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2012 elections

Who Loves The .1 percenters and Tyrants? The So-Called Progressive Libs and Central Bankers, That’s Who

  A premise in law enforcement is that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. In other words, if we break a law we didn’t know existed, we can still be punished for doing so. Unfortunately, in this asylum we all have to live in, there is no law enforcement agency to enforce the laws of economics and to punish those who break those laws. There are two groups of economic lawbreakers. One is a very tiny group which includes central bankers, the 0.1 percenters, the elites within various NGO think-tanks, and a few political elites […]

Divide and Conquer Still Works

And, elections do have consequences Well, this is not the post I thought I would be writing today. And, after twenty years of living outside of the country, this is not the America, or rather the Americans, I thought I knew. In the America I remember, a president who drove the economy into the ground, who passed a health care law that no body wanted and which will further injure the fragile economy, who totally destabilized the Middle-East, who left four Americans, including an Ambassador, to dir in a hell hole in Libya to die, who talk about the reason […]

Why I support Ron Paul

A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled I’m not the same conservative I was five years ago. In the article I describe my transformation from being a conservative who supported candidates with an “R” in front their name to a conservative who now supports a candidate whose first name begins with the letter “R.”  I wouldn’t have supported Ron Paul five years ago, but I do now because as I have said he’s the only candidate talking about liberty and liberty is what will save us. We are in such dire straits as a nation we can no longer turn a […]

Order out of Chaos? – Part II


In Part I of this two-part series,  we talked about the imenent US recession, the fragile situation of the European Union and, the world-wide debt bubble being a the bursting point. We also talked about the chaos the will envelop the whole world when the credit bubble is pricked by some event; be that from within the EU or from an event outside of the EU. Today we will talk about some of the options of bringing order out of the chaos and how these options should impact our thinking on the coming elections in the US. Before we get started, we need […]