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Occupy Wall Street

Alleged OWS Activitst, Aaron Greene, Caught With Bomb Making Materials: Media Bias and Denials Ensue

One thing that can be counted upon is that OWS participants will be caught in bomb plots.  Then, the second thing that can be guaranteed is that OWS will deny it, and the MSM will help cover it up.  Also, you can guarantee that the MSM will blame Conservatives for any adverse event that occurs, even in the absence of all evidence.  The Blaze has information on the arrest… Aaron Greene, 31, and his nine-months pregnant girlfriend, Morgan Gliedman, 27, were apparently found to have these elements in addition to bomb-making instructions, a stack of papers with a cover sheet entitled, “The […]

OWS Revisited: Sense of Entitlement and Dependency on Display

This is an old video, but it does show how the people at OWS display their sense of entitlement and dependency. You see all the hallmarks… 1.  He is uninformed 2.  When presented with factual information, he ignores it.  To quote our friend Bezmenov, “Facts say nothing to him.” 3.  He honestly thinks that society owes him what he wants. Why go over this?  Well, several million people that think like this put Obama back in the oval office.  We underestimated their numbers.  They are ignorant, entitled, and they vote.  And, we’re stuck with them.

OWS Defends North Korea?

What happens when the most repressive regime on Earth is featured in an American film?  OWS comes forward to defend it! That’s right, when Red Dawn was re-made, the Soviet Union was “unavailable” to be the adversary, so the producers turned to North Korea. And, when the communists at OWS heard of it, they decided to protest it. I loved the first guy for suggesting that they have been trying to unify their people-read subjugate them! Just to repeat the comparison… Of course, the OWS folks think that it’s terribly unfair that the people in South Korea have lights, food, […]

Occupy Caught Advocating Violence

It seems that Occupy is reacting poorly to the Occupy Unmasked movie.  They apparently are upset that the film shows the violence inherent in Occupy, as it is in any leftist movement.  Of course, they are saying that it’s a big lie.  However, a recent video round table regarding violence.  Many occupods apparently like it.  OWS Exposed has the video… If you watch the video, and I did watch most of it, you see that there is an approval of violent tactics in the occupy movement.  But, let’s visit some basic points about occupy, as well as any leftist movements… 1.  Even […]

Occupy Update: Occupod Bashes Steve Jobs

Occupy is still at it, and the occupod in the video below seems to be ignorant of how Steve Jobs impacted our lives.  Take a look at the video below… Anyone with a brain will realize the impact that Steve Jobs had an enormous impact on our daily lives.  We use a mouse with computers, we have nice little GUI’s (Graphical User Interface) for our computers.  We used to type computer commands manually, but Jobs made it all “point and click.”  We had cell phones, but Jobs made them better.  In fact, the competition that arose in response to Jobs made all […]

Jay-Z Almost Realizes That Occupy is Marxist

Rapper Jay-Z seems to be getting that something isn’t quite right with the Occupy Movement, though he still hasn’t connected all the dots.  The Blaze has more… “What’s the thing on the wall, what are you fighting for?” Jay-Z said in a recent New York Times magazine interview. “I’m not going to a park and picnic, I have no idea what to do, I don’t know what the fight is about. What do we want, do you know?” he said he asked rap magnate Russel Simmons. His questions for the anti-corporate movement continued: I think all those things need to really declare […]

Occupy Leave RNC Sad

Apparently, the Occupy crowd is sad.  Their numbers were low for the GOP Convention, and they were not able to disrupt any activities, or even destroy property on a massive scale. How very, very sad. The Daily Caller has some coverage.  I’ll translate the responses ftom the occupods… Following a fragmented march against the GOP, TheDC’s photo team spoke to several protesters who said they were disappointed by low turnout at protests and the lack of open discussion between protesters and Republican leadership. Translation:  The GOP didn’t allow us to harass,  berate, or  shout them down!  Remember kids, open discussion with […]

Did the Obama Administration Tell Local Authorities to Take it Easy on the Occupods?

We know that the occupods caused millions of dollars in damages, committed multiple rapes,  and generally made a nuisance of themselves, local governments had difficulty with assigning the necessary resources in order to protect life and property.  However, it appears that the Obama Administration was very helpful, and gave wise advise… The Obama administration told law enforcement authorities to go easy on Occupy Wall Street protesters, even though they were violating local laws, according to documents obtained by watchdog group Judicial Watch. Emails from the General Services Administration show that the federal agency, acting on orders from the White House, […]

Occupy in Favor of Blowing up Bridges

Yes folks, Occupy is still around, and still violent.  Apparently, they also are all for blowing up bridges as well.  Da Tech Guy has the details… Via Lady Liberty 1885 we see that the media has figured out that the occupods who were supposed to be so useful for democrats in 2012 have turned out to be rather less useful than expected: We didn’t really hear about their arraignment where they were charged with 11 counts each with bail at $1.5 million each, now did we? The national media mostly blew it off and have since swept it under the carpet, […]

Occupy Update: Occupy Group Protests in Favor of Child Sex Trafficking!

