Greatest Hits: More on the Fate of Useful Idiots


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More on the Fate of Useful IdiotsFunny thing is that out social justice warriors will never see it coming…

After republishing Yuri Bezmenov’s videos, I decided to see if there were more.  I found another that expands on destablization.

Disclaimer: Conjecture follows

What sticks out for me is how very well this all compares to what is happening now.  There have been outside influences “inserted” into our society.  Whether it is Move  On, Think Regress, organized labor, the organizations formerly known as ACORN, Common Cause, ACLU, SPLC, and so on, all are designed to disrupt and destroy  our Republic.  These organizations  are causing disorder, and are simply making our free society increasingly impossible to function.  Any of the organizations might create, invent, or otherwise exploit class differences, attack our culture and values, smear people that resist or expose them, cause businesses, systems, or communities to fail…the list goes on and on.  And then, as Bezmenov points out, the accumulated damage caused by these efforts brings the nation to crisis.  We are rapidly approaching that point.

Additionally, our government is actively pursuing these same ends.  From the Department of Education, to the EPA, our own government is engaging in endless “Cloward-Piven” strategies.    While, on the surface, they are trying to “nudge” us into what they have deemed to be the “correct” way to live, can we also say they these strategies are also pushing us into crisis?  And if it is crisis that they seek, is not more power the end-goal?  Is not a result that more and more people are now dependent on government?  As the video points out, how many people are asking for more government to “solve” the problems that government caused in the fist place?

Where the video does show it’s age is in the idea of “sleepers.”  Obviously, since the Soviet Union is no more, there are no more sleepers.  However, there is no longer a need for these, as the Marxists/fascists/”progressives” operate in the open, and are self perpetuating.  From many public school teachers, to the Marxist professor, to the talking heads on MSNBC, to a host of actors, producers, pundits, and community organizers, there results a massive propaganda/indoctrination machine for producing more useful idiots.  And, the beauty of it is that the useful idiots are blissfully unaware that they are being used.  Unfortunately for them, as Bezmenov points out, they will never catch on until they’re being put up against a wall, if they even earn the courtesy of that.


Greatest Hits: Attention Useful Idiots! I Have a Glimpse Into Your Future


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Attention Useful Idiots! I Have a Glimpse Into Your FutureAll of those social justice warriors are in for a big, and terminal, surprise.

I’ve been seeing some repeating themes as of late.  We have the hard left calling for the revolution.  We have people on our side lamenting the fact that there are millions of Americans that have not seen Obama and the left for what they really are.  That, in spite of overwhelming evidence, we didn’t win both houses of Congress by record margins.  And that Obama has any approval rating at all.   All of these snippets made me go back to one of my favorite sets of videos.

The videos were made in the 1980’s and feature Yuri Bezmenov, the highest ranking KGB official to ever defect to the West.  Take a  listen to how our proud useful idiots will meet their end.  Also not the personality traits that Bezmenov attributes to them.

It’s freakin’ uncanny if you ask me.  This man, back in the 80’s, was describing, in great detail, so many of the useful idiots that we vote for every month. And he was saying it over 20 years ago.

The Major Downside: You have to realize that some of us that have gone public will be targeted.  Just saying.

As for the people that won’t wake up, there is a reason for that…

There is much more to Bezmenov’s interviews.  They can be found on both YouTube and Google Video ( for longer versions).  But again, when we look at reality, and see things fall into place just as we predicted, or, even as our opponents  said they would, and people don’t get it at all, there is a reason for that.  The simple answer is that they aren’t supposed to get it, and they probably never will.  Until, that is, they are about to be lined up against the wall.  That is why I have not advocated a ton of outreach to the left.  They are programmed to deny reality, rendering them useful only as idiots, and temporarily at that.

I love that it so often comes right back to Cultural Marxism.


