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That DNA test is NOT necessary! The End

            Thanks David! Originally posted at Woodsterman!

Watch a Piece of the Sierra Nevada Fracture on Video!

Ever want to see rock crack under natural forces, right before your eyes?  It was captured on video.  Check out the Sierra Nevada cracking! That is pretty awesome! H/T: Kim Komando

Ebola Spreading ‘Exponentially’ According to WHO: Liberia Hit Particularly Hard

While the story has died down in our MSM, the CH 2.0 has continued to cover the Ebola outbreak in Africa.   Don, Jim, and myself have published posts, and had done so even prior to the story getting widespread attention.   It is a tragedy in the making, and will become far worse, unless greater efforts are made to contain it. It appears that the deadly Ebola virus is breaching attempts to contain it, particularly in Liberia, where the WHO is reporting ‘exponential’ rates of infections.  NBC has more… WHO and other groups have been warning that the situation in […]

‘’Shocking’ damage from massive summer snowstorm says Calgary Mayor: Al Gore Unavailable for Comment

It seems that Calgary has been clobbered with a record setting SUMMER snowstorm.  Commuters needed hours to get to work, snow-laden tree branches groaned and snapped and thousands of people were without power Wednesday after a second major taste of winter hit Calgary with 10 days to go before summer’s end. Trees were uprooted and roads clogged with broken branches. The power outages, which at one point affected up to 30,000 homes and businesses, also caused traffic lights to go out. According to Enmax, 26,000 customers are currently without power, with outages concentrated in western Calgary. In an update at […]

#ISIS “is not Islamic”, because Obama knows better than the guys with “Islamic” in their name

He can’t help himself. His bubris mandates his intellectual superiority must be displayed. And thus Barack Obama started his latest speech with a cringe-worthy apology to Muslims. Obama: #ISIS “is not ‘Islamic.’” Full transcript: #ObamaSpeech — CNN International (@cnni) September 11, 2014 Because he knows Islam better than anyone else. (Just like with Obamacare; he knows Catholicism better than the Pope does.) He took a class. He discussed it with Smart People. And his opinion is obviously more reasonable than any practical considerations arising out of, you know, the actions and beliefs of actual Muslims. Ignoring reality is […]

“Too Fat to Fly?” 400 Plus Pound Woman Dies After Being Denied Flights by Multiple Airlines

Here’s an interesting dilemma.  A woman who weighed in excess of 400 pounds was denied seats on several airlines, and eventually died due to medical conditions.  The late woman’s husband may file suit.  Here is more…       According to the Wall Street Journal, 57-year-old Janos Soltesz filed a $10 million wrongful death suit against Delta, KLM Royal Dutch and Lufthansa airlines after his wife Vilma died in Oct. 2012. The suit says the companies sent his wife on a “debilitating goose chase” that resulted in her premature death. The terms of the suit indicated the widower settled for […]

Ebola in Africa: Does the Rest of the World Care Enough?

While the US and it’s NATO allies are fretting about what military action to take against the ISIS in Iraq and Syria and while assimilating military response teams around Ukraine in case Russia really does invade some day, it seems that relatively little attention is being paid to the mounting death toll in west Africa from the Ebola epidemic that is spreading death and fear in the region. This Ebola episode was first noted in the small country of Guinea. However, the hardest hit have been Liberia and Sierra Leone The latest figures I’ve seen, which experts believe to be […]

Some Thoughts on the iPhone 6: Welcome to 2012!

I saw this on Facebook, and followed it back to where it is linked at tickld.  It warmly welcomes iPhone 6 users to the year 2012! I’m glad to help provide this public service announcement for the betterment of our iPhone 6 using friends.

Racial Violence in California, Pennsylvania: Four Ambushed Leaving Local Diner

Don’t be confused by the title, there is a town called California in Pennsylvania, and it is the home of California University of Pennsylvania.  That, by the way, is the Alma mater of CH 2.0 owner me, as well as former contributor and now farmer, Snarky Basterd.  However, this sleepy little college town was shocked by a recent act of racial violence.  KDKA from Pittsburgh has more… Authorities later found the suspects near Rotary Park. Yuille reportedly had a large cut on his hand and may have been missing an earring like one that was found near the scene. “We […]

September 11, 2014

Throughout our history, our nation has faced many evils. Sadly, man has the unerring tendency to engage in the most despicable of behaviors, all in the name of serving a “greater” power or cause. It would seem that the United States has often been caught in the cross-hairs of these evils. The very birth of our nation was predicated on the defeat of tyranny, namely, the “Divine Right of Kings.” Less than one hundred years later, the nation was split, literally and figuratively, on the question of whether or not one man could hold a fellow man as property. We, […]

Liberal Logic: When Businesses and The Constitution Collide

It seems that there is another Constitution related double standard for the liberals out there.   Does the First Amendment apply to businesses, or does the Second? Or, does the Constitution only apply when it can be misinterpreted in order to deprive Americans of their rights?

Government Nationalizes Burger King!

