Some Thoughts on #FreeStacy, Twitter, SJW’s, Censorship. and All Around Evil


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too much to think

I wanted to briefly interrupt my blogging retirement to discuss #FreeStacy, Twitter, and censorship.

Imagine that you go to a restaurant, and the following happens…

  • The chef intentionally under-cooks your food
  • The waiter intentionally doesn’t turn in your order
  • The server announces to all the other patrons that you are a racist
  • The pastry chef posts your address, pictures of your children, and your employers home address on the front door of the establishment
  • The dishwasher creates a fake social media account in your name and posts racist content to it
  • The busboy calls the police and states that you harassed him, even though you’ve never seen him before
  • The owner kicks you our before you get your meal for “abuse,” even though you’ve done nothing but speak about the news of the day.

Now, imagine that you not only pay your bill at this restaurant, but you also return every day for the next round!

Well, if you have a Twitter account, and are a Conservative and/or Christian, you might be experiencing this on an increasing basis. And for some inexplicable reason, you continue to go back.

When I was on Twitter, I followed Stacy McCain.   At no point in time did he target or harass others. However, while Stacy had the absolute nerve to call out people for lying, or stalking others. Or, he was a regular critic of feminism, quoting feminists and giving his take on their ideas. At the same time, SJW’s on Twitter were posting people’s addresses, encouraging others to harass them, and even posting pictures their target’s children. We’ve seen the use of scripts to encourage bans, attempts to target sexual abuse victims and their families, the filing of false claims of harassment, and swamping accounts with fake followers. None of the aforementioned SJW’s were banned for their actions, however, Stacy McCain was.

Now, rather than “boo-hoo” and state that it’s “so unfair,” I’ll say we should expect this. Given the SJW’s totalitarian impulse, and their attraction to evil, we should not be surprised when evil people do evil things. The fact is simple; liars lie, cheaters cheat, stalkers stalk, and then laugh at the misfortune of their victims. They are the “crybullies,” who stalk, harass, and otherwise try to destroy the lives of others. However, when they are confronted with their own words and actions, they quickly claim to be the victim and call down the powers that be upon their target. It is a fairly predictable and easily observed pattern. And, when the playing field is Twitter, should we be surprised when this happens? Of course not, all the parties are acting within their own nature.

The real question is; why do Conservative play their game-on their playground?

The recent changes at Twitter have made a bad situation even worse. It was bad when I was on the platform, and even worse since. Since the formation of their “Ministry of Truth,” Conservatives have been banned, had their blue checkmarks removed, and “shadowbanned.” Their sin? Not being SJWs. Or, even worse, telling the truth about SJW’s.

So then, what is the freedom loving, truth telling segment of the population to do?

Before I answer that, let’s take a look at Twitter’s business model. Twitter sells targeted ads that appear in user’s feed…

Twitter (TWTR) earns 85% or more of its revenue from advertising. In the second quarter of 2014, Twitter posted an advertising base of $277 million, which was more than double the amount of revenue the social media site brought in during the same time in 2013. Twitter uses promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Twitter sells promoted tweets to marketers, and these then appear in users’ Twitter feeds. The company creates tailored advertising opportunities by using an algorithm to make sure promoted tweets make it into the right users’ timelines. 

Twitter makes additional money through data licensing. From the first six months of 2012 to the first six months of 2013, Twitter’s data licensing revenue increased by 53% to $32.2 million. Twitter has named four companies “official data resellers,” and these companies have direct access to all tweets. Each company has developed algorithms for data mining that measure consumer response to everything from brands to movies.

Twitter also made a profit in the last quarter, albeit a small one…

Twitter executives and investors would probably like to forget 2015 on the whole, but things aren’t looking much better for the social media company heading into the new year.

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Gone are the heady days of 2013, when the San Francisco-based company was signing up new users at a brisk pace and was, literally, the talk of the town. Twitter’s share price soared following its initial public offering to more than US$60 on the New York Stock Exchange on expectations that it would become the next Facebook – an online advertising juggernaut with upwards of a billion users.

Two years later, the company has instead stalled at about 300 million users, with anaemic growth punctuating 2015. Twitter added only four million users in its most recent quarter, which helps explain its share price spiral to about $22 to close out the year, well below its IPO debut of $44.90.

The company fired the chief executive, Dick Costolo, in June and replaced him with Jack Dorsey, its founding chief executive who had himself been axed from the job in 2008. Upon his return, in October, Mr Dorsey had the pleasure of overseeing more than 300 layoffs.

Yet Twitter hasn’t been in free fall. The company finally became profitable last year, posting net income of $7 million in its most recent quarter. Revenue garnered from advertisers has also been climbing steadily, to $569m in the third quarter, up 58 per cent compared with a year earlier.

But, it’s growth has stagnated.

When you look at the business model, Twitter’s primary income comes from ads. Looking at this a bit realistically, you see that being able to publish 140 characters for the privilege of being stalked by SJW’s (and later being banned for it) is not actually Twitter’s product. The users themselves are the product! Twitter sells access to its 300 million users to advertisers, who get to present their ads. Also, they allow data mining for all users and Tweets.  Your abuse is just a bonus-you are the product!

