Anthony Weiner, AKA, Carlos Danger Once Again Sends Pictures of His Weiner Via the Internet


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This guy has a name that was meant for scandal.  Disgraced former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, has disgraced himself anew, being caught sending nude pictures of himself over the internet.  Interestingly enough, he’d adopted a new persona, known as “Carlos Danger.” Weiner apparently took on the mission to make sure that there would never been a shortage of online pictures of his nether regions.  Doug Powers has more…

The online name “Carlos Danger” has such an excruciatingly high douche-factor that one of the few places it could lead would be to Weiner:

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner confirmed the authenticity of new lewd, sexually charged online chats that were posted by a nightlife website over the past day.

Nightlife site “The Dirty” posted images of conversations that allegedly came from Weiner to a 22-year-old woman under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”

“I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have,” Weiner said in a statement released by his campaign Tuesday afternoon.

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Our VRWC colleague, Wyblog, has even more…

It turns out that “Carlos Danger”, aka Anthony Weiner, can’t stop tweeting his junk. To girls half his age.

Yes there are new pictures of his third leg. And more.

Fortunately the ones I saw are strategically blurred so we can’t tell if he’s holding his anchovies.

The key thing to note here is these new texts are from last summer, one year after he resigned from Congress and supposedly cleaned his act up.

That last line is the key.  Weiner was supposed to have cleaned up his act after his 2011 outing by a large number of Conservative bloggers featuring the late Andrew Brietbart, and Robert Stacey McCain.  However, if these pics are from a year later, it shows that Weiner didn’t change his ways.   And if he didn’t, even after it cost him his Congressional seat, what is he doing now?


Democrats Lose NY-09 for First Time Since 1920's: Spin Makes Baghdad Bob Proud


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Remember Baghdad Bob, that eternally optimistic Iraqi talking head, who told us of our military failure while our tanks were rolling through their capitol?  Well, the DNC must have hired him as a consultant, because they are spinning the loss of N-0 9 like a washing machine powered by a Chevy big block.  Hot Air has the details…

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a surprise.  The NY-09 seat has been in Democratic hands since, well, Warren Harding was President.  So what did the leader of the Democratic Party have to say about the loss?

Democratic party leaders insisted the loss wasn’t a harbinger of things to come. “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats,” said Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, noting its Democratic margins there tend to be the second lowest of all the districts in New York City.

Well, in her defense, she still hasn’t gotten past that tough loss when Andrew Peterson edged David O’Connell for the seat … in 1922.  The same seat was held by Geraldine Ferraro, Chuck Schumer, and Anthony Weiner … when he had his pants on.  Going back to 1996, the lowest percentage a Democrat got in a general election in this seat was 60.8%, which was in 2010 while the Tea Party took 63 seats from Democrats that ended up being a lot more “difficult” than this one.  It was such a difficult district that Weiner ran unopposed in 2006 and virtually unopposed in 2008.

With the smallest margin of victory in recent history being 60%, I can see how the DNC Chair would have been completely alarmed!

Seriously, this was obviously a referendum on Obama.  This district was solidly Democratic since BEFORE the New Deal.  Flappers and prohibition were the biggest issues when the GOP last held that seat.  Al Capone wasn’t even a freaking rookie mobster when the Dems last lost there.  In other words, something huge had to happen, and that huge thing was Obama’s failure.  Now, had this happened in the midwest, the Democrats would have a different story-it would be all the racist white people that don’t like Obama because he does not look like them.  Why ism’t the MSM claiming that?  Or, was it that the Koch brothers, using the evil Sarah Palin electoral bulls eye map, mind control the population of NY-09?  And now, with Bob Turner under their control, the can kill off the poor, elderly, and children?  Hell, the Kossacks and Think Regress are probably be declaring that as the absolute truth as I speak.

It’s going to be an interesting run-up to the 2012 election, if 2010 was the trailer, these special elections (the GOP also won in Nevada) were the previews.  It’s going to get interesting, and watching the Democrats trying to spin losses as inconsequential will be hilarious.

