Putting the Twit in Twitter (and interrupting an otherwise uneventful blogging retirement) UPDATED


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Hey all.

Sorry to self intrude on my own blogging retirement, but someone has decided to resurrect my Twitter account “MrEvilMatt.”   I had closed it, along with my Facebook account, when I started studying for ministry.   My impostor took the time to copy the profile almost exactly, right down to he “hypnotoad” icon.  They are re-tweeting some racist content.  While that cannot hurt me in any way, since to be hurt by social media, you might actually have to be on social media, I thought I might as well set the record straight, so no one is fooled.

Whether they are Social Justice Warriors, deranged lunatics, or statutory rape apologists (but I repeat myself), it really doesn’t matter.  Either Twitter will remove it, or they won’t.  Just understand that it isn’t me.

Thanks, and God Bless!

Matt Ross

UPDATE:  Twitter did do me the service of removing the offending account.  I don’t plan on returning to Twitter anytime soon, but if I do, I will be announcing it here, so everyone can be sure that it’s me.


All Good Things…Greatest Hits Week Coming!


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Regular readers will recognize that our Managing Editor, Don King, had all but stopped posting.  At this point in his life, he is making some changes, including working on his radio show.  As such, he has less and less time for blogging, and is deciding to holster his keyboard, and fight he good fight in another venue.  We wish him the best in those endeavors.

As for yours truly, I am working on various projects, my career, my Church, as well as training for ministry.  As regular readers will recall, I hung it up over a year ago after realizing that our fight is as much a spiritual one as a political one.  In most respects, we aren’t fighting a competing political philosophy-we are fighting evil.  And, since evil lies and cheats, we are losing.  We’ve been trying to change the world legislatively, when I think we really need to pray, repent, and win souls.  I am actively pursuing those ends, and hope to do even more.

That leads to the question, what of this place?  I poured a little over five years into it. Don was the first contributor back in 2009, and took over full time for a little over a year, so a lot of keystrokes went into trying to tell the truth about things.  Neither Don nor myself can see just hitting the “delete button” on six years of intense effort.  So, I’m going to leave it up as a museum of sorts.  It won’t go away, even though it won’t be active.  There might be sporadic new posts, but it will be an mostly inactive site.

For the next week or so, I will be compiling a “greatest hits collection of posts,” and maybe we’ll even do one more Useful Idiot of the Month Poll.  I’ll do one last post at the end, and turn out the lights.

Thanks and stay tuned!



Pleased To Announce The Newest Contributor to Conservative Hideout 2.0


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daniel faris 001

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our newest addition to the Conservative Hideout 2.0 staff of contributors. Daniel Faris comes to us from The London School of Economics, The Humanist and Western Journalism. He studied creative writing and journalism at Susquehanna University’s Writers Institute. After he graduated in 2011, he embarked on a career as a freelance blogger and ghostwriter. You can read his political musings at Only Slightly Biased, or you can join his alter ego at New Music Friday for conversations about progressive music.


Only Slightly Biased

New Music Friday




New Contributor at Conservative Hideout 2.0


 photo jamescovingtonblackhat_zpsfab10b88.jpg

We’d like to make welcome James Covington, who joins the staff here at CH2.0. He is a husband and father of four children, as well as President, CEO and is a Chief Staff Meteorologist with USA Weather, Inc. He has two decades of experience in weather and climate will allow CH2.0 to . James enjoys operating his ham radio, considers himself a ‘gun nut,’ and occasionally does a bit of political writing.

You can also read James’ outstanding climate, weather and meteorological writings at his website:

The American Movement to Restore Common Sense

Editor’s Note: This will be an ongoing, periodical feature in which we randomly spotlight a contributor, telling you a little bit about them and giving our loyal readers a bit of insight into the top notch staff we are blessed with here at Conservative Hideout 2.0.




The Best 25 Blogs Right Now!


Recently, the Daley Gator published his list of the 25 Best Blogs.  He did the CH 2.0 the honor of including us.  Here is his list…

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Blackmailers Don’t Shoot

Thanks to Doug for considering the CH 2.0!