In other words, if you are “Tweeting while Conservative,” not only are you being potentially abused in an environment that clearly does not like or want your company, you are actually feeding it.

Twitter is a private company. As such, they can do as they please. However, this also means that no one is obligated to use Twitter. And, in fact, why would you want to contribute to a business that seeks to harm you?   Twitter is making it clear that truth is not wanted there. They don’t want to hear us. They don’t want us there. They already allow regressive users to target and stalk Conservatives, so why go there at all?

My suggestion is clear. Conservatives are not welcome on Twitter. If Twitter wants to be the SJW hugbox of hate, leave them to it. Stacy McCain cannot go back. Adam Baldwin has already left. Milo has been unverified for being too fabulous. Many others have been banned or are leaving. If you want to call their advertisers and state your dissatisfaction, go for it. But leaving Twitter, and then abandoning to the cold hands of the free market is the best move. If they fail, they fail. If they manage to continue, they can be the regressive zoo of the internet. Just like Stacy McCain critiques Tumblr Feminazis, the regressives of Twitter could be a display of child-like, censorious, totalitarian evil, much like a forensic psychiatric ward of the internet.

Or, consider the old Klingon proverb; “Only a fool fights in a burning house.”

By the way, I don’t have a Twitter account. So the only way this gets on Twitter is for someone else to put it there. And, I’m not keeping the comments open on this, as I don’t have time to moderate. I’ll be getting back to my retirement, and studies, so God bless, and stay away from Twitter.

And for some informative reading, here are some links…

The #FreeStacy Story: Why Was My @rsmccain Account Suspended?

#FreeStacy: ‘A Girl’s Name’

#FreeStacy: @rsmccain ‘Will Not Be Restored’; @SexTroubleBook Suspended

The Hateful Lies of Feminism





Bill Clinton Defends His Foundation’s Spending “In A Way That Helps The Poor”


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Bill Clinton trying to defend his half million dollar speaking fees

It just depends on what his meaning of “the poor” is, I guess.

Former President Bill Clinton defended his family’s foundation amid mounting conflict-of-interest questions, claiming there’s nothing “sinister” at work — while saying he might consider stepping down as foundation president if his wife wins the presidency.

Clinton addressed the issue during an interview aired Monday on NBC’s “Today” show. The interview comes as media reports raise questions about donors potentially benefiting from their relationship with the Clintons.

But Clinton described the criticism as a “very deliberate attempt to take the foundation down.”

“And there’s almost no new fact that’s known now that wasn’t known when she ran for president the first time,” he said.

As for the foundation’s work, Clinton said there’s nothing “sinister” in trying to get wealthy people and countries to spend money in a way that helps the poor.

Because devoting a mere 6½% of its budget to charitable work is the very model of altruism, or something.

The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.

The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.

In all, the group reported $84.6 million in “functional expenses” on its 2013 tax return.

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” said Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group where progressive Democrat and Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout was once an an organizing director.

Gee, I wonder how anyone could get that impression?

The Clintons are just Plain Folks. And they’re “broke,” remember?

Clinton also said he will continue to speak at events if asked. Some people have questioned his paid speaking engagements, which can command as much as $500,000 or more.

“I’ve got to pay our bills,” he said.

It’s tough being a Clinton. No wonder Hillary is running for president, she needs the paycheck, to help, uh, “the poor.”





CHART O’ THE DAY: How The Clinton Global Initiative Used Its Funds During Hillary’s Tenure At State


 photo 150425-clinton-global-graft-initiative_zpshfxxlg9k.jpg

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and @amr033.

Always know how much of the money that is donated goes to the actual cause. In Hill & Bill’s case, not so much…

In 2010, when Barack Obama said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money,” he definitely wasn’t referring to the Clintons.

Because it wasn’t enough for Bill Clinton to sell sensitive missile technology to the Red Chinese for campaign donations. It wasn’t enough for Hillary Clinton to sell America’s most valuable nuclear technologies to the Russians for “contributions” to her family’s personal piggy bank.

That piggy bank, otherwise known as “The Clinton Global Graft Initiative”, had an interesting way of doling out the “contributions” it received.

The Clintons are a malignant tumor on the body politic. They have a history of doing anything for money — including selling out their own country — and when it comes to their personal bank accounts, there’s apparently never enough zeroes.





Pro-Abortion Group Goes After Republicans for Supporting a Bill Against Human Trafficking!


Apparently, it is better to just kill humans rather that allow them to be trafficked.  Just ask the democrats!

An abortion advocacy group is running television commercials attacking Republican members of the U.S. Senate who put helping sex trafficking victims ahead of abortion funding.

As LifeNews reported, Democrats voted a total of five times to block a bill to help sex trafficking victims in order to attempt to fund abortions with federal funds. The only Democrats to join Senate Republicans in supporting sex trafficking victims over abortion funding were Sens. Bob Casey, Pa.; Joe Donnelly, Ind.; Heidi Heitkamp, N.D.; and Joe Manchin, WV.

