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Michael Moore: Another Liberal Hypocrite!

The corpulent Michael Moore appears to be rather wealthy to be a “commoner.”

There Was A Crooked Man…

“I make absolutely no apologies…” – Barack Obama, Democrat “There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile. He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together in a little crooked house.” – English Nursery Rhyme “Impeachment is a political solution to a criminal problem…” – Ben Shapiro According to a recent study, rats are capable of feeling regret about their own actions. This sets them apart from Democrats, who never seem to feel sorry about much of anything.  John Kerry, the Norman […]

Is “Fat Justice” to blame for increases in Diabetes?

Prior to my semi-retirement, I did three stories on “Fat Justice.” Are You Aware of Your ‘Thin Privilege?’ …do you know that you’re getting hidden and unwarranted advantages due to “thin privilege?”   The latest enemy, according to a new application of social justice, are people that are in shape.  Those evil people; that watch what they eat, and probably even exercise, are achieving an unfair advantage over those that don’t.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at the “Thin Privilege” Tumblr page that has been put up to explain how the healthy are evil… Thin privilege systematically reduces each […]

Tolerant Feminist Physically Attack Pro-Life Teen; Declares Her a Domestic Terrorist

If you recall, we covered the story of Thrin Short, who is a 16 year old pro-life protesters that had the audacity to hold a sign featuring the end result of an abortion at University of California, Santa Barbara.  This gained the attention of  tolerant professor Mireille Miller-Young, who stole Short’s sign, and then assaulted her.  Here is the video… Now, as a followup, the tolerant  Kool-Aid drinkers on the campus have taken to a petition condemning Short, and referring to her as a “domestic terrorist.” Students at the University of California at Santa Barbara are circulating the petitions, one […]

OK Cupid Founder and CEO Donated to Anti-gay Candidate: Where’s The Protest?

I haven’t talked about the entire Mozilla fascism event, though I have dumped FireFox, and will be dumping Thunderbird as soon as I have time to look for a replacement.  Here is a brief synopsis. The guy who started Mozilla, Brenden Eich, had his private tax info leaked by the IRS, to a gay rights group.  Eich was discovered to have donated t0 Prop 8 in California, which was the Amendment that passed that protected traditional marriage.  Like so many that believe that marriage means husband and wife, the gay mafia sought to destroy him. You see, for the tolerant […]

Anti-Gun Democrat State Senator, Leland Yee, Accused of Weapons Trafficking: MSM Silent

What happens when a democrat, who is a gun grabber, get’s arrested for weapons trafficking? Well, many things happen, but MSM coverage is not one of them.  American Glob has more… You see, Leland Yee is a pro gun control Democrat who has been accused of bribery, fraud, corruption and trying to sell guns and rocket launchers to enemies of the United States. For obvious reasons, the media has absolutely no interest in this story. Glenn Reynolds explains why… CNN, home (also until last week) of Piers Morgan, whom Yee had praised for his anti-gun activism, didn’t report the story […]

Fat Liberation vs. Rape Culture: Opposite Sides of the Same Jelly Donut

Now that we’re dealing with this “fat liberation” vs. the evil and entitled thin people, I guess we also have to throw a dash of “rape culture” into the mix.  Robert Stacy McCain has more… This public service announcement should not be necessary, but unfortunately there seems to be some confusion on the subject: Rape culture is prevalent, insidious, and normalized in our culture. . . Fat women face an extra special facet of rape culture though — the fact that they should be grateful for it. You read that right — grateful for being raped. The logic goes that, […]

Pro-Union Group Demands Rights for Fast Food Workers; Denies Rights for Their Own Employees

Just yesterday, I was discussing that the fact that rules are things for YOU to follow.  However, you liberal overlords, who create and enforce the rules that YOU must follow.  THEY, on the other hand, have a rather “liberal” interpretation of those same rules.  Florida Watchdog has the latest example… TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Workers and organized labor groups took to protesting fast food companies last week in a multi-state effort to build public support for a $15 an hour minimum wage hike. But a peek into one group’s own labor contract reveals a delicious irony. PROTESTS: The Restaurant Opportunities Center […]

Intolerance by the Tolerant

Lawrence Torcello, a professor of philosophy from Rochester Institute of Technology, has called for ‘deniers’ of anthropomorphic climate change to be imprisoned.  He said ‘science misinformation’ should be considered a crime.  Professor Torcello is spouting intolerant, opinionated declarations as if man-made climate change has been proven scientifically.  It hasn’t.  Man-made climate change (global warming) is a theory which has been politically propagandized to the point of putting undue pressure on the scientific community.  Torcello admits that his proposal would violate the first amendment. Well what a reasonable guy he is. Wait!! Wait!! Just when I thought there was a glimmer […]

Displaying Liberal Hypocrisy: Abortion or Aspirin?