H/T: I’m 41


All Good Things… Some Major Changes


For about the last 6-8 months, I’ve been wanting to change some things in my life, and those changes are finally happening.  Now is the time to make another.   Back in the fall, when I met up for lunch with former CH 2.0 contributor John Carey, we discussed my future plans.  Regular political blogging was not part of those long term plans.

Back in February of 2009, I posted Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and since then, the CH 2.0 has been home to over 4600 posts, and over 25,000 comments.  At current, posting has dipped a bit, but the typical full day of posting consists of 5 posts, from myself, and the remaining active contributors.  The question was, in the fall of 2013, as it is now, what do I do with this place?  Do it shut down, like so many others have?  Or, do I just walk away and let it languish until the hosting bill comes due?  It seemed like a waste to allow the thing to go away after five years of effort.  So, I faced the option of keeping the place going until I could arrive at a long term solution, and not allow all that work to go down the tubes.

The reasons for this change are pretty numerous.  At this stage of my life, my career is zooming ahead.  I have a new full time job, plus a business on the side, that I am trying to grow.   My new job is offering many training and educational opportunities that will make me much better at what I do, but these things take time.  I’m also taking much better care of my health, so a few hours a week at the gym have been the order of business for the last year or so.  Also, I have my kiddo, who needs more of my time and guidance.  Then, over the last two years, I’ve been turning more to faith.  I am very active in my church, and I’ve been asked to take on a greater role there, which I have accepted.  Then, I also find myself in the fortunate circumstance of being in a new relationship with a wonderful woman.  Needless to say, my plate is very full to keep on doing something that is more of a burden than a pleasure.

A significant  reason that the blog has become a burden is my perception that it’s no longer the best way for me to impact the world.  As Bezmenov predicted so accurately back in the early 80’s, “access to true information does not matter anymore.”  We can post a thousand pieces of evidence that global warming is a political scheme, or several million examples that ObamaCare is harming people, or truckloads of evidence that liberalism destroys cities, nations, and people; and it will only reach so many people.  People in our nation are increasingly what Bezmenov referred to a “demoralized.”  And he didn’t mean lacking morale, but being deficient in morality.  One can shower such people with facts, figures, pictures, videos-you name it, and they will not be swayed.  It just doesn’t make a difference for them.   They want what they want, and will give power to whoever will provide them with the most.

From my Christian perspective, playing politics is like playing the Devil’s game, on his home field, by his rules, with his equipment, and all the referees are demons.   You can be correct, well researched and referenced, as well as flat out right, and you can still lose.  And, in fact, you probably will lose.  For far too many people, it’s  easier to buy the lies.  The fact the MSNBC even exists is all the proof needed to see this.  The fact that Obama was even in a position to win in 2012 was crushing evidence that reality itself is a casualty of the culture wars.   We are watching the undoing of human freedom.  Our nation has completely lost it’s way, and there is nothing that I am going to say or do to change that.  I think I can do more good, and do more damage to evil, by working in ministry and helping to lead more people to Christ.  Leftist politics might damage a person physically, financially,  or mentally, but it cannot touch a saved soul.   In the end, our “final destination” is all that matters.

Given all of this, in late February, I reached out to our long time contributor, Don King, to take over the day to day operations as “Managing Editor.”  Don accepted, but was in the process of finding a new place, and moving, so it took him a while to get situated.  Don was our first contributor, going back to 2009 and  has a passion for our cause, as well as a vision for the site.  Today marks the first day of Don’s leadership here.   I will remain on as “Publisher,” so to speak, and I will post from time to time.  There are still some stories, like regarding the Culture Wars/Persecution, voter fraud, and ObamaCare,  that I still want to continue covering.  And, when something else catches my attention, I might want to post about it.

Otherwise, I’m going to work for the Lord as much as I can.  He paid the price for me-spreading his word is the very least I can do in return.

As a note to all of you that link here, comment,  and re-Tweet, as well as post to Facebook; keep on doing so, we aren’t closing-we’re just making a slight change in management.  We thank you for your support, both in the past, and in the future.

