You Know America Is In Trouble When You Have To Depend On The Likes Of Google And Apple To Protect Your Freedoms


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The march toward an Orwellian police state is picking up speed. From NSA spying, to Swat Teams swarming a company’s offices because they may or may not be using appropriate accounting practices, to the EPA ordering a family to tear down their house because it was built where mud puddles sometimes for making it a protected wet-lands, to the DOJ tapping the phones of journalists, to citizens losing all rights of due process if “suspected” of being a terrorist, and much more, your rights, as supposedly protected by our constitution and its Bill of Rights, are being eroded away by the day. More and more our government is treating us as if we are all potential enemies of the all-powerful state. Spying: eavesdropping on our phone conversations, reading our emails, and reading our text messages, and reading our twitter comments, is the worst infringement of our rights because, of course, we are  unaware of when it is happening to us and, therefore, we can’t complain to the authority that is doing the illegal search and seizure. (Not that it would do any good.)

Those that can afford them are buying encrypted cell phones in order to have some modicum of privacy. Many of these encrypted phones sound an alarm when they detect an attempt to intercept your conversation. In that way, people have noted what are called “interceptor” cell towers at various places across the country. There a a number of them, not surprisingly, around Capitol Hill. It’s, also, not surprising that the government is very unhappy about this encryption technology and is demanding that companies either stop making the devices or, at least, give the government a “back door” so they can continue their spying, which they claim is for our own good.

This Lew Rockwell.Com article tells us that Apple and Google have begun encrypting the data of their customers so that no one, including Apple and Google and the government  can have “plaintext” access to it. The government is letting them know that this is unacceptable. You know your freedoms are in trouble if you have to depend on the liberal infected billionaire CEO’s of Apple and Google to defend your rights. The author of this article made some poignant observations:

Fools say, “If you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.” This might be true, or partly true, or sometimes true, or occasionally plausible, if government were benevolent. It isn’t.


The mere knowledge that one is watched, or may be being watches, is enough to subvert political freedom. Already journalists have to assume that their communications are intercepted, and sources, assuming the same thing, stop being sources.

We are in the cross-hairs and what happens in the next very few years will determine in what direction we go. And when we have to depend on commercial companies like Apple and Google to protect us from our government, things are bad.


What goes through the minds of those who are doing this to us? In my former guise as a police reporter I knew a few FBI types. They were pathologically normal, smelled of too much soap and wholesomeness, resembled armed accountants with the other-worldly assurance of scientologists. They were deeply convinced that they were the Angels Gabriel protecting us from whatever, including ourselves—and they were as intellectual as colonels, which is to say as intellectual as fire plugs. In particular, they did not think in terms of constitutional liberties. Since their intentions were good, they figured that nobody should interfere with them. And they were on a power trip, as we used to say.

That “We from the government and we’re here to help you’ meme is getting really old.

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Bloomberg reports by way of Zero Hedge what FBI Director, James Comey, thinks about citizens evading government spying via encryption:

FBI Director James Comey said yesterday that companies like Apple and Google should be required to build surveillance capabilities into their products to help law enforcement with their probes.

“if the challenges of real time data interception threatened to leave us in the dark, encryption threatens to lead us all to a very dark place.”

Poor babies! You all might have to get off your asses and do some real police work.

Comey had more to say:

“Those charged with protecting our people aren’t always able to access the evidence we need to prosecute crime and prevent terrorism even with lawful authority,” Comey said in the published speech. “We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications and information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so.”

Yes, Director. Your legal authority begins and ends with a “court order”. So, where is the court order covering all of those interceptor cell towers that indiscriminately listen to any calls within its range?

So, my friends, if can scrap up the money and you want just little bit of privacy in your life, you had better by your encrypted phone now while they are still legal. I wouldn’t count on Apple and Google to resist government pressure for very long.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?





Star Fleet Establishes New Guidelines for Communicator Use


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Yes, Captain.  I've seen your penis before.  No need to send me another selfie.

Yes, Captain. I’ve seen your penis before. No need to send me another selfie.

Still reeling from the suspension of James T. Kirk for “inappropriate selfie sending“, the United Federation of Planets has implemented new procedures governing communicator protocol.

