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Greatest Hits: Brutal Civil War Rages on Island of Misfit Toys

Brutal Civil War Rages on Island of Misfit Toys:  Manhattan Infidel was the first respectable news source to cover the shocking events on the Island of Misfit Toys! For years Santa had stopped at the Island of Misfit Toys.  But no more. “I wouldn’t go near that place anymore” said Santa.  “It’s more dangerous than Mexico, Afghanistan or Detroit.” The culprit is politics.  For years the Island of Misfit Toys had been ruled by King Moonracer (pictured here), an absolute, hereditary monarch.  But not all were happy with his rule.  Chief among them was Charlie-in-the-Box (seen here.) Charlie, who sees himself as the […]

Football Legend Publicly Rejects His Alma Mater Because They Canceled ‘American Sniper’ Movie

  Hat/Tip to Joel Himelfarb at Newsmax. Former Quarterback and now talk show host, Boomer Esiason is “deeply saddened and insulted” by his Alma Mater, the University of Maryland for bowing to pressure by some Muslim students and canceling an airing of the movie, American Sniper. Current talk-show host and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason says he is cutting off the University of Maryland, his alma mater, after it decided to cancel a screening of the movie “American Sniper.” Esiason tweeted that he is “never donating another dime to the U of MD” after learning about the cancellation of the […]

Bowe Bergdahl: Desertion, Misbehavior Before The Enemy Charges – AMEEN!

“Ameen,” in Arabic means ‘Amen.’ See the story of Bowe Bergdahl’s father and his “Ameen” below. U.S. Army spokesman, Col. J. W. King, speaking from Ft. Bragg, has just announced desertion charges filed against Beau Bergdahl. Traded for five of the Taliban’s worst, or their best, depending on who is doing the deciding, Bergdahl received full pay after he ran away from his unit, and when we ‘saved’ him five years later, he learned he had been promoted to Sergeant, “in absentia,” or other reports say the promotion happened after he was retrieved from the enemy camp. So much was […]

Sgt. Derrick Miller: Serving Life For Protecting His Men – Help Free Derrick Miller

Sgt. Derrick Miller is one more from among the trove of America’s treasure to be sentenced to life in prison for defending himself, and his men, against Afghan nationals. First, the details of his case, and then I hope you will continue to read about his exemplary military career. According to Miller’s mother, Renee Meyers: ? Sgt. Miller had no run-ins with the law, or any history of violence. ? In court, there was no crime scene evidence, or forensics. No evidence or corroborating evidence. ? An unnamed Afghan civilian was offered money, and a Visa, and is now living in […]

Texas Law Enforcement Report on Terrorist Aliens, Cartels & Gangs

  An unclassified, but “law enforcement sensitive” report on illegal alien crime, primarily in Texas, was published in the Houston Chronicle. It is shocking to read the extensive cartel activity inside the United States. My town of Tulsa sits straight north of Dallas, about a four-hour drive. Before getting into the report, didn’t you wonder how so many thousands of children could invade our borders, unaccompanied, and supposedly seeking their parents in the U.S.? How did they all show up within days, weeks of each other. Blink your eyes, they were here. Well, the government planned it months in advance, and […]

US Continues “Secret War” in Afghanistan

Hat/Tip to Leah Barkoukis at Obama ended the war!!! Yyyyeeeaaahhhh right… The United States may have officially ended the war in Afghanistan in late December, but our remaining troops are carrying out an increasing number of night raids against the Taliban and al Qaeda, according to a New York Timesreport. The New York Times reports that the increased raids are partially the result of intelligence seized in October of last year, when US and Afghan commandos came upon a laptop computer with files detailing terror operations in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. Military officials tell the paper that the information in the […]

Obama: We’re ‘Ending Combat Mission in Afghanistan’–But Troops Will Remain There to Combat al Qaeda

  Hat/Tip to Terence P. Jeffrey at Yeah, we’re confused too, Mr. President… In a pair of statements made on Christmas Day and Dec. 28, President Obama said that the U.S. is “ending our combat mission in Afghanistan” but that U.S. forces will remain there “to conduct counterterrorism operations” against what he called the “remnants of al Qaeda.” The president also said of Afghanistan on Christmas Day: “It’s not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again.” So we’re getting out, but we’re staying in… Clear as mud, sir. On Christmas, we’re out of combat! “This is an […]

Afghan Woman Picks Up Dead Son’s Gun, Helps Kill 25 Taliban To Save Her Village

Hat/Tip to Nickarama at WeaselZippers. Never underestimate the Momma Grizzly Bear in protecting her young ‘uns, that kind of fierce loyalty transcends all cultural barriers. “Revenge-fueled”? Yes, trying to save her village from being slaughtered sounds really revenge-fueled. They can’t even get over their ‘guns are evil’ madness, even in this kind of a situation. Via NYDN: The mother of an Afghan policeman gunned down by the Taliban reportedly went on a revenge-fuelled spree, helping kill 25 militants in an act that’s being hailed as heroic among her countrymen. When her son’s police outpost came under attack in the Balabolok […]

Radical Islam: The Obama Administration Does Not Or Can Not Learn From Experience