See ya around the blogosphere, and God Bless,

Matt Ross


Simple Questions About Obamacare


To the American Left, please answer a few questions about Obamacare. How can the ACA be so good when it is going to drive tens of millions of Americans out of their existing coverage when the employer mandate kicks in?

What about the mandate forcing folks to act against their faith? Their 1st Amendment rights are violated under the ACA by making contraceptives, sterilization and aborto-facient drugs are mandatory for employers to provide.

What about the over 20 new taxes that are hitting the American people for a half a trillion dollars? These are levied against medical innovators, health insurance companies and there’s even a tax on the sale of your home.

What about the IPAB(Independent Payment Advisory Board) that is built into the ACA? Sarah Palin was reviled by the left for stating that there are death panels in Obamacare. Turns out, she was correct. Howard Dean, an MD, former head of the Democratic National Committee and former Presidential candidate had a lot to say about the IPAB. “The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them,” Dean wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “Getting rid of the IPAB is something Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on.”

What about Obamacare taking a whopping $716 billion out of the Medicare budget? Please don’t tell me that it’s only ending waste, fraud and abuse because as a disabled American, and a heart transplant candidate, I can personally attest to the fact that I have been denied services previously authorized by Medicare. Literally, the summer after the law passed, I felt the first denial of service by Medicare.

What about that $2500 in savings that American families were going to enjoy under Obamacare? Turns out, it was his advisors’ “best guess” on possible savings by the ACA. I wrote an article that was picked up by Free Republic and The Hill. I Promise!! Barack Obama’s Great Deception on Obamacare Premiums. In it, I report how three Harvard professors that were unpaid advisers to the Obama campaign wrote a memo that cites their “best guess” of annual savings of $200 billion. They then divided that by the U.S. population, multiplied out to represent a family of four, then they rounded down to get to the $2500 figure.

What about the ACA fundamentally changing the relationhsip between you and your Doctor? Built into Obamacare are government control over doctor decisions. Value-based payments, quality reporting requirements, and government comparative-effectiveness boards will dictate how doctors practice medicine. Nearly half of all physicians are seriously considering leaving practice, leading to a severe doctor shortage.

What about this promise by Obama? “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future. I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period,” Obama told a joint-session of Congress in September 2009. However, the Congressional Budget Office. Realistic projections suggested by reports from not only the CBO, but the CMS trustees (the entity that controls Medicare and Medicaid) and their chief Medicare actuary is very, very dire. They state that the “primary deficit” will increase exponentially each year. The Democratically controlled Senate Budget Committee and the GAO have confirmed that this will add $6.2 trillion to our ever expanding federal deficit.

And finally, what do you say to the 159 new boards, agencies and programs the ACA creates? How much more government do you want?



The Year That Was: 2013, Top Stories


I think it would be safe to say the 2013 was a very strange year. From beginning to end, it supplied the conservative blogosphere with enough controversy, insanity, and flat-out moon battery to keep both writer and reader quite busy. So, off the top of my head, here are my thoughts on some of the top stories of 2013.


