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A statement on Fair Use:

This site frequently uses copyrighted material.  Every effort is made to credit and link any source of material used at the Conservative Hideout.  As such, when there is a clear originator/creator of content, they are given proper credit for their work.  However, this is the Internet, and images posted here may be posted on dozens of different sites, making it difficult to identify the originator of said content.    Also, under Fair Use, as described under Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, we are permitted to post copyrighted materials that are used in the following manner:

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. (Emphasis mine)

This does, of course, extend to the Conservative Hideout as well.  If you wish to use materials from this site, you are free to do so, insomuch as you comply with the aforementioned Code.  A link and credit is all we ask.

As previously stated, all efforts are made to accurately and completely give credit to anyone whose work is used here at the Conservative Hideout.  We do not, at any time, plagiarize content.  The contributors have all given their complete permission to have their work published  at the Conservative Hideout.

Privacy Statement:

The Conservative Hideout takes the privacy of the users and contributors very seriously.  As such, no disclosure of any personal information is made, such as emails addresses.  Other services used by the Conservative Hideout, such as Google, may place a cookie on your PC.  The Conservative Hideout does not control this in any way.


Rights for individual posts are maintained by the contributors. The statements of those that comment may not reflect the opinions of the contributors or administrator.

Comments or Complaints?  Email the admin at


I have never accepted payment of any kind in exchange for publishing content supporting any cause or policy.  Therefore, I am not in the employ of the insurance industry, the oil industry, the banking industry, the Republican Party, space aliens, the New World Order, or any other entity.  Additionally, I do not receive “talking points” from any source.   After all, I am NOT MSNBC.  I publish what I believe, irregardless of who may like it, or not.

A Note on Commenting:

I believe in free speech.  That being said, I frequently ban trolls, or do not even let them out the moderation queue.  This site was started because organized trolling efforts from various leftist organizations intentionally disrupt Conservative Blogs and forums.  This has been covered extensively here at the CH 2.0.  The aim of most trolls is to not exchange ideas, or even debate-they come to distract, disrupt, and discourage.  When confronted with facts, they change the subject.  When proven wrong, they resort to personal attacks.  Their intent is to prevent ideas and actions from being discussed.

Also, I own this site.  I have paid for the hosting, so the team and I determine what happens here, just as other sites are able.  To troll another person’s site is like shouting into someone’s living room.  Therefore, I have little patience for it.  If you want to practice Alinsky’s rules, do it elsewhere.

I have no desire to see Liberal blogs or forums banned.  I do visit them to see what they are up to, but unlike them, I have no desire to prevent them from saying what they want.  I have no desire to disrupt their ability to talk or communicate. Unfortunately, the left does desire to ban Conservative sites, so don’t try the free speech argument if you’re banned.

I universally condemn any efforts to “dox” persons and engage in harassment of them due to political disagreements. I denounce attempts to harass others via social media, email, by phone, contacting employers, or in any other way. Bullying has no place where truth is the “weapon of choice.” I leave the bullying tactics to the leftists, or supporters of statutory rape, who seem to do it frequently. That, however, does not mean that I won’t point out such activities to as many people who will read of it. The only way to resist bullying, and limit it’s effectiveness is to expose it to the light of day.

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Last Update: December 2, 2013