“These communicators are for official business” said the president of the Federation of Planets.

We can’t have our officers using them to send out pictures of their private regions.  It’s nonmilitary.  It’s bad for morale.  And it clutters the Federation servers.  We almost missed an attack by a Klingon Bird of Prey when our network crashed because of Kirk’s thousands of images of his penis. That’s no way to run an interstellar organization.

The trouble for Star Fleet began when they signed an exclusive contract with Apple to give all employees new Apple communicators with graphics capability.

The old communicators were no-nonsense and pure military.  All you could do was call someone.  They fit the purpose for which they were supposed to be used.  But then some admiral started complaining because he wanted to send photos of himself on the bridge to his grandchildren.  So we contacted Apple.   I wasn’t happy about the new communicators.  It was a drastic change in culture. But hey, you have to keep admirals happy.

Soon after the new communicators were distributed the trouble started.  While on a mission to try to convince the Halkan council to mine more dilithium crystals, Kirk created an international incident by sending a photo of his penis to the council leader’s daughter.

He claimed it wasn’t him, that he was in some parallel universe and it must have been his evil doppelganger.  We didn’t believe him but we let it go because, at the time, it was an isolated incident.

But soon the selfies were being sent by everybody.

Who knew Star Fleet officers could be so horny.  Everyone was sending photos of their penis.  Kirk, Spock, McCoy. Hell, even Uhura was sending photos of her penis which kind of freaked us all out since no one even knew she was a tranny.

Under General Order no. 37, any Star Fleet officer who “sends a photo commonly known as a selfie or otherwise makes known his genitalia in a nonmilitary fashion will be docked two weeks vacation time.”

As for Captain Kirk, he has issued a statement apologizing for his actions and announced that he will be entering a rehab center on the planet of Risa.

“Risa?  Great.  Well, at least he’ll be too busy to send selfies” said the president.+

Original Post: Manhattan Infidel


New iPhone 5s: Same Old iPhone 5, Now with an “s”


It appears that the new iPhone 5s is being greeted with a less than enthusiastic response.  Even the Daily Beast is in on the action…

I know, it’s probably bad karma to link the Daily Beast, but the video is actually funny, and since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has been rather stale.  I can honestly say that I have never been one to shell out the extra, and unnecessary cash to own an Apple product. Windows and Linux computers have suited me just fine, as have Android phones and tablets.  I get all the functionality, at a fraction of the cost.  I have used Apple products (owned by friends), and while they are OK, I have never been blown away by them.

And, let’s be honest, if this level of criticism keeps up, Apple to going to take a big hit in market share.  If they want to keep charging a lot more for their products, they need to blow people away.  From what I’m seeing, the iPhone 5s isn’t getting it done.


Ashley Judd Thinks Buying Apple Products Sponsors Mass Rape?


You know, I can usually parse feminazi comments and ideology.  Basic tenants seem to be…

1.  Their imaginary adversary, the Patriarchy, is everywhere (except when a certain Democratic Senator violates some under-aged  Dominican hookers.  That is apparently OK).

2.  The Patriarchy meets in secret to ruin and kill women (but gender selection abortions are a God given right).

3.  Everything represents rape (unless Democratic politicians empower rapists by disarming women-then it’s OK).

4.  If you are a white male, you are likely a rapist (unless you’re Bill Clinton-then that woman did lie).

5.  The Judeo-Christian God is the final boss of the feminists (But Allah and his prophet Mohammed apparently gets a pass).

I could go on, but in short, feminist ideology is a batsh*t insane set of odd concepts that are completely devoid of reality.  As Limbaugh would put it (and I’m paraphrasing here), it really is about providing ugly women access to more influence and power.

Enter Ashley Judd, the puffy faced actor that is now contemplating a Senate run in Kentucky.  She has now gone where even I didn’t think the feminists could go. Weasel Zippers has more…

Via Daily Caller:

Using graphic language in an opinion piece about “conflict minerals,” potential U.S. Senate candidate Ashley Judd in 2010 accused those who buy Apple products of “financing mass rape.”

