double down on their lies, even though they KNOW they are lying.  Here are some examples…

lies about jeanetteJeanette tells us that this is a lie, willingly and intentionally told. 

lies about Jeanette repeatedRepetition makes it true, right?

they don't care if its trueThey don’t care if it’s true or not.

mattingly glad someone made it upMr. Mattingly is glad that someone made up the false information about Jeanette?

And finally, what do you do when someone keeps on pointing out that you openly support legalizing adult-minor sex?

lie about spamYou lie about spam in the hopes that they get time in the Twitter Gulag.

So, as you can see, when lying about someone doesn’t get them to shut up, you try to get others to shut them up.

Of course, there is a lot more to that story as well.

This entire exchange about Jeanette’s “record,” and it’s use by the “katers,” reminds me of something that Matt Forney wrote referenced in his post, The Rabbits Go to War; or, How Your Haters Will Try to Destroy You

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that leftists have underdeveloped amygdalae compared to conservatives, the reason why they are r-selected. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for keeping you alive by forcing you to react to stimuli that might be dangerous (such as an animal trying to eat you). Amygdala damage prevents liberals from properly assessing danger, causing them to react and overreact to the wrong stimuli (and fail to react to the proper ones):

In my experiences with Narcissists, their amygdala is so sensitive to anxiety, that just telling them any information which bothers them sets it off like a nuclear bomb, forcing them into an immediate state of denial of the offending stimuli, to try and short-circuit the “brain pain.” Tell a Narcissist something he doesn’t want to hear, and it is like spraying pepper spray from a fire extinguisher into his face. He won’t listen to the entire idea, consider it, and then reject it, like we would. Instead, the Narcissist will begin to get the faintest whiff of what you are saying, identify it as bad, and then he will close his eyes, hide his head, and wave his arms while screaming, until you are finished.

This is the heart of why feminists and leftists are so weak, so panicky, so incapable of handling dissent or debate. Because they can’t tell the difference between a deke-out and the real deal, they treat them both with the same amount of gravity. The reason why feminists get so angry over “rape culture,” for example, is not because they care for victims of rape, but because their malfunctioning amygdalae regards any stimulus that is perceived to be rape-related as equivalent to an actual rape.

If you take a look at Forney’s post, it is quite spot-on.  In essence, the haters are wimps that have to gang up on someone, because in their own, “special snowflake” reality, they are the “good guys.”    Their world view is so twisted, that they think any opposition, and especially quoting them, is a vicious and brutal attack.  However, that same world view limits them to defining themselves as victims  so we get treated to this lie-fest.   Then, you see the victim-hood kick in fully, especially if you quote them and mention their openly stated intentions (How dare you describe my attempts to intimidate you into silence!).

And when the lies fail, they have to find other ways to make the truth stop.  That’s when you see the false police reports, the “monitoring” of people that point out that their openly stated goal is to make it legal for adults to have sex with minors.  They have to make truth go away, no matter how many lies they have to tell. Reality is their enemy, and they have target anyone who expresses it.

Oh, and they fail at it too.

Because, you know, tolerance!

And, just a final thought:  Since I quoted public their statements, I will be accused of harassment, stalking, or something, because even when they are stalking and lying about others, they are still the victims, mmkay?

As a reminder, I don’t recommend contacting, harassing, threatening, doxing, or otherwise molesting these poor “special snowflakes.” They might cry.

Linked at Doug Ross, Thanks Doug!


Pastor Beaten by ‘Militant Athiest’ who Moonlights as a Sex Offender


Just to set the scene here, a woman is talking to a pastor, and the pastor asks her if she feels safe with her boyfriend.  The boyfriend, mind you, has a history of cruelty to animals, a sexual offense with a minor, and was jailed for felonious assault.  Apparently, the boyfriend, James Maxie, took offense to the pastor picking up on the fact that he’s evil, and attacked viciously attacked him.  The Other McCain has more details on the “militant atheist.”

Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking, but this is not about that. Actually, it’s about an anti-Christian criminal in Ohio:

A self-described militant atheist with a criminal past faces multiple charges after an attack on a pastor who, after his sermon, had asked the man’s girlfriend if she felt safe.
James Maxie, 28, of Springfield, Ohio, is charged with second-degree felonious assault and misdemeanor resisting arrest after an incident Sunday at The Bridge Community Church in North Hampton.
Police Chief Jarrod Campbell said in his 11 years with the department, he’s rarely dealt with “an incident this brutal.”
The Rev. Norman Hayes, 57, said he feared for his life and begged for the attack to stop. Hayes suffered a broken nose, bruises and three long cuts that required stitches across his face. . . .
Maxie and the girlfriend, who attends the church, approached Hayes after the service. She told police that Hayes asked her if Maxie was abusing her, and Maxie became furious, striking pastor several times in the face in the church hallway.
“He came from nowhere and hit me … and knocked me down, and then he got on top of me and just kept hitting me over and over,” Hayes said. . . .
The brutality of the beating in addition to the location are why police charged Maxie with a felony, Campbell said.
“Churches are somewhere where people go to worship their particular religion, and violence is usually the last thing you see,” he said.
Campbell is working with the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office to see if additional charges should be filed.
Maxie served two years in prison after being convicted of felonious assault. He’s also a convicted sex offender, charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in Clark County, and was sentenced to five years of probation, beginning in October 2008, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. In 2004, Maxie was charged with four counts of cruelty to animals in Springfield.
A self-described militant atheist, according to his Facebook page, a day before the assault Maxie shared a photo from another page titled, “I’m proud to be Atheist.” . . .

“She told police that Hayes asked her if Maxie was abusing her, and Maxie became furious, striking pastor several times in the face in the church hallway.”  Um, yeah, he was abusing her.  Given the history, if she wasn’t abused, she was about the only person or thing on the planet that he WOULDN’T abuse.

I wonder why he was even in a church?  I doubt that would really come out, but I am curious, unless he planned on beating the pastor.


Are Anti-Bullying Programs Backfiring?


Bullying is considered to be one of the most significant problems in our schools.  I can see that, and I don’t really disagree.  I would say that the leftist indoctrination is far worse, but that is a post for another day. After months of covering #FreeKate, I now know more about bullying than I ever cared to.  From the death threats, the threats to “ruin people professionally,” the “digging up of “dirt,” on law enforcement personnel, as well as the victim’s mother, the simple insults and false claims about critics,  to the “doxing” of people that state the truth about the case, the Hunts and their supporters have raised the bar in terms of bullying the family of a sexual abuse victim, and nearly anyone who stands up to their lies.   They are a case-study in online bullying.  Of course, as consummate on line bullies, they will claim to be the victims whenever they are caught.

So then, schools have been spending tons of money on anti-bullying programs.  However, the question arises, do the programs work?  If we are to believe the following, the answer is a resounding, “no!”

But a University of Texas researcher found that anti-bullying programs increase bullying, and “actually teach students different bullying techniques — and even educate about new ways to bully” classmates:

A lot of schools spend countless hours trying to stop bullying. But . . . University of Texas at Arlington criminologist Seokjin Jeong analyzed data collected from 7,000 students from all 50 states.

He thought the results would be predictable and would show that anti-bullying programs curb bullying. Instead — he found the opposite.

Jeong said it was, “A very disappointing and a very surprising thing. Our anti-bullying programs, either intervention or prevention does not work.”

The study concluded that students at schools with anti-bullying programs might actually be more likely to become a victim of bullying. It also found that students at schools with no bullying programs were less likely to become victims.

The results were stunning for Jeong. “Usually people expect an anti-bullying program to have some impact — some positive impact.”

The student videos used in many campaigns show examples of bullying and how to intervene. But Jeong says they may actually teach students different bullying techniques — and even educate about new ways to bully through social media and texting.

Jeong said students with ill intentions “…are able to learn, there are new techniques [and gain] new skills.” He says students might see examples in videos and then want to try it.

According to Jeong, some programs even teach students how to bully without leaving evidence behind.

 Broad anti-bullying rules can backfire and be harmful to child development. As a school administrator noted after passage of New Jersey’s bureaucratically rigid anti-bullying law, “The anti-bullying law also may not be appropriate for our youngest students, such as kindergartners who are just learning how to socialize with their peers. Previously, name-calling or shoving on the playground could be handled on the spot as a teachable moment, with the teacher reinforcing the appropriate behavior. That’s no longer the case. Now it has to be documented, reviewed and resolved by everyone from the teacher to the anti-bullying specialist, principal, superintendent and local board of education.”

Frankly, I can see this being true.  We know that Head Start has never shown a statistical difference in school achievement past third grade.  DARE has never been shown to decrease alcohol or drug use by teens.  If it’s a bureaucratic and top-down program, it will likely fail, if not make things worse.  To invoke Quinn’s Law…

Liberalism generates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.

Do I know the real solution?  I don’t know that there is a blanket one.  I think that if school personnel take the time to watch for it, punish misbehavior, reward good behavior, and try to derail nasty behaviors whenever they occur, they stand a far better chance of turning things around.  In other words, let the professionals be professionals, and hold them up as examples, or hold them responsible.  This is a fight that is won in the classroom, not in a legislature.

H/T: College Insurrection


#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family and Supporters Escalate Threats Against Truth Tellers


Have I mentioned that I’d really like to give the #FreeKate stuff a break?  However, they keep doing and saying things that I need to document here.  Why, might you ask?  I love making connections between stories, and the tactics used  by the subjects of those stories.  #FreeKate is an incredible opportunity to take a look at these tactics, and display them to the world.  When people know and can identify the tactics, they can be countered. So, here is the latest.

A couple weeks ago, my pastor and I were discussing a recent sermon.  The gist was that people have “default” behaviors to which they are accustomed to using.  And, once one is saved, and dedicated their life to Christ, they have to take care and make sure they don’t slide back into potentially destructive “default” behaviors, because that’s what they always have done.  That closely matches my observation that people always do what they are used to doing, especially when under stress.  This is why drinkers drink, druggies drug, and bullies bully, among others.  People will find security in what they know, even if it has negative long term results, or if it actually doesn’t work at all.  It’s human nature.  Conversely, and thankfully. most people find more constructive ways to solve their problems, like working, being honest, having dignity, and working towards solutions.  I once read that most millionaires had been millionaires before, had lost it all, and built it back up again.  Obviously, these folks have very constructive “default behaviors.”

Now, imagine you are one of the Hunts, or a supporter of #FreeKate.  Most of the locals are afraid of you, so they don’t get any ideas about speaking out.  The Smiths were threatened repeatedly, and have stayed mostly silent.    The #FreeKate crowd dug up “dirt” on Laure Smith, and Detective Shepherd.  Rachael Carson Zerbe publicly posted the information regarding Detective Shepherd on Twitter. They lied on the petition.  The MSM, at least at first, bought their lies that this was a case of “bias.”  Kelley Hunt Smith instructed the victim to “delete everything.”  Kaitlyn Hunt instructed the victim to lie for her.  And after that, they began a large fundraising campaign.  Their tactics, at least to them, seemed to be working quite well.

In decades past, this would have worked.  Without social media, the MSM would have only heard the Hunts, and the rest of the world would have only heard the MSM.  There would be no defense against the Hunts, nor would there be refuge for anyone that spoke out.   It would have likely stayed local, or at least, the commentary would have.  In all probability, this would have gone a lot better for them, and maybe the could have pressured the victims family, or the court, to drop the case altogether.  They would have controlled the narrative.

But, this is the 21st century, and I think the epitaph of this story is going to be…

We would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling bloggers!

And not just bloggers, but people like Twitter-warrior Jeanette Runyon, who has had false police reports filed against her.  One was to the wrong jurisdiction, and the other had an incorrect phone number on it, but it’s OK, they were trying!  The Twitter presence of truth tellers is impressive, but also the person who runs Support Honesty.  Another character in the cast, is “Matt Doe.” Using social media anonymously, he has been a consistent thorn in #FreeKate’s side, reaching out to supporters with information, and causing dissent in their ranks.  Needless to say, the #FreeKate crowd is interested in finding the identities of both individuals.  After all, one cannot be harassed or threatened if one’s identity is hidden?

From the beginning, the Hunts made this a national news story-going on Today, MSNBC, and CNN, and in so doing, they brought it to the attention of people that not only actively resist bullying tactics, but point them out as a means to educate the public.  So, people like Robert Stacy McCain, myself, and others, have taken to this story to counter the lies told via #FreeKate, and give a voice to those that would speak out, but cannot due to fears for their personal or financial security.

This is where the “default behavior” kicks in.  As the Hunts and their supporters lost control of their narrative, and the truth was getting out, they began lashing out in every increasing scale.  #FreeKate supporters, with the approval of Steven Hunt, conspired to take down The Other McCain.  One supporter stated that she reported me to the police for quoting her.  And, as we have discussed  Jeanette Runyon has been falsely reported, by inept and incompetent #FreeKate supporters.  And, as we documented the other day, there have been death threats made, and threats to ruin people “professionally.”  However, none of that has prevented any of us from stating the facts of the case, or examining the actions of #FreeKate.

As we can see, when the “default” behavior does not work, an individual might “double down,” on that behavior.  A drinker may go on a binge, and a bully might escalate their tactics in the hope that their targets come into line, and do as the bully pleases.  Instead of putting the square peg in the square hole, the bully will try to pound it into the round hole.

That has continued today.  If you recall my post from the other day,  my source noted that false accusations will be made, outlandish ones if needed.  I suggested that this is a means to keep truth tellers on the defensive, by making them defend themselves, rather than discussing the facts of something.  Here are two wild accusations…

rcz jeanette threatened smithsRachael Carson Zerbe accusing Jeanette Runyon of making the televised death threat against he Smith family.

RCZ Call staged And, she states that the death threats against the Smith family were staged.

Of course, quoting Rachael’s public comments is considered to be “cyberstalking.” 

Then, besides some strange and outlandish claims, there are increasing threats…

sateve wants addressSteven Hunt trying to track down the address of a truth teller.

Please note that in the world of #FreeKate, tracking down a person’s personal address is NOT stalking.  One is only guilty of stalking if one quotes the public statements of a supporter or a member of the Hunt family.-Matt

tracking McCain

This screencapture was modified before I received it.  They are claiming to be “investigating,” and “tracking” Robert Stacy McCain.  Sadly, it seems they are tracking McCain’s son, who is at Fort Bragg. However, given the training he is receiving there, none of us fear for his safety.

But remember kids, it’s only stalking if one quotes a Hunt family member, or a supporter.  Actually tracking someone’s personal information is most definitely NOT stalking. -Matt

cease and desist

Apparently, it didn’t work. 

As the source of my recent post indicated, when all else fails, the bullies, (or rabbits as he noted) will try to enlist law enforcement in their efforts to silence of punish others.  And, when combined with making up outlandish claims, they aren’t afraid to lie about the details. And if necessary, they will completely invent the details.  That, and they’ll play the victim, accusing others of stalking them, while they are busily stalking others.

If you recall, Robert Stacy McCain summed this up nicely…

“How dare you describe my attempt to intimidate you into silence?”

So, the Hunts and their supporters are facing an interesting quandary.  If they continue to lie, file false police reports, or even continue making threats (of death and otherwise), they will eventually get arrested or sued for something.   But, on the other hand, since we know their tactics, we are continuing to speak the truth, and they cannot silence us.  It can’t be an easy position in which to find oneself.  Then again, had they not lied, made threats, hired a PR firm, went to the national media, falsely tried to make this a gay rights issue, acted so thuggishly towards detractors (or even supporters who questioned the narrative), openly advocated to legalize sex between adults and minors, or any of the other things that caused people to rightfully ask questions about their behavior and motivations, they wouldn’t be in this mess, and their daughter would be home with them right now.

The more they try to regain control of the narrative with the use of threats and nonsense, the more negative attention that they are receiving.  And, if they manage to silence one, or more of us, it will only cause others to cover the situation.  They could quickly find themselves in the situation in which there isn’t a handful of blogs covering this, but several hundred.  That has happened before, and there is no way for them to silence hundreds of us.   Frankly, I don’t see them being able to silence any of us.

Frankly, If I were them, I would just stop.  They have their plea deal.  Their daughter is coming home for Christmas.   If Kaitlyn follows the requirements of the plea deal, she’ll have her life back.  However, if they continue to use threats and intimidation to attack anyone who disagrees with them, the more people that will be notice.  And, the cycle will continue.

Note:  The Conservative Hideout and it’s contributors do not recommend direct contact with the Hunts, or any of their supporters.  I have not emailed, phoned, texted, or  doxed anyone, and I condemn any efforts to do so, from any party.  Let’s leave the threats and intimidation to the bad guys.  We have the truth on our side.  There is no need for bullying.


#FreeKate Update: Increasing Threats, False Accusations, and Rabbit Mentality


With the latest plea offer by the State of Florida, to the report that Kelley Hunt Smith is being sued by the parents of Kaitlyn Hunt’s victim, the “Katers” are in a tizzy.  Basically, they are grasping at straws, tying to lash out at truth tellers in any way possible.  Matt Forney has an interesting post from  earlier this year that described the #FreeKate crowd perfectly.  I’ll do some excerpts along with some #FreeKate screenshots…

And like rabbits, leftists are herd creatures who think and act in lockstep.