Now, NARAL is attacking those lawmakers who put women ahead of abortion politics:

NARAL Pro-Choice America rolled out TV ads this week against four Republican senators up for reelection in 2016, targeting them for an anti-trafficking bill that stalled over a fight on abortion.

The group launched TV spots against GOP Sens. Mark Kirk (Ill.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Richard Burr (N.C.).

The 30-second ads suggest that the Republicans support the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act because of abortion language.

“A Senate bill would help survivors of sex trafficking to get their lives back on track,” the ad says in Illinois. “But Sen. Kirk refuses to support it, unless survivors are denied access to abortion care. Call Sen. Kirk and tell him it’s wrong to use survivors as political pawns.”

The ads will air for a week on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN in each of the senators’ states.

Leading pro-life advocates are furious that pro-abortion Democrats continue holding up vital legislation meant to help women victimized by the grisly sex trafficking trade.

“Ppro-abortion Senators are filibustering legislation that would aid victims of human trafficking for one reason: It does not include federal funding of abortion on-demand,” says Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life women’s group. “That’s right: Federal funding to abort babies is so important to Harry Reid and his pro-abortion colleagues that they’re even willing to throw victims of human trafficking under the bus.”

And who exactly is using them as political pawns?  If the democrats truly cared about women, they’d pass this in a heartbeat.  However, instead of helping women, they are withholding it because the legislation doesn’t fund the killing of babies.

But it’s us Conservatives that are waging a war on women, right?


Obama Lawyers Afraid To Go To Court On Email Scandal


clinton obama missing emails


Hat/Tip to Judicial Watch.

Lie, lie, obfuscate, delay, postpone, and if that doesn’t work, lie again. THAT is our government.

The Obama administration’s fraud, misconduct and misrepresentation on the Hillary Clinton email scandal continues in federal court. Crafty, corrupt politicians realize that transparency and accountability go hand-in-hand.  So that is why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (with the federal bureaucracies at their beck and call) have a personal and political interest in keeping their records away from the American people – even if it means violating the federal transparency law:  the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

So it will not surprise you to learn that Hillary Clinton’s former colleagues at the Obama State Department (with the help of taxpayer-funded lawyers in the Justice Department) continue to mislead the court and oppose Judicial Watch’s work to obtain emails and other documents sent by Hillary Clinton and her aides using secret email accounts.

Judicial Watch recently filed a strong brief in federal court, a Reply in Support of a Motion for a Status Conference, that argues that the State Department should be required to inform both Judicial Watch and the court itself “about the details surrounding the retention of agency emails within the Office of the Secretary and the extent of the Department’s ability to search, request and retrieve those records…” in order to avoid “further undue delays, prejudice and potential spoliation” of those documents.  The request is before U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who is the judge assigned to what should have been a simple FOIA lawsuit to find out more about Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi cover-up.

But of course, the Obama administration is in no hurry to expose their dear leader…

In a brief filed last week opposing a court hearing on this issue, the Obama administration argued that there was no need for urgency in resolving the issue, and continued their attempt to stonewall.  They want no hearing until at least late April!

With this contemptuous response to our push for transparency, the Obama administration shows that it wants to protect Mrs. Clinton, not enforce the law.

What’s more, this administration is willing to mislead more than one federal court in order to do so.  The cover-up continues.  Why else would the Obama team fear telling the court immediately about this important issue?  What possible harm could one court hearing do!

Continuing the cover-up, State argued that only recently had they been made aware of the secret email accounts, an argument in direct contradiction with the department’s previous statements and as we note, Mrs. Clinton’s statement about the issue:

The State Department cannot claim it was unaware of the…failure to records-manage agency emails from the Office of the Secretary. In fact, the “Statement from the Office of Former Secretary Clinton” states that “[h]er usage [of non-“” email for State Department business] was widely known to the over 100 Department and U.S. government colleagues she emailed.”

And the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton are well aware that time is on their side.

So as Congress gets out of Dodge for a few weeks without having done much of anything to address the massive obstruction of its investigations, your Judicial Watch is in federal court highlighting that quick action is necessary as the Clinton/Obama gang can’t be trusted to keep these emails secure:

Time is of the essence in this case. The statement by former Secretary Clinton during a press conference that she did not preserve approximately 30,000 emails she sent or received through her non-“” email address she used exclusively to conduct government business is a matter of public record – not [as the State Department alleged] “conjecture.” Only last week, the State Department publically disclosed that it was unable toautomatically archive the emails of most of its senior officials until last month. This is also a matter of public record – not conjecture. The State Department has still not informed the Court or Judicial Watch whether it has undertaken any efforts to retrieve agency emails from non-“” email addresses used by other officials or employees within the Office of the Secretary during the relevant time period or from other employees within the agency. The State Department needs to request these agency records immediately in light of the Department’s history of poor records-management and preservation of agency records.

