Hey New Jersey, this year you’ll work until May 13th to support the government


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Congratulations New Jersey workers. If you’re crazy enough to have a job, you’ll spend the first 4½ months of this year toiling to support the moocher class.

New Jerseyans will have to work an extra four days this year to be free of taxes, according to a report that once again says Garden State residents have the highest tax burden in the nation.

The right-leaning Tax Foundation’s annual “tax freedom day” report card says residents in New Jersey and Connecticut will work the longest in the nation this year to pay off their taxes: until May 13. Last year, “tax freedom day” for both states was May 9.

We’re #1!

We’re #1!

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Gee, thanks.

“The sad reality is that every extra day middle-class taxpayers in New Jersey work to pay for government is one less day they are free to provide for their families, save for their child’s education or their retirement, or to invest in their businesses in order to create jobs and opportunity,” Americans for Prosperity State Director Erica Klemens said in a statement.

Government cheese ain’t cheap.

And the people who vote for a living are never satisfied. They vote Democrat, because it’s easier than getting a job.

Tell me again why I live here?

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MIchigan Union Violence Update: Media Ignores it, Leftists Craft Conspriacy Theories


Michigan, Unions, Violence, Goons, Americans for Prosperity, Tent, Attack, Assualt, Intimidation, MSM, Bias, Coverage The post reality world means that it really makes no difference what really happens, and even if you have the most iron-clad evidence, it’s all about who controls the information.  So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what is happening…

Media Ignores Union Violence:

As usual, the MSM is refusing to cover union violence.  That is not new, and we shouldn’t be surprised, but it still should be covered, and so it shall.  Newsbusters has a storyto that end…

Networks Refuse to Cover Union Violence:

On Tuesday, World News reporter Alex Perez put the focus not on out of control violence, but on the fact that Michigan’s right-to-work bill actually passed. He began, “The anger boiling over. Officers turning to pepper spray to control the crowd at least 10,000 deep. But it wasn’t enough.” One might think the journalist was speaking of the attack on Fox News contributor Steven Crowder. No. Perez kept the attention on the new law: “Michigan Republican lawmakers approving landmark legislation, lifting the requirement that workers in unionized workplaces pay union dues.

Over on Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, Elaine Quijano vaguely explained, “Union members from across Michigan and other states voiced their anger at the Michigan capital.”

On NBC’s Nightly News, Brian Williams also ignored the actual violence. Instead, he worried, “The emotional fight over unions and American jobs in a place many thought it could never happen. Are we looking at a turning point for American workers?”

To sum it up simply, they spiked it.  And, if it isn’t covered, it didn’t happen.

Then, just when you thought you couldn’t  get any more strange, the leftists started projecting…

The Other McCain has more…

After yesterday’s incident in which labor union activists tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent in Lansing and sucker-punched Stephen Crowder, this headline zoomed up the Memorandum aggregation:Breitbart Folks Appear to Fake Violence in LansingHuh? This was a decidedly odd piece of blogging: The claim that somehow the union thug clobbering Crowder was part of a right-wing hoax, based on such “evidence” as the event having been reported by “James O’Keefe’s buddy” Lee Stranahan — because, hey, if anybody at Breitbart thinks it’s actually news, that means it must be phony, right?Also, the video was edited. Anybody who edits a video is obviously engaged in some kind of evil conspiracy.What the hell is this silly gibberish? Are these people crazy?No, they’re engaged in a systematic effort to create confusion and discourage mainstream journalists from reporting on the incident.Accuse the accusers!” Re-arrange the narrative of events so that a story that obviously makes the Left look bad is, instead, a story about the Right unjustly trying to make the Left look bad.