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that leftists have underdeveloped amygdalae compared to conservatives, the reason why they are r-selected. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for keeping you alive by forcing you to react to stimuli that might be dangerous (such as an animal trying to eat you). Amygdala damage prevents liberals from properly assessing danger, causing them to react and overreact to the wrong stimuli (and fail to react to the proper ones):

In my experiences with Narcissists, their amygdala is so sensitive to anxiety, that just telling them any information which bothers them sets it off like a nuclear bomb, forcing them into an immediate state of denial of the offending stimuli, to try and short-circuit the “brain pain.” Tell a Narcissist something he doesn’t want to hear, and it is like spraying pepper spray from a fire extinguisher into his face. He won’t listen to the entire idea, consider it, and then reject it, like we would. Instead, the Narcissist will begin to get the faintest whiff of what you are saying, identify it as bad, and then he will close his eyes, hide his head, and wave his arms while screaming, until you are finished.

Now, we see this a #FreeKate or #KatesFight all the time.  As soon as a member posts something that contradicts the Hunt Family Narrative, or worse, actually discusses the facts of the case, they are banned.  As we have posted many times, great efforts were made to silence anyone who discussed what actually happened in the case.  Because, of people heard the truth, the support base of the Hunts would wither to a very small group.

Here are Liberal/Rabbit Tendencies, according to Forney…

1. Exposure.

If you blog pseudonymously, outing you will be the rabbits’ first tactic. They will start rooting through your blog, your Twitter account, your WHOIS records, anything to find out who you are, where you live, who you work for and so on. They’ll then plaster this info on Facebook, Pastebin, anywhere eyeballs can be found. The goal is to use the threat of social ostracism to shame you into falling back into line with the other bunnies.

Rachael Carson Zerbe trashes #FreeKate Detrator
Rachael Carson Zerbe trashes #FreeKate Detractor

Also, supporters very interested in determining who runs Support Honesty, the first and only depository of all facts about the Hunt Case.   It is also run anonymously.  Since they are anonymous, it is really hard to identify them.  How can they be harassed if the are not known?

Rachael (MRC_43) on Twitter support honesty3Rachael (MRC_43) on Twitter support honesty 2Rachael (MRC_43) on Twitter -siupport honesty In other words, they are trying to find out who runs Support Honesty, so they can be targeted.

Of course, we showed how #FreeKate admins tried to “dig up dirt” on the victim’s mother, as well as the detective investigating the case…

-1-Investigators-Messages 2013-09-08 17-30-32ainvestiogate cop 2

So, that seems to match the first criteria rather nicely. Here is the next…

2. Libel and insults.

If you’ve been exposed (or already write publicly), the next step for the haters is to make shit up about you. The rabbits will throw everything and the kitchen sink at you in hopes that something, anything will stick. Whether anything they say is true is irrelevant, because the goal of ganging up on someone in this fashion isn’t to be truthful, it’s to warn the other rabbits that dragons be here.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots…

It's everyone else!
It’s everyone else!
Victim's Mother is Support Honesty!
Victim’s Mother is Support Honesty!
Smiths are only after $$$$$
Smiths are only after $$$$$


Matt Ross is David Joseph!
Matt Ross is David Joseph!
Victim's family planned the whole thing!
Victim’s family planned the whole thing!

I think you get the point. Allegations, no matter how insane, were flung far and wide. And, it didn’t matter how outlandish they were, as long as they were on the attack, all was well. Here is a short list of the identity game that they have been playing…

  • Matt Ross is David Joseph, unless is he is Matt Doe.
  • R.S. McCain is Matt Doe.
  • Summer Koryo is Jeanette Victoria.

Basically, they project.  they use false identities and fake names to attack others, so they assume we do as well.  I can safely say that I am me, and that Stacey McCain has neither the time, no the interest, in tormenting the “Katers” as Matt Doe has done.  But, that doesn’t matter.  The wild accusations are meant to get a truth teller to defend themselves instead of discussing the facts of the case.

And for the next…

3. Stalking.

If they can’t pressure you into recanting, the haters’ next move will be to threaten you into recanting. They’ll dig up your Facebook profile, your address, your phone number and more and encourage each other to harass you. In pure Stalinist fashion, they will also harass your employers, your family members, your friends and more. The bunnies will defend their actions in a cowardly, Pharisaical fashion: claiming that what they’re doing is perfectly legal, as if the law is the only determiner of what behaviors are apropos.

For this, we have to review that #FreeKate goons, tried to track down the Nursing License of Summer Koryo, or one less than informed one tried to report Jeanette Victoria so her “psychiatry” license would get pulled.  Fortunately for Jeanette, she was never a psychiatrist.  One also threatened to contact Jeanette’s employer.

Threaten to call Jeanette's employer.
Threaten to call Jeanette’s employer.

So, this is a small slice of the over all situation, but it clearly shows that the #FreeKate crowd meets this criterion as well.

There is more to this section, and it deals with death threats…

Also note that when haters threaten violence, they always do it in a laughably pussy manner. For example, leftists always tell their enemies to “please kill themselves,” as if some slack-wristed dweeb on the Internet is going to successfully convince someone he doesn’t know to commit suicide. Liberals chant “kill yourself” like a mantra because too few of them have the balls to hurt someone themselves.

The rabbits always fervently pray that someone, anyone else will do their dirty work for them.

The threats of physical violence I received, like the guy who said he would “slap my bald head and scurry away quickly,” are also great examples of the rabbit mentality. These people have no clue that saying these kinds of things makes them look like a cadre of chickenshits. Like the animals they take after, when the liberals sense danger, they brag about how they would run away rather than face it.

As we know, we have documented two death threats against the Smiths…

One is at Support Honesty.

The other was posted to the #KatesFight on 10-1-13…

shoothem in context

So far, we seem to be batting 1.000!

