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Civil Discourse

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Union Thug Smashes Nikki Haley Pinata UPDATED: Governor Haley Responds

Union thugs just never change.  When they aren’t engaging in actual violence, they apparently practices.  Michelle Malkin has the most recent example… The head of the South Carolina chapter of the AFL-CIO, Donna DeWitt, thought it would be fun to take a baseball bat to GOP Gov. Nikki Haley’s face on a pinata. (H/T Melissa Clouthier.) No, really. Just watch it and see how other Big Labor goons shrieked “Hit her again! Whack her again!” Click on the pic: Of course, the AFL-CIO wants the video taken down… The national AFL-CIO wants the video taken down: A video posted online that shows a former […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Left Protesters Show Some Class-Not!

Whether it’s occupiers, or Walker “recallers,” lefty protesters, when left unattended, will almost always expose themselves for what they really are.  For your viewing displeasure, here are two of the most recent examples. Walker Recaller Disrupts Police Memorial Because disrupting police memorials really get’s the public on your side… Occupods Display HOMOPHOBIA! What happens when Occupods use slurs based on sexual orientation? Dan Savage was unavailable for comment vilification  

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Death Threats Against Koch Brothers OK!

As we have chronicled with the “Great Moments in Civil Discourse” posts, regressives have a glaring double standard in which the the most innocent and inane comments made by Conservatives are filled with racism and “hate.”  On the other hand, regressives are apparently cleared to call for violent revolution, engage in thug tactics against men, women, and children, and make death threats.  For the latest example, we need to take a look at some interesting emails received by Koch industries, via Powerline. On Thursday, Charles Koch authorized employees of Koch Industries to reveal the contents of “hundreds of e-mails that the Kochs and employees have received […]