It is a big, absurd lie – now being peddled by the Justice Department (following Hillary Clinton’s lead) – that Hillary Clinton’s alleged removal of the records would prevent them from being subject to FOIA. There is no precedent for the head of an agency “purposefully rout[ing] a document out of agency possession in order to circumvent a FOIA request.”

Read the full story here.





Hillary Clinton Fired US Ambassador To Kenya For Doing Same Thing She Did: Use Of Personal email Account


Hat/Tip to Poor Richard’s News.

Liberal Talking Point #47 – “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

So Hillz got caught using her own private email accounts while serving as Secretary of State, and yet in 2012, when one of her Ambassadors did the same thing, she accepted his resignation…

Hypocrisy, they name is Hillary.

Jake Tapper points out a very important detail in all of this.  Hillary Clinton and her staff have only turned over a limited number of emails from her time as Secretary of State, but the Federal Records Act requires all communication conducted by cabinet officials to be permanently archived.  


Clinton may claim that the remainder of emails on her private server (many of which are now likely destroyed) were just personal communications not related to her official duties, but this is an unacceptable excuse because she created this elaborate secret email account on the day of her Senate confirmation hearings.  The email server was designed from the beginning to hide her official communications from the public record. 

One more bit of hypocrisy from Hillary on all of this.  Back in 2007, she said that secret emails are tantamount to “shredding the constitution.”





Gun Grabbing Democrat, Jamilah Nasheed, Gets Nabbed with Gun!



In an act of typical democrat hypocrisy, a democrat gun grabber was recently nabbed carrying a gun.  Liberty News has more…

Why did staunch gun control advocate Missouri State Senator Jamilah ‘Switchblade Sista’ Nasheed feel the need to arm her self to participate in a ‘peaceful protest‘???

FERGUSON, Mo. ( – Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed had a gun in her possession at the time she was arrested Monday night outside the Ferguson Police Department, according to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

Nasheed declined comment about the having the weapon, but did tell News 4 she has a concealed carry permit. A Ferguson police officer said Nasheed was carrying a fully-loaded 9 mm handgun and additional rounds.

Sources also told News 4 Ferguson police requested St. Ann to administer a breathalyzer test at the time of her arrest because she “smelled strongly of intoxicants,” but Nasheed refused to do so. Nasheed said Tuesday she was not intoxicated at the time.

This really goes to the fact that democrats don’t want ot ban guns, they just want to control WHO has guns.  Under democrat gun grabbing laws, only two classes of people have unfettered access to guns; police and criminals.  You, however, the law abiding citizen, have no access.  So, when the democrats and their criminal allies, such as union goons, “social justice advocates” and the like, come to intimidate you, they can rest assured that your ability to effectively defend yourself has been neutralized.   In their eyes, there is not a thing wrong with Jamilah Nasheed carrying a gun.  You owning one however, needs to be stopped!

I covered this in a previous post, The Psychology of Gun Control.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Decries ‘War on Women,’ Supports Candidate that Defends Abusers



If you recall from earlier in last week, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was out engaging in the typical propaganda warfare, when she said the following about Scott Walker…

But then, as it turns out, Debbie Wasserman Schultz had previously gone off to help out a democrat candidate. A democrat candidate that defends male abusers of women

But remember, Scott Walker gives women the back of his hand or something.

Ten days before Democratic Party Chairwoman Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fl., accused Wisconsin Gov.Scott Walker’s policies of hurting women and “grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back,” she went to bat for a New Mexico House candidate and lawyer who has defended abusive husbands, according to court documents.

Wasserman Schultz was in Albuquerque Aug. 24 to promote Democrats, including 2nd Congressional District candidate Roxanne Lara, an attorney whose practice includes family and divorce law. Her campaign biography said the Carlsbad attorney focuses on defending abused children.

In four cases from 2001 to 2012 reviewed by Secrets, she defended a man who allegedly sexually abused his estranged wife, another who allegedly beat his wife and forced her on drugs she was allergic to, another who smashed up his estranged wife’s home, according to a police report, and a fourth accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend.

The cases had a similar abusive theme summed up in a quote from one of those allegedly targeted by Lara’s client: “He wouldn’t give me a divorce, he doesn’t plan to re-marry, he just make my life a living hell,” she said in the court papers.

Lara is running against Rep. Steve Pearce.

Pili Tobar, DNC Western press secretary, said that Lara is known for defending the abused.

“Rocky is a tireless advocate for women, children and their families, and is a strong proponent of ensuring women have access to the services they need in times of domestic abuse,” he said. He also said Pearce “supports policies that would take New Mexico women backwards.”

So, the democrats ASSIST abusive men, and then accuse others of abusing women?

Do you ever get the idea that the democrats make a joke out of their evil?  It’s really as if they mock themselves. That obviously makes my job easier.


Liberals Complain About “Sketchy App,” News Crew Robbed While Reporting on “Sketchy App”


I caught this on IOwnTheWorld last week.  Apparently, some folks wrote a phone app to warn people away from high crime areas.   As we all know, there are certain parts of every city that are “no go zones,” due to the high probability that you will become the victim of a nasty fate.  Of course, liberals wasted no time openly displaying their racist views…

A couple of developers have created an app that directs people away from high crime areas.