Here is the next category…

4. Police Involvement.

When intimidating the wolf fails, the rabbits fall back to their last line of defense: getting other wolves to white knight for them. In this case, those other wolves are the police. The same liberals who call the cops “pigs” will merrily run scurrying to them if it means they can silence someone with whom they disagree. This is more of a problem in Canada, Britain and other countries that lack protections for freedom of speech.

That’s what leftists ultimately are: snitches. Adult versions of those annoying kids who, whenever they got their feeeeeelings hurt, would snottily declare, “I’m TELLING on you!”

Well, the Katers have done just that…

false report firsta(Note that I obscured Jeanette’s phone #, as her accuser had published it on Twitter. See number #3 above.  In hilarious fashion, the phone number is wrong.)

Here is the second, which broke in the last 24 hours…

false report

And, when they couldn’t identify who owns Support Honesty, the described it as a “hate site.”  Please, do go over and visit and see if there is anything hateful there, other than the documented comments and lies of the Hunt family and their supporters.

And, of course, on particular advocate of adult-minor sex also tried to intimidate yours truly…

Rachael (MRC_43) on Twitter - 2013-09-30_14.49.37More _Inner Workings_ of the #FreeKate Facebook Page_ Control the Message and Punishing Dissent - RCZ ThreatThere you have it.  And, of course, quoting these people is an “attack.”  Because, in their child-like fashion, only they are allowed to talk about others, even if they have to make it up.  However, if you merely quote them, you have comitted a crime against humanity. That reminds me of this, for The Other McCain, in a recent post on “Shutuppery.”

They have done nothing wrong, they believe, because they are liberals and anything they do is acceptable, because . . . shut up!

#ShutUppery and the Drums of #WAR
Lady Liberty

Why The Doxing of LadyLiberty1885 and
Other Conservative Female Bloggers Matters

The Jawa Report

Noted douche nozzle @GregFlynn wants
Conservative blogger to “shut up”

– Daley Gator

Being described as a “noted douche nozzle” is just one immediate consequence of failed “shutuppery.” Secondary consequences include:

Democrats like Greg Flynn, Jeanne Bonds and John Burns evidently believe that no one should be permitted to criticize them. So when they try to “dox” bloggers and get caught, the people who expose them are then alleged to be engaged in wrongdoing: “How dare you describe my attempt to intimidate you into silence?” (emphasis mine)

I think you get the point.  When I saw this article two weeks ago, and knew that #FreeKate fit this perfectly.   They act like the rabbits that Matt Forney described.  Again, recognizing and openly identifying these dishonest and foolish tactics is a key in disarming them.

Update:  Typos were corrected, additional content added, and Jeanette Victoria informs me that the screencapped email above was sent to the wrong law enforcement jurisdiction, and that one that did receive it laughed about it.


Bullying and #FreeKate: Playing the Victim


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about tactics used to silence dissent, punish accusers, and generally terrorize people.  The goals of those tactics, of course, is to obtain  the silence of their opponents.  And why silence others?  In the case of #FreeKate, as in certain political ideologies, the harassment is meant to prevent the spread of factual information.  There have been so many lies emanating from the #FreeKate front, that they have to attack anyone who exposes the truth of the case.  This has taken the form of “digging up dirt” on the mother of the victim, the investigating officer, and other citizens that have discussed truthful information on the case.  Trolls appear on Twitter to insult and distract from the truth.  Rather than discussing the truth, they resort to personal attacks.  The goal is to move the discussion from facts, to the persons discussing the facts.  By putting the truth teller on the defensive, they seek to disarm their opponents, and eventually silence them.

In other words, this is bullying.  To illustrate, here is some information on bullying…

The serial bully is often able to bewitch an emotionally needy colleague into supporting them; this person then becomes the bully’s spokesperson and advocate. How people can be so easily and repeatedly taken in by the bully’s glib charm, Jekyll and Hyde nature, and constant lying is a mystery. Psychopaths are especially adept at conning people in this manner.

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) The serial bully exhibits behaviours similar to or congruent with the diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

  • The serial bully exhibits behaviours similar to or congruent with the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD)

  • The serial bully exhibits behaviours similar to or congruent with the diagnostic criteria for Paranoid Personality Disorder.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder. Some visitors to Bully OnLine have suggested that the bullies in their lives exhibit characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder

Bullies are often suffering from personality disorders, which are..

Personality disorders are a group of mental health conditions in which a person has a long-term pattern of behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that is very different from his or her culture’s expectations.

Here is a partial  list of likely targets for a bully…

Targets of bullying usually have these qualities:

  • popularity (this stimulates jealousy in the less-than-popular bully)

  • competence (this stimulates envy in the less-than-competent bully)

  • intelligence and intellect

  • honesty and integrity (which bullies despise)

  • you’re trustworthy, trusting, conscientious, loyal and dependable

  • a well-developed integrity which you’re unwilling to compromise

  • you’re always willing to go that extra mile and expect others to do the same

  • successful, tenacious, determined, courageous, having fortitude

So then, let’s take a look at some information emanating from #FreeKate, and see how this measures up…

Twitter _ Search - #freekate rcz trashes jeanette
Rachael Carson Zerbe attempting to expose a #FreeKate opponent.
Facebook Group Devoted to insulting the victim’s parents, liked by Kelley Hunt Smith

Hunt get real

Threats from the stepmother of the alleged perpetratorKaitlyn_Hunt_Bully_Dyke

Alleged former bullying victim of Kaitlyn HuntAmerican Power_Homosexual Rights Activist Calls for Final Solution to the Christian Problem_20130622-140529

Tolerance and diversityScreenshot from 2013-06-03 00:46:55

Tolerance and diversity on display…freeKate targets victims parents

Hunt Supporters tracking down the work and business information of the victims parents.  Screenshot from 2013-05-31 19:11:34Rachael Carson Zerbe threatens to turn truth tellers over to lawyers.  Truth =Libel

Rachael (MRC_43) on Twitter - 2013-09-30_14.49.37Rachael Carson Zerbe attempting to silence me as well.