My Thoughts on Jesse Myerson; Useful Idiot Extraoridinaire


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Jesse Myerson is a writer for Rolling Stone.  And, in accordance with what seems to be an obscene level of naivete, he took the his keyboard and wrote glowing tribute to Communism.  Included in his love letter to the gulag, was a complete ignorance of the actual history of communism, including the tens of millions of deaths perpetrated by communist regimes.  And, when confronted with his lack of facts, or even a grasp of the obvious, he doubled down on the stupid in a second article, published at Salon.  Robert Stacy McCain took notice, and has completely destroyed Jesse Myerson, dissecting his points at a near molecular level.    Rather than do Stacy an injustice by linking short excerpts, kindly visit these links and see the full devastation for yourself.

The Renegade Jesse Myerson

How @JAMyerson Blamed @SarahPalinUSA for Tucson

Intellectuals and the Total State: @JAMyerson’s Dilettante Marxism

That is some fine work.  I have only one thing to add to it is to go process over Stacy’s content.  It is a role that I have discusses extensively here before.

Jesse Myerson is an useful idiot.

Useful Idiot is a term, coined by the Soviets, for a westerner that was a supporter of Communism.  According to the late KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, useful idiots were useful in destabilizing a country.  Here is a video describing this process…

Note that this six minute video describes the development of Jesse Myerson, as well as his fate.

“Exposure to true information does not matter any more.”

And, going right along with that, Jesse Myerson will continue blathering along about the wonders of Communism.  And when confronted with reality, he will double down on the lies-because that is what he is programmed to do.  And, God forbid that there actually is a communist revolution here in the USA.  If there is, Jesse Myerson will not be the first to the wall, but it won’t be long before he is.  Of course, he may not even get a wall, but a quick bullet behind the ear, if they are kind enough to not torture him.  But, he’ll never realize that.


The Saga of Sarah Alcid, Your Intellectual Better & Committed Useful Idiot


It certainly is true what is what is said about R.S. McCain-he attracts a higher grade of troll.  And over the last couple days, he attracted one Sarah Alcid, a queer feminist Marxist who took offense offense at R.S. McCain’s coverage of the DC slut walk. 

It isn’t every day that a “Queer Feminist” with a diploma from Bryn Mawr (undergraduate tuition $42,870 a year) decides she needs my attention, but I’m so grateful for Miss Alcid’s encouragement to expand on what I said this morning:

“Professor Aptheker is exactly right: If you want to be a
true feminist, you must be a Communist lesbian.”

The inherent radicalism of the women’s movement — its theoretical foundation in Marxism, its implacable antagonism to traditional marriage and other institutions of bourgeois society — is not generally understood outside such campus cauldrons as Bryn Mawr.

Feminism is a totalitarian ideology. It cannot be co-opted or moderated. You cannot negotiate or compromise with feminism, because the ambitions of feminism are without limit. They can accept nothing short of the complete overthrow of “hitherto existing society” (Marx and Engels) resulting in their own dictatorial authority. Halfway “reform” (to which the bourgeoisie may agree in its attempt to stave off this upheaval) can ever placate the revolutionary, because the radical does not seek reform, but rather destruction. And the problem that most conservatives have, in trying to cope with radical movements, is that the typical conservative cannot imagine how fanatical — how rigidly unreasonable, how full of passionate destructive hatefulness — the radical really is.

So, it is quite true that feminism has it’s basis in Marxism, and I’ll get to that in a moment. But, I want to make a point regarding the difference between Conservatives and regressives.  Conservatives tolerate the existence of liberals. We disagree with them, and vehemently resist their efforts to destroy our society, but they are allowed to spout their vitriol.  It’s their right.    But, their rights end when they try to indoctrinate children into vile ideologies and ban any expression or mere utterance that shows dissent from their opinion.  You see, they cannot tolerate dissent, because truth hits their points like a death ray.  We don’t have to “convert” everyone, but regressives like Sarah Alcid have to crush and dominate all resistance.   Simply put, they don’t play well with others.

Sara Alcid wants to smash your family, smash your faith, smash your community. This is what she means in denouncing “heteronormativity and gender roles” and “systems of domination.”

Sara Alcid hates you, she hates every institution you cherish and respect, and she considers your love for these institutions to be hate.