  Whatever your opinion of Bush’s prolonged war in Afghanistan or the war in Iraq, you probably were never under the impression that President Bush underestimated radical Islamist groups like al Qaeda or the intentions of Iran to become a nuclear power. President Obama and his administration, on the other hand, continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again in their dealings with Iran and with radical Islamist groups like al Qaeda and it’s now famous spin-off group, ISIS. Our current Nobel Peace winning President has bombed Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq (now for the second time), Libya, […]

Some Surprises In The News and Some News That’s Not Surprising

Some people like surprises and some don’t. But, surprises happen whether we like them or not. Here are few things I found surprising in recent news stories: 1. Remember flight MH 17 that was downed over eastern Ukraine back in July? After weeks of US and European leaders blaming Russia for downing the plane and causing the death of 298 passengers and crew and Russia vehemently denying the charge and calling for an international investigation into the cause of the crash, the public still has no “official” answers. So, it was surprising to read that lawyers for the families of […]

America Is No Longer Feared Or Respected

Make no mistake, I am proud to be an American. I will apologize for that to no one. I am glad I was born here, in the best, the freest, the safest country in the world. We have been involved in conflicts throughout our history, but there has always been one overriding factor that has always kept us safe. Looking back on our history, I am certain mistakes were made. There were probably conflicts in which we were involved that we should have stayed out of. But no one dared strike us on our homeland, for fear of the terrible […]

The Bergdahl Swap – More Questions Than Answers

Bergdahl Classification Isn’t What Matters – Don’t Miss the Larger Picture All over the media there is horror and consternation in regards to the Bergdahl return.  He is being called a traitor and I have seen many calls for the death penalty floating about.  You are missing the bigger picture here.  First and foremost, the military never classified Bergdahl as a deserter.  That makes a huge difference in how the military should behave in trying to find and free him.  The military had an obligation to do so.  Secondly, the bigger picture seems to be getting missed here.  President Obama broke […]

SpForces Retrieve Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban – Exchanged for 5 Gitmo Prisoners

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, at age 23, went missing from his base in Afghanistan on July 1, 2009. Shortly after, the Taliban released a video showing Bergdahl and his i.d. tags. It is believed Bergdahl left the base willingly, for some yet unknown reason. He reportedly did not leave with a weapon. Bergdahl is in U.S. custody today, being treated in Germany. Our Special Forces retrieved him, in what is referred to as a “peaceful handoff.” UPDATE 1:32 pm, CDT: Fox is confirming that it was the Haqqani faction of the Taliban holding Sgt. Bergdahl. Horrible, horrible people! The circumstances of […]

At The Movies: ‘Lone Survivor’

The movie ‘Lone Survivor’ is a tribute to all men and women serving in the military, especially ones serving or who have served overseas. This movie looks outstanding and I will definitely be seeing it soon. I absolutely love how it honors the brave men and women who stand up and defend our freedom. Here is a review from Patheos: Nothing quite encapsulates America’s ambiguity, discomfort, and pride in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the true stories of soldiers home from the field. Lone Survivor, a story of a factual anti-Taliban mission gone wrong in the […]

Brutal Civil War Rages on Island of Misfit Toys

For years Santa had stopped at the Island of Misfit Toys.  But no more. “I wouldn’t go near that place anymore” said Santa.  “It’s more dangerous than Mexico, Afghanistan or Detroit.” The culprit is politics.  For years the Island of Misfit Toys had been ruled by King Moonracer (pictured here), an absolute, hereditary monarch.  But not all were happy with his rule.  Chief among them was Charlie-in-the-Box (seen here.) Charlie, who sees himself as the Island’s resident intellectual, had taken to reading the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence.  Dissatisfied with his position as a subject he began to push for more […]

Drone Strike Takes Out C3PO!

  Protocol Droid C3PO was killed in a drone strike in the mountains of Afghanistan yesterday, a Department of Defense spokesman has revealed. C3PO, who was traveling as a good-will ambassador was taken out just before dawn during a prescheduled drone attack. “We had good intel that a high value target was at this location, so we got the President’s approval” said Lt. General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. C3PO’s death was confirmed through software and hardware analysis of the corpse. As to why C3PO was targeted, despite his official cover as a goodwill ambassador […]

US Military Tells Troops Not to Criticize Pedophilia, or Advocate for Women’s Rights? Tammies Are Silent

This is the tale of a story, and an non-story that is part of the story.  Recently, the US Military released proposed guides for troops suggesting that part of not being tolerant of Islam involves criticizing pedophilia, and supporting the rights of women.  That’s right, criticizing pedophilia and supporting the rights of women is apparently intolerant!  Cain TV has more… According to the proposed manual: “Many of the confrontations occur because of [coalition] ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms, resulting in a violent reaction from the [Afghan security force] member” This sort of “when in Rome” mindset might not be so […]

“Woman of Courage,” Maria Bashir, Touted by Michelle Obama Sends Other Women to Jail for Adultery

What happens when Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton hails, Maria Bashir,  as a  champion of women’s rights, and it turns out that this woman throws other women in jail for adultery? Delicious irony, that’s what!   The Daily Mail has more… Last year she was hailed as one of the most influential people in the world – a defender of women’s rights as Afghanistan’s only female head prosecutor. Ms Bashir has been lauded by both Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton – and she was one of ten women to receive a ‘Women of Courage’ Award in Washington last year. But Maria Bashir’s […]