With the stroke of his pen, President Obama today ordered the nationalization of all Burger King restaurants in the United States as well as any and all profit Burger King may make. “This is a great day for America” beamed the President in his stylish tan suit. No longer will private companies be allowed to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. This decision of Burger King to buy the Canadian doughnut chain Tim Horton’s and move to Canada was nothing more than a sordid tax dodge.  I have stopped this. Congress wouldn’t act so I did.  I have a pen. […]

Here’s a Complete and Total Coincidence: Breitbart News Audited by the IRS!

You can file this one under, “NOT AT ALL RELATED TO BREITBART NEWS REPEATEDLY EMBARRASSING THE IRS.” Breitbart News Network, a California-based company which runs several conservative websites, says the IRS recently audited its 2012 financial information. “The Obama administration’s timing on this is exquisite, but try as they might through various methods to silence us, we will only get more emboldened,” Stephen K. Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News Network, said in a written statement. The audit comes as the agency faces sustained complaints that it targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny as they sought nonprofit status, before the […]

British Child Cannot Get Life Saving Treatment There, Authorities Have Family Arrested When They Try to Get it Overseas

Government, when given sufficient power, becomes totalitarian.  It ALWAYS does.   For the latest example, the British NHS is again trying to kill patients, and even had the family of a child arrested for the horrific crime of seeking medical treatment overseas.  Townhall has more… What makes today’s story different, though, is that the bureaucracy not only is denying care to a small child, but also seeking to prevent the family from seeking treatment elsewhere. Check out these excerpts from a blood-chilling story in USA Today. The parents of a child suffering from a severe brain tumor signaled Monday they would […]

Aid to Eric Holder Allegedly and Mistakenly Contacted Darrell Issa’s Office to Conspire to Undermine Darrell lssa

If the following report is true, there are few depths to which the Obama administration will not go.  That, and the level of incompetence is quite high, and quite helpful to us. For a “fake” investigation of a “fake” IRS targeting scandal, the DOJ sure see’s the need to undermine it.  That’s why a DOJ staffer mistakenly contacted Darrell Issa’s office in order to gain their cooperation in undermining Darrell Issa.  Steve, from America’s Watchtower, has more… Darrell Issa believes the call was meant to go to Elijah Cumming’s office. Surprise, surprise! Here is more: The aide, Brian Fallon, is a […]

Nearly 25 Million Foreign-Born Hold US Jobs

Hat/Tip to Ali Meyer at CNSNews. Thanks to the Obama economic policies, we have rampant and epidemic unemployment in this country and what does our President want to do? He wants to INCREASE the number of folks looking for work by legalizing millions and millions of illegals. As it stands now, already nearly 25 million of them have taken American jobs. The number of foreign-born individuals holding jobs in the United States hit a recorded high of 24,639,000 in August, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS has been tracking the number of foreign-born workers […]

To “Save” Atlantic City, Christie Green-Lights Sports Betting in New Jersey

There’s a law against wagering on professional sports. Chris Christie just told everyone in New Jersey to ignore it. After a more than four-year battle to legalize sports betting, the Christie administration today cleared the way for wagering at the state’s casinos and racetracks by telling them they will not be held civilly or criminally liable by state law enforcement agencies. Seizing on a loophole in a federal ban on sports betting, acting state Attorney General John Hoffman issued a directive to law enforcement telling them that casinos and racetracks continued to be exempt from prosecution under the 2012 law […]

The Asylum Watch “Nut Case of the Week” Award

It’s Sunday, which makes it a good day to reflect on man’s follies. No where are man’s follies more visible than in the halls of any government in the world. We Americans certainly have countless examples in our government. While browsing the web this morning, I came across an article titled Idiot of the Week, in which  the author had a hard time deciding between John Kerry, for his use of bible quotes to support global warming, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for accusing Scott Walker of abusing women. He went with Schultz. But allowing words to escape one’s lips in […]

Obama Says He Will Unilaterally Legalize Illegal Aliens

Hat/Tip to CNSNews. I guess this ‘Constitutional Lecturer’ never understood the concept of a Monarchy… (Or maybe he did) President Barack Obama said in a press conference in Wales on Friday afternoon that although his “preference is to see Congress act,” he intends to take unilateral action to give illegal aliens “some path” to “be legal” if Congress does not enact the sort immigration legislation he wants. And it looks like he’s throwing a bone to the Dems running for office in the so-called ‘battleground states.’ The Associated Press reported on Saturday that unnamed White House officials had told the […]

Jim Webb To Challenge Hillary in ’16?

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. Is there a chance that Hillary doesn’t automatically get the nod from the Democratic Party? If so, then the answer to that question might lie with former Senator, Jim Webb. Jim Webb could be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. The former one-term Virginia senator and Vietnam War veteran is making sounds about running for president as a Democrat. He was in Iowa last month; a New Hampshire trip may be in the offing, and he’s giving a major speech at the National Press Club in two weeks. He seems an improbable candidate. He has taken illiberal positions, was […]