  1. Our first story, and the one most covered here the Conservative Hideout, is ObamaCare. We predicted doom, gloom, and absolute failure for president Obama signature legislation. Let’s just say that it did not disappoint. We saw more job losses, hours being cut, plans being canceled, premiums rising higher, businesses not hiring, and so forth. Of course, our liberal friends did their very best to lie and obfuscate, but when millions are negatively impacted, it’s hard to spray little perfume over a open sewer and convince people that it is sanitary. For his part, Pres. Obama simply chose to ignore parts a law. He granted exceptions that he was not legally entitled to grant. The ignored mandates, legislating without the legislature itself. At current, he seems to of the delayed much of the pain of ObamaCare until after the 2014 midterm elections. However, the people that have been negatively impacted will not forget Pres. Obama, nor will they forget their Democratic Congress critters that foisted this nonsense upon. And, come to think of it, we are going to let them forget!
  1. In order of importance, perhaps the second most important story is the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups. Even though the media did their best to ignore it; and failing that, minimizing it, it still came to the awareness of millions of Americans. In a nutshell, the IRS, under orders from IRS HQ, intentionally and persistently targeted conservative groups. This went from additional scrutiny and intentional denial of tax exempt status. It also involved illegal data collection and distribution; for example, names of donors in their personal information. In spite of denials, the delay sand flat-out lies, the truth came out. The IRS was guilty of massive discrimination in illegal activity in their additional scrutiny, if not harassment of conservative groups. Of course, the administration denied it, and the mainstream media refuse to report it, but we were here to tell you about it!
  2. I’m rather proud that the Conservative Hideout was among the first blogs to cover ClimateGate. Our contributor, Don, got to the story early, and we stayed on it for the duration. Since then, we have covered the unraveling of global cooling global warming climate change The Big Lie. In 2013, there were no shortages of climate failure to be exposed. From the UK having a record cold winter, to 30 inches of snow on Memorial Day, to the record cold Arctic summer, to Al Gore’s doom and gloom prediction of zero Arctic sea ice falling flat, and even to the global warming expedition being caught in the ice, the “settled science” of global warming has taken more hits than a punchdrunk boxer with one glass eye. However, that hasn’t stopped the advocates from trying to force us to live in thatch huts, while Al Gore jets in comfort between his mansions.
  1. After 2013, the phrase Bomber Sues Bloggers might be a bit more familiar to you. All throughout the year, Brett Kimberlin had taken his lawfare game to all new highs (or lows, as the case may be). His latest effort has been labeled Kimberlin versus the Universe, et al. by blogger, and one of many defendants, John Hoge of Hogewash. Robert Stacy McCain, of The Other McCain, has been named as a co-defendant, but has yet to be served in the suit. I would advise you to visit The Other McCain, and check out the extensive coverage there. This entire situation is important because it shows how far people are willing to go to silence others. Brett Kimberlin is a convicted bomber, convicted perjurer, and all around really bad guy. If he is permitted to silence bloggers who did nothing more than cover his many criminal convictions, which are public knowledge, it opens up the door for every other bad guy in the world to silence people who speak the truth.
  1. And, speaking of people who want to silence those who speak the truth, we eventually have to cover the sad and strange case of Kaitlyn Hunt. For those of you that are unaware, Kaitlyn Hunt was a then 18-year-old who was caught having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old. In almost any other case, the adult would’ve taken a plea deal, and the story would’ve never gotten off the back page of the paper. However, the family and supporters of Kaitlyn Hunt attempted to make this a gay-rights issue, and proceeded to lie about every single aspect of the case. They incorrectly stated that the perpetrator was 17, and her victim was 15. In fact, the respective ages were 18 and 14. The Hunt family also named the victim and her family; causing them to be on the receiving end of a never ending stream of harassment and death threats. Additionally, they appeared on the Today Show. They also made appearances on Good Morning America, MSNBC, and CNN. As time wore on, bloggers, such as Robert Stacy McCain and myself, began exposing the lies. Then, Kaitlyn Hunt violated the no contact order and not only exchange 20,000 text messages with her victim, she also met with the victim for additional sexual activity. She has since been released, but many think she received a plea deal that heterosexual males would not have received. Over time, the story became more about the supporters of Kaitlyn Hunt stalking people that told the truth about the case. The parallels between Kaitlyn Hunt and her supporters, and Brett Kimberlin and his supporters has not been lost on bloggers and readers alike. Whereas Kimberlin wants people to stop discussing his previous convictions, the supporters of Kaitlyn Hunt not only want people to stop telling the truth about her case, they also want to legalize sex between adults and minors. So, not only do you have the legal issues, but you also have a group of people that are being cheered by sex offenders all over the United States.
  1. With the growing public awareness of the “knockout game,” I started covering racial violence. And for almost a month, I had daily posts featuring black on white violence. It is still going on the local media covers less and less these days, so there’s not as much to report. Rather than call for retaliation, or engage in racism, we choose to look at this as a symptom, or consequence of the divisive politics of the Democratic Party. It is highly ironic that the party of the KKK, the party of Jim Crow, the party of slavery, and the party of Margaret Sanger dare call themselves friends of African-Americans. The Democratic Party has systematically attempted to destroy the black family, prevent them from being educated, and limit their numbers the abortion. Then, they blame whites in general; and specifically Republicans, or Tea Party members. We need a real racial dialogue and the station not the same old blame game played by the Democratic Party in the racism industry. So, I will continue to cover this issue.


