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There are a multitude of political bloggers out there.  They come from a multitude of backgrounds, and that impacts their work.  As a result, there are blogs that are must sees for certain topics.  Taking that into consideration, here are links from several blogs.  They are arranged by topic, for ease of  research.  I will be adding to the list as more become available.

The Federal Reserve:  By the Classic Liberal

  1. What is Money (Currency)?
  2. Money (Currency) Inflation Explained
  3. Money, Inflation, and the Federal Reserve
  4. Inflation Illustrated
  5. Federal Reserve Bank: Counterfeiting Machine
  6. Fractional Reserve Banking: Money Out of Thin Air
  7. Possibility of Money Inflation in America
  8. The Very Real Threat of Currency Inflation
  9. Gold and Central Banks
  10. History of the Federal Reserve Bank

The Failure of Detroit’s Liberal Policies: By Steve at Motor City Times

  1. The Liberal Art Community is Fascinated
  2. Video: Requiem For Detroit
  3. People Leaving Detroit
  4. After 50 Years of Democrat Leadership Detroit Needs a Task Force to Construct a Grocery Store
  5. Detroit is Murder City…Again
  6. Video: Detroit from the Air Looks Like A War Zone
  7. The Liberal Economy in Detroit
  8. Silver Bullet Solutions Rather Than Focus On Fundamentals
  9. Silver Bullet Solutions Rather Than Focus On Fundamentals part 2
  10. Life After People in Detroit

ObamaCare Damage: From Matt Here at the Conservative Hideout 2.0.

  1. Exploitable Crisis
  2. ObamaCare Taxes Exposed
  3. ObamaCare Causes People to Lose Plans
  4. ObamaCare Keeps Granny From ER
  5. Doctors Quit Medicare
  6. Less Hospitals Under ObamaCare
  7. Waxman Backs off Corporations
  8. The Death Panels are Real
  9. Democrats Lied About ObamaCare Costs
  10. Exposing ObamaCare Lies

The Perils of Big Government: From the Mind Numbed Robot

  1. ObamaCare – Son of Social Security
  2. Conservative or Libertarian, We Stand Against Statism
  3. Your 401k Are Belong to Us
  4. Reclaiming the American Spirit
  5. Aristocracy and Oligarchy – How We Got Here
  6. Apathy, Willful Ignorance and Corruption
  7. Federal vs State Governance
  8. Get Government Out of Health Care
  9. History of Constitutional Decline
  10. Your Government Wants To Eat You

The Progressive States Network:  From your Friends at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

  1. The Progressive States Network: What you need to know
  2. The Progressive States Network: Undermining Liberty one State at a Time
  3. Popular Vote: By the Numbers
  4. Progressive States Network: Distorting the Electoral Process?
  5. Progressive States Network – Immigration
  6. The Progressive States Network & Green Energy
  7. Getting to know a Michigan candidate
  8. The Progressive States Network: Exploiting the Crisis that Progressives Caused?
  9. The Other ACORN: Progressive States Network
  10. The Socia.list

Always expect more resources from your friends at the Vast, Right Wing Conspiracy.

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  • Matt, did you ever get my interview responses??

    Can you email me your phone number? Are you on facebook?

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  • Liberty to Freedom for the good!

    To begin with Liberty is what makes each of us unique by how you use what you are, able to think, communicate take up space (roam) and so forth to grow from the beginning of your existence to who you are at the present time to what you became in the end. Liberty lets each of us interact with world to be who we are from day one to now, this is how the basic law, do no harm or steal to your Liberty defines the meaning of good. Freedom you earn from day one thru out your life, for the good you do to your liberty if you should deprive anyone of any one liberty you will be always looking for your liberty.
    In order to use what you are born with (liberty) you need freedom to take care of yourself is my share to the good, then to better yourself your able to invite an offer to another of your share to the good, of what you can accept to do for them this creates a debate for our shares to the good, as long as all the other ways to accept our shares are an option for them and you.
    Ask each other?
    What is: My fair share? (So you can Take Care)
    What is: Your fair share (invite, offer what able to)
    What is: Our fair share (how it is accepted with all the other ways to accept optional)
    You will be surprise of the results of the first three what’s. Will lead back from what you have gotten from the debate of what is our fair shares, that was created from what is your fair shares for more of my fair shares. Then next time you maybe able offer more of your share to do more out of our fair share. Remember these three questions are what you ask yourselves.
    Here you give KISS a new meanning, keep it simply simple.
    Liberty is what you are born of + ——.
    Freedom is an invite, acceptance + ——.
    When using your liberty, ask yourselves what is (my) (your) (our) fair share? To better your fair shares out of what my fair shares were for the better.

    Take Care Now,
    Xedis IV

    PS: There are those who will be the puppet terriers and try to put you on their string but when blocked by, Liberty to freedom for the Good, the puppet terriers will only end up within their own destruction they have only themselves left to string up.
    Here is one of your many chances to be at liberty, to make the largest written document by the people, signed by you called (Liberty to Freedom for the Good) by putting in your words who you are from day one to the present day within one page written in your own words what liberty and freedom means to you with the other side of the page left blank for your last day of who you became, by sharing your page within this book give it a kiss, keep it simply simple.

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