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Happy Year 2013! We’re in Trouble!

I’d like to take the moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  However, I might want to add that my wish is by no means a guarantee.  I fear that 2013 is going to be a terrible year, and it will result in hardships of all sorts.  Here are some of my reasons… 1.  Fiscal Cliff jumping:  It appears that we are going to go off  the “fiscal cliff.”  What does that mean?  It means that Obama’s negotiating position was “give me exactly what I want, and nothing less.”  The members of the stupid party, however, made many concessions, […]

Obama wins Coveted Communist Party Endorsement

For a POTUS isn’t  a Communist, the Communist Party USA sure is interested in him staying in office.  Stacey McCain has more… While Obama is officially the candidate of the Democrat Party, he’s also got the endorsement of the Communist Party: Re-electing Obama is not sufficient to bring economic recovery or even relief to our people. Only a different class configuration in political power can do necessary minimum reforms to give us a chance. But re-electing Obama is absolutely essential. Now is not the time for hand washing the complexities and tactics away — or failing to triage the most critical questions from those that are less critical. […]

The Theory Of Evolution, Obama-Style

“Out of 28 states where constitutional amendments or initiatives that define marriage as the union of a man and a woman were put on the ballot in a voter referendum, voters in all 28 states voted to approve such amendments.“  —  Wikipedia In keeping with his tradition of giving the American people what they don’t want, the progressive panderer ensconced in the Oval Office has gotten behind gay marriage, so to speak, while describing his previous public vacillations on the issue (always tailored, if less than impeccably, to an election year audience) as “evolutions”.  Funny choice of words, that, since if […]

Another Luke Warm Obama Reception: Holds Speech in Family Garage-They’re not Sure They’ll Vote for Him

Imagine, if you will, that the POTUS-the Great and Mighty Obama, shows up at a family home, and gives a speech.  Then, also imagine that very few people show up, and one of they home-owners later states that she might not even vote for him!  Well friends, that very thing happened just recently.  Ace has the details… Hmmm. Probably not. I’ll call it “more Saturday Stupid.” As leader of the free world President Obama will be used to making speeches to millions of people around the globe.So he might have felt the occasion was a little beneath him yesterday when […]

A Simple Graph on Jobs

This is what the election is about this year. Yes, it is important that our foreign policy goals have been accomplished- killing bin Laden, finishing up in Iraq, continuing to pressure terrorists around the world, encouraging revolutions aimed at toppling autocratic dictators, etc. Yes, it is important that many of our foreign policy goals have not been accomplished- those revolutions have resulted in less friendly and liberty loving people taking control, many revolutions were not supported, free trade agreements were not passed, rogue nations have continued to advance in weaponry, our allies are collapsing economically, our enemies are growing in […]

Obama Opens Official Campaign: Can’t Fill Arena

Much is made about Obama’s campaign, and whether or not Romney has he “oomph” to defeat the sitting POTUS.  In fact, I’ve been receiving emails from bloggers questioning that very point.  While Romney is not the most scintillating candidate, I think he might have more of a chance than some are giving him.  Yes, Obama has the smear machine; consisting of the unions, the community organizations, and even the occupods promise to disrupt anything good and wholesome.  However, it seems that the Obama “get out the useful idiot efforts” have been a tad bit, shall we say, flat. First, let me say […]

2012 NFL Draft Live Stream

In the interest in satisfying our readers that are also NFL fans, here are some live feed links for the NFL Draft. NFL Network Stream 1 NFL Network Stream 2 Enjoy all. H/T: The Daley Gator

10 Consequences of an Obama Win in 2012

Here are ten consequences of a victory by President Barack Obama in November 2012 over Mitt Romney: Obamacare will not be repealed. It is already being demonstrated to raise costs of healthcare and as its taxes and regulations sink deeper through the system, it will cause our healthcare system to increasingly be in a crisis, likely resulting in greater and greater government control to ‘fix’, until we have a massively inefficient and expensive and bad healthcare system. The unprecedented levels of spending in Obama’s first four years will become the new floor, as America continues its experiment in reckless spending and adding up massive […]

2012 Apocalypse Nonsense: Will an Asteroid Hit the Earth This Year?

Just like the rapture, oops, we got it wrong-it’ll happen in a few months-oh darn it didn’t happen at all, story from last year, we’re being bombarded by the tales of future doom and gloom for the rest of 2012.  Here is the latest to cross the CH 2.0 Dunderhead department…we’re about to be wiped out by an asteroid!   Several sites have tried to persuade readers that this is a hoax. It is not. The academic departments referenced in the story have deep ties to the Military/Industrial complex and have issued denials about any observed near earth object possibly […]

January 26, 2012: Republican Debate Live Feed UPDATED Now With 75% More Analysis!