So, that is my short list for the top stories of 2013. Of course, I likely for less somethings out, so feel free to tell me about it in the comment section.


I really hope that 2014 is a much better year than 2013 was for our nation. However, with Obama still residing in the White House, I hold little hope that 2014 will be a breakout year. It may just be that we need another president, and more importantly, a president of another political persuasion, to actually see a real recovery in this country. One thing that you can be sure of is that the Conservative Hideout will be here, come hell or high water, to cover at all. We are rapidly approaching the fifth anniversary of the Conservative Hideout. In those almost 5 years, myself and the contributors have written over 4000 posts. We have received over 20,000 comments. We’re not looking to turn our backs on what we’ve built – were going to move on and continue to tell the truth. Detractors, trolls, stalkers, sex offenders all be damned, we’re moving forward.


I like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and I would especially like to thank those people that have supported the Conservative Hideout over the years.


Conservative Hideout 2.0 Named to Daley Gator’s Top 25 Blogs List



To be recognized by one’s peers is always an honor. And, when it comes from a fellow member of the Resistance, as well as the VRWC, it only doubles the compliment.  Over the weekend, Doug, the proprietor of the Daley Gator, posted his top 25 Blogs.  Here it is…

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Daniel Greenfield

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Intellectual Froglegs

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Michelle Malkin

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Thanks to Doug for this choice.  I am listed in really excellent company.

Linked by Dead Citizen’s Rights Society thanks!


Site News: Updates, New Commenting System, and Pinging Issues



In the never-ending effort to make the CH 2.0 work slightly more efficiently than a ’73 Pinto with a broken rear bumper, I’ve been making some changes and adjusting some things.

1.  I installed the Disqus commenting system.  It’s been around for a while, and it’s finally to the point that I rather like it.  WordPress’s default system was slow, and reloaded the page each time I responded to a comment.  Plus, It’s really hard to comment on other sites powered by WordPress when it made you sign in to WordPress to comment every time, and then would give you a message that your comment won’t go through.  Plugins could fix the reloading issue, but they take  up resources, and slow the site even more.   Plus, It’s really hard to comment on other sites powered by WordPress when it made you sign in to WordPress to comment every time, and then would give you a message that your comment won’t go through.  I’m in the process of importing all of the old messages into Disqus.  But, since there were over 21,000 of them, it’s taking a while.  So, when it’s all done loading, your commenting experience here should be a lot better.

2.  R.S. McCain informs me that the CH 2.0 is not pinging other sites, or at least, not The Other McCain.  In other words, when I link someone in a post, their site is not getting the pingback that I have done so.  I have adjusted some settings, so let me know if you get pings for links.

So, I know it’s not much of an entertaining post, but it is what is going on in the bunker tonight.  Tomorrow, we will have more political commentary and conservative goodness, so sleep well, and come back early, and often. And, buy your stuff on Amazon from here, will ya?


Saturday Links: Special Four Year Anniversary Edition



It may come as a shock, and I know it did to me, but I recently passed the four year anniversary (blogivresary if you will) of the Conservative Hideout.  On February 11, 2009, I published The Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and the Conservative Hideout was born.  The site has evolved quite a bit since it’s inception, and I’d have to thank all of the contributors, commenters, readers, those on the blogroll, and those that have just dropped me a email to encourage me.  It has meant a great deal to me, it will hopefully continue for the next four years.  I had been tempted to quit after Obama’s victory last November, but I have re-missioned the CH 2.0.  We are going to be chronicling the fall of the US, as well as our culture.  That, and I am going to snarkily remind people that elections have consequences.