Sara Alcid believes this because she has been taught this. The fact that you cannot afford $42,870 a year to learn to think like Sara Alcid thinks is further proof of your inferiority, and your inferiority in turn justifies Sara Alcid‘s fanatical determination to destroy everything you love — in the name of “liberation,” of course.

In these terms, Sarah Alcid is performing her assigned function.  To destroy the US, Cultural Marxists mustt destroy the underpinnings of our society.  If you recall, Cultural Marxism is the response to Marxism’s failure to destroy Europe during WWI.  The Marxists all over the world expected the peoples of Europe to rise and shake off the shackles if capitalism, and join them in a massive Red Terror bloodbath.  When that failed, they determined that the culture, God, marriage, family, self sufficiency, nationalism, and the like prevented their long awaited win.  So, they translated Marxism into cultural terms in order to attack the underpinnings of Western Culture.  Basically, they make good evil, and evil good.  We’re obviously seeing that more and more these days, and Sarah Alcid doesn’t want to be left out of the fray.

But, she wasn’t done with R.S. McCain. 

Sara Alcid is better than you, because she’s a Queer Feminist who attended a prestigious college, and you’re not. She is so much better than you that you can’t even comprehend her vast superiority, her erudition, her knowledge of advanced philosophies that only the most sophisticated minds can ever hope to understand. You are just an ignorant, inarticulate, hate-filled bigot — a typical American — and you are so insignificant that Sara Alcid can’t be bothered to notice.

Every day, Sarah Alcid and her Queer Feminist friends “work to critique and dismantle” those ”systems of domination” — religion, marriage, family, free enterprise — that the typical American loves. They claim to do this in the name of “equality,” but what they’re actually doing is demonstrating their own superiority, their authority to take away from you everything that you hold dear and thus to arrogate to themselves complete power over you.

Sarah Alcid deserves this authority. Sarah Alcid is entitled to this power.

You deserve nothing and you have no rights, and if you dare to speak back to Sarah Alcid, this just proves you’re a hater.

Narcissism, AKA unwarranted self importance is a common trait of leftists such as Sarah Alcid.   They are just sooo much smarter than the rabble in flyover country.  And these folks honestly see themselves as enlightened leaders of a bold new tomorrow of equality, social justice, and unicorns that fart rainbows.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As you all know, I’m a big fan of the late Yuri Bezmonev, reputed to be the highest ranking KGB official to defect.  In the early 80’s, Mr. Bezmonev made several videos describing his work in India, which, mirrors Sarah Alcid’s stated intent here in the US.  His job was to work with Indian leftists in order to subvert their government, and set the stage for Communist takeover.   According to Mr. Bezmenov, Sarah Alcid is a useful idiot.  She is trained and “brainwashed,” if you will, to attack the framework of our society.  Her function is to…

Sara Alcid wants to smash your family, smash your faith, smash your community. This is what she means in denouncing “heteronormativity and gender roles” and “systems of domination.”

And if  queer feminist Marxists like Sarah Alcid can achieve their goals, society will  fall apart.  The ties that bind us all will be gone.  Children will be sociopaths, people will starve, economic activity will be conducted at the point of a gun,  anarchy would reign.  This is scenario desired by Marxists, as they would be the ones to come in and establish order.  They will be welcomed as saviors that will set all the old grudges right.  They will promise peace, food, and equality.  At least, they’ll call it that, though real justice and equality will be nowhere to be seen.  And ask any Ukrainian that survived the 1930’s about food.

However, once this point is reached, the useful idiots won’t be quite as useful anymore (unless the new Marxist overlords want to use them for the red terror).  No matter when, at some point, people like Sarah Alcid stop being useful.  Mr. Bezmonev informed us what happens then…

What people that Sarah Alcid don’t grasp is that they are pawns in a larger game.  They are little poison pills, or ticking time bombs set by an evil and discredited political ideology.  Her sole purpose is to destabilize our society.  She relishes this task, but hasn’t the foggiest notion as to why she is really doing it.  And, even worse for Sarah Alcid, winning means that while she might not be first to the wall, she’ll get there eventually.  She’s a tool, and a means to an end.  The saddest thing is that she’ll never realize it.


