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Brutal Civil War Rages on Island of Misfit Toys

For years Santa had stopped at the Island of Misfit Toys.  But no more. “I wouldn’t go near that place anymore” said Santa.  “It’s more dangerous than Mexico, Afghanistan or Detroit.” The culprit is politics.  For years the Island of Misfit Toys had been ruled by King Moonracer (pictured here), an absolute, hereditary monarch.  But not all were happy with his rule.  Chief among them was Charlie-in-the-Box (seen here.) Charlie, who sees himself as the Island’s resident intellectual, had taken to reading the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence.  Dissatisfied with his position as a subject he began to push for more […]

Liberals Lies: Stalin Committed No Crimes

We’ve been covering the fact that liberals always blame something or someone else for their failures.  It also appears that they are busily attempting to cover up the atrocities committed in the name of “social justice.”  The following is a video showing a professor proudly claiming that not only did people not die under communism, but that old Joe Stalin was a really neat guy… It’s easy to ignore history when you deny it.  But it still means that you get to relive it’s mistakes.  These people are no better than holocaust deniers…and they are “educators.”

Great Lessons in Blogging: Take a Look at the Source Before Hitting “Publish”


We’ve all been there before.  We see a really cool looking headline, and go into a frenzy in order to publish it.  After all, you want to get to it before Verum Serum or The Other McCain manage to post it.  So, you hurriedly get a post together, and hit the publish button.  But, there is something wrong.  Take this headline, for example… Occupy Wall Street Using Prostitutes to Deter Rapists For a guy whose spent the last few weeks beating OWS to death with the truth of their own nature, I would hit this like the fist of an […]