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Articles of Confederation

Taking America Back One Bit At A Time -Part 2:The Making of America

Part 1 of this series, Introduction, can be found here The Making of America .This will be a very broad brush review of our Founding. Conservatives more than most know the history of how America came to be. It is the Taking of America we need to understand better. The original settlements of what is now the Eastern sea board of the United States of America were colonies of England. The people were subjects of the crown no less the people of England and for the most part they were content with being Englishmen. They  were almost uniformly Christians. That […]

The American Left Shamelessly Follow The Principles Behind The French Revolution Instead Of Those Of The American Revolution

It is only fair that I start out by telling you that I am not a fan of the French. Intellectually I know that it is wrong to judge a people and their history because of a handful of distasteful experiences. But, what can I tell you? I’m not totally sure where my angst comes from. I suspect it may have started with World War II movies and learning how General Patton and his troops were ordered to stand aside and allow that pompous ass, General Charles de Gaulle, to lead his French Resistance fighters into Paris as the “liberators”. […]

We Know About the Federalist Papers. What About the Anti-Federalist Papers?

Constitutional scholars, federal justices, and lawyers who try cases in federal courts and the Supreme Court often go to the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist papers and other historic documents to get to the original intent of our constitution. Although my education on American history was woefully lacking, I was, at least, aware the something called the Federalist Papers existed. It was decades later when I actually read any of the Federalist Papers and then only about ten of the eighty-five or more papers. It was only recently that I decided it might be educational to find out what those opposed to the […]