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Sunday Funnies And Random Musings

Random musings: A government that tries to satisfy all its citizens will satisfy none. All men are created equal. That doesn’t mean they stay that way. Good citizens are made, not born. In any group of humans, you will find a certain number sworn to disruption mainly because they like to hear things break. In politics, watch what a man does, not what he says. Even the Devil can quote scripture. You can’t bargain with a liar. No man ever made an apple. A full belly but an empty mind. No one covets their neighbor’s problems. In a bureaucracy, good […]

Must See Video: Democrats Tell Bob Woodward Privately That They Hate Obama Too [VIDEO]

Hat/Tip to Alex Griswold at The Daily Caller.  Bob Woodward is an award winning journalist and best selling author. As an investigative journalist, he has written about differing Presidents, Republicans and Democrats alike. On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, he made vocal what many of us have known all along – that Obama has not only made enemies of the GOP, but he’s also alienated his own Democratic Party. . . . .

Obama Pursues Plan to Implement “Immigration Reform” Unilaterally

 Hat/Tip to Warren Mass at The New American. This is a thoughtful, in-depth look at the immigration crisis we have in our country right now. So here it is, in it’s entirety. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obama Pursues Plan to Implement “Immigration Reform” Unilaterally By Warren Mass  Though the White House issued a statement on September 6 advising that President Obama “believes it would be harmful” to his immigration policy to announce any administrative action on immigration before this November’s elections, with the elections just days away the administration has scarcely paused in its quest to issue its own brand of “immigration reform.” […]

Pentagon: 101st Airborne Troops On Ebola Mission Will Not Get Full Protective Gear

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and Nashville Public Radio. To be filed in the “When Does It Ever End?” file, Nashville Public Radio and WeaselZippers are reporting that American military troops from the 101st Airborne Division will not get the same hazmat type contamination suits that Dr. Frieden used when he went to Africa to view the Ebola crisis. . Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), underwent decontamination procedures after leaving an Ebola treatment unit in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia. (Photo: CDC/Sally Ezra) . They’re not going to be in contact with any […]

Government’s Misplaced Priorities and The Price You Continue To Pay

  Our government extorts taxes from us whether we like it or not. They have the power and they know how to use it. They then set the priorities on how to spend your money. You have no say in the matter unless; that is, you think your ballot box decision are the final word. How’s that worked out for you? Right! So, we are supposed to take comfort that our political elites, from their vantage point on Capitol Hill, can be trusted set the proper priorities for spending your hard-earned cash. The thing about government’s misplaced priorities is that […]

Liberals Lie About CDC And Ebola Vaccine

Well, I guess there is one thing you can say about liberals. They are consistent in their agenda, working at every turn to achieve what they want. That consistency also requires them to lie to the American people, which they are more than a little adept at. The latest of these lies has to do with the reason an Ebola vaccine is not available. The fact that I am not surprised that they are blaming it on the Republican Party and their efforts to cut spending speaks volumes. The only thing that does surprise me is that they haven’t tried […]

BREAKING: CDC Allowed Second Nurse With Ebola To Board Flight AFTER She Called To Report She Had A Fever…

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. It is now being reported that the CDC knowingly allowed the second American to come down with the Ebola to travel by plane even though they knew she had a fever. One health official said to me somebody dropped the ball. I then called the CDC and the agency said that this nurse, nurse Vinson, did in fact call the CDC several times before taking that flight and said she has a temperature, a fever of 99.5. But the person at the CDC looked at a chart and because her fever wasn’t 100.4 or higher, she […]

It’s time to kick that “turkey” Turkey out of NATO

  In the 60’s, the expression: “You’re such a turkey!” implied that the person on the receiving end of the comment was a loser, inept, a fool, or generally uncool. Turkey a member of NATO has become all of those things and much worse under the leadership of  Recep Tayyip Erdo?an. A much stronger adjective is need to describe what a non-ally Turkey has become. Under Erdogan, Turkey has gone from being a decidedly secular nation to a decidedly Islamic nation. Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum has written a series of excellent articles on the evolution of Turkey […]

More Americans Than Ever Say ObamaCare is Harming Them, and Obama is a Failure, Too