We knew the occupods were politically naive.  We knew they liked to rape lots of people, and encouraged them to not report it.  But, even I never thought they were in favor of the sexual exploitation of children.  Apparently, at least one #occupy group is.  Breitbart has more, with video… A group called HEAT Watch held a conference for law enforcement and social workers at the Oakland Convention Center last Wednesday. HEAT stands for Human Exploitation and Trafficking, and as you can see by looking at their website, they are primarily focused on preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children: The conference […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Left Protesters Show Some Class-Not!

Whether it’s occupiers, or Walker “recallers,” lefty protesters, when left unattended, will almost always expose themselves for what they really are.  For your viewing displeasure, here are two of the most recent examples. Walker Recaller Disrupts Police Memorial Because disrupting police memorials really get’s the public on your side… Occupods Display HOMOPHOBIA! What happens when Occupods use slurs based on sexual orientation? Dan Savage was unavailable for comment vilification  

Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupods: Epic Win Ensues

If you recall, we covered the story of a former Soviet citizen that goes to Occupy events and confronts the occupods.  Here are his latest efforts… The second video, in particular, reminds me of what Bezmenov said, that facts mean nothing to a leftist.

Story Update: It’s Confirmed-Would be Cleveland Bomber an Occupod

Last week, we covered the story surrounding the attempt to obtain explosives in order to blow up a bridge  in Cleveland.  Of course, it was associated with Occupy Cleveland.  And, like always, the local occupods steadfastly denied that they had anything to do with it, and it was “someone else’s fault.” Well, it seems that their narrative, as always, has fallen flat.  Breitbart has the details. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: One of the five self-described anarchists arrested last week for attempting to blow up a local bridge signed the lease for a West Side warehouse where about a dozen members of […]

Occupod vs. Hannity

If you want some moonbattery on display, take a look at this… That was simply incredible. Predictable, but incredible. It has all the hallmarks of a Communist regime. For one, when the system fails, it’s always someone else’s fault. Just like when the collective farms in the Soviet Union turned the leading exporter of grain into a a nation in famine. Instead of acknowledging that the system didn’t work, the Soviets blamed others, particularly Americans, and then killed a bunch of innocent citizens for “collaborating” with the non-existent agents of imperialism. Whenever something goes wrong in a Communist state, it […]

Occupods Propose Alternatives to Capitalism: Makes Absolutely no Sense in the Process

We’ve seen all sorts of nonsensical comments from occupods.  Some propose communism while changing the terms. Others openly advocate for the murderous system.  And, still others make no sense whatsoever.  I think the following video exemplifies the third category… And these people are the future leaders of this country? I am officially afraid. Then again, some protesters don’t even know what their signs mean… Where’s the media on this? Of course, they’re too busy inventing the next Republican war on “X.”

Neo Nazi Who Attended Occupy Goes on Shooting Spree, Kills Five-Media Silent

Here is a video from an Occupy Protest that the MSM refused to share with America… If you recall, Jason Ready, a known neo Nazi, was openly displaying military style weapons at Occupy Phoenix.  Of course, that didn’t fit the “peaceful movement” narrative, so the MSM decided to ignore it.  However, Mr. Ready was apparently all to eager to do what all “peaceful” leftist movements eventually do-kill a lot of people.   This week Jason Todd went on a horrific shooting spree. Yahoo reported: Arizona vigilante Jason Todd “J.T.” Ready’s final act might have been his most horrific, say police. Police […]

Occupy May Day Violence: Occupod Hits Bystander in Face With a Brick

Combine Occupods and bricks, and you have a recipe for injury.  Take a look at this, from Gateway Pundit… Let’s be clear here, because the reporter in this video carried water for Occupy by saying that anarchists are infiltrators.  In reality, the anarchists are part of almost any leftist movement.  The “peaceful” protesters present the kind, public face to the MSM, while the anarchists engage in the terror wing of the movement.  Both are aware of each other, and get along in a wink-wink, nudge-nudge partnership.  The “peaceful” protesters have to know that they are never going to convince people to give […]

More Occupy Violence: Seattle Vandalized

Their numbers are low, but their damage total is large.  That seems to be the proper way to encapsulate the Occupy Movement.  By most reports, their May Day Activities were rather small, but possessing a destructive potential beyond their numbers.  Here is what happened in Seattle… Of course, this really didn’t happen, because Occupy is peaceful.  And, if it did happen, it was someone else’s fault!