Gawker writer, Sam Biddle, shrieks in horror and writes, “white people make app for avoiding black people!!!”

Who mentioned black people? Biddle is the one who read “high crime area” and automatically pictured black people in his head. He bypassed the rich mosaic of criminality and went straight to black. Why’s that? Explain yourself Biddle.

Of course, it was Biddle wearing his figurative hood and robe, because the app doesn’t know or use race.  It only uses crime information.  Biddle is the one suggesting that high crime areas are black areas, not the other way around.

But we’ll just pretend that other people are the racist ones, mmkay?

Then, to make the situation all the more interesting, a news crew went looking for the sketchy neighborhoods, and got robbed in one of them!

Crime, meet journalism and a heavy dose of irony.

A WUSA-TV news van was burglarized in Washington, D.C., Friday while the news crew was interviewing locals nearby, the station reported.

The robbery happened as they were reporting about a “sketchy neighborhood” app.

The crew said they had locked their van in D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood, but someone popped the lock and absconded with “the gear of photojournalist James Hash, the backpack of reporter Mola Lenghi, and the purse of intern Taylor Bisciotti.”

The team said they used the “Find My iPhone” app to track a phone that was among the stolen goods, and eventually found many of the stolen items in a dumpster in another part of D.C.

Here is some video...

Oh the irony!


Michael Moore: Another Liberal Hypocrite!



H/T:  IOwnTheWorld.

The corpulent Michael Moore appears to be rather wealthy to be a “commoner.”  Here are some details from his now public and messy divorce…

What exactly does Michael Moore need with $50 million and nine houses? We’ll never know, but we can hazard a guess, thanks some details from the documentarian’s pending divorce.

“Roger & Me” is required Jalopnik viewing, if not for the devastating consequences of one town’s reliance on the auto industry then at least for the spectacular displays of wealth said industry affords. So it’s a little strange that the man who has built a career criticizing capitalist culture is very much a capitalist himself.

Moore and his wife, Kathleen Glynn, will end their marriage of 22 years this week in a courthouse in northern Michigan. It’s there where the couple shared a 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, an affluent tourist community worlds removed from his Flint hometown. Moore initiated the divorce, records show.

Funny how that works; Michael Moore makes money from the common man, and owns many houses and has tens of millions of dollars.  If he were a corporate CEO, he would be a target of the left-not a hero.  However, he gets to do the same thing, and gets a pass for it.


There Was A Crooked Man…



“I make absolutely no apologies…” – Barack Obama, Democrat

“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.” – English Nursery Rhyme

“Impeachment is a political solution to a criminal problem…” – Ben Shapiro


According to a recent study, rats are capable of feeling regret about their own actions. This sets them apart from Democrats, who never seem to feel sorry about much of anything.

 John Kerry, the Norman Bates of the diplomatic corps, for example, has likened concerns about Barack Obama’s release of five jihadi killers back into gen-pop to an Italian sausage, while his predecessor tours the talk-show circuit, shilling her new book and inventing ever more excuses for her Benghazi dereliction, including a creative attempt to blame the late Ambassador Chris Stevens for his own murder.

The White House, like a broken washer, is stuck on an interminable spin cycle while its dirty laundry piles up faster than the bedsheets in a three-dollar brothel.   As the Yankee sage Yogi Berra might say, Barack Obama spends 90% of his time devising ways to ruin the country and the other 50% looking for someone else to blame it on.


Ben Shapiro accurately observes,

[…] in many cases, Obama’s exercise of authoritarian power is criminal. His executive branch is responsible for violations of the Arms Export Control Act in shipping weapons to Syria, the Espionage Act in Libya, and IRS law with regard to the targeting of conservative groups. His executive branch is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Benghazi and in the Fast and Furious scandal, and bribery in its allocation of waivers in Obamacare and tax dollars in its stimulus spending. His administration is guilty of obstruction of justice and witness tampering … when it comes to presidential lawbreaking, the sitting president could literally strangle someone to death on national television and meet with no consequences.

Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, a Democrat, once boasted that “The only way I can lose is if I’m found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”  In Obama’s transformed America, neither circumstance seems to matter anymore.


Is “Fat Justice” to blame for increases in Diabetes?


Prior to my semi-retirement, I did three stories on “Fat Justice.”

Are You Aware of Your ‘Thin Privilege?’

…do you know that you’re getting hidden and unwarranted advantages due to “thin privilege?”   The latest enemy, according to a new application of social justice, are people that are in shape.  Those evil people; that watch what they eat, and probably even exercise, are achieving an unfair advantage over those that don’t.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at the “Thin Privilege” Tumblr page that has been put up to explain how the healthy are evil…

Thin privilege systematically reduces each of us to our dress size, hip measurement, and waist size, then grants favors, opportunities, or simple lack of punishment when the numbers are low enough. 