It’s yet another debate!  This time, it’s on CNN, and they aren’t a nice as NBC, so the live feed cannot be embedded.  However, we do have the link, and the comment section is available for highlights, or lowlights, as the case may be. CNN Live Feed. Considering the way that Romney and Gingrich have been attacking each other, it out to be interesting to see if there are some more fiery exchanges tonight.  It might be fun to watch. UPDATE:  As it turns out, it was fun.   Here is the CH 2.0 Analysis… Mitt Romney:  It seemed to […]

January 23, 2012 Republican Debate: Live Feed UPDATE: Missed the Debate? Watch it Here! Also, some Analysis

Here is the live feed for the GOP debate in Florida… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   It ought to be interesting. UPDATE:  The link will remain up, so people that missed the debate can watch for themselves. I thought that Romney came out far more aggressively tonight, and had his sights set on Newt Gingrich.  However, I have to agree with the MSM talking heads in that Gingrich seemed to brush aside Romney’s attacks.  Romney did seem, at least to me, to come off as a bit more childish, and needlessly so. […]

Imagining A Brighter Future: Stocking a Romney Administration with Conservative Talent

Let’s think big picture here folks- in 2012, we have a chance to elect to the House and Senate people (and I honestly don’t care what party they are from) who will push for a balanced budget, reform of our entitlement programs so that they will be more fiscally sound, protection of private property, lower and more fair tax rates (more fair means flatter with less loopholes for politically connected elites), less regulations on businesses, more liberty and freedom for consumers and investors, and increased efficiency in the delivery of government services. These sorts of ‘tea party’ Congressman will drive […]

January 8, 2012 GOP Debate: Live Stream

I know it sounds crazy, and it’s happening twelve hours after the last debate started.  But, none the less, there is another debate this morning.  Here is the link for the live stream… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   I would hope that the other candidates will go after Romney a great deal more. They made some swipes at him last night, but they need to nail him with his record. I guess we’ll see what happens.

December 21, 2011: The Mayan Long Count Calendar Indicates That we Only Have one Year Left?

Well, if we listen to the folks that take the Mayan Long Count Calendar seriously, we only have one year left.  You see, the Mayans apparently believed that this is the fourth world, and that world is set to “expire” one year from today.   Some believe that this might mean that a new era of awesome will begin.  Some believe that a planet called Nibiru will make a pass at Earth, or even hit it, causing the end of days.  Even others think that natural disasters, like a Yellowstone Super Eruption, or a pole shift, will be a potential extinction events.  Anyway you […]

America will Realign Towards the Tea Party in 2012; Write it Down in Stone


In my post NYT’s Douthat is Wrong: Realigning Elections Exist and One is Coming I countered an argument that was advanced by the New York Times Ross Douthatwhere he claimed that Harvard Professor V.O. Key’s theory on realigning elections was wrong. Douthat thought that 2008 was supposed to the be realigning election, and now that we can all see that it was not, he has become disillusioned with the theory that Key advanced in his iconic essay “A Theory of Critical Elections” and now thinks that elections that change America’s direction are no longer possible. But he is wrong. In my post Why 2008 Was Not a Historic or Realigning Election (written in 2009) I addressed […]

Anatomy of an Obama 2012 Email: The not-so subtle art of public humiliation


  When I turned myself into Ataaaaack Waaaatch the other day, my email apparently got put on the Obama 2012 mailing list.  I guess snitching has its rewards, as I’m betting these emails are some primo blogging material.  I got one today, so I’ll repost it here, and add some appropriate  comments… Friend –I love seeing 2008 bumper stickers on cars and bicycles when I travel across the country. But as we start to see Republican gear hit the streets, what about making sure people know you’re supporting the President in 2012? Does anyone still have Obama 2008 bumper stickers?  I […]

First Obama Campaign ad of 2012


Just a Conservative Girl posted this, so I thought I might re-post here… Hilarious, isn’t it?

Tea Party Group Protests NAACP Convention

Boston-Tea- Party

This past Sunday, a Tea Party group protested the NAACP Convention.   That statement alone should have brought forth the MSM in force to invent some “Tea Party Racism,” right?  Where were the network cameras, leftist infiltrators holding racist signs, and slanted coverage?  Nowhere to be found, and with good reason. For, you see, this Tea Party group would NEVER fit the leftist narrative, so they were ignored.  The reason?  You’ll understand in just a moment… There is no way on God’s green Earth that the MSM will ever give this group any fair coverage, if any at all. And […]