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Barak Obama: “… I will direct the Treasury to create a new way to rip you off.”

A little over a year ago I had posted  More taxes … IRA’s and 401k retirement accounts are soon to be ripped off as well.  In that post I mentioned … the government is strongly considering pilfering the retirement accounts of all Americans. At the end of 2010, there was an estimated 17.5 trillion dollars in United States retirement assets, including 3.1 trillion in 401k’s and 4.7 trillion in IRA’s.  If anyone thinks for a second the government doesn’t have its eye on that, they are living in a fantasy world.  Okay, four years ago to the month this piece […]

Obama Is Eyeing Your Savings!

Remember when President Obama said “there comes a point when a person has earned enough”? Well, it should be a surprise that he also feels that people have saved more than they need for retirement. Mr. Obama has given new meaning to the word “arrogance”. With this scandal a day administration, it is no wonder some of their plans to get their hands on more of your money slip under the radar. On Aril 12, 2013, the Wall Street Journal wrote: How many times have you read financial-advice stories lecturing you to max-out on your IRA, save as much as […]

Was Cyprus a Test Case for the Government Takeover of our Private Retirement Accounts

There be GOLD in them thar 401k’s, said the statists!  There have been rumblings about government wanting our private retirement accounts since the earliest days of the Obama presidency.  It’s been floated again and again, but hasn’t gotten traction, or does it even need to have political support at all?  As we have seen, Obama and his cohorts are more than willing to subvert the Constitution to do as they please.  And no one seems interested in stopping them.  Wyblog, who aptly quote my Post on the Great Bank Robbery in Cyprus, draws the inevitable relationship between the Great Bank  […]

They Said if I Voted for Romney, They’d Come After my 401(k), and They Were Right!

That’s right kids, they government is eyeing your 401(k), IRA, or 403(b) with great envy.  And, as for the title, since Stacey is talking blog shtick, I thought I’d borrow from his well, which is deep with all sorts of goodness.   But, back to the seriousness.  There has been rumblings about the government taking over all private retirement accounts for some time.  Apparently, the democrats just can’t let a big pool of money sit there in private hands-it must be controlled, and redistributed, bythe kind hands of government.  Bob Belvedere at  TCOTS has more… The Editors at Investor’s Business Daily published an excellent […]