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Transparency – Schmancparency: The White House Press Corp Is Sick Of Obama

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. But he did actually say that…….once…..long ago…. So how’s that “Hope and Change” workin’ out for you? I didn’t think so, and the even the White House Press Corp isn’t buying it, either. For far too long, the “most transparent administration ever” has kept the press at arm’s length, refusing to allow access to President Barack Obama and feeding the media select morsels to appease their appetite. All of that may be coming to an end soon, or at least to a head, now that the White House Correspondent’s Association has grown tired of playing […]

100 Years Of The Income Tax At A Glance

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. Courtesy of Americans for Tax Reform comes this visceral evidence of government’s endless growth; in good times and bad it grows. It never shrinks. Like a bad rash. Or a tumor.   Which reminds me of the question that Democrats have refused to answer for well over 100 years: how do we know when the government has done growing? What is their endgame? When will we know their massive government has reached its Utopian completion? Cue the crickets. . . .

Raw Video: Welfare Queen On Steroids, “Who’s Gonna Pay My Rent?!”

Hat/Tip to BuzzPo. Wow, and we thought that there were “Escalade-driving, Bling-wearing, pay for my New York Strip Steak with my Foodstamps” welfare queens here in America. But get a load of this Aussie throwin’ her fit down-under. The welfare system has completely run amok, and not just in America, folks. In fact, there are several other countries, like Great Britain and Australia, whose welfare programs are arguably even worse than our own. In this alarming video, an international welfare queen loses her nut after getting denied benefits. Luckily, there was a reporter just outside the welfare building when the […]

Families Of Sandy Hook Distance Themselves From The Fourth Dixie Chick’s (Tim McGraw’s) Fundraiser

  Hat/Tip to and AWR Hawkins at Breitbart. Despite the fact that Sandy Hook Promise has among its goals the repeal of all concealed carry laws, and reducing all magazines to 10 rounds or less, Tim (Fourth Dixie Chick) McGraw is still going ahead with his Gun Control Benefit Concert. On MSNBC he said about the concert, “I lead with my heart” in explaining why he was doing the show. In other words, he’s just trying to help and he doesn’t want to be held responsible for what Sandy Hook Promise does with the tens of thousands he will raise […]

Complete Vs Finished

  No dictionary has ever been able to satisfactorily define the difference between “complete” and “finished.” However, during a recent linguistic conference, held in London, and attended by some of the best linguists in the world, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese linguist, was the presenter when he was asked to make that very distinction. The question put to him by a colleague in the audience was this: “Some say there is no difference between complete and finished. Please explain the difference in a way that is easy to understand.” Mr. Balgobins response: “When you marry the right woman, you are complete. If you marry the wrong woman, you are finished. And, […]

Ghosts of “Earth Day” Past

  On this, Earth Day 2015, lets take a look back at some quotes from the very first Earth Day, in 1970.  After you’ve read even a few of these quotes, please ask yourself how we can believe anything that these same people, who now call for man-caused global warming, are saying. “We have about five more years at the outside to do something.”• Kenneth Watt, ecologist “It is already too late to avoid mass starvation.”• Denis Hayes, chief organizer for Earth Day “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”• […]

Obama Regime Admits To Releasing Known Gang Member Who Went On To Murder 4 Americans

  Hat/Tip to Weasel Zippers. What was it Obama said about his Illegal Executive Amnesty? Oh yeah! He said that his administration was going to deport “Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, not a mom who’s working hard to provide for her kids.” I’m guessing that this guy must resemble someone’s mom, so they let him go. The Obama administration is admitting it granted executive amnesty protections to a known gang member — one charged with four counts of murder — and is now reviewing prior approvals to double check that other gang members have not also been approved […]

Ted Cruz:The New York Times Doesn’t Have A Clue About The Meaning Of The Second Amendment

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. It looks like the New York Times is having trouble understanding what “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” really means.   The New York Times Doesn’t Have A Clue About The Meaning Of The Second Amendment By Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) On Friday, the New York Times stated, in a blaring headline, that my support for Second Amendment rights is “strange.” In particular, the writer took issue with my statement that “”the Second Amendment to the Constitution isn’t for just protecting hunting rights, and it’s not only […]

David Axelrod ‘Suddenly’ Becomes A Fan Of The Fourth Dixie Chick…

  Hat/Tip to Rick Wells at Obama’s former adviser and campaign ‘guru’ for both the 2008 and the 2012 elections has been making the rounds as of late hawking his new book. Well evidently sales are lagging because Axelrod has decided to interject himself into the Tim McGraw anti-2nd Amendment benefit debacle. David Axelrod played a key role in orchestrating our current failed national experiment with Marxism, having been a senior adviser to the current occupant of the White House and integral component of his successful taking of the White House. He’s now operating as the director of the […]