Useful Idiot Alert: Chicago Public School Teacher Promises ” Violent Revolution,” Bashes Economic Freedom



I’ve covered the connections between public education, the unions, and communism many times.   Here is just the latest example.

As you can see, Jesse Jackson is right there, and he isn’t disagreeing.

Once again, this is a direct consequence of the Long March Through the Institutions.  McCarthy WAS right.  There were communists in our institutions, and they were indoctrinating followers.  This useful idiot is one of them, and the beauty of it is, he doesn’t even realize it.

What this teacher ought to remember is what Bezmenov warned of.


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: May 2013


The people have spoken, and we now have the nominees for the Useful Idiot of the Month Poll.  Unforeseen events prevented me from posting the poll until today, so we will leave it up until Midnight Sunday PST.  Here are your nominees…

Adam Levine:  Nominated by our own contributor Don.

I nominate Adam Levine for saying he hates his country:

He did issue an apology, but only after getting all pissy on twitter, instead of offering an apology or even an explanation, he posted definitions of: “joke,” “misunderstanding,” and “humor less.”

Chris (soon to announce that he’s really a Democrat) Christie:  Made by our VRWC mate, Chris Wysocki of Wyblog fame.

Chris Christie, for his encore Brokeback Boardwalk performance with Dear Leader.

Eric Holder: Nominated by our contributor and all aroumd good guy, of Asylum Watch.

I’m going with Eric Holder for attacking Obama’s water carriers.

John McCain:  Tagged by both Bunkerville, and our very own Manahattan Infidel.

I will go with McCain. The fool is doing his best to be just that. And the fool just might get some Americans killed.

McCain, a founding RINO, all the way.

Then, your humble editor feels compelled to add  one more:  the #FreeKate supporters, because nothing says cultural Marxism like legalizing pedophilia!

So then, here is your poll!

[poll id=”11″]

The poll is set for “one man, one vote.”  After all, we are not Democrats!


Bill Maher Believes the Second Amendment is “Bullsh*t”


gun control endgame

Bill Maher and his brain trust discuss the second amendment and gun rights in the below clip.

These people are absolutely clueless about the second amendment and why the right of the people to bear arms is so important.  They believe in the notion that an all powerful benevolent government would never impose its will on the people.  The one thing I noticed was as the conversation progressed Bob Costas began to reveal just who he was. According him those who support our right to bear arms are all paranoid.  He states we’re paranoid because we’re afraid the government might one day go too far and grow out of control.  Well Mr. Costas I wonder if the Founding Fathers were just as paranoid when it came to the people having the right to defend themselves against an out of control government.  Below are a few quotes.

“I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
George Mason
Co-author of the Second Amendment

“To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.”
George Mason

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
George Washington

“Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”
George Washington

“Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”
Thomas Jefferson

“The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that … it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; … “
Thomas Jefferson

“The best we can help for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”
Alexander Hamilton

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”
Richard Henry Lee

Yep they were just as paranoid.  Like I said, these people are clueless.  Or maybe the truth is they know exactly what the second amendment is for, they just don’t support it because they believe that only government should be allowed arms.  If they do then their views on this issue are in direct conflict with the views our Founding Fathers held.  And if that’s the case why are we wasting our time listening to their misguided opinions or even care what these fools believe?

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post: The Sentry Journal

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RINO ALERT!! Boehner Willing to Abandon GOP & 2nd Amendment


John Boehner, Kevin McCarthyIn the spirit of pure bipartisanship that is simply for the sake of saying a bill is bipartisan, Speaker of the House, John Boehner said the following when asked if the Senate gun control bill would pass with a majority of HIS OWN FREAKING PARTY not voting for it: “GOP? GOP? I don’t need no steenking GOP to take yer guns!!” Okay, first of all, I paraphrased and secondly he was referring to the Hastert Rule which basically says that any bill without support of the majority party will not be brought to the floor for a vote. But Johnny Boehner said it wasn’t really a rule.

Seriously, somebody remind me why this idiot is Speaker? Maybe he’s trying to become the John Roberts of the House of Reps…

Why in the blue hell would he even want to get a bill passed that his own party, and the vast majority of said party’s constituents DO NOT WANT????!!!!!?????

Every time we think we can depend on the Republican majority in the House, they pull that f*ckn’ football out mcboehner rinofrom under us again and again.

We don’t need gun control, we need RINO CONTROL!!! Let’s create a national registry of them suckers so we can confiscate their ability to govern us!!!!!!!

How many times must this man stab Conservatism in the back before we demand his removal from the Speakership???

Read more over at Breitbart


We Have a Winner! Nanny Mayor Bloomberg Win Useful Idiot of the Month!



I guess when it comes to being a nanny, or an useful idiot, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC takes the cake.  After all, the cake is sugary, and might make you fat! You guessed it right, Michael Bloomberg, the man who thinks he should micromanage your life, has won Useful Idiot of the Month!  So, we at the CH 2.0 send our congratulations to Mayor Bloomberg for an well deserved dishoner.  Then again, he wouldn’t think it is dishonor, would he?  Stay tuned for the next nomination thread, coming at the end of April!


It’s Baaaaack! Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread March 2013



It’s been a while, but I thought that bringing back the CH 2.0’s one claim to fame (or infamy) might be in order.  So, the Useful Idiot of the Month Poll has returned.  First off, we need to define the term, useful idiot.  It was a term, coined by the former Soviet Union (either Lenin or Stalin), to describe leftists in Western countries that supported, knowingly or not, communism.  Then, if the communists really did come to power, most of the useful idiots would be imprisoned, killed, exiled, and the like.

So, this is the nomination thread for the Useful Idiot of the Month.  We nominate people that will appear in the poll, then, maybe on Friday, I’ll take the candidates, and put them in a poll.  Readers vote, and we have a winner.  I do set up the poll for one person, one vote.  After all, we’re not the organizations formerly known as ACORN!

I’ll begin by nominating Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, for not only pretending to be a RINO (believe it or not he’s somehow WORSE than a RINO), but being worse than many democrats.  His nanny state abuses, and anti-gun nonsense takes him to the top, in my humble opinion.

You guys do the rest, get the comment section, enter your nomination and why they are deserving, do some math, and hit the enter button.  Enjoy!

STICKIED to the top of the page. 


Idiots, Useful And Otherwise


Useful Idiot: a pejorative term used in political jargon to describe people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” — Adolf Hitler

“Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes…” — G.K. Chesterton

They’ll never change, these useful idiots of the Left; they never have. When at long last they’re herded to their knees with the rest of us, facing a muddy ditch while the impassive agents of change smoothly ratchet rounds into the chambers of their automatics, the final thoughts of the no-longer-useful will be that this must be some kind of horrible mistake instead of the inevitable result of a lifetime of lethal naivete. After all, they are the Good People, the bright ones, the trusting ones, the caring ones. This must all somehow be Bush’s fault.

When the Revolution eats its children, as it always does, the useful idiots are swallowed too. It’s safer that way. Because if you’ve sold your country out once, no one can ever be certain that you won’t do it again. And history teaches us that, when it comes to revolutionary justice, everyone must pay their fair share.

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Original Post:  Be Sure You’re RIGHT Then go Ahead


We Have a Winner! The Useful Idiot of the Month for May 2012 is…


The Union bosses!  It seems that spending money like water for well over a year, sending in goons to intimidate businesses, beat up Tea Party members, getting fake doctor notes, indoctrinating children, and generally making a giant mess of the Wisconsin State capitol, definitely qualifies them for useful idiocy.  But, there is the icing on the cake…after all of that, the millions, the goons, the damage to the state capitol, they are still behind the polls mere days before their showdown with Governor Walker!