“Apple is known for the clean lines of their products, the alluring simplicity of their designs,” Judd wrote in the article. “Dare I….go so far….as to suggest…this signature cleanness is stained by the shit and urine of raped women’s leaking fistulas?”

Judd, the Hollywood actress and liberal activist considering a run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, made the comments in an article on her website, which is  titled “Costs of Convenience.”

Keep reading…

If you go to the article at the DC, they discuss Ashley Judd’s puffy face’s claim that Apple products might used materials mined in areas that are controlled by not so nice people.  Yet, does she whine about oil from the middle east, where women are kept as property, abused, mutilated, raped, and exploited?  Does she complain about the growing trend of gender selection abortions, and how her party consistently refuses to stop the murder of baby girls?  Does she favor disarming women, so rapists have an easier time of it?  Or, is she just another moonbat and political whore?  Time will tell, but I’m thinking she’ll be a good girl and kneel before her Democratic masters.


Apple Enters Partnership With The Borg


The old Borg - clumsy, limited graphics capability and unreliable cloud technology

The Borg Collective and Apple Computers have announced an exclusive and far-reaching partnership that will transform and update the Borg Model and make it competitive in the interstellar marketplace.  In a statement released today Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

Apple is excited about this new partnership and recognize the galaxy-wide brand name of the Borg.  We feel that this new initiative will help the Borg tap into the youth market here on Earth.  We welcome the Borg Queen onto our Board of Directors and look forward to a long and profitable relationship.

Apple also revealed the first Borg to be released under the new joint company called “Bopple.”   The iBorg (pictured here) The new Borg! will be a significant upgrade from the previously recognized Borg.  Gone will the old clumsy humanoid-computer hardware model.  In its place will be a slimmer, sleeker, hipper Borg.

The new iBorg will also come with secure cloud computing.

While we recognize that the Borg were pioneers in the Cloud computing industry, their old “cloud collective” was not without significant security failures.  How else do you explain Data being able to plant a command in the Borg regenerative subcommand path telling the Borg to go to sleep?  That’s a serious breach of security right there.  I mean, Jesus, haven’t the Borg ever heard of a firewall?

The new iBorg “Collective” will be cloud-computed at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Our servers are much more secure and will be able to accommodate the iBorg more efficently. 

The recreational side of the Borg will not be overlooked either.  The iBorg will come with iTunes built into their operating system.

Well we want our partners to have a well-rounded universe-view.  Sure assimilating other cultures may be rewarding.  But what do you do on your downtime?  How does a Borg relax?  We believe having iTunes built into the Borg will significantly increase their happiness.

Already the iBorg is back-ordered.  Customers have been camped out at Apple stores across the country for the chance to be the first to buy one.

As for the Borg themselves, the Borg queen expressed satisfaction with the partnership and looks forward to the day when “Apple will be totally assimilated by us.”

“Yeah, there are still some issues to be resolved” said Cook. “But we are confident none will be deal-breakers.”

The iBorg retails for $2995 for the 32 terabyte and $5200 for the 64 terabyte edition.

Adapter not included.


RIP Steve Jobs


Remember when we had to type computer commands manually to make anything happen-when computers simply displayed black and white text characters…and nothing more?  Remember when a mouse was only considered to be vermin?  For those of us old enough to remember, using a computer, while really cool, was a also a complete pain.  Ever write a 30 page paper in college using Wordstar?  Then, you know what I mean.  One man did more than anyone else to make computer use easy and intuitive.  That man was Steve Jobs.  In founding Apple computer, Jobs oversaw the creation of one breakthrough after another, changing how the world interacted with technology in the process.  Even is you have never owned an Apple computer, Jobs  influenced how you use your Windows of Linux machines.  The use if GUIs, the mouse, and simply a computer that is easy to use, were all brought to market by Apple.  Even if they didn’t originate them, Apple popularized them, and made them as basic as point and click.  Jobs passed away yesterday at age 56.

All I can say is “thank you.”

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Sunday Links: Classic Computer Commerical Edition


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But, as always, I have a distraction, along with some links, to hopefully give you some enjoyment.  Last week, when I was going over possible themes, I stumbled upon some old computer commercials.  So, to give us a look at how far we have come with our technology, here are some great Conservative links, and some old commercials.

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