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Epic Fail: Taliban Snipers Try To Take Out American Soldiers, All They Do Is Piss Them Off

  Hat/Tip to qpolitical. The late, great Jim Croce had a great song out once, called “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim.” And with poetic license and, great deference to Mr. Croce, I’d like to paraphrase him… You don’t tug on Superman’s cape You don’t spit into the wind You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger And you don’t mess around with… The US Military Enjoy….. When Taliban Snipers Shot At An Army Base, The Retaliation Was EPIC You are about to watch one of the most epic videos ever. This is what happens when you mess […]

With A Tip Of The Hat To Marie Harf: The Top 12 #JobsForISIS

  Hat/Tip to Rachel Stoltzfoos at Doug Ross @ Journal. We all remember when the Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department famously said this:   MATTHEWS: How do we stop this? I don’t see it. I see the Shia militias coming out of Baghdad who are all Shia. The Sunnis hate them. The Sunnis are loyal to ISIS rather than going in with the Shia. You’ve got the Kurds, the Jordanian air force and now the Egyptian air force. But i don’t see any — If i were ISIS, I wouldn’t be afraid right now. I can figure there is no […]

Giuliani To Libs Demanding He Apologize For Saying Obama “Doesn’t Love America”: No…

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Stand firm Rudy, screw the PC police! Tell it like it is! Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he doubled down on his comment that President Barack Obama does not love America. Megyn Kelly asked Giuliani: Do you want to apologize for your comment? “Not at all, I want to repeat it,” he said, charging Obama with apologizing for America and criticizing the country. Kelly pressed Giuliani, noting that Obama could view foreign policy through a Democratic lens. “But to condemn his patriotism, to question his love of America?” […]

Joe Biden, AKA Chester The Molester

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. And that uncomfortable, not so glad he’s there look on her face captures it all. Joe Biden, our Vice President of the United States, the man who is “a heartbeat away from the presidency” is a philandering, repeat offender, female groper. If Biden was a Republican the left would be calling him a sexual predator.   Biden hanging onto Ashton Carter’s wife (and whispering things) at Carter’s swearing-in — jennifer bendery (@jbendery) February 17, 2015 But wait! It doesn’t stop there!             . . .

Why There Are More Women Than Men: Part 3

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Obama Rewrites The Law Again, IRS Waives Obamacare Subsidy Clawback Penalties

    What do you do when you realize that millions of low-information voters are going to get hosed by your signature piece of legislation? Well, if you’re Barack Obama, you unilaterally decide not to enforce the inconvenient provisions of that law. So it should come as no surprise that the IRS has “clarified” how they’ll recapture excess Obamacare subsidies come April 15th. They won’t. Not right away anyway. If you got health insurance subsidies last year, and you’re worried that you got too much in federal tax credits and will be faced with a huge tax bill for repayment, […]

Charlie Hebdo Publishes Another Mohammed Cartoon

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Awesome. The folks remaining over at Charlie Hebdo Magazine have published this latest cartoon of Mohammed. Above his head the caption reads, “All is forgiven” and it shows Mohammed holding a sign saying, “I am Charlie”. . . .

Your Chuckle For The Day From The Woodsterman

      Don’t pull that ring. It’s a self inflating raft. . .

The Green Mitten Mystery: An Adventure To Save Christmas

One Thursday in December, on the first morning of the first snowfall of the Christmas Season, three kids were being driven to school by their oldest sister, Katelyn. She was already a grown-up and would drive them to school everyday while their Mom babysat her little boy, Brenden. As she pulled up to the building, she let her two brothers, DJ and Ryan and her little sister, Kaylee out to go to school. “Have a good day at school, guys!” said Katelyn as she drove away. DJ said, “It sure is cold, I wish it was warmer!” “I’m glad that […]

Record Numbers Of Over 17,000 Protest “Islamisation” In Germany

Hat/Tip to Yahoo News. Fed up with the creep of Sharia and the constant demands from the allegedly “peaceful” and “tolerant” Islam, protesters in Germany seem to have had enough. A record 17,000 anti-Islamic protesters rallied for their tenth demonstration in as many weeks Monday in eastern Germany, celebrating the rise of their far-right populist movement by singing Christmas carols.  Germany has for weeks grappled with the emergence of the “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” or PEGIDA, whose ranks in the city of Dresden have swelled rapidly from just a few hundred in October. About 4,500 counter-demonstrators […]

