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NBER Reports That The Housing Bubble Was Government’s Fault, via the Community Reinvestment Act

Since the financial collapse brought on by the housing bubble and the casino playing Too Big To Fail banks in 2008, many of us in the blogosphere put the blame government policies, which pumped air into the sub-prime mortgage market. The government of Barak Obama, of course, put the blame entirely on the Wall Street bankers and the unfunded wars of Bush II. Now, nearly five years later, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) finished their review of what happened and puts the blame squarely on the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). You are unlikely to hear about the NBER report from […]

For Those of You That Thought ACORN was Done with Voter Fraud, Think Again

We are all aware of what ACORN was.  It was the regressive juggernaut that mastered the flooding of the voting registration system-jamming so many false registrations into the system that it would be overwhelmed, and not be able to track them, all.  They did it all, from flooding voter registrations, to harassing and intimidating people, or just jamming things up with failure, ACORN was the place where the rent-a-mob gathered. Then, after being repeatedly exposed as the criminal enterprise that they were, ACORN dissolved itself.  The media declared them dead.  The left said that the investigations and exposes were all […]

Should President Obama be Blamed for Current Mess?

Although it is tempting at times to be sucked into the ‘everything is Obama’s fault’ vortex, that really is illogical, and so I try to base my opposition to him on the logical grounds that the policies which he supports leads to a society that is less happy, less loving, less free, less prosperous, less secure, less responsible, less wealthy, less efficient, and less productive. It is President Obama’s policies that I object to and try to oppose. The policies pushed by the radical progressive Obama are supported by the Democratic Party through their votes in Congress (my own Senator […]

Rolling Stone Unleashes Voter Disenfranchisement Propaganda


I have to hand it Ari Berman of the Rolling Stone.  He has written either one of the greatest  parodies of all time, or one of the best hyperbolic propaganda pieces that I have seen in some time.  He follows the regressive meme that any effort to prevent voter fraud is an attempt to prevent Democrats from voting.  Here are some excerpts… As the nation gears up for the 2012 presidential election, Republican officials have launched an unprecedented, centrally coordinated campaign to suppress the elements of the Democratic vote that elected Barack Obama in 2008. Just as Dixiecrats once used […]

Group Formerly Known as ACORN "Alinsky's" the Wrong Bank


Well friends, the name has changed, but the idiocy (useful and otherwise) remains the same.  If you recall, this blog, among many others, reported that ACORN wasn’t going away.  Instead, their local operations were re-branding, often in the same offices, and with the same staff.  In other words, they were making it more difficult to track their operations, as each would be it’s own entity.  Obviously, it’s a lot harder to track dozens, if not hundreds, or little ACORNS, than one big, centrally controlled one. However, that name change didn’t cure the stupid, because one “group formerly known as ACORN” […]

Blog Focus: Left Leaning Group Pressures HUD to Increase Bad Mortgages

I had caught a glimpse of this story the other day, but rjjrdq, being the fine blogger that he is, posted it before me. So, let’s do a Blog Focus, and see where the evidence leads. Companies Targeted for Avoiding Risky Borrowers I’ve said before that you can expect an explosion of ethno based politics as engineered demographics is forced on the United States. Here’s a grenade to give you a little taste of what’s coming. A group calling themselves the National Community Reinvestment Coalition filed a complaint with HUD, charging that some lenders were denying mortgages to those with […]

Conservative Hideout Election Night Coverage: Update 12

The CH 2.0 is the place for election night coverage.   We have the shoutbox in the sidebar, and I’ll be live-blogging tonight.  So stop by tonight, and participate in the coverage.  We’ll get started around 9-9:30, and I’ll update this post with relevant information before and during the returns. NOTE:  Live Chat is in the shoutbox, which can be found in the sidebar. For a musical introduction, here is a video to set the tone for the evening… Update # 1: We have EXCLUSIVE footage of the Democrat GOTV effort. You can always count of the CH 2.0 to […]

Voter Fraud: Unraveling the Progressive Puzzle

As time wears on, we are seeing more and more of the Democrat/”progressive” voter fraud machine exposed.  We’re seeing hypocrisy, electioneering, the “Secretary of State Project,” fake registrations, and now, claims of intimidation.  So let’s take a look at all the factors, in context, and see where it all leads us. For starters, the Other McCain has an excellent analysis. It is one of pet conceits of liberal Democrats that the long-established practice of having poll-watchers — party volunteers who are assigned to polling places to ensure that no vote fraud occurs — amounts to “voter intimidation” intended to “suppress” […]

True the Vote: Voter Fraud Revisited

Exactly one month ago.  We discussed the voter registration fraud in Texas. It was truly on a massive scale, with 23,207 fake registrations turned it.  With the upcoming election, I thought it might be good to revisit this, and take a look at who helped expose this fraud.  First, kindly take a look at this video from True the Vote. Since I published the last story, there have been more developments.  For example, several days after the first story broke, a fire destroyed the voting machines for Harris Country!  Here is some coverage from KENS5. So, to say that this is looking […]