Randy has some incisive analysis

H/T: Memeorandum



Obama Attempts to Protect Progressive Narrative: Launches "Attack Watch" UPDATED


Well then, talk about shades of the ObamaCare “snitch line!”  The Obamaites  have now launched “Attack Watch,”  a site for loyal useful idiots to turn in their friends, neighbors, and family members for “counter-revolutionary activities,”  like believing in individual  freedom, and other crazy notions.  Apparently, there is far too much truth going on out there, and something must be done about it, ammitrite?  At any rate, I did report myself.  We’ll see if there is a sudden influx of paid trolls.  That might just be fun!

On a serious note, informing on your neighbors…where have we heard that before?  Where did that happen, and what  was the result?  Well, other than with the original ObamaCare snitch line, we saw that extensively in dictatorships, especially ones in which millions of their citizens suddenly disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.  It’s really not a great model to be following, but that’s how our regressives roll.

I would encourage our Conservative and Libertarian friends to report themselves to “Attack Watch.”  Because, you see, we are all guilty of terrible crimes…

1.  Exposing the failure of the porkulus, and the fraud therein.

2.  Exposing ObamaCare’s Cloward-Piven status, and then showing how our predictions have come to pass.

3.  By supporting Conservative candidates that won big in 2010.

4.  By exposing the regressives in the MSM, and their lies.  And, come to think about it, gloating over their falling ratings.

6.  Where would GunRunner be as a story, if we had not helped expose it?

7.  Climategate, and every other hole in AGW the Big Lie, that are big enough to drive a truck through.

8.  Voter Fraud, and the Acorn nuts that did it.

9.  Czars, czars, everywhere a czar.

10.  How about how regressive policies cause the housing crisis.

11.  Why businesses refuse to hire.

12.  Unions and Communists living together.

13.  Why are our gas prices so high?  Could it be government policies?  It’s more likely than you think.

14  Where is ACORN?

15.  Union thuggery on display.

16.  Covering the reality of the Tea Party Movement, not just the MSM narrative.

17.  Pornoscanners, and molestation by the TSA.

18.  Planned Parenthood’s racism and failure to report child abuse.

19.  Exposing attempts at media control.

20.  Weiner’s weiner!

21.  Civil Discourse, and how the regressives are apparently immune to it.

22.  Public education failure.

23. Detroit, and why it is a steaming pile of failure.

24.  Individual freedom.

25.  The Constitution

26.  The Founders

27.  Illegal immigration, and the Americans that die as a result.

28.  How Obama cannot complete a sentence without a teleprompter.

29.  ObamaCare waivers, and why such a huge percentage go to Nancy Pelosi’s district?

30.  Plotting to vote out Obama and as many Dem members of Congress as humanly possible in 2012.

If you have written, spoken about, or thought about any of these, you are guilty of these crimes.  It is, therefore, your patriotic duty to turn yourself in to “Attack Watch.”  After all, reality cannot be allowed to interfere with the regressive narrative!

For your information, here is a video about “Attack Truth Watch,” via Michelle Malkin.

Who knows, maybe Snarky Basterd and I will have neighboring cells at gitmo?

Update:  The HillThe Gateway PunditThe Crawdad HoleNice Deb and AMERICAN DIGEST, have posts om this, and there is a Memeorandum Thread.



Useful Idiot of the Month: June 2011 Nomination Thread


Man, did June fly by us, or what?  Perhaps it was WeinerGate, or maybe Obama’s poll numbers, but something made June go like a “progressive” in the night.

At any rate, it’s time for nominations for Useful Idiot of the Month.  For those of you that are new to this, we spend some time nominating people for the award, and then use the last few days of the month to vote via a poll.  Lenin used the  term “useful idiots” to describe people in Western Nations that supported Communism.  Of course, if the Communists ever took over, most of the useful idiots were put to death.

Here’s the idea, there are a lot of idiots out there, but only a few are useful.  For example, Anthony Weiner is NOT an useful idiot, because tweeting his Weiner did nothing to advance the cause of Communism.  However, the local chapter of NOW in Weiner’s district are worthy due to their support of him.

Here are some ideas from your’s truly…

1.  Sheila Jackson Lee: For suggesting that “Christian Militants” are far more dangerous that Radical Islamists.

2.  Brooklyn/Queens Chapter of NOW: For standing by their man, Anthony Weiner, and his twitterific weiner.

3.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz: After her many gaffes, she might not be useful, but it isn’t for a lack of trying.