When you have thin privilege it doesn’t mean that your individual experience of being thin is necessarily positive, or that you haven’t been called names or discriminated against. It also doesn’t mean that every single fat person feels stigma as keenly as another. Some fat people might have grown up with supportive families in supportive environments and never encountered the kinds of fat stigma other people encounter.

Thin privilege is a social phenomenon that exists as a function of fat stigma, and it exists regardless of someone’s personal experience being thin or fat. Fat stigma is real, pervasive, and forceful. It invades entertainment, science, news reporting, advertising, sports, business, family planning (like adoption and fertility treatments and being called an abusive parent by virtue of you or your child being fat), education, dating/love/sex/marriage, fiction, travel, academia…. and on and on and on.

Stigma and privilege exist regardless of whether we, personally, experience them. And though I’m sorry thin people get shit for their weight — that’s wrong, and contemptible — it doesn’t obviate thin privilege or fat stigma.

Further, thin privilege is not about eating disorders. ‘Thin’ is the social state of thinness, the state of being seen and/or physically accepted as not fat. There is no consideration here why someone is fat or not fat.

If you are thin, you are the problem, and you are receiving unfair treatment!  You #$@& jerks, you!

Since we Covered ‘Thin Privilege,’ We’ll Add ‘Fat Justice’ to the Plate

Last week, I covered the thought that thin and fit people are evil, and have special rights and privileges conferred upon them, because they are evil.  Don’t you know?  However, if thin and fit people are to be vilified, there should be a companion movement to champion the cause of the unhealthy.   Roberts  Stacy McCain, of The Other McCain has found evidence of that companion movement. 

God knows, I’ve explained this often enough, but apparently not everyone reads my blog, and so a Swarthmore University sophomore was shocked to encounter the truth at a campus event last week:

Fat Justice and Feminism
Nicole Sullivan and Cora Segal, two Boston-based feminist organizers, will lead a workshop on fat justice, which is a political stance that seeks to address the ongoing exploitation and oppression of fat people. From the war on obesity to the rise of deadly bariatric surgery, there is an unprecedented attack on fat bodies. This workshop seeks to map out the focal points of this oppression, while delving into the complex history of white supremacy and misogyny that created it. We will set forth an analysis and call to action to make fat justice a priority in women’s movements.
Refreshments provided.
Funded by the Women’s Resource Center, Dean Henry, History Department, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Interpretation Theory, and Worth Health Center.

“Refreshments provided.” (Insert punch line here.)

Fat Liberation vs. Rape Culture: Opposite Sides of the Same Jelly Donut

I summed this up at the first link as follows…

When I first saw the “Thin Privilege” page, I thought it was a well-crafted hoax.  After looking at the large amount of content over there, I’m thinking that the author of “Thin Privilege” is a sad person that has faced adversity.  And, rather than taking a good hard look within, and making thoughtful social commentary, they blame and project their sense of self loathing onto others.  Sometimes, we have to look at ourselves, and the world, and make an accurate assessment as to what needs to change.  Sometimes, the answer is “me.”  The Thin Privilege author seems to want only the world to change.

OK, I know that this is currently a small movement, but as our health as a nation deteriorates, and we become increasingly overweight, we start more and more negative impacts, such as increased rates of diabetes…

Driven by surging obesity, an aging population and doubly high risks among blacks and Latinos, the American epidemic of diabetes has leaped to historic heights in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. Diabetes mellitus now afflicts 29 million Americans — 9.3% of the nation’s population.

And 1 in 4 don’t know they have the disease, which is thought to increase the risk of heart attack or stroke as much as fourfold.

Releasing a welter of new statistics on the disease, the agency said an additional 86 million American adults — nearly 1 in 3 — has prediabetes, a condition in which blood sugar levels are abnormally elevated but below the criteria for diagnosing diabetes.

Between 15% and 30% of those with prediabetes will go on to develop the full-fledged metabolic disorder within five years, a transition that can sometimes be averted with substantial weight loss and increased physical activity.

And the “fat justice” people would ignore this information, and blissfully encourage more and more Americans to pack on the weight, and keep it on, until their succumb to one of the nasty conditions brought on by obesity.

But, like other “isms” perpetrated by the left, thousands, or even millions of deaths will never disprove the narrative.  They’re right; you’re wrong, and they’ll make you listen.


Tolerant Feminist Physically Attack Pro-Life Teen; Declares Her a Domestic Terrorist



If you recall, we covered the story of Thrin Short, who is a 16 year old pro-life protesters that had the audacity to hold a sign featuring the end result of an abortion at University of California, Santa Barbara.  This gained the attention of  tolerant professor Mireille Miller-Young, who stole Short’s sign, and then assaulted her.  Here is the video…

Now, as a followup, the tolerant  Kool-Aid drinkers on the campus have taken to a petition condemning Short, and referring to her as a “domestic terrorist.”

Students at the University of California at Santa Barbara are circulating the petitions, one in support of feminism Prof. Mireille Miller-Young, and another backing Thrin Short, the 16-year-old pro-lifer whose March 4 demonstration was allegedly broken up by Miller-Young. The one backing the professor, who has been charged with battery and vandalism, has more than 2,000 signatures, while the one in support of Short has 150, according to The College Fix.