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take this one, that I have titled, Abortion or aspirin? So, in the liberal zone, you can kill a baby, and tell no one.  To take an aspirin?  That requires a mile of red tape!

A Study in Stalkers and Trolls: Bill Schmalfeldt and @NicoleBonnet1

It was an odd day in the blogosphere and especially on Twitter, where some rather deranged and hypocritical denizens reside.  Robert Stacy McCain summed it up nicely… “He’s banned on Daily Kos. He’s banned at the Examiner. He gets angry about being ignored, and erupts in frothing rage. So then people pay Bill the only kind of attention he deserves — pointing out that he’s a brain-damaged troll — at which point he claims victimhood. Then the cycle begins again, and Bill makes new threats . . .” – Robert Stacy McCain, Oct. 6, 2013 This is central to not […]

Porn Professor Attacks Teens Protesting Abortion

Seems that a certain professor, of porn, of all things, cannot tolerate being exposed to the realities of abortion.  See what happened when a student protest is disrupted by the porn prof! There is one visual a University of California, Santa Barbara, professor who teaches porn can’t handle: photos of abortion victims. You would think Mireille Miller-Young, pictured right, who also teaches queer theory and sex work at UCSB, would have a hardened brain and eyes by now, but apparently the reality of abortion overcomes her. From The College Fix, March 12: A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of […]

Communist Mayor, Bill de Blasio, Targets Harlem Charter School

Like all good, white,  progressives, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio heard that charter schools were successfully teaching dark skinned children how to read, so he’s trying to shut them down… So, it comes as no surprise that another progressive socialist is attacking another school choice program, charter schools. As John Fund reported in the National Review, “Last week, New York’s ACORN mayor Bill De Blasio announced he is evicting Success Academy, a widely praised charter school from the Harlem public school building it occupies. Two other charter schools will be blocked from opening. He claims elementary-school kids wouldn’t be safe […]

Congressman Shrek, Alan Grayson, Accused of Domestic Violence; Wife Files for Divorce and Protection From Abuse

If these domestic violence accusations hold true, Alan Grayson, AKA Congressman Shrek, is a General in the War on Women, starting with his wife.  The Lid has the scoop… The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Lolita Grayson, wife of Congressman Alan Grayson filed for divorce and got an order of protection after the Congressman shoved and injured his wife during an incident this past weekend. Lolita Grayson’s petition for the injunction, dated Monday, says her husband pushed her against a door, causing her to fall to the ground, during a confrontation Saturday at their home on Oak Park Road near […]

A Tale of Two Stories: Terrorists Allowed to Enter US, Christian Home Schoolers to be Deported

The more time wears on, the more we see what that the Obama administration thinks of Christians.  From the funding and arming of his Syrian Rebels Al Qaeda, who regularly slaughter Christians, to allowing Muslims to avoid ObamaCare, while Christians are forced to fund the killing of babies, you might just get the notion that there is some bias there.  Our post tonight will show that some more.  For the latest “Tale of Two Stories,” let’s look at who the Obama administration is letting into the building, and who he’s deporting… Terrorists allowed in… Via Investor’s Business Daily: Obama’s new […]

Typical Leftist Hypocrisy: Communist Mayor de Blasio Cracks Down on Jaywalking, Is Promptly Caught Jaywalking

In the Liberal Zone, the rules and laws are for you proles out there.  For example, the global cooling global warming climate change The Big Lie alarmists demand that we downgrade our lifestyles, and live in thatch huts, while they live in mansions and have private jets.  Our kids have to go to crappy public schools so they can be low information voters, while the liberal elites send theirs to private schools.  In other words, liberals are the parents that tell their kids not to smoke, while puffing away on a non-filtered Pall Mall.  For the latest example of the […]

Tolerant Liberals Celebrate the Death of ‘Racist’ Shirley Temple: ‘F*ck Shirley Temple’

Just when you thought maybe, just maybe, that liberals had anything even remotely resembling a heart, they attack Shirley Temple in death.  Apparently, she was a racist, as she was a Conservative.  Twitchy has more… And now, to the racism… So, even in death, liberals will attack an American icon, even Shirley Temple.  All in the name of hatred.