ACORN: The Reports of Their Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

Well, we knew that anyway.  Hence, my tendency to refer to them as the “organizations formerly known as ACORN.”  The fact is this, ACORN ”officially” disbanded, but what they really did is break up into their local affiliates, changed their names, and basically put a new sign on the door. While the names have been changed, the song remains the same.  It seems that elements of the former ACORN have been accused of some illegal activities.  For more on the accusations, here is some excerpts from Matthew Vadum at Big Government. Citing massive irregularities and gross taxpayer funding abuses, federal investigators […]

Progressive States Network: Distorting the Electoral Process?

In my first post on the Progressive States Network, I went over their Board of Directors, and showed that they are a far-left, if not quasi-Marxist organization.  In coordination with John, owner of The Current, who wrote about the National Popular Vote, I’m going to address some of the PSN’s election initiatives. First up, is Vote by Mail.  Here are some details from their own website: Vote by Mail: Vote by Mail is now an option in five states (California, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, and New Jersey) and has been increasingly popular with voters. California and Colorado have seen the greatest […]

It’s Time to Discuss Voter Fraud

It’s not lost on anyone that the upcoming midterms are perhaps the most important in the history of this nation.  Given that level of importance, it is definitely time to discuss voter fraud.  It’s been said that, in certain parts of the US, that a GOP candidate being up one or two points will lose due to voter fraud. Why would folks say that?  Well, the evidence is voluminous.  For example, we know that members of ACORN were convicted of voter registration fraud.  We know that Al Franken won with the felon vote.  The list can go on and on.  […]

Voter Fraud Alert: ACORN Members Plead Guilty, Funny Business in Texas

I was going to start discussing voter fraud next month, as it seems to be a “progressive” tradition.  However, the news beat me to it, so here are a couple related stories. First up, more nuts have fallen from the ACORN tree. A former employee of an embattled community organizing group pleaded guilty Tuesday to voter fraud in connection with the 2008 presidential election. Maria Miles, 37, of Milwaukee, admitted to submitting multiple voter registration applications for some people and to scheming with other Association of Community Organization for Reform workers to sign people up several times in an effort […]

Judicial Watch Uncovers Evidence of ACORN Voter Fraud

We’ve suspected that ACORN was up to more than just thuggery, voter registration fraud, and promoting tax evasion/child prostitution.  Now, there seems to be evidence of just that.  Judicial Watch has uncovered some documents from FBI interviews with ACORN employees.  The Daily Caller has covered the story.  I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the MSM to do the same. The radical activist group ACORN “works” for the Democratic Party and deliberately promotes election fraud, ACORN employees told FBI investigators, according to an FBI document dump Wednesday. The documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, are FBI investigators’ reports […]

ACORN's Bertha Lewis in Her Own Words

I found this on YouTube and let me tell you after watching it I came to the conclusion that if you had any doubts about which side of the political ideological fence ACORN is standing, this should clear things up.  This is a video clip of Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN, speaking at the winter conference of the young democratic socialists on March 25, 2010.  First off, I find it quite disturbing that people like this actually live in a Republic that was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom.  I respect their right to spew their garbage, but […]

"Please. Do go on!"

Today I received a wonderful invitation from my Congressman, Russ Carnahan. He wants me to attend a “telephone town-hall”. Hah! Get outta here. What the hell is a “telephone town-hall”? The best I can tell it is just another way to keep me as a nameless no count, some kind of virtual meeting where I “virtually” don’t matter. Sure Russ. I would love to sit on hold while you talk down to me yet again of your freakish liberal agenda. The last time this jerk was in town Kenneth Gladney got mugged by SEIU members outside Russ’s town hall. He […]

Can the Massachusetts Miracle be Stolen?

The latest polling data suggests that Tuesday’s Election is close…very close.   According to Hot Air, even Coakley’s internal poll shows Brown in the lead. A couple of late polls in the Senate race in Massachusetts indicate that Scott Brown continues to lead Martha Coakley and is positioned for a game-changing upset in the special election.  According to a Coakley campaign internal poll, not much has changed since the beginning of the week: Other polls are showing the race nearly too close to call.  This causes me some concerns over the typical Democratic tactics in close races.  Namely, that they are […]

MSM Bailout?

The MSM is dying.  It’s been happening for some time.  The Internet, changing habits, and alternate news sources have all taken its toll on media (print in particular).  This has gotten attention from Washington, and the latest foray into bailing out the MSM has come from Henry Waxman, as discussed here at Accuracy in Media. Rep. Henry Waxman trekked from Capitol Hill to Federal Trade Commission headquarters today to deliver a message to journalists and news consumers: All of you need to reach a consensus about working with the government in order to bail out the struggling news industry. The […]