“The last thing we need are these people invading our community,” UCSB sophomore Katherine Wehler, a theater and feminist studies major, told the site.

She said pro-lifers with graphic images of aborted fetuses such as Short and her sister carried are like “domestic terrorists.”

OK, let’s take a couple minutes to get this straight, because we have to deal with liberal (il)logic…

Thrin Short is a “domestic terrorist” because she held up a sign describing what liberalism supports in actual practice.  That liberals fully support the murder and dismemberment of babies is freedom.  To actually describe it is “domestic terrorism.”  To drill it down even further; killing babies is great-discussing it is evil.

Think about what we have been covering lately.

A special education student recorded evidence that he was being bullied, and was charged with a crime for it!

Liberal stalkers accuse Conservatives of stalking them because the Conservatives point out that the liberals are stalking them.

Liberal educational policies ensure that too many black children are illiterate, and Conservatives are declared “raaaaacist” for trying to stop it. 

The tolerant gay mafia can threaten people, cause them to lose their jobs, dox them, and advocate for death camps for Christians, yet declare that anyone who agrees with them are “intolerant.”

Because, tolerance!


OK Cupid Founder and CEO Donated to Anti-gay Candidate: Where’s The Protest?



I haven’t talked about the entire Mozilla fascism event, though I have dumped FireFox, and will be dumping Thunderbird as soon as I have time to look for a replacement.  Here is a brief synopsis.

The guy who started Mozilla, Brenden Eich, had his private tax info leaked by the IRS, to a gay rights group.  Eich was discovered to have donated t0 Prop 8 in California, which was the Amendment that passed that protected traditional marriage.  Like so many that believe that marriage means husband and wife, the gay mafia sought to destroy him.

You see, for the tolerant left, there is only tolerance for those that have the exact same views as they do.  There is not tolerance for   anyone else.

But I digress.

Part of the endgame for Eich was when the online dating site, OK Cupid, (home of the women with really closeup pictures of their faces only) showed a message to Firefox users regarding Eich.  But now, it seems that the CEO of OK Cupid has some political skeletons in his closet as well…

Mother Jones now has jumped on Ross’ revelation of the campaign donation, without linking to or mentioning Ross or The Daily Caller, OkCupid’s CEO Donated to an Anti-Gay Campaign Once, Too:

But there’s a hitch: OkCupid’s co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan once donated to an anti-gay candidate. (Yagan is also CEO of Specifically, Yagan donated $500 to Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah) in 2004, reports Uncrunched. During his time as congressman from 1997 to 2009, Cannon voted for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, against a ban on sexual-orientation based job discrimination, and for prohibition of gay adoptions….

Combine that with the fact that the company helped force out one tech CEO for something its own CEO also did, and its action last week starts to look more like a PR stunt than an impassioned act of protest

So when does the boycott of OKCupid start?  After all, the people who took down Eich did so based on the, ahem, purest of principled judgments.

Now, unless the gay mafia are a bunch of, ahem, hypocrites, they must demand the ouster of OK Cupid founder,Sam Yagan.  Or, are they all hypocrites?



Anti-Gun Democrat State Senator, Leland Yee, Accused of Weapons Trafficking: MSM Silent


What happens when a democrat, who is a gun grabber, get’s arrested for weapons trafficking? Well, many things happen, but MSM coverage is not one of them.  American Glob has more…

You see, Leland Yee is a pro gun control Democrat who has been accused of bribery, fraud, corruption and trying to sell guns and rocket launchers to enemies of the United States.

For obvious reasons, the media has absolutely no interest in this story.

Glenn Reynolds explains why…

CNN, home (also until last week) of Piers Morgan, whom Yee had praised for his anti-gun activism, didn’t report the story at all. When prodded by viewers, the network snarked that it doesn’t do state senators. Which is odd, because searching the name of my own state senator, Stacey Campfield, turns up a page of results, involving criticisms of him for saying something “extreme”. Meanwhile, CNN found time to bash Wisconsin state senator and supporter of Gov. Scott Walker, Randy Hopper over marital problems.

But there’s a difference. They’re Republicans. When Republicans do things that embarrass their party, the national media are happy to take note, even if they’re mere state senators. But when Democrats like Yee get busted for actual felonies, and pretty dramatic ones at that, the press suddenly isn’t interested.

And once again, the MSM fails, most intentionally, to report truths that cast democrats in a bad light.   Rest assured, however,  that if Yee had a “R” after his name, it would be on every broadcast.