So, how better to celebrate the four years of this site than by doing the weekly  link post?  I am moving it to Saturday permanently, so as to no interfere with Saturday and Sunday activities.  So, without further ado, here are your weekly links, as well as pics stolen from my Facebook friends…


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Well, there you have it.  Thanks for all of the comments and support over the years, and know that will continue to support the cause to the best of my ability.




In case anyone noticed, the site was down for a while.  Obviously, it is back.  Let’s just say that the hosting company saw that the server that hosted the CH 2.0 was having some problems.  That would explain the frequent outages that wee plaguing he site over the last few days.  So, the hosting folks migrated the site to another server and everything went kaput.  Apparently, the DNS for the site got screwed up.  However, the problem has been fixed, and the site seems to be working normally.  So, thanks for your patience, and let me know if there are additional problems.


Hey! How Does a Blog Work?


I was recently asked-yesterday, in fact, about how this blog works.  So, to unveil the “behind the scenes” world of blogging, I’ll go though some common questions, and how bloggers accomplish them.

Q:  Hey Matt, how come your blog posts things all day?

Matt:  Well, the more posts a blog has (in general) the more traffic (visits) it will receive.  I personally make sure the posts are done at specific times, like 8 AM, noon and 5PM.

Q:  Why those times?

Matt:  I have a system for doing it.  For one, the 8AM post catches traffic from readers before they go to work.  A post is done at noon so multiple online accounts posts a link to that article on Twitter, and the 5PM post catches traffic from readers after they get home from work.

Q:  You mentioned Twitter.  Why post at noon for Twitter?

Matt:  There are more users on Twitter at noon EST than any other time of the day.  The timing is meant to expose the post to the most attention.  More attention=More traffic.

Q:  I see that you have done tens of thousands of tweets.  How do you do that, write blog posts, and post all kinds of things on Facebook, especially when you have a day job?

Matt:  The answer is simple, about 99.5% of it is automated!  Either I, or one of the contributors write the posts (yes, other people write for this site).  I usually write mine the night before they post, or early that morning, before work.  It’s simple really.  Here is a screen-capture for this post, taken at about 9PM last night, showing how the scheduling is done…

As you can see.  This post has been scheduled to post the front page of the website at 8AM (it goes by military time), and will do so with no further intervention on my part.  It’s the same thing with Twitter and Facebook.  Most of the stuff on those sites post themselves without any input on my part.  I set them up previously, and they go off on their own.  In fact, if I were struck by a meteor on the way to work, all of these things would continue posting automatically, until someone else stopped it.

Q:  So, in other words, you can keep the blog going during your work hours, and not spend a minute of company time on it?

Matt:  Absolutely!  That’s how it’s done.  All the articles are prepared the night before, and they end up posting while I’m in staff meetings, or other work-related activities.  It’s called automation, kids!  Or, as I like to call it, retrograde-pre-emptive-multitasking.


Gone Fishin’


Well, not really.  I just have too many distractions at this point, so I need to attend to business.

See you all later!


Site News: Taking bit of a Break



I have to admit that the sleep deprivation that I usually subject myself to has been taking a toll.  That, and my day job requires a bit more of my attention.  So, I’m going to at least slow down for a week or so to recharge my batteries, so to speak.  I’ll still do some posting, and maybe some videos, but most of the content is going to be from the contributors.  Basically, I’m toast, and I need to take a rest and recharge the old batteries.

So, keep on stopping by for some good contributor posts, and I’ll get back into the swing of things once I’m rested some.


Attention WordPress.com Bloggers


There are a few WordPress.com bloggers that I frequent.  There are several of them, like Conservatives on Fire, and America’s Watchtower, on which I post regular comments.  However, for the past few days, anytime I try to comment, I get a message indicating that my email account is associated with a WordPress.com account, and that I need to sign in to my account to post a comment.

That email address is associated with an existing WordPress.com account, please log in to use it.

