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Baby Boomers

Americans Under Sixty; You Have My Condolences

Yes, you have my condolences and my apologies. You see, the youngest of my generation (pre-boomer) and the eldest baby boomers … well, we lived the American dream and while we were doing that, we unintentionally put the screws to you. We did this by buying into the meme that bigger is better: bigger city governments, bigger state governments, bigger federal government, bigger government programs, bigger pension plans for government works, banks so big we can’t allow them to fail, and worst of all we bought into using bigger and bigger debt to pay for all the goodies we wanted […]

Baby Boomers: The Selfish Generation

Let me preface this piece with a few necessities.  First, I grew up being told that my generation (X) was the worst.  We were lazy, the television generation who expected everything to be given to us.  No doubt every generation before mine had to deal with the same “when I was your age”, self-absorbed and forward blaming rhetoric.  Never mind that we are the product of our parents (how did we become the television generation?). Second, this isn’t an unthoughtful whining or a blind pointing at my parents for all of the world’s woes.  I always found it somewhat sickening […]

Your Government At Work…Who Is Responsible? Who Will Fix It?

Take a look at these three snippets from recent news articles. From Breitbart: Reports indicate U.S. soldiers and British Royal Marines have been urged to show “courageous constraint” by not shooting Taliban members spotted planting IEDs. From Fox News A Mexican telecom mogul who holds the title of world’s richest man, and one of President Obama’s top donors are both getting even richer from the U.S. government program that supplies so-called “Obamaphones” to the poor. Also from Fox News The U.S. government paid a Chicago consultant hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on diversity training workshops that, according to […]

Scary Numbers and Data: Record Number of Americans Take More Than They Give

Anyone who has been paying attention already knows that about 50% of Americans pay no federal income taxes. That number alone should give us all pause. But, according to this Fox News articlethe situation is much worse. “Right now about 70 percent of Americans take more out of the tax system than  they put into it, according to the Tax Foundation,” Brooks said.”That’s  something that should really alarm a lot of Americans.” (Bold added) So, if the American Enterprise Institute is correct and 70% of the people take out more than they put in, then only 30% of the people are carrying the load […]

The Revenge of the "Worst Generation"

I have often said to my mother, who is a baby boomer and liberal, that my generation (Gen X), