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Putting the Twit in Twitter (and interrupting an otherwise uneventful blogging retirement) UPDATED

Hey all. Sorry to self intrude on my own blogging retirement, but someone has decided to resurrect my Twitter account “MrEvilMatt.”   I had closed it, along with my Facebook account, when I started studying for ministry.   My impostor took the time to copy the profile almost exactly, right down to he “hypnotoad” icon.  They are re-tweeting some racist content.  While that cannot hurt me in any way, since to be hurt by social media, you might actually have to be on social media, I thought I might as well set the record straight, so no one is fooled. Whether […]

All Good Things…Greatest Hits Week Coming!

Regular readers will recognize that our Managing Editor, Don King, had all but stopped posting.  At this point in his life, he is making some changes, including working on his radio show.  As such, he has less and less time for blogging, and is deciding to holster his keyboard, and fight he good fight in another venue.  We wish him the best in those endeavors. As for yours truly, I am working on various projects, my career, my Church, as well as training for ministry.  As regular readers will recall, I hung it up over a year ago after realizing […]

Pleased To Announce The Newest Contributor to Conservative Hideout 2.0

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our newest addition to the Conservative Hideout 2.0 staff of contributors. Daniel Faris comes to us from The London School of Economics, The Humanist and Western Journalism. He studied creative writing and journalism at Susquehanna University’s Writers Institute. After he graduated in 2011, he embarked on a career as a freelance blogger and ghostwriter. You can read his political musings at Only Slightly Biased, or you can join his alter ego at New Music Friday for conversations about progressive music.   Only Slightly Biased New Music Friday . .

New Contributor at Conservative Hideout 2.0

We’d like to make welcome James Covington, who joins the staff here at CH2.0. He is a husband and father of four children, as well as President, CEO and is a Chief Staff Meteorologist with USA Weather, Inc. He has two decades of experience in weather and climate will allow CH2.0 to . James enjoys operating his ham radio, considers himself a ‘gun nut,’ and occasionally does a bit of political writing. You can also read James’ outstanding climate, weather and meteorological writings at his website: The American Movement to Restore Common Sense Editor’s Note: This will be an ongoing, […]

The Best 25 Blogs Right Now!

Recently, the Daley Gator published his list of the 25 Best Blogs.  He did the CH 2.0 the honor of including us.  Here is his list… The Other McCain  American Power  Theo Spark  Bearing Arms  Proof Positive  Matt Walsh   Maggies Notebook The Lonely Conservative  Moonbattery Pirates Cove  Wyblog  I Own the World  Doug Ross  90 Miles From Tyranny  Blazing Cat Fur  Camp of the Saints  Conservative Hideout  Daniel Greenfield  I’m 41  Intellectual Froglegs  Political Clown Parade  Reaganite Republican Resistance  The Right Scoop  Weasel Zippers  Blackmailers Don’t Shoot Thanks to Doug for considering the CH 2.0! H/T: I’m 41

All Good Things… Some Major Changes

For about the last 6-8 months, I’ve been wanting to change some things in my life, and those changes are finally happening.  Now is the time to make another.   Back in the fall, when I met up for lunch with former CH 2.0 contributor John Carey, we discussed my future plans.  Regular political blogging was not part of those long term plans. Back in February of 2009, I posted Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and since then, the CH 2.0 has been home to over 4600 posts, and over 25,000 comments.  At current, posting has dipped a bit, but the […]

Simple Questions About Obamacare

To the American Left, please answer a few questions about Obamacare. How can the ACA be so good when it is going to drive tens of millions of Americans out of their existing coverage when the employer mandate kicks in?   What about the mandate forcing folks to act against their faith? Their 1st Amendment rights are violated under the ACA by making contraceptives, sterilization and aborto-facient drugs are mandatory for employers to provide.   What about the over 20 new taxes that are hitting the American people for a half a trillion dollars? These are levied against medical innovators, […]

The Year That Was: 2013, Top Stories

I think it would be safe to say the 2013 was a very strange year. From beginning to end, it supplied the conservative blogosphere with enough controversy, insanity, and flat-out moon battery to keep both writer and reader quite busy. So, off the top of my head, here are my thoughts on some of the top stories of 2013.   Our first story, and the one most covered here the Conservative Hideout, is ObamaCare. We predicted doom, gloom, and absolute failure for president Obama signature legislation. Let’s just say that it did not disappoint. We saw more job losses, hours […]

Conservative Hideout 2.0 Named to Daley Gator’s Top 25 Blogs List

To be recognized by one’s peers is always an honor. And, when it comes from a fellow member of the Resistance, as well as the VRWC, it only doubles the compliment.  Over the weekend, Doug, the proprietor of the Daley Gator, posted his top 25 Blogs.  Here it is… Click the links to check out what these blogs are covering American Power The Other McCain Pirates Cove Weasel Zippers Camp of the Saints Gateway Pundit Wyblog I Own the World Theo Spark The Right Scoop Lonely Conservative Conservative Hideout Nice Deb Moonbattery Bearing Arms 90 Miles From Tyranny Blazing Cat […]

Site News: Updates, New Commenting System, and Pinging Issues

In the never-ending effort to make the CH 2.0 work slightly more efficiently than a ’73 Pinto with a broken rear bumper, I’ve been making some changes and adjusting some things. 1.  I installed the Disqus commenting system.  It’s been around for a while, and it’s finally to the point that I rather like it.  WordPress’s default system was slow, and reloaded the page each time I responded to a comment.  Plus, It’s really hard to comment on other sites powered by WordPress when it made you sign in to WordPress to comment every time, and then would give you […]

Saturday Links: Special Four Year Anniversary Edition

It may come as a shock, and I know it did to me, but I recently passed the four year anniversary (blogivresary if you will) of the Conservative Hideout.  On February 11, 2009, I published The Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and the Conservative Hideout was born.  The site has evolved quite a bit since it’s inception, and I’d have to thank all of the contributors, commenters, readers, those on the blogroll, and those that have just dropped me a email to encourage me.  It has meant a great deal to me, it will hopefully continue for the next four […]


In case anyone noticed, the site was down for a while.  Obviously, it is back.  Let’s just say that the hosting company saw that the server that hosted the CH 2.0 was having some problems.  That would explain the frequent outages that wee plaguing he site over the last few days.  So, the hosting folks migrated the site to another server and everything went kaput.  Apparently, the DNS for the site got screwed up.  However, the problem has been fixed, and the site seems to be working normally.  So, thanks for your patience, and let me know if there are […]

Hey! How Does a Blog Work?

I was recently asked-yesterday, in fact, about how this blog works.  So, to unveil the “behind the scenes” world of blogging, I’ll go though some common questions, and how bloggers accomplish them. Q:  Hey Matt, how come your blog posts things all day? Matt:  Well, the more posts a blog has (in general) the more traffic (visits) it will receive.  I personally make sure the posts are done at specific times, like 8 AM, noon and 5PM. Q:  Why those times? Matt:  I have a system for doing it.  For one, the 8AM post catches traffic from readers before they go […]

Gone Fishin’

Well, not really.  I just have too many distractions at this point, so I need to attend to business. See you all later!

Site News: Taking bit of a Break

  I have to admit that the sleep deprivation that I usually subject myself to has been taking a toll.  That, and my day job requires a bit more of my attention.  So, I’m going to at least slow down for a week or so to recharge my batteries, so to speak.  I’ll still do some posting, and maybe some videos, but most of the content is going to be from the contributors.  Basically, I’m toast, and I need to take a rest and recharge the old batteries. So, keep on stopping by for some good contributor posts, and I’ll […]

Attention Bloggers

There are a few bloggers that I frequent.  There are several of them, like Conservatives on Fire, and America’s Watchtower, on which I post regular comments.  However, for the past few days, anytime I try to comment, I get a message indicating that my email account is associated with a account, and that I need to sign in to my account to post a comment. That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it. The problem is this… I don’t have a WordPress .com account.  I never have, and even when […]

Thanks a Ton: I’ve Been Blogging for Three Years!

Actually, the “blogaversary” was on Saturday.  Three years ago then, Posted The Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and the Conservative Hideout was drug, kicking and screaming, into the world. What do I say?  I have a ton of people to thank, like Snarky Basterd, who inspired me to start blogging in the first place.  Then, there have been all the contributors, like Don, the late Ken Minor, AG, Matthew, Marie, Jackie,  Jason, A Conservative Teacher, Jim, John, Manhattan Infidel, and RHM. That’s just for starters: Pam Geller:  Who took the time to link me, and actually responded to my emails when […]

Site News: Political Scraps Gets a Makeover

For those of you that have been following our plots and and endeavors at the CH 2.0, you know that there has been a forum here for a long time.  In fact, the forum came before the blog.  A few weeks ago, John, Don, and I hatched a plot called “Political Scraps.”  The concept is simple: have a place for everyone to debate with one important caveat-we would follow President Obama’s  call for “Civil Discourse.”  That, of course, would force all involved to stick with the facts, and that would make things rather interesting. While that plan seemed to be sound, the forum itself was […]