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Greatest Hits: Earth Day: In Search of the Missing Myth

Earth Day: In Search of the Missing Myth–This is my long running post for Earth Day… Now friends, since the war on women has backfired, gun control was defeated, and the Boston Marathon Bombers were not white, the messiah is creating more and more distractions from his economic failure. But there is one thing that is conspicuous in its absence. What the hell happened to global warming? It’s taken a back seat during the campaign. Since when is the apocalypse put on hold? I am therefore declaring it missing, and would like your help in finding it. According to Director […]

Desalination in California, and why did Al Gore Buy a $9,000,000 Mansion Just Blocks From the Beach?

Desalination is used in many areas of the world, but why not in super-dry California.  I Own The World Report has some thoughts… CPR: Al Gore tells us that climate change is going to melt the icebergs causing coastal regions to flood, several miles into the geography.  Gore spent $9 million on a mansion in Montecito a couple blocks from the beach. Is he a believer or a huckster? But if true, what can we do to prevent the flooding of coastal cities? We could create a series of desalinization plants—and pipe the water throughout the West—enough to end the […]

White House Memo: Don’t Mention Temperature When Discussing Global Warming

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. The temperatures aren’t rising? Then we’ll switch to calling it “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming.” The temperatures STILL aren’t rising? Er, um, don’t mention temperature when talking about Global Warming. Yes, the Gore-distas really are that pathetic… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First rule about global warming: don’t talk global warming. The White House quietly released a draft guidance telling federal agencies to consider the impact more carbon dioxide emissions will have on the environment, but only in terms of how much more carbon dioxide will be emitted. When conducting environmental impact analyses on rules and projects, […]

Phriday Political Phun

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Is Your Goat Shrinking? Must be Climate Change!

I know, we all prize our goats (especially if you’re in with ISIS), but there is a danger lurking out there.  It’ a previously unknown phenomena called… (Dun dun daaaaa!) GOAT SHRINKAGE! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you precious goat (beloved if you’re in ISIS) is being secretly shrunk by Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change!   Caused by a previously unknown phenomena called solar inflicted intergoatal scoliosis, your goats are being shrunk before your eyes!  For more on this devastating development, we now go to Watts up With That… From Durham University, and the “would you, could you, with a […]

#ClimateChange: #ClimateMarch Of The Goofy-Footed Alarmists

The line up for Climate Change rally tmrw so you can march w your peeps #climatemarch” Who’s going? — Kay (@kmcnulty) September 21, 2014  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. So this is the Gore-distas’ big push to bring Global Climate Warming Change to the forefront of America’s attention. *YAWN* But WeaselZippers is covering this excellently, so we’d thought we’d bring it to you, with a Hat/Tip to them. Today is the “People’s Climate March”, supposedly going off in 1000+ locations all over the world to bring the world’s attention to the dangers of Climate Change.   As we reported yesterday, they […]

Fantasy: Al Gore Says No Arctic Ice in 2014 – Reality: Summer Ice Cap 1.7 Million Square Kilometers Bigger

Hat/Tip to the Daily Mail. In 2007, he won The Nobel Peace and then candidate and US Senator, Barack Obama predicted doom and gloom concerning Global Climate Warming Change. The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,” he said. “It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.” Those comments came in 2007 as Mr. Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change. But the reality is that the ice cap is expanding. But seven years […]

Why Global Warming Alarmism Isn’t Science – THE best article on why, and how the “Greenies” are wrong

sci·ence ?s??ns/noun noun: science ~ the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment ~ There is it, ladies and gentlemen; the definition of the word science. But that’s what it is, not what it isn’t. Science is not a set of dogmas, and it is not a pronouncement by a committee. It is a method. Richard Feynman, perhaps the world’s most eminent physicist, put it this way: In general, we look for a new law by the following process: First we guess it; then […]

Earth Day 2014: In Search of the Missing Myth

It’s Earth Day 2014 Hippie Burn Out/ Get High and Celebrate Marxism Day! So, to commemorate it with the prerequisite amount of ridicule, here is one more of several classic CH 2.0 posts. Enjoy! Now friends, since the war on women has backfired, gun control was defeated, and the Boston Marathon Bombers were not white, the messiah is creating more and more distractions from his economic failure. But there is one thing that is conspicuous in its absence. What the hell happened to global warming? It’s taken a back seat during the campaign. Since when is the apocalypse put on […]

Westboro Baptist Church Founder, Fred Phelps, is Lifelong Democrat

This is delicious irony, given the teachings of Fred Phelps are no more Christian than those of Anton Levey.  The left uses Phelps and his nonsense  (he never did read John 8:7, or get what it meant) to smear Christians.  But, it Christians that get the last laugh.  As Phelps reportedly is near death, it is revealed that he is a life-long democrat, having campaigned for the goracle, as well as have run ojn the democratic ticket himself.  Truth Revolt has more… The founder of Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, notorious for leading hateful protests against gay rights, is actually a Democrat […]

Polar Vortex to Deliver the Deep Freeze

Could it be that global warming is really making it so cold that a large chunk of the US is going into the deep freeze? The American Midwest and Northeast are preparing for a “polar vortex,” a megastorm that is expected to bring record low temperatures on Monday. So far extreme weather conditions have claimed at least 16 lives, paralyzed travel and caused power shortage. For those exposed to the inclement conditions frostbite and hypothermia will be a danger as – 31°C is expected in North Dakota, – 35 °C in Minnesota, and – 26 degrees below Celsius in Indianapolis […]

Apparently, Climate Change Causes Record Low Tornadoes: Has Climate Science Jumped the Sharknado?