OK, folks, there are three.  Add yours in the comment section, and I’ll have a poll up for Monday.


Local NOW Chapter Supports Weiner


Isn’t it amazing to see just how far a liberal organization will lower itself to support a liberal politician?  For the latest example, here is what the Brookyln/Queens chapter of NOW, had to say about Anthony Weiner…

The women at NOW love their Weiner. The New York Daily News reported:

The head of the Brooklyn/Queens chapter of the National Organization for Women said she could separate Weiner’s sexcapades from the liberal track record that earned the group’s support.
“I wasn’t happy to discover that my congressman is a 14-year-old boy,” said Julie Kirshner, president of the NOW chapter.
“But he happens to be one of the best politicians out there, so we’re in a bad position. We’re trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

So, in honor of the NOW chapter kneeling before the defiant Weiner, I have this message…

Great job girls, now why don’t you scoot along and get me a cup of coffee?


And From the Cheap Seats, a Desperate Cry for Attention


It’s sad when public figures grow desperate for attention.  Some  crave it like a addict does his needle.  And like the addict, they will find any means necessary to get their fix-often with pathetic results.

For an example, take Meghan McCain.  The daughter of John McCain (RINO), she got a lot of MSM face time, and a book deal, out of bashing Conservatives, like Sarah Palin.  But, like many useful idiots, she has been increasingly less useful to the left.  To remedy this lack of attention, she engaged in the following pathetic display…

Anthony Weiner Tweeted Me

A few days after Anthony Weiner tried to send a 21-year-old college student a picture of his wiener he also Tweeted me, but it’s not what you think.

I remember seeing Congressman Weiner’s Twitter account before his scandal and I was impressed by his use of the hashtag. His account, unlike most other politicians, seemed like it was written by him and not his press secretary or member of his staff. It was one of the reasons that I told The New York Times that Weiner was my favorite Democrat along with his outrageous YouTube rants. I’ve also been a fan of Huma Abedin, his wife, ever since I met her a few years ago.

On May 29, Weiner publicly thanked me for “my kind words in The New York Times and for [my] support of gay marriage.” His Tweet has since been retweeted to me a lot this week, with a lot of bad puns and poorly constructed jokes attached. I had started following him back on Twitter. Although, let it be said, I did not receive any direct messages from the congressman.

Well, you can click to read the rest.

It strikes me that she is trying to associate herself with the event, but  at the same time, distancing herself from the more, shall we say,  “weiner-ific” aspects of it.  That is like trying to jump in the pool without getting wet.  Needless to say, she fails miserably.

To engage in an effort to associate oneself with the most ironically named political train wreck of all time is pathetic, but Meghan rose to the occasion.


WeinerGate Update: Weiner Finds his "Certitude," Admits Sending Lewd Tweet


Well, after over a week of denials, obfuscaition, and calling the police on reporters, Anthony Weiner finally admitted that he sent the infamous pic of his…well…weiner.

Here is the video, via The Other McCain…

So, after making a fool of himself for over a week (like a decade in political news), Weiner finally came clean about his weiner.  Predictably, he states that he will not resign.  This is wholly consistent with the current trend in politics; men and women with insufficient honor to either avoid unethical behavior, or have the good sense to quit when they are caught.

This leaves Weiner in difficult situation.  Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation (and those ObamaCare waivers in your district?), and the DCCC is agreeing.  So, Anthony seems to be looking upward, only to see the bottom of the bus.  However, I would expect little to come of it.  It may be one of those things politicians say to make headlines, but where the rubber hits the road, there might be little action.  By then, attention would have already gone to another matter.

On another note, he did apologize to Andrew Breitbart.  Being a liberal, I’m surprised that he didn’t burst into flames.

This has been, by a country mile, the most ironic story of the year, if not the decade.  And with a few bloggers covering it, it showed the power of the alternative media.  Let’s face it- if RS McCain, Ace of Spades, TCOTS, The Daley Gator, and other bloggers haven’t covered it, the MSM would have buried it in a heartbeat.   So, congrats to all the covered this story so well.

BTW, I call Schadenfreude.


WeinerGate Update: June 3, 2011


As I make my rounds and peruse the latest about WeinerGate, I want to scream at the man…


The answer, apparently, is no he does not. When he didn’t report this to the authorities?  Why is he calling the cops on reporters?  What is he hiding?  (heh-heh)

At any rate, Anthony Weiner is perpetuating WeinerGate.  So you can catch up on all the incredible irony that he’s perpetuating, here is our nightly roundup…

The Other McCain

Because I Know What’s News

Wow! Strange Plot Twists in #WeinerGate’s Third Act

Brutal. Simply Brutal.

Da Tech Guy

But I’m a Cheerleader Democrat!

The MSM will put up with a lot of things if you are a liberal…

Survival of the Media Fittest

The Daley Gator

And now, a word from my blogging role model

Weiner Calls Cops On Reporter Who Asks For An Interview

King Shamus

Dick In A Tweet

Manhattan Infidel

Many Politicians Get into Hot Water Over Twitter Posts

Republican Redefined

Anthony Weiner Calls Cops… on CBS Reporter Asking Weinergate Questions

Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

What Happens When a Man Thinks with His Weiner

Sister Toldjah

Anthony Weiner: serious question

NonSensible Shoes

Weinergate – Why I’m so done with it.

Ace of Spades HQ

Overnight Open Thread

Paul Begala (D-Waterboy): Weinergate Bores Me. Hey Look, A Fat Guy in a Helicopter!!1!1!! [Dan Cleary]

Could “Ginger Lee” Really Have Mistaken a “Pro Forma” Message For a Personalized DM?
Update: How Did I Miss This? Ginger Lee Said The Magic “Please DM Me” Words

Strip Poker: “PatriotUSA76” Is Irrelevant

There you have it folks.  Enjoy your weekends!


It's Time for the Nightly WeinerGate Wrap-up


Because you always have to wrap that rascal.

It’s been another Weinerific day, with denials, inconsistencies, and the like.  Weiner still hasn’t come to understand that it’s his actions that are keeping this story going, and the irony just keeps building.  So, to review, here is a selection of links from the CH 2.0 blogroll.

Ace of Spades HQ

Wolf Blitzer Asking Weiner The Most Candy-Cane Questions Possible

And Here We Go: Weiner Said He’s Hiring “Private Security Firm” to Handle Matter

No Seriously We’re Going To Put Up Other News, But, Just This

Hot Air

Weiner: Hey, I’m saving taxpayers money by not getting the cops involved in this;Update: Blitzer interview video added; Update: New theory in Weiner’s defense; Update: Or not?

Weiner: “Can’t say with certitude” that photo wasn’t of him

Legal Insurrection

Reader Poll: Will Anthony Weiner Resign Prior To The Next Election?

The Camp of the Saints

Weiner Snits-Full: Starring Ginger Lee

The Daley Gator

Hot Dog Anthony Weiner: “I Can’t Say With Certitude” The Image Is Not Of Me

Weiner Jumps the Shark: Can’t Say “With Certitude” if Photo is Him | Verum Serum

Verum Serum

Five Damning Facts of Weinergate, Plus a Word on “Harassment”

The Other McCain

All the Weiner You Can Handle: Why MSM Can’t Ignore This Scandal Now

Oh, My: In NBC Interview, Weiner Won’t Deny Authenticity of Lewd PhotoUPDATE: Interview Video Added

#WeinerGate: Where the Story Goes Next

Official #WeinerGate Theme Song

Doug Ross

Weiner’s little problem: why does the housekeeper’s son look like a miniature ‘Conan the Barbarian’?


Help Me Bring the Weiner Hacker to Justice

Well, there you go folks.  Just remember, that in the end, the lefties will blame Breitbart, Palin, or George Bush for this.





Late Night WeinerGate Update Linkfest


The sad thing about WeinerGate, at least for me, is that it is moving fast- and with the day job, I can’t write about it as it happens.  However, I know I’m not alone in that area, so here is another linkfest to update everyone.

The Other McCain

#WeinerGate OMFG! @RepWeiner Gives Worst Press Conference EVAH! (Video)

The Power of Simple Sentences

Da Tech Guy, Da Columnist
UPDATE: While Praying Pete Is Lifted Up, Guess Who’s Still Falling Down?

The AOSHQ Legal Department: Now Offering Advice to Victims of ‘Pranks’

Hot Air

Weiner 2009: Cyberattacks are real “and demand immediate action”

Weiner on being hacked: Hey, it happens; Update: GOP congressman calls for investigation; Update: Angry exchange with CNN

Weiner: Let’s move on, shall we?

Da Tech Guy

Joe Scarborough you really blew it today!

DaTechGuy in Da New York Post

This will be a very significant episode of Morning Joe This morning

Legal Insurrection

Uh huh

King Shamus

Circle the Wagons-The MSM Puts Protection On It’s Weiner

Our own, Manhattan Infidel

Weiner Exposed!

The Camp of the Saints

An Array Of Odd Elements [Updated Below: Bring Me The Head of Anthony’s Weiner!][‘Worst Press Conference EVAH!’]

Maggie’s Note Book

The Anthony Weiner Weenie Story: Weiner Won’t Say If It’s His Weenie

Doug Ross

Kudos to CNN’s Dana Bash: Absolutely Shreds Anthony’s Weiner Over His Refusal to State Whether He Tweeted the Weiner (Transcript)

Ace of Spades HQ

Place Your Bets

Weiner to Media: Respect My Silence On This Affair

CNN’s Dana Bash, other Reporters Destroys Weiner
“Refer to My (Spokesman’s) Statements;” “Allow Me To Make A Point About The Debt Ceiling”

Isn’t Weiner on the Commerce and Energy Committees?

If the Conservative Media Wants To Bury This Too, Congratulations, You’re About To Win

Steny Hoyer: “This Could Happen To Anybody”

The Daily Caller: Weiner’s Spokesman Has Been Asked Four Times If The Picture Is Of His Junk And Has Declined To Answer
Update: Sure Would Be Nice If We Had Some Kind of Counter-Liberal Conservative Press Which Could Report Things Like This

Lonely Conservative

I Did Not Have Twitter Relations With That Woman….

Verum Serum

How Do You Spell Awkward? W-E-I-N-E-R (Update: The Full Evasive Maneuvers Clip)

The Daley Gator

If Congressman Weiner Had His Own TV Show, what Would It Be Called?

And The Weinergate Bloggerama Continues

I wonder if Anthony sings the Oscar Meyer Weiner song-to himself?


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About WeinerGate, but Were Afraid to Ask


Apparently, while I was working on a project (that I’ll be announcing in a few days),  the entire “WeinerGate” saga started.  Here’s the basic idea, in two steps:

1.  A Tweet is sent from Congressman Anthony Weiner’s account.  It shows a man in underwear, and well…he seem’s… rather, shall we saaaaay, “excited” to be photographed?

2.  Hilarity ensues.

To catch you up on the unfolding saga is WeinerGate, here are a collection of links from the CH 2.0 blogroll.

Yet Another Twitterrific Weinergate Update

Your Monday Morning Weinergate Update

More On Weinergate From The Ace Of Spades

Weinergate: Congressman Claims “Facebook Hacked” As Lewd Photo Hits Twitter

Anthony Weiner’s, um, weiner?

Weiner Thrown On The Grill [Updated Below]

Yup I’d hire a lawyer too if someone hacked my twitter account

The Weiner case: There is spin and there is SPIN

Interesting Items in the Weiner story have arisen…

Hey MSM any old Twit(erer) understands what Rep Weiner’s numbers mean

Anthony Weiner and how to be a reporter

BREAKING: Weiner Lawyers Up! UPDATE: In CNN Interview, Weiner Dismisses Hacking as ‘Prank’

Ace Is Suffering Weiner Overload

The Curious Case of the Weiner-Following (And Weiner-Followed) Teenage Girl

@JoanWalsh Blames @AndrewBreitbart and #tcot Bloggers for #WeinerGate Story

#WeinerGate Victim Gennette Cordova Issues Statement: ‘I Cannot Answer the Questions That I Do Not Have the Answers To’; Describes Her Reaction

MSM Starting to Cover ‘WeinerGate’ UPDATE: More Details Now Emerging UPDATE: Weiner DM’d a Porn Star?

Weiner’s Wiener?
UPDATE: Who Is ‘Gennette Nicole’?
UPDATE: Questions Piling Up

#Vindicated!: Anthony Weiner Announces He Will Not Be Suing Ace of Spades For Defamation

Anthony Weiner Retains Counsel…Not To Defend Himself But To Advise Him About “What Civil Or Criminal Actions Should Be Taken”

Full Cached Version of Picture Recovered?