Who you gonna believe, Obamabot propaganda, or your own lyin’ eyes? Over a quarter of Americans now say Obamacare has personally hurt them, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday. Twenty-seven percent of Americans say the health-care law has hurt them, up from 19 percent in May. The percentage saying Obamacare has helped still lags behind, up to 16 percent from 10 percent earlier this year. Count me among the 27%. Obamacare is costing my family more money, for crappier coverage, with daily hassles over formerly routine stuff like prescription renewals. My doctor hates it too. Apparently that’s not a […]

Recycled Story, Recycled Hype: Walruses Pack Alaskan Beach

photo: Corey Accardo / NOAA It appears the left-leaning mainstream media just loves to recycle everything, including their stories, and the hype surrounding them.  Once again, stories of the poor walruses being forced to pack Alaskan beaches as they rush to escape melting arctic ice, are making their way around social media. Don’t believe the hype, folks.  This story is nothing new, and walruses pack the Alaskan  beaches every year.  The location of the island where they congregate, is nowhere near the arctic sea ice…. even in winter.  It is located in the southern Bering Sea, off Alaska’s southwestern coast.  […]

25 Predictions ~ Here Are The First 5

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

70% Of Obama’s Illegals Are No-Shows For ICE Appointments

Obama turned _ well, we were never told how many tens of thousands of families and children he turned loose in the streets of America. He never even told what cities those  streets were located. We were told, however, not to worry because the were each given a temporary document of identification and a date and time that each should show-u at an immigration office for secondary interviews. Well, Fox News reported on an AP story: Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they […]

The Return of Ten Buck Friday, Help Bill Cassidy Dump Mary Landrieu

  Week Five of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek new life for the Senate, to Boldly Throw Out clueless Harry Reid and his equally clueless supporters! Focusing on the Senate races is it worth ten bucks a week to you (a matinee and a small box of popcorn?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again? With that in mind, this week we look to the open Senate seat in LA. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Bill Cassidy in his race against Mary Landrieu (D-Washington, DC)? Real Clear Politics has Cassidy up 1.3 […]

Ebola in America _ How Serious Is The Threat?

How serious a threat America has after the first case was diagnosed in Texas is yet to be determined. However, the headlines I came across today do indicate that Americans have ample reason to be concerned. In one article the headline says that the White House claims that screening procedures are in place at our borders.  Another headline reads: CDC Spokesman Admits Screening Inadequate, Won’t Ban Flights From Liberia.  Because of what this headline says, there is now a second person in Isolation under suspected of having contracted from the first patient: Dallas hospital reportedly failed to follow federal guidelines […]

Video: The Debt Limit in Simple, Everyday Terms (Libs HATE This Video)

Hat/Tip to debtlimitusa. I know this is from a while back when the infamous Debt Ceiling talks that gave us the dreaded ‘Sequester’ were going on, but it is definitely worth another look. Uploaded on Nov 4, 2011 The United States debt limit explained. A satirical short film taking a look at the national debt and how it applies to just one family. Then watch our follow up video: Knock Knock IRS –… Watch the guy from the Sprint Ads, Ferris Bueller Superbowl Spot and plays Arwin! (also in the upcoming film PAIN AND GAIN) Produced by Seth William […]

70% of Families From Obama’s Illegal Alien Surge Never Showed Up for Their Appointments

  Remember all those kids and families who came streaming across the border thanks to Obama’s lax enforcement policies and promises of amnesty? Remember how DHS swore they’d keep track of them while processing their paperwork? Yeah, it didn’t work out like that. Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately. An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. […]

The return of Ten Buck Friday, Support Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate

Week Four of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek Out new life for the Senate, to Boldly Throw Out clueless Harry Reid!! Focusing on the Senate races is it worth ten bucks a week to you (2 12 packs of Dr. Pepper?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again? With that in mind, this week we look to the open Senate seat in NC. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Thom Tillis? Real Clear Politics has Tillis up 1.0 points on the average, and rates the state as a toss up. You can contribute […]

Nut Case Of The Week Award

Last Sunday’s “Nut Case Of The Week Award” was a bit of a hit so Asylum Watch will make a regular feature as long as interest holds. You, dear reader, are encouraged to  offer your own suggestions. If you choose to do so, please provide a link to your source so we all can enjoy the nutty details. Your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in will present his short list of candidates and at the end I’ll present “My Choice” for this week’s winner. If a one of your suggestions convinces me that “Your Choice” […]