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Allen West

Bombshell: New Source Tells Allen West of Weapons Scheme Behind Benghazi Cover Up

Hat/Tip . Former Representative Allen West (R) reveals the truth behind the lies and obfuscations by the Obama administration regarding the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/’12. He comes by this via a new source, which he explains below: Today as I returned from Detroit, I had a moment that I truly felt was God sent, as I don’t believe in coincidences. It happened on one of my flights, and it was two hours I will never forget. I was seated beside someone who personally knew one of the men who was there on the roof in Benghazi. This person was […]

Outstanding SOTU Responses

I will guarantee you that these common sense responses to the SOTU will never be seen or noted on a dinosaur media source.  Take a look  at this video, and you’ll know why… These folks sound like Tea Party supporters to me.  They launched a criticism of the SOTU that most any Conservative or Libertarian would applaud. I guess that means they’re racists, right? H/T: Allen West

Racists and Liberals

I noticed Barack Dictator Obama is going to continue to rule and create chaos via his pen and phone, by-passing the Congress. Now I personally don’t care about that because when his term is up and his sorry ass is sent back to Chicago, Kenya, Hawaii or wherever he’s from, the next real president can undo his executive orders with the stroke of his pen. The Supreme Court is checking out the legality of Barack’s “recess appointments”. Now we all know there’s nothing this guy does that’s legal. He’s violated the Constitution every step of the way so this should be a slam-dunk […]

Allen West Shames Sharpton and Jackson for ‘Knockout Game’ Silence

One thing that we’ve been pointing out duing all of the racial violence posts is that the “Racism Industry,” led by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are silent when it comes to black on white violence.  Allen West recently took them to task for their silence.  Here is video… Silence is complicity. And I expect all we will hear from Sharpton and Jackson is more silence!

Allen West Identifies the Source of Racism in the US: White Liberals

Allen West is unique in that he speaks plainly, and cuts through the political nonsense to identify tough truths.  I’ve been covering for a long time, that democrats/liberals have not really changed their opinion of the blacks.  They are still the party of the KKK, and of Jim Crow.  However, their rhetoric and means of oppression have.  Instead of segregation, they use welfare and a failed public education system.  Instead of lynchings and forced sterilization, they use abortion and prisons.  And, in EVERY circumstance, they resist any effort to change it. Allen West knows this, and that is why he […]

Allen West Asks if We Are on the Verge of a Race War?

Given all the racial violence that we have identified, the question must be asked, are we in the first stages of a race war.  Allen West and Thomas Sowell are concerned, as are many of us, that the racial hatred bred by the democratic party, their supporters, and the MSM, are bringing us to the brink.  Weasel Zippers has more… Via Allen West: I hold Thomas Sowell in very high esteem because he’s willing to focus on issues which the mainstream media does not and will not report on. In this most recent case, it’s black mob violence against whites. […]

Allen West Discusses 100 Years of the Income Tax

Here is a great video, featuring Allen West.  The topic is the income tax.  Give it a look. Unfortunately, the video does not embed.

CPAC 2013 Videos: Allen West

Allen West also made a splash at CPAC… I’ve always liked the former Congressman.  I would predict Allen West will make a bigger splash than he has already.  That, and he

7 Registered Voters and 900 Votes Cast? Voter Fraud and Why the Allen West Recount Matters

I haven’t covered the Allen West recount at all, until now.  West is a Tea Party favorite, which angered the GOP establishment, who attempted to “district him out.”  Being black and Conservative, he earned extra scorn from the regressives.  In other words, he’s a good guy.  I was frankly surprised when he survived long enough for the race to warrant a recount.  Of course, the race was chock full of irregularities, but the following takes the cake… From CBS News: West’s campaign, though, is calling for an emergency hearing over “concerns” raised during the recount process, including results showing that […]

While we were distracted did we lose free speech? (H.R. 347)

While we were being distracted by the Sandra Fluke-Rush Limbaugh debacle last week somehow we lost some more of our liberties; liberties that are protected by OUR constitution. This time the target is free speech. Yes you heard right we may have lost our ability to express ourselves through the act of protesting the government and it sneaked in right under our radar.  Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work I caught Judge Napolitano on Fox and Friends talking about how last week President Obama had signed into law H.R. 347. Below is the Fox and Friends clip of this interview. How I missed this, […]

Allen West Teaches History: Leftists Ignore it

Allen West is one of the new Conservative Congressmen that are held in high esteem.  Recently, he provided Congress with a history lesson. I think that the Democrats will pretend that this was never said.  The MSM will never cover it, and the cries of “racism” will continue. Do you think we ought to make this viral? H/T:  An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Former Air America Host uses "New Tone," is Arrested UPDATED

The “new tone” has struck yet again.  In case anyone has had a lapse in memory, we’re supposed to engage in “civil discourse,” so mentally ill fans of Zeitgeist won’t go on a murder spree.  Or was that Sarah Palin’s fault? Anyway, there seems to be a flaw with the new “civil discourse”-the left ignores it completely.  For the latest example of the “new tone,” here is a video posted  at The Other McCain… The Palm Beach Post has identified former Air America radio host Nicole Sandler as the woman who was arrested and led out of a town hall meeting in […]

Ten Buck Friday Poll: August 22-27

As usual, Right Klik is on the case, presenting the newest Ten Buck Friday’s poll. It’s in the sidebar, so take some time to select a Conservative Candidate. Here are the details on the Candidates, also from Right Klik. Learn about the candidates… Dan Benishek (MI-01) Dan Benishek is running for the Bart Stupak seat. Benishek won the GOP nomination by a 15 vote margin. Benishek on the issues Dan Benishek on Twitter Benishek on Facebook Sean Duffy (WI-07) Sean is known for having been cast on MTV’s iconic reality show, The Real World. Duffy is a “Pappa Grizzly“ Sean […]

Ten Buck Friday Poll: August 1-6

Right Klik has released the latest Ten Buck Fridays Poll. You can visit his site for details, and the code for the poll. Here is some info on the candidates… Donna Campbell, M.D. (TX-25) Donna Campbell on taxes Campbell on reality TV Dr. Campbell on health care reform Donna Campbell on the issues Campbell on Facebook Donna Campbell on Twitter Nick Popaditch (CA-51) Watch Nick Popaditch at a Tea Party rally Popaditch on Red Eye Popaditch for U.S. Congress Since eyepatches make people look sexy and mysterious… Popaditch on Twitter Popaditch on Facebook Mike Stopa (MA-3) He’s not a politician, […]