The Comely Coed to the New York Daily News: Um, I Didn’t Say That

Transcript: Weiner stiffens defenses against #Weinergate “distraction”, lawyers up, and insists that we all “move on”

Now that @GennetteNicole has broken her #Weinergate silence, I have just a couple of questions for her and @RepWeiner

The Complete #Weinergate Timeline: Crack investigative journalists at Politico ignore overwhelming evidence it really was Weiner’s wiener

Photos: Anthony Weiner’s Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend is a 21-Year Old Coed, only 25 Years Younger Than the Married Congressman

Anthony’s Weiner Makes Underwhelming Twitter Debut

Weinergate: Teensy Weensy Anthony Weiner, That Is

So, enjoy the roundup, and remember- Twitter and Weiners don’t mix.  Or should that be, “never Tweet your Weiner? ”

Image H/T: No Sheeples Here


Useful Idiot of the Month: March 2011


Well folks, the nomination process is done.  And now, it is time to vote for the Useful Idiot of the Month.

Here are your candidates for this symbol of disdain:

Barak Hussein Obama: The messiah spendulus maximus, the ditherer in chief, takes sides with who the heck knows who, the empty suit.  Clarification:  He dithers only AFTER golfing, partying, and making his brackets.  Priorities, you know.

Anthony Weiner: He gives Oscar Mayer a bad name.

Organized Labor: For hanging out with the Marxists, beating people up, threatening businesses, death threats, vandalism, and general thuggery.

Stephen Lerner: The lefty who proposes to collapse the economy.

It’s a short list, but have at it.  The poll will be up for two days.  Enjoy!

[poll id=”27″]


Nation of Emotional Cripples Bans Bullying


Stunned by recent incidents of schoolyard bullying, and heeding the cry of Hollywood to do something, the House passed a resolution calling for an end to “all bullying and unnice behavior” in the entire United States “unless said bullying is directed at a monster such as Sarah Palin.”

The House resolution was introduced by Anthony Weiner, (D-NY) of the ninth congressional district.  During a moving speech that had himself and many members of the House in tears, congressman Weiner recounted painful incidents from his childhood when he was bullied:

I remember it like it was yesterday.  It has seared my consciousness.  In 8th grade I was chosen last for the volleyball team in gym class.  I was so humiliated I went home, cried, played my Simon and Garfunkel albums and read the Lord of the Rings trilogy to get my mind off things.  As I lay in bed that night, dreaming of escaping my troubles with Frodo and Samwise Gamgee I decided then and there to dedicate my life to social justice.  Never again in my America would a man with no athletic ability whatsoever be chosen last.  I mean just because I throw like a girl –

And here Weiner broke down, sobbing, unable to continue.

After paramedics gave Weiner oxygen and placed him on a stretcher it was Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) chance to talk about the anti-bullying resolution.

I can identify with my younger colleague.  I too have been bullied.  I too have been humiliated.  In high school I asked Julie Davidson to the prom.  I had been in love with this girl since the 4th grade. I finally got the courage to speak to her.  I walked right up to her and asked her if she would go to the prom with me.  She laughed and called me a “doofus.”  All her girlfriends she was with laughed at me too.  I felt so embarrassed my ballsack retreated up into my throat.  It had to be surgically extracted.  I vowed then and there that never again in my America would a nerdy doofus be denied the opportunity to take an attractive woman to the prom.  I yield the balance of my time but not before saying – bullying – never again!  Bullying!  Never again!  Unless it’s directed at Sarah Palin or her slut children.

The House resolution, in addition to banning bullying mandates that all sporting events must contain at least five nonathletic nerds who throw like girls.  Also, whenever possible games must end in a tie to ensure that “everyone feels good about themselves and those who would have lost aren’t traumatized.”

Cheer leading squads must contain “four ugly girls with braces, at least three one-legged girls and if at all possible one manly hermaphrodite.”

The House resolution will now be sent to the Senate where it is expected to pass easily, thanks to Harry Reid (D-NV) who often sits alone in dark room, crying because he used to wet the bed. Often.  In college. And law school.  And the floor of the Senate.

Original Post: Manhattan Infidel