NAACP Marches Against Voter ID, Advises Participants to Have Photo ID

Yes, you read that right.  The NAACP is going to have a march against voter ID, yet, to join the NAACP march, you should have… Photo ID!!!! So, you need a Photo ID to go to the NAACP march against Photo ID at polling places. No hypocrisy here, please move on! H/T:  Strategic Red Group (Twitter)

Voter Suppression in Mexico! Democrats Silent

If we would follow the logic of Democrats, we would have to denounce the voter suppression in Mexico.  You see, the Mexican government is demanding that voters show an appropriate ID in order to cast a vote!  As we know from the Democrats, voter ID laws are inherently racist, and prevents dead people felons Mickey Mouse democratic voters from casting their ballots repeatedly!  Da Tech Guy has more… I call on every “liberal” entity to rise up in support of dead people felons Mickey Mouse democrat voters.  Because, as we all know, asking voters for ID is completely and utterly […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Show ‘Tolerance’ for #TrestinsFast

#TrestinsFast is an effort to raise awareness regarding the overstepping of a Federal Judge.  When Trestin Meacham contacted me about this, I told him that once word got out, it would generate a hateful reaction from the forces of “tolerance and diversity.”  Because, as we all know, any opposition to the regressive doctrine is classified as “hate.”  And, it’s OK to harass, insult, ridicule, and censor anyone who is a “hater,” right?  Here are some examples… Statement: Hey, ObamaCare is causing people to lose their plans, have their work hours cut, causing job losses, and people are suffering. Response from […]

New Hampshire Democrats Wage War on a Woman: Create Fake Marilinda Garcia Facebook Page, with Bonus Hitler Quotes

As we all know, democrats, or progressives, or socialists, are so very, very, tolerant. Their tolerance knows no depths, until, that is, someone disagrees with their agenda. Then, for some strange unknown reason, hypocrisy, they become the most intolerant creatures of ever walked the earth. The latest example of this comes from New Hampshire, where Republican Marilinda Garcia is considering a run for Congress. Ms. Garcia is very attractive and is reportedly equally conservative, and as we covered before, local Democrats had to rush out to attack her. Because, as we all know, is the evil Republicans that are waging a […]

Allen West Shames Sharpton and Jackson for ‘Knockout Game’ Silence

One thing that we’ve been pointing out duing all of the racial violence posts is that the “Racism Industry,” led by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are silent when it comes to black on white violence.  Allen West recently took them to task for their silence.  Here is video… Silence is complicity. And I expect all we will hear from Sharpton and Jackson is more silence!

Project Veritas Stings Enroll America Communications Director: Proposes Illegally Sharing Private Information With Political Campaigns

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is at it again.  This time, a hidden camera videographer catches Chris Tarango, Texas Enroll America Communications Director, allegedly conspiring to share the personal information of citizens contacted by Enroll America, with private a political campaign.  Here is a brief description, and then the video… …it became clear that personal data was also being “cross-pollinated.” Enter Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare and Chris Tarango, Texas Enroll America Communications Director who Project Veritas caught on tape agreeing to help obtain a private list of potential Obamacare enrollee data for election/political purposes. Tarango goes so […]

Think Progress Lies Yet Again: Uses Picture to Misportray Gun Control Opponents

I know, Think Progress lying?  It happens whenever one of their writer’s keyboards is in operation.   For that, I really almost never cover them.  It’s a bit too much, “grasp of the obvious” to cover every day.  However, at times, they lie so stupendously,  blatantly, and outrageously, that they warrant attention.  Here are some previous examples… Think Progress Engaging in Crony “Journalism,” Is Anyone Surprised? Quick Hits: Fake Excuse Writers Under Investigation, School Employee Disciplined, Think Progress Caught Lying (Yet Again) Think Progress Makes it up as they go Along: Uses Old Footage and False Flag to Assert that Tea […]

#FreeKate Supporters Continue to Lie in Order to Ban Those That Expose Them, Display Anti-Christian Hatred

If you want to see the extent to which people will lie to censor those that have exposed their own public comments, you have to look no farther than a small group of #FreeKate supporters.  You see, they are targeting Jeanette Runyon because she has tirelessly exposed their desire to legalize adult minor sex, as well as the fact that they were admittedly lying about Jeanette being convicted of “human trafficking,”  Both myself and Stacy McCain have covered this… #FreeKate Update: Supporters Lie to Censor Those That Quote Them-Shutuppery in Action! Relentless Perversity: #FreeKate Freaks Attempt to Silence Courageous Critics […]