In another blow to the “settled science” of global cooling global warming climate change, it seems that the dire predictions of more severe weather, like tornadoes, have fizzled.  And when I say fizzled, I mean 180° out of phase total failure!  Michelle Malkin has more… According to Climate Depot, 2013 shattered the record for the fewest U.S. tornadoes. 2012?s tally was well below normal as well. Also, the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season ended with the fewest number of hurricanes since 1982. Looks like that “settled science” is having some unsettling results.  Just this month, we showed that Al Gore’s prediction […]

In 2008 Al Gore Predicts That Arctic Would be Ice Free by 2013

A couple years ago, I predicted that the global cooling global warming climate change alarmists would stop making predictions, because if they continued, their predictions would not happen, making obvious their failure.  Today, we have an example of why I’m right.   It seems that in 2008, and again in 2009, Al Gore reported that the arctic sea ice would be gone by…right. about. now… The 2009 repeat of the prediction can be embedded… And, if you recall, that climate confab in Copenhagen was hampered by a blizzard… More Global Warming Irony: Record Cold at Climate Confab Moobattery has even more […]

Al Gore has World-Wide Global Warming Extravaganza, Attracts Only 707 Worldwide Viewers

What if Al Gore had a World-Wide Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change The Big Lie panic-a-thon, and no one paid attention? Nothing apparently, but it’s still worth noting that the big lie has fallen flat on it’s face.  Weasel Zippers has the information… Via The New Nostradamus: Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality extravaganza took place on October 22. Anybody noticed? On YouTube it has been a whopping success: A total of 707 views worldwide! Keep reading… The 24 Hours of Reality?  Could that possible be the most ironic title ever? Why not call it the… Wide World of Failure… You know, agony of defeat […]

Al Jazeera Ratings Makes MSNBC Look Like a Juggernaut: Yes, it’s THAT Bad

If you recall, Glenn Beck wanted to buy Current TV, Al Gore’s failed TV Network, but was told that it didn’t match their values.  However, selling it to a Muslim network, Al Jazeera, was just fine.  And, what has Al Jazeera done?  Almost worse than nothing, if ratings are going to be your judge… Al Jazeera America, which had hoped to challenge the major cable news networks, is falling on its face, based on last week’s ratings, in which some shows didn’t record a single viewer in the key 25-54 demographic. The network, which was purchased from Al Gore in […]

Al Gore Predicted no Arctic Sea Ice, Ice Grew by Nearly 1,000,000 Square Miles After Record Short Arctic Summer

Some time ago, I said that the Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, Big Lie proponents would eventually stop making predictions,  Because, when they spew their prophecies of gloom and doom, and they fail, people see through all of the bovine excrement.  The next video is an example why.  Seems that the Goracle made some scary predictions back in 2007, and, as all Big Lie predictions, it kinda-sorta had the exact opposite result… As we have covered here, the Earth’s “fever,” has caused a record short Arctic Summer, and nearly 1,000,000 square miles more ice in the Arctic than there […]

Record Cold in Peru, 250,000 Alpacas Perish: Global Warming to Blame?

If you recall, the “science is settled,” and if you listen to the Goracle, to stave off our own impending doom, we have to live in thatch huts eating Soylent Green while he jets between his ginormous mansions.  You know, global cooling, global warming, climate change bullsh*t! Well, apparently, the world is warming sooooo much, that Peru is freezing.  because, as we consumers of the settled science bullsh*t all know, global warming makes it cold!  Breitbart has more… The Government of Peru has declared a state of emergency in parts of the southern Andean region of Puno after temperatures have […]

The Lie That Came In From The Cold

Oops … North Pole Sees Unprecedented July Cold – Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record (Climate Depot) Al Gore commits seppuku; Obama calls for higher taxes to combat global cooling … Arctic Sea Ice Melt Slowdown Begins More Than One Month Early – And Absolute Dead Media Silence On Antarctica! (No Tricks Zone) In the second half of June, global warming catastrophe worshippers were already salivating worse than Pavlov’s dogs when Arctic sea ice melt accelerated at a dizzying rate. But in mid July, something happened unexpectedly: the North Pole saw one of its coolest summers since instrumental records have […]