The problem is this…

I don’t have a WordPress .com account.  I never have, and even when I go to the WordPress.com sign-in page, I’m told that my email is NOT does not exist for them.  So, I have no idea what is going on.  I have two email accounts that I use for blogging.  One is for managing the blog, and another is the one I use when I post comments on other blogs.  I get the dastardly message with both of them.

If anyone has an answer for this, kindly let me know, because, if it is happening to me, it  might be happening to others.

UPDATE:  As I do my rounds, I’m listing the other blogs I cannot leave comments on…

King Shamus





Thanks a Ton: I’ve Been Blogging for Three Years!


Actually, the “blogaversary” was on Saturday.  Three years ago then, Posted The Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and the Conservative Hideout was drug, kicking and screaming, into the world.

What do I say?  I have a ton of people to thank, like Snarky Basterd, who inspired me to start blogging in the first place.  Then, there have been all the contributors, like Don, the late Ken Minor, AG, Matthew, Marie, Jackie,  Jason, A Conservative Teacher, Jim, John, Manhattan Infidel, and RHM.

That’s just for starters:

Pam Geller:  Who took the time to link me, and actually responded to my emails when I had only been blogging for a few weeks.

Nuke Gingrich:  For the same reason.  Nuke was a early linker and commenter.

Dr. Bill, of the ARRA News Service, and Blogs for Borders:  For supporting us early on.

The Liberty Pen:  Who linked early and often.

Steamboat McGoo:  Who made me laugh my posterior off, and was a another early supporter.

Solyent Green:  For obvious reasons.  (Birthday spassfabrik is always a consideration)

The Classic Liberal:  Another early supporter, and who has helped me with more coding issues than you can shake a stick at.

Steve at Motor City Times:  Yet another early supporter, and a fellow of the Resistance.

The Amusing Bunni:  Proof that kitteh’s and politics go together.

Wyblog:  The man is a great serving of insight, with a healthy side of sarcasm.

The ‘Bot:  Tweets and Facebook links almost everything here.  He is the ultimate in artificial blogging intelligence.

Steve Dennis:  Who has commented consistently at the CH even when I haven’t been able to get to his place.

Innominatus:  For the humor and support.

Larry Jackson at Political Realities:  For being there early on, and commenting so much over the years.

The Other McCain:  Who has been an inspiration and guide, and has linked me far more than I have been worthy.

 King Shamus:  For all of the kind words, which have always served as encouragement.

Doug at the Daley Gator:  For links and great source material.

Angel:  Who always drops and encouraging comment, and has a unique style of blogging all of her own.

To be Right: For listing me on his list of the best Conservative bloggers.

Zilla: For linking, and giving me an award.

Hans, at Western Front America:  For publishing my stuff, and posting an article of mine at the Goracle’s mothership, Current TV.  There was much debating liberals on that day.  Ironically, the blog was called Conservative Hideout for a reason.  I planned on blogging anonymously.  But, I never told Hans that, so he used my name at his place.  Hence, the Hideout stopped being a hideout at all.

I know I’ve forgotten people, and I apologize for that.  However, I did want to point out some of the people that have contributed to the success that we’ve had here.  And I hope that they will continue to help make the CH 2.0 a success.

Here’s to another three!


Site News: Political Scraps Gets a Makeover


For those of you that have been following our plots and and endeavors at the CH 2.0, you know that there has been a forum here for a long time.  In fact, the forum came before the blog.  A few weeks ago, John, Don, and I hatched a plot called “Political Scraps.”  The concept is simple: have a place for everyone to debate with one important caveat-we would follow President Obama’s  call for “Civil Discourse.”  That, of course, would force all involved to stick with the facts, and that would make things rather interesting.

While that plan seemed to be sound, the forum itself was proving to be a problem.    It was transferred from the original Conservative Hideout, and as such was dated.  In fact, the version of the  forum software that powered it was discontinued, and it could no longer be updated.  Also, new features and themes were not being developed, and the new, shiny version of the software could not seem to transfer all of the data from the original.  So, I had no choice but to do a fresh install.

The new and improved forum is more flexible, easier to administer, and has more features and themes coming on line all the time.  So, check it out.   Click on the post image, and you’ll be transferred to the forum.