Fat Liberation vs. Rape Culture: Opposite Sides of the Same Jelly Donut


Now that we’re dealing with this “fat liberation” vs. the evil and entitled thin people, I guess we also have to throw a dash of “rape culture” into the mix.  Robert Stacy McCain has more…

This public service announcement should not be necessary, but unfortunately there seems to be some confusion on the subject:

Rape culture is prevalent, insidious, and normalized in our culture. . . Fat women face an extra special facet of rape culture though — the fact that they should be grateful for it. You read that right — grateful for being raped. The logic goes that, of course, no one would want to touch a fat woman. We’re so gross, you know? So if someone was actually willing to have sex with us we should be on our knees with gratitude thanking that person for sharing their special snowflake of a dick with us. Some people even deny that it’s possible for fat women to be raped because, ew, who would want to have sex with a fattie? . . . Let’s be clear, while the reasons for rape are complicated and include a whole lot of things, dehumanization and objectification of women is at least one pretty large factor. And who doesn’t love to dehumanize and objectify fat women? Fat woman are simultaneously desexualized and oversexualized in our culture. Myths of fat women being always ready for sex, promiscuous, and never turning down sex abound. . . . Rape culture is where this desexualization and oversexualization intersect. No one could possibly want to have sex with you which is why you’re such a slut and sleep around and why you would be lucky if you get raped.

She’s arguing with the voices inside her head, projecting her own imaginary fears onto “our culture,” over-interpreting negative feedback, and seeking moral authority by striking a pose of outraged victimhood.

Which is to say, she’s a feminist.

Please get over to Stacy’s place, as there is a ton more.

He’s spot on, the writer is arguing with  the voices in her head- the voices of Cultural Marxism.  To the disaffected, these voices give meaning and purpose to their own self hatred.  By focusing self hatred on others, the disaffected never have to look within.  Healthy living is for the evil thin.  Dieting?  That’s a conspiracy to sell vegetables!  Exercise?  It’s the new opiate of the masses created by Planet Fitness!   Oh, and by the way, they want to rape you, because you are fat!  With reality twisted into the hatred of another, you don’t have to change you, everyone else has to change to suit your lifestyle, whether it works or not. And, because this all based on projected self hatred, it can be contradictory and even nonsensical.  Since when has hate ever relied on facts?


Pro-Union Group Demands Rights for Fast Food Workers; Denies Rights for Their Own Employees


Just yesterday, I was discussing that the fact that rules are things for YOU to follow.  However, you liberal overlords, who create and enforce the rules that YOU must follow.  THEY, on the other hand, have a rather “liberal” interpretation of those same rules.  Florida Watchdog has the latest example…

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Workers and organized labor groups took to protesting fast food companies last week in a multi-state effort to build public support for a $15 an hour minimum wage hike.

But a peek into one group’s own labor contract reveals a delicious irony.

PROTESTS: The Restaurant Opportunities Center United prohibits its own employees from protesting management.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center United, which claims the support of 13,000 restaurant workers and with at least 11 affiliates across the country, forbids its own workers from protesting against management.

“It is mutually agreed that there shall be no strikes, lock-outs, sit downs, sit ins, slowdowns, sympathy strikes,­ picketing, stoppage or interruption of work, or direct or indirect interference or interruption of the operations of the Employer during the term of this Agreement,” states a two-year collective-bargaining agreement dated Jan. 4, 2013.

So, they want employees of other companies to protest and march to reach their goals.  Their own employees?  Not so much.


Intolerance by the Tolerant


Lawrence Torcello, a professor of philosophy from Rochester Institute of Technology, has called for ‘deniers’ of anthropomorphic climate change to be imprisoned.  He said ‘science misinformation’ should be considered a crime.  Professor Torcello is spouting intolerant, opinionated declarations as if man-made climate change has been proven scientifically.  It hasn’t.  Man-made climate change (global warming) is a theory which has been politically propagandized to the point of putting undue pressure on the scientific community.  Torcello admits that his proposal would violate the first amendment. Well what a reasonable guy he is. Wait!! Wait!! Just when I thought there was a glimmer of sensibility the professor said “We must make the critical distinction between the protected voicing of one’s unpopular beliefs, and the funding of a strategically organised campaign to undermine the public’s ability to develop and voice informed opinions.”  He believes governments need to update their free speech laws.  No man has the authority to take away free speech!

It looks like a good many Americans disagree with the professor.

The atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding that Gov. Scott Walker delete a tweet.  On Sunday Scott Walker tweeted “Philippians 4:13.”  In a letter the co-presidents wrote: “This braggadocio verse coming from a public official is rather disturbing,”wrote Gaylor and Barker to Walker.  You know what is disturbing?  Atheists with hutzpah who are clueless about free speech. Atheists who try to stifle free speech. These intolerant atheists need to take a course on the first amendment.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation strikes again.  The radical atheist Gestapo-like organization sent a letter demanding the removal of The Ten Commandments monument on public property in Idaho.  Around 500 people gathered in Sandpoint, Idaho to protest the monument’s pending removal, to support the Ten Commandments display staying right where it is. 

“I don’t like this at all,” said Gladys Larson to the Bonner County Daily Bee, “There’s no way someone can come into our town and dictate what goes on here.”

“The Ten Commandments monument was donated to Sandpoint in 1972 by a local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and was placed in Farmin Park.”

I am sick of spineless city officials giving into the offended while not giving a damn about local citizens constitutional rights. I am highly offended by this atheist supremacy that is happening all across our country.

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