And, finally, this, from Kelley Hunt Smith, the mother of alleged sexual offender Kaitlyn Hunt…

James and Laurie Smith wouldn’t give up. They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter “made” their daughter gay. They are bigoted, religious [zealots] that see being gay as a sin and wrong, and they blame my daughter. Of course I see it 100% different. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality, all teens do it in one form or another. They are teens, its healthy and normal. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares, she is still their daughter.

Unfortunately by the letter of the law, this girl has NO voice. Her parents can play the “victims” and ruin my daughters life. We have written letters through our attorneys trying to appeal to these people as parents, talk through it and come to some agreement or understanding but James and Laurie Smith refuse. These people’s delusional stand, their hate and bigotry is tearing our daughter apart.

OK, as you can see, the #FreeKate crowd, from the family to the supporters, have engaged in bully tactics.  Threatening to turn people over to lawyers for telling the truth, the use of insults, tracking down their personal information, bushiness, and employers, and such, are all bully behaviors.  But, they have switched gears.  They are still bullies, but are now playing the victim role.  Here are some more excerpts to explain…

The serial bully is an adult on the outside but a child on the inside; he or she is like a child who has never grown up. One suspects that the bully is emotionally retarded and has a level of emotional development equivalent to a five-year-old, or less.

The bully wants to enjoy the benefits of living in the adult world, but is unable and unwilling to accept the responsibilities that go with enjoying the benefits of the adult world. In short, the bully has never learnt to accept responsibility for their behaviour.

Bullies avoid accepting of responsibility using denial, counterattack and feigning victimhood

When called to account for the way they have chosen to behave, the bully instinctively exhibits this recognisable behavioural response:

a) Denial: the bully denies everything. Variations include Trivialization (“This is so trivial it’s not worth talking about…”) and the Fresh Start tactic (“I don’t know why you’re so intent on dwelling on the past” and “Look, what’s past is past, I’ll overlook your behaviour and we’ll start afresh”) – this is an abdication of responsibility by the bully and an attempt to divert and distract attention by using false conciliation.

Imagine if this line of defence were available to all criminals (“Look I know I’ve just murdered 12 people but that’s all in the past, we can’t change the past, let’s put it behind us, concentrate on the future so we can all get on with our lives” – this would do wonders for prison overcrowding).

When the Hunt’s supporters take to social media to say that the behavior of Kaitlyn hunt is ‘common,” or that the case was brought due to the Christianity of the victim’s parents, you see how this goes.

b) Retaliation: the bully counterattacks. The bully quickly and seamlessly follows the denial with an aggressive counter-attack of counter-criticism or counter-allegation, often based on distortion or fabrication. Lying, deception, duplicity, hypocrisy and blame are the hallmarks of this stage.

The purpose is to avoid answering the question and thus avoid accepting responsibility for their behaviour. Often the target is tempted – or coerced – into giving another long explanation to prove the bully’s allegation false; by the time the explanation is complete, everybody has forgotten the original question.

Both a) and b) are delivered with aggression in the guise of assertiveness; in fact there is no assertiveness (which is about recognizing and respecting the rights of oneself and others) at all. Note that explanation – of the original question – is conspicuous by its absence.

I think we saw plenty of that above.   No one in #FreeKate is willing to take responsibility, or place it where it belongs.  Instead, they attack everyone else-especially those that state the actual facts of the case.  And, when you look at some of the Twitter debates on the #FreeKate hash tag, you’ll make the connection with what the supporters there do.

Here is the most interesting section…

c) Feigning victimhood: in the unlikely event of denial and counter-attack being insufficient, the bully feigns victimhood or feigns persecution by manipulating people through their emotions, especially guilt. This commonly takes the form of bursting into tears, which most people cannot handle.

Variations include indulgent self-pity, feigning indignation, pretending to be “devastated”, claiming they’re the one being bullied or harassed, claiming to be “deeply offended”, melodrama, martyrdom (“If it wasn’t for me…”) and a poor-me drama (“You don’t know how hard it is for me … blah blah blah …” and “I’m the one who always has to…”, “You think you’re having a hard time …”, “I’m the one being bullied…”).

Other tactics include manipulating people’s perceptions to portray themselves as the injured party and the target as the villain of the piece. Or presenting as a false victim. Sometimes the bully will suddenly claim to be suffering “stress” and go off on long-term sick leave, although no-one can quite establish why. Alleged ill-health can also be a useful vehicle for gaining attention and sympathy.

Let’s take a look at more from #FreeKate…

It's everyone else!
It’s everyone else!
Kelley Hunt Smith complains of hate, then engages in it!
Kelley Hunt Smith complains of hate, then engages in it!


Quoting Rachael Carson Zerbe is wrong!
Quoting Rachael Carson Zerbe is an attack!
Rachael never said anything bad?
Rachael never said anything bad?
Apparently it is easy to compare not being able to have jailbait with gassing 6,000,000 Jews.
Apparently it is easy to compare not being able to have jailbait with gassing 6,000,000 Jews.
Kate is the victim, not the actual victim.
Kate is the victim, not the actual victim.
The victim did it!
The victim did it!
Thuis one is just funny.  Racael Caron Zerbe claims to be a victim, right after posting "dirt" on a detractor!
This one is just funny. Rachael Carson Zerbe claims to be a victim, right after posting “dirt” on a detractor-multiple times!

So then, what do you think? Do the people supporting #FreeKate match the definition of the bully, including, and especially, the playing of the victim role?  I’ll leave that to you.  I have dozens more screenshots that I could have used, but I tried to keep the post from being a small book.