Declassified Material PROVES Obama Lied About Iran’s Nuclear Programs

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Sean Hannity. Obama lied????!!!! NO! Say it ain’t so!!! (okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s look at how we know he lied) President Obama lied to the American people about the true nature of Iran’s nuclear program, according to declassified material. Add this to a litany of lies told by our president. Declassified material reported on by Bloomberg confirms the following: “The Barack Obama administration has estimated for years that Iran was at most three months away from enriching enough nuclear fuel for an atomic bomb … […]

Muslim Tribute Band

  Went to see a Muslim tribute band last night at a Mosque. They were called “Bomb Jovi”. Brilliant songs like “Losing my head over you,” “Rocket Launcher Man,” “You’re 6, You’re beautiful, and you’re mine.” Their last song “Living on a Prayer Mat” almost brought the house down. Then this Muslim guy started bragging about how he had the entire Koran on DVD.  I was interested so I asked him, “Can you burn me a copy?” Well that was when the trouble started . . .those pricks have no sense of humor!     . . .

Jon Corzine Is Starting A New Hedge Fund! What Could Go Wrong?

      Is there a sucker born every minute? You tell me. Former governor and U.S. Senator John Corzine may soon add another title to his resume — hedge fund owner. According to the Wall Street Journal, the fund would likely be launched with Corzine’s own personal wealth, along with contributions from a handful of outside investors. You remenber Jon Corzine, right? He’s the financial genius who took over MF Global, ran it into the ground, vaporized more than a billion dollars of his clients’ money, and then tried to weasel his way out of any responsibility for the […]

Telling A 5 Year Old They Are ‘Transgender’ Is Child Abuse

  Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius’ Forum. Right on the money on this one, Mr. Huston! Here is his Op-Ed in its entirety: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A school in Maine got in hot water last week for feeding 5,6,and 7 year olds a “lesson” on being transgendered. But can a 5-year-old even be a “transgendered” kid? No. And to impress on them to think so is child abuse. Officials at a grade school in Kittery, Maine instituted a lesson plan for its Kindergartners and its first through third graders meant to train them on the subject of transgendered kids and […]

‘Everyday Americans’ In New Hampshire Refuse To Shake Hillary’s Hand

  Hat/Tip to For this Editor, there’s not enough hand sanitizer in the WORLD…   Clinton was at Kristin’s Bakery in Keene, NH in advance of a small-business roundtable event She sat with a handful of customers and made her way to the back to greet employees But a cashier told Daily Mail Online that some of the kitchen staff ‘didn’t want to come out to meet Hillary’ because ‘they just don’t like her’ Clinton’s communications director said it’s helpful to recruit future Hillary evangelists from among Democratic activists by pre-screening them to meet Hillary in small settings as […]

Wisconsin Democrats Game The System For Revenge On Walker Supporters And Republicans

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and David French at National Review. The corruption and abandonment of the rule of law is jaw dropping. Before we begin, the only other person who needs to be put in the spotlight is the above mentioned, DA John Chisholm’s willing and complicit partner in crime, Judge Barbara Kluka.     Not much that I can add to this article, so here it is in its entirety. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They came with a battering ram. Cindy Archer, one of the lead architects of Wisconsin’s Act 10 — also called the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,” it […]

The State Uses Its Power To Remove Child From A Medical Marijuana Activist

There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to worry about when it comes to our out-of-control government, and it is becoming abundantly clear that we can add CPS (Child Protective Services) to the list.  In the past many of the complaints have been about them not doing enough to protect children when it is clear that children are living in unsafe environments.  The answer that came from the agency was almost always the lack of funds and staff to handle the case loads.  It seems that has been taken care of. In Kansas, there is a medical marijuana activist by […]

Most Of Obama’s Job Gains Come With The Question, “Do You Want Fries With That?”

  The Obamabots will tell you the economy is “improving,” because their Dear Leader has created millions of new jobs. What they won’t tell you is what kind of jobs he’s managed to create. Lots and lots of low-pay, low-skill, dead-end jobs. As in, “do you want fries with that?” In a post-recession world where many once-familiar occupations continue to automate, move offshore or disappear outright, one of the most basic questions remains: Who’s hiring? It turns out the vast preponderance of job openings these days consists of low-skill, hourly wage work with high turnover. The current slate of “help […]

Country Star Backs Out Of (Fourth Dixie Chick) Tim McGraw’s Gun Control Benefit Concert

Hat/Tip to Emily Yahr at The Washington Post. Tim McGraw certainly knows how to immediately alienate over half of his audience lately and it’s beginning to earn him the nick name, “The Fourth Dixie Chick.” However, one of his tour mates has decided not to go down that politically dangerous road. After several days of critical backlash by gun-rights advocates over a Tim McGraw concert to benefit a Sandy Hook charity, opening act Billy Currington has dropped out of the show. Earlier this week, McGraw announced plans to headline a show this summer in Hartford, Conn., called the Concert for […]