First Battle Between ISIS & US Forces: Like Reagan Said – We Win, They Lose

Hat/Tip to Shafaq News. “We Win, They Lose” – That’s what Reagan said when asked bout his strategy to deal with the Soviet Union. Well it applies today in Iraq as well. The outcome of the first battle between US boots on the ground and ISIS is also official. Shafaq News / An American force has fought its actual first battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization during a counter-attack that was carried out by tribal forces and other force of the Iraqi army near Ein al-Asad base, west of Anbar, in an attempt to remove […]

Federal Judge Declares Obama Immigration Action Unconstitutional

  Hat/Tip to Lawrence Hurley at Reuters and Lou Dobbs at Fox Business Channel. It’s not like it will make Obama stop and say, “Hey, I’d better rescind that lawless Executive Order where I gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens here in the US,” but it’s a start. And of course, the Left is pushing back against this Judge already. (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s new plan to ease the threat of deportation for 4.7 million undocumented immigrants violates the U.S. Constitution, a federal judge found on Tuesday, handing down the first legal ruling against the plan. The ruling has […]

Mandate? We Don’t Need No Steenking Mandate: Boehner’s Spending Deals Have Increased Debt $4 TRILLION

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. “I came as a reformer, but when people in charge don’t want to reform, the only way is revolution!” Did that quote come from one of the Tea Party House Republicans? No. Ted Cruz, over in the Senate? Nuh-uh. Believe it or not that quote came from John Boehner’s own lips. – Hat/Tip to Mark Levin. He said that as a firebrand young Conservative member of the House, intent on reforming the GOP and cutting the wasteful spending practices of Washington back in 1993. My oh my, how the times have changed. Fast forward 21 1/2 years […]

Poll: Race Relations Have Worsened Under Obama, In Other News, Water Is Still Wet

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. File this one under, “Duh!” Obama has surrounded himself with questionable Reverends; Wright, Sharpton and Jackson, to name a few. Exhibit B Via Washington Examiner Most Americans think relations between white and black communities have gotten worse since President Obama was elected, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll. The poll released Sunday also revealed deep racial divides on recent decisions by grand juries in St. Louis County, Mo., and New York City declining to indict police officers in the deaths of unarmed black men. In the Dec. 3-5 poll of 1,001 adults, 53 percent said race […]

Sunday Funnies And Random Musings

Random musings: A government that tries to satisfy all its citizens will satisfy none. All men are created equal. That doesn’t mean they stay that way. Good citizens are made, not born. In any group of humans, you will find a certain number sworn to disruption mainly because they like to hear things break. In politics, watch what a man does, not what he says. Even the Devil can quote scripture. You can’t bargain with a liar. No man ever made an apple. A full belly but an empty mind. No one covets their neighbor’s problems. In a bureaucracy, good […]

Must See Video: Democrats Tell Bob Woodward Privately That They Hate Obama Too [VIDEO]

Hat/Tip to Alex Griswold at The Daily Caller.  Bob Woodward is an award winning journalist and best selling author. As an investigative journalist, he has written about differing Presidents, Republicans and Democrats alike. On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, he made vocal what many of us have known all along – that Obama has not only made enemies of the GOP, but he’s also alienated his own Democratic Party. . . . .

Obama Pursues Plan to Implement “Immigration Reform” Unilaterally

 Hat/Tip to Warren Mass at The New American. This is a thoughtful, in-depth look at the immigration crisis we have in our country right now. So here it is, in it’s entirety. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obama Pursues Plan to Implement “Immigration Reform” Unilaterally By Warren Mass  Though the White House issued a statement on September 6 advising that President Obama “believes it would be harmful” to his immigration policy to announce any administrative action on immigration before this November’s elections, with the elections just days away the administration has scarcely paused in its quest to issue its own brand of “immigration reform.” […]

Pentagon: 101st Airborne Troops On Ebola Mission Will Not Get Full Protective Gear

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and Nashville Public Radio. To be filed in the “When Does It Ever End?” file, Nashville Public Radio and WeaselZippers are reporting that American military troops from the 101st Airborne Division will not get the same hazmat type contamination suits that Dr. Frieden used when he went to Africa to view the Ebola crisis. . Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), underwent decontamination procedures after leaving an Ebola treatment unit in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia. (Photo: CDC/Sally Ezra) . They’re not going to be in contact with any […]