I find it interesting that quoting these people is declared to be an attack.  For example, Rachael Carson Zerbe has posted information in a public forum (Twitter.)  It’s the equivalent of going in the middle of the street, and speaking loudly.  Anyone on the planet can see these posts, but when you quote her, she will accuse you of “cyberstalking.”   I imagine that she will at least claim to report me to the police again, but then again, that too, is a bully tactic, used while playing the victim role!  This is is described above, but Robert Stacey McCain is dealing with a similar,  yet far more persistent and infinitely crazier person…

What the hell is this? Is it “defamation” to quote Bill Schmalfeldt? Or is it “defamation”  merely to describe Bill Schmalfeldt’s behavior? And notice, again: Bill is obsessively searching for his own name on Twitter and then jumping into other people’s conversations.

This is just the tip of this vile creep’s enormous iceberg of craziness, and Schmalfeldt’s attempts to blame other people for his problems will deceive no one who pays attention. As I’ve said before, “All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

I would strongly encourage you to read the whole post.  Let’s be honest, Bill Schmalfeldt makes Rachael Carson Zerbe look like Mother Theresa, but the tactics are the same.  He engages in lie after lie-attack after attack,  and if someone has the unmitigated nerve to quote him, he instantly takes the victim role.   Then, he uses that victim status as a justification to engage in even more attacks.  For him, it’s retaliation.  In reality, it is simply a twisted justification to continue his bullying tactics.  It is a cyclical and predicable behavior.

There is a danger in dealing with bullying, in that the victims will try to turn the tables on a bully, and give them, “a taste of their own medicine.”  I have to stress that this is never a solution.  I have not, nor will I, target a person in a way that jeopardizes their safety.  Even when I quoted Kelley Hunt Smith when she told the victim to “delete everything,” I redacted her the email address and phone number from the quote-even though it was included in the court documents.  I have never “doxed” another human being, or attempted to contact a person’s employer.  I have never called the subject of any of my posts, nor have I harassed or threatened them by any means.  I have never tried to ruin a person’s career, post pictures of their homes, or gave out names of his or her family members.  I know other people do that-I have documented when those tactics were used in other situations, and I condemn it categorically.

I debate or post, even if it’s a sarcastic rant, from the standpoint of the truth.  In the case of #FreeKate, we have the truth.   I go by the facts, as they are available.  I give opinions, and state them as such.  I will quote others that speak in open forums, and  if I believe myself to be correct, I will criticize and pick apart their comments, just as others have the right to do with anything I write.  There is a difference between the freedom of speech, and bullying or stalking, so I will go on the side of free speech.  When one uses the truth, it is unnecessary to use anything else.

I refuse to be bullied, and I will not engage in it myself.  The purpose of these posts on bullying are to point out how people use these tactics in order to silence others.  If the tactics can be identified, they can  be countered,  Both R.S McCain and myself have offered that the use of social media to expose bullying can reduce it’s effectiveness.  Sunlight is always the best disinfectant, and when we shine that on #FreeKate, their tactics lose their power.


Classic Conservative Hideout: This is the Tolerance of the Left: Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats (Brett Kimberlin and #FreeKate Edition)


I republish this post, with some edits, every year.  I think it’s wise to review leftist tactics, as well as honor those that have endured much in the cause of human freedom.  There are people our own country that put their safety and livelihoods on the line to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as the concepts of freedom laid out by our own Founding Fathers. Given that people are placed in physical and legal jeopardy by convicted bombers, or by those that want to legalize sex between adults and minors, it’s wise to expose and discuss the tactics of the left-Matt 

This is a story that I’ve known about for some time now.  It is the story of Ruth Malhotra.  As a student at Georgia Tech, she endured verbal abuse from professors, death threats, threats to be raped, and an otherwise sickening pattern of harassment from the university administration and “community.”  The following is from a Front Page article, by Peter Collier.

A committed Christian, she was personally conservative but not particularly political when she arrived at Tech in 2002. But in the perfervid post 9/11 atmosphere on campus, she found herself gradually pulled into the orbit of the College Republicans and soon galvanized not only by questions of war and peace but also by issues such as race preferences and abortion. And on all of these issues, she found, conservative students faced a tilted playing field. She recalls: “The more I got involved, the more I saw the obstacles conservative students face in expressing themselves. The administration put so many more challenges in our way. We didn’t have the same resources and opportunities that leftist students had. I expected an open forum for ideas, but the administration was clearly biased.”

So were some of her teachers. Malhotra’s first open conflict with the Tech administration came in the spring of 2004, when she enrolled in a course called Foundations of Public Policy. The first day class she told the professor, a woman named Georgia Persons, that she would have to miss one class session because of a conference she was attending in Washington. Persons asked who was holding the conference. When Malhotra told her it was the Conservative Political Action Committee, the teacher warned her that she would fail the course. Malhotra thought this might be more of the in-class hyperbole she’d heard from other liberal professors. But she did indeed fail the first test. Otherwise a 4.0 student, she complained about the grade to the Dean’s Office, also claiming that the professor had made snide remarks in class about Christians and conservatives that were obviously directed at her. After filing a grievance, Malhotra brokered a deal in which she was allowed to withdraw from the class without penalty and the professor would not be allowed to teach it again.

So, the professor attempted to punish a Conservative student?  This has happened many times before, but for Ms. Malhotra, it was only the beginning.

It was about this time that she was called into by a dean who told her that the College Republicans were a “joke” and should cease their activities. Pointing out that her group was merely expressing its opinions the way that the preponderant leftwing groups did, Malhotra was then sent to Tech’s Vice President, who passed her on to President Wayne Clough, who made it clear to her that he found her actions distasteful and not in accord with the “atmosphere of civility” he sought for the campus. When Malhotra pointed out that this atmosphere included—indeed, was defined by—leftist groups violently and often obscenely condemning the President and the war in Iraq, and, for that matter, attacking the faith of conservative Christians like herself—she received a brush off.

This is very typical.  The left accuses others of doing what they do.  They then use power in an attempt to silence any dissent.

