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Atlas Shrugged

Is it Time to go Galt? Some Simple Ways to Avoid Feeding the Beast

Since our Republic is essentially on it’s deathbed, and Obama’s hand is poised on the plug for the final pull, many are contemplating their role in the new order.  Do we quietly acquiesce, and accept our enslavement, or do we try to sabotage the nanny state by refusing be be sucked dry?  Well, there is a way to legally and ethically resist the beast-it’s called “going Galt.”   If you are unaware  “going Galt” is a reference to Ayn Rand’s prophetic novel, Atlas Shrugged, in which the producers in a future America tire of being vilified and robbed by a nanny state.  Their response […]

Batboy Named Algae Czar

DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS — Fresh off blowing hot air at the press about the dire need to move U.S. energy dependence from oil to algae, President Barack Downgrade Obama today took daring steps, naming Batboy as the nation’s first Algae Czar.In his first official decree, Batboy, who has lived openly in public for 27 years as Congresscriminal Henry Waxman from California, announced the president will issue an executive order later today to create the Dental Algae Reclamation Project, to be funded by confiscated tax returns of the 1%. “Never before in our history has it been more important to explore alternative energy, what with vast […]

What Went Wrong with the American Experiment and When?

A very important question, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s a question that in one form or another has been the focus of many posts on the blogosphere for a long time. Recently, one of my regulars on Guest Saturday have taken-on this question; Brian at Frankenstein Government in his post “Critical  Mass…When Exactly Did We Lose Control of Our Country” addresses the question directly. I want to share this article with you not because the author is a collaborator  here at Conservatives On Fire but because I found his approach to this important question very interesting and I hope you will as well. The first […]