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You Know America Is In Trouble When You Have To Depend On The Likes Of Google And Apple To Protect Your Freedoms

  The march toward an Orwellian police state is picking up speed. From NSA spying, to Swat Teams swarming a company’s offices because they may or may not be using appropriate accounting practices, to the EPA ordering a family to tear down their house because it was built where mud puddles sometimes for making it a protected wet-lands, to the DOJ tapping the phones of journalists, to citizens losing all rights of due process if “suspected” of being a terrorist, and much more, your rights, as supposedly protected by our constitution and its Bill of Rights, are being eroded away […]

Star Fleet Establishes New Guidelines for Communicator Use

Yes, Captain. I’ve seen your penis before. No need to send me another selfie. Still reeling from the suspension of James T. Kirk for “inappropriate selfie sending“, the United Federation of Planets has implemented new procedures governing communicator protocol. “These communicators are for official business” said the president of the Federation of Planets. We can’t have our officers using them to send out pictures of their private regions.  It’s nonmilitary.  It’s bad for morale.  And it clutters the Federation servers.  We almost missed an attack by a Klingon Bird of Prey when our network crashed because of Kirk’s thousands of […]

New iPhone 5s: Same Old iPhone 5, Now with an “s”

It appears that the new iPhone 5s is being greeted with a less than enthusiastic response.  Even the Daily Beast is in on the action… I know, it’s probably bad karma to link the Daily Beast, but the video is actually funny, and since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has been rather stale.  I can honestly say that I have never been one to shell out the extra, and unnecessary cash to own an Apple product. Windows and Linux computers have suited me just fine, as have Android phones and tablets.  I get all the functionality, at a fraction […]

Ashley Judd Thinks Buying Apple Products Sponsors Mass Rape?

You know, I can usually parse feminazi comments and ideology.  Basic tenants seem to be… 1.  Their imaginary adversary, the Patriarchy, is everywhere (except when a certain Democratic Senator violates some under-aged  Dominican hookers.  That is apparently OK). 2.  The Patriarchy meets in secret to ruin and kill women (but gender selection abortions are a God given right). 3.  Everything represents rape (unless Democratic politicians empower rapists by disarming women-then it’s OK). 4.  If you are a white male, you are likely a rapist (unless you’re Bill Clinton-then that woman did lie). 5.  The Judeo-Christian God is the final boss […]

Apple Enters Partnership With The Borg

The Borg Collective and Apple Computers have announced an exclusive and far-reaching partnership that will transform and update the Borg Model and make it competitive in the interstellar marketplace.  In a statement released today Apple CEO Tim Cook said: Apple is excited about this new partnership and recognize the galaxy-wide brand name of the Borg.  We feel that this new initiative will help the Borg tap into the youth market here on Earth.  We welcome the Borg Queen onto our Board of Directors and look forward to a long and profitable relationship. Apple also revealed the first Borg to be […]

RIP Steve Jobs

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Remember when we had to type computer commands manually to make anything happen-when computers simply displayed black and white text characters…and nothing more?  Remember when a mouse was only considered to be vermin?  For those of us old enough to remember, using a computer, while really cool, was a also a complete pain.  Ever write a 30 page paper in college using Wordstar?  Then, you know what I mean.  One man did more than anyone else to make computer use easy and intuitive.  That man was Steve Jobs.  In founding Apple computer, Jobs oversaw the creation of one breakthrough after […]

Sunday Links: Classic Computer Commerical Edition

Well, another week has come and gone.  The Japanese are still in trouble with their melting nuclear cores.  The Libyan “Kinetic military action to aid extremists” rumbles, bumbles, and stumbles its way along.  The union bosses are still deploying the goons.  And the POTUS is still the empty suit that well…acts like an Manchurian candidate in an empty suit.  Geraldine Ferraro and Elizabeth Taylor passed away.  It was a busy news week, and we were all very busy with the business of blogging. But, as always, I have a distraction, along with some links, to hopefully give you some enjoyment.  Last week, when […]