Already a controversial figure on campus, Malhotra, now chief plaintiff in the suit filed with fellow student leader Orit Sklar, became Public Enemy number one for the Georgia Tech left. An ad hoc group called CLAM (Conservatives and Liberals Against Malhotra) formed on campus with the sole raison d’etre of harassing her. An anti Malhotra website appeared calling her “christo-fascist” and showing an unflattering shot of her face stippled with digitized swastikas.

Again, this is standard operating procedure for the left.  Demonize the person, so the message will be ignored.

Malhotra was accepted by Tech for graduate school in the fall of 2006. A few months earlier, a judge had heard the first point of French’s four point suit—the one regarding the speech code—and ordered mediation between the parties. The university agreed to change the policy, but almost immediately reneged on its promise. In August, a few weeks before classes began, the judge heard arguments on the speech code and then struck it down.

Never acknowledging the constitutional reason for the court decision, Tech reacted by appropriating $100,000 to bring in speakers (among them, Maya Angelou at a fee of $22,500) and hold “meaningful discussions” as part of a campus-wide initiative called “Common Ground” meant to reaffirm the commitment to “civility” (which the court hearing had shown was nothing more than officially sanctioned politically correct speech) in spite of the legal setback it had suffered.

So, their speech code was struck down, and they acted as if it hadn’t happened.

It was during this kuybaya moment that threats against Malhotra reached a crescendo. “So your not dead yet Ruth Malhotra,” one of them began with uncertain grammar but unmistakable enmity. “But you will be soon.” Another one warned, “Don’t even try to protest National Coming Out Day. If you do, you will regret it, and don’t say you were not warned. You are hated on this campus and you should fear for your life.” Yet another said, “For every time a student is called Nigger on campus—you will receive a bullet to the head.”

The campus police defined the threats as “terroristic.” But although some of the letters were brazenly signed by persons on and off campus, no arrests have been made. And the administration itself, ignoring the opportunity to strike a blow in behalf of the civility it claims to prize, has remained mute about the invisible outrage taking place on its campus. (A public information officer replies to questions about the case by reading a statement which says that Georgia Tech cannot comment because of its commitment to protecting its students’ privacy; when it is pointed out to him that the only student with a privacy issue in this case, Malhotra herself, is willing to waive this privilege, he says that he will consult the school’s legal counsel and is never heard from again.)

When they couldn’t silence her by threatening her with failing grades, they harassed and insulted her.  When the campus denies her free speech, and they lose the lawsuit, they continue as if nothing happened.  When she would not submit to the left, they went where the left always goes-to threats of violence.  Then, when these threats are reported, they are ignored.  From top to bottom, the leftists at Georgia Tech decided to persecute this woman.

In the end,  the left is totally entrenched at the universities.  Given their tactics, they seem intent on staying on the indoctrination reservation.

I think Ms. Malhotra’s lawyer summed it up best.

David French, her lawyer in this case and a longtime litigator in matters of free speech and student rights, is also stunned by what has happened to Malhotra: “I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The tolerant left at Georgia Tech seems to have decided that Ruth must be destroyed to protect `tolerance.’ The administration sees one of its own threatened by death and rape and they just sit there. I’ve seen conservative students suffer a lot of abuse for their beliefs. But I’ve never seen abuse cross over into threats. And I’ve never seen an administration sit on its hands while one of its students is threatened by death and rape. It makes you wonder: have we gone past simple intimidation to death threats now? Is this sort of thing going to become a standard part of left’s playbook in intimidating conservative students? How far will they go?”

I think we’ve all seem where it’s gone in the three years since this article was written.  Just ask Kenneth Gladney, and the 14-year-old kid that the SEIU intimidated.  Also, please remember the people that were harassed and lost their livelihoods for contributing to support Prop 8 in California.  For that matter, think of how the Democrats & MSM has treated the Tea Parties since they decided to stop ignoring them.  They have consistently used the most demeaning of terms and accusations to describe patriots, yet ignores real violence and terror used by the left.

The only thing that stops bullying is a large number of people standing up to it.  Leftist tactics work well against individuals, or small groups.  But what if thousands, or even millions stood up and said, “NO MORE!”  That, my friends, is when the bullies stop cold.  They don’t know how to handle resistance on that level.  Remember that bullies are, at their core, cowards that desperately try to control situations with force, threats, and dirty tactics.  Cause the tactics to not work, and all you are left with is a coward.  -Matt


How Does R.S. McCain Know What I’m Writing Before I Publish it? Bullies, and Claiming to be the Victim


I go over to Other McCain last night, and he has this quote at the top of a post about a certain, insane, neckless troll…

“Arrogant sociopathic punks think they can go around threatening people and if you dare say a word back to them, you’re the bad guy.
“Speaking of punks, an obscure talentless assclown named Bill Schmalfeldt is threatening to sue Aaron Walker.”
Robert Stacy McCain, Sept. 4, 2012

I have two #FreeKate or #KatesFight posts that I’m working on.  One concerns punishing dissent, and controlling information.  It’s being re-written at this time, as there is a wealth of new information coming out of #KatesFight.  The other, that I am spending some time researching, is about how liberal movements use bully tactics, and then play the role of the victim when confronted with facts or reality.  It is as manipulative as hell, and it is a common tactic in three contexts:

1.  Spoiled children use this tactic because it works on weak, ineffective parents, or “cool parents.”

2.  Bullies use it because it not only distracts from their bad behaviors, and focuses blame on others, usually their victims.

3.  Liberals use it because they are both 1 and 2.

So yeah, that’s what I’m working on.  It seems that R.S. McCain and myself are on parallel courses, him with the Brett Kimberlin/Neil Rauhauser/Bill  Schmalfeldt axis, and myself with the #FreeKate crowd.  However, still, Stacey has the higher grade, and therefore far more dangerous variant of sociopath.  I  have people that dislike me, but they don’t blow people up.  One of his has.   Sometimes, scale matters.

Go hit his tip jar, it’s the right thing to do.