Then, there is the additional irony that the DNC seemed rather hesitant to go all-in with their effort, so, not only did the union bosses spend upwards of $60,000,000 that they confiscated from their captives, they were thrown under the bus by the Dems!

My friends, that is useful idiocy.  They did all the “left” things.  They prevented democracy to declare “this is what democracy looks like.”  They vandalized, trashed, intimidated, indoctrinated, lied, cheated, and fled.  Then, when the DNC saw the writing on the wall, and needed to spend all their money on Obama, the poor union bosses didn’t seem quite as useful.  And now, it seems, they are familiarizing themselves with the underside of the bus.

But don’t worry, they have the Tammies to keep them company under there.


If Cuba was Really the “Workers Paradise,” Why are so Many People Escaping it?


If we listen to useful idiots like Sean Penn and Michael Moore, Cuba is a wonderful land of prosperity, freedom and free health care.  However, someone neglected to tell the Cuban people who continue, for some unknown reason freedom, to escape this paradise on Earth.

For example, in 2008, 18 Cuban Soccer players came to Tampa for an Olympic qualifying match.  However, only 11 ended up returning…

(Reuters) – Cuba’s Olympic football team took to the field with only 10 men on Thursday after up to seven of their players defected.

Five members of the communist state’s under-23 team defected after their Olympic qualifying game against the United States, a 1-1 draw, in Tampa on Tuesday.

A further two players, both reported to have defected, were absent from the line-up against Honduras on Thursday.

With one player already suspended following a red card, Cuba coach Raul Gonzalez had only ten players available to him and his team began the match with a one-man disadvantage and no substitutes.

Um, you mean they weren’t willing to return to the worker’s paradise?  How very strange.

Of course, thousands of Cubans flee yearly, mostly to the US, but let’s ignore that, because Michel Moore was allowed to film some “Potemkin hospitals” for one of his mockumentaries.

And now, for a more ironic tale, imagine that a filmaker used Cuban actors in a movie about fleeing Cuba.  Then, when those actors are to come to the US to promote the film, they defect!  Here’s more from the Daily Mail…

Two actors that star in a film about escaping from the streets of Havana to America have vanished in Miami in a shining example of life imitating art.

Anailin de la Rua de la Torre and Javier Nunez Florian, both 20 years old, were flown from Cuba to the United States on Friday, scheduled to appear at their film’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

But neither showed up in New York for the ‘Una Noche’ red carpet, leaving their co-star, Dariel Arrechada, 20, to explain what happened.

Friday was the first time any of the actors had ever been to the states, the film’s director, Lucy Mulloy, tweeted last month.

‘Actors are so excited to come to Tribeca FF!! First time out of Cuba to the US!’ she wrote.

Ms Mulloy had even been developing a sequel to the film, but plans will have to be altered to accommodate the missing stars.

Talk about life imitating art!  Only one of the film’s three stars will return.  I guess two out of three ain’t bad…

At any rate, the useful idiots will continue to claim that Cuba is great, and any problems there are caused by the US.  (remember, when socialism fails, its ALWAYS someone else’s fault) But, at the same time, a steady stream of freedom-seekers will brave the sea to escape the island paradise.  As usual, the left claims one thing, but the reality is very different.


Useful Idiot of the Month: February 2012 Nomination Thread


My friends, it is now time to nominate our slate of Useful Idiot of the Month Candidates.  If you are new to this, Useful Idiots are people that promote Marxism/Communism/Socialism in Western countries.  Their purpose is to destabilize and otherwise cause the system to fail, so a Marxist government can take over.  Then, rather unexpectedly, most of the Useful Idiots are killed off by the new order.  Why, you ask?  Well, the Useful Idiots actually believe in catchphrases like “democracy, equality,” and other code words.  However, “social justice,” in actual practice, has nothing to do with justice, democracy, or equality.  It is, however, all about control, and death.  As you might guess, these ideological rubes tend to get in the way of the totalitarianism, so they have to go.  And go they do.

At any rate, here is your mission: to nominate worthy useful idiots for the award.  Then, on Monday, the poll will be put up.