Here’s where my take is a bit different that Stacey’s.  It is true that accusing the accusers is a tactic in the lefts play book. However, there is an additional wrinkle, and that is WHY it’s in the left’s play book.  The name of that wrinkle is projection.  In psychology, projection is the tendency to think that others do as you do.  Since the left is infamous for false flag (remember the Infiltrate the Tea Party), and “staging atrocities” (remember OWS), that they would automatically assume that we are doing what they do for standard practice.  This thinking is the source for the idea that you will always know what the left is up to based on what they accuse us of doing.  In other words, the liberals look at us through the same fecal colored glasses that they use to view their own activities


Michigan: Union Thugs Attack, Steven Crowder of PJ Media Assaulted


Today, in Michigan, the world got yet another lesson in what unions are all about.  We’ve shown multiple examples of union violence in the past.  What the goons failed to calculate this time is that they picked on and assaulted a relatively well known Conservative in Steven Crowder, of PJ Media.  Here is a video of part of the assault…

Ironically, while they are tearing down a tent set up by Conservatives, one is overheard complaining, and cursing about being called thugs….

And, we see the new tradition of attacking people with cameras…

After all, they can’t have people recording the thuggery can they?

This is organized labor at it finest.  They are a system of terror and control.  They insist on forcing others to join them.  They legalize theft from their “members” via dues, and then support politicians that kill the jobs of those same members.  When resisted, they resort to violence each and every time.  The power and control that they have amassed must be defended at all costs, and they don’t particularly care who they assault, attack or intimidate.

Unions:  So great that people should be forced to join!

They are the thugs, bullies, and goons of the left.  Violence is their only tool.  And, as people fight for freedom, we should expect them to become more and more violent.


Peaceful Occupods Attempt to Storm "Defending the American Dream" Dinner UPDATE: Occupods Using Children as Human Shields, Blocking Exits for People in Wheelchairs, Elderly Woman Injured STICKIED


Note: This post is stickied, as the Occupod shenanigans continues to come out.

Since the Occupods, according to Michael Moore, are so peaceful, I bet he would be surprised if he saw the movement attempting to storm the Ronald Reagan tribute dinner put on by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.  Luckily for us all, Robert Stacey McCain was on the scene, and has a report, pics,  and video…

“Occupy DC” protesters just attempted to force their way into the Washington Convention Center where the Americans for Prosperity Foundation is holding its Ronald Reagan tribute dinner for the “Defending the American Dream Summit.” I was in the middle of the scrum of smelly hippies when they stormed the doors and have multiple photos and video which I’m uploading now.

He has more video, as well as pics, so get over to his place and take a look.

Note to Mr. Moore:  Do “peaceful, majority” movements attempt to storm and disrupt private events, especially when they support the American Dream?  Then again, the American Dream is based on individual liberty, and the Occupods want nothing to do with that.  Or, was this all the Department of Homeland Security?  Because, you know, any occupod activities that appear violent are due to racist cops, or DHS.

I think I might just make a meme of Moore’s DHS conspiracy theory.  It’s fun!

H/T: Memeorandum


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UPDATE: Verum Serum has the video of Occupods basically using children as human shields.

Note how they defend using children as pawns in a potentially dangerous confrontation. Then, per typical leftist strategy, they blame others for their behaviors.


Or, according to Michael Moore, these children are secret agents of DHS?

UPDATE II:  The Daily Caller has more footage of Occupods Blocking traffic, and the injury of two persons who appears to be an event attendee or staff.


Apparently, people in wheelchairs have also been ejected from the 99%…

In essence, is this not illegal restraint? They are blocking the doors, and not allowing people to leave. And, isn’t blocking the exits to a building illegal? What if there was a fire, or other emergency? Of course, the oppupod mob could care less. They want what they want, everyone else be damned.

UPDATE IV:  Sunday Update-The Other McCain has the info on the elderly woman who was injured by the Occupods.  Kindly refer to the Daily Caller Video above for footage…

About the elderly woman you see on the video (3:20) who got shoved to the ground by the “Occupy” mob:

Her name is Dolores Broderson, age 78. She rode on a bus for 11 hours from Detroit to get there. She went to the emergency room with a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg.”

So then, let’s add the elderly to the list of those ejected from the 99%.