Good hunting-not that it’ll be that hard.


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: January 2012 UPDATE: OCCUPODS WIN AGAIN!


Well. it’s time for the first Useful Idiot of the Month in 2012.  The competition will be close, I think, as there were quite a few people that qualify.  Here are your candidates, as well as the good people that nominated them.

1.  Warren Buffet: Nominated by Nuke, of Nuke Gingrich.

2.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Nominated by Freedom by the Way, Always on Watch, and Doug Hagin.

3.  Bob Becker

4.  Chris Mathews

5.  Alan Colmes

6.  Richard Trumpka

7.  Jay Carney: By Freedom by the Way, and Doug Hagin.

8. Anyone who endorses Romney, by our own Don.

9.  Barney Frank, by  Always on Watch.

10.   the GOP establishment

11.  Ann Coulter (have to be honest, I never thought that she would ever be nominated, but 2012 is starting out strange)

12.  MSNBC viewers by Doug Hagin

13.  Mitt Romney, by yours truly.

14.  Occupods, also by yours truly.

15.  Barak Obama, after the Class Warfare of the Union Speech.

The poll will be up at Midnight on 1-30-12, and will expire on 2-1-12 at 3:00 AM EST, so as to let folks on the left coast vote.

Enjoy, and thanks for participating.

[poll id=”4″]

UPDATE:  And the occupods have won yet again.  Apparently, even the cold of winter hasn’t chilled the occupod’s useful idiocy.  Their crimes, incoherent rhetoric, and overall Marxism has again carried the day.

Congratulations, Occupods, you deserve it!


Useful Idiot of the Month: January 2012 Nomination Thread


Wow, 2012 is flying by.  Before you know it, it’ll be December 21st, and I’ll busy writing a post, busting the chops of anyone who bought into the whole end of the world thing.  It’ll run on 12-22, so stand by for some fun.

But, I digress.  We have some work to do.  It’s the end of the month, and we need to get some useful idiots to put in the monthly poll.  Given the news stories from this month, we shouldn’t have a difficult time.

For those of you that might be new to this, it’s rather simple.  A useful idiot is someone that promotes, or otherwise helps the cause of Marxism.  The term was coined by the Soviets not long after they took over the USSR.  They would use useful idiots to destabilize other nations.  Then, when Marxists took over, most of the useful idiots were killed or jailed.  After all, you can’t have idealism interfering with you totalitarianism, can you?

At any rate, drop your nominees in the comment section, and I’ll make sure that the poll is up for Monday!


Cindy Sheehan Proudly Tells Occupods That she Hasn’t Paid Taxes for Years


Isn’t one of the mantra’s of the occupods is that the 1% doesn’t pay their “fair share?”  But, what if a “hero” among useful idiots, Cindy Sheehan, didn’t pay hers?  That’s not so bad, apparently.

So then, let’s recap…

1. The occupods applaud Sheehan for not paying her taxes, so as to not fund “crimes.”

2. However, the occupods want the 1% (AKA: taxpayers) to pay more.

So then, they want corporations, and “rich” folks to fund more crimes?  I could go on, but the hypocrisy is self evident.


We Have a Winner: Occupy Movement Wins Useful Idiot of the Year


It was pretty predictable, but none the less newsworthy-the occupods of Occupy have won the Useful Idiot of the year award.  As for their useful idiocy, where do we start?  From openly advocating for Communism, to the sexual assaults, to the random violence and vandalism, to the attempts to stage atrocities, they have encompassed the worst of the 60’s hippie movement, and combined it with the modern media bias and class warfare narrative.   Needless to say, they were a wealth of blogging material in 2011.  With an election coming this year, and a biased DOJ, I can only guess that there will be more violence and destruction.

After all, when petulant brats don’t get what they want, they often escalate into more obnoxious behaviors.

Here is a list of stories involving the occupods from 2011…

As always, thanks to all of you that made nominations, and voted.  Thanks for your support of the CH 2.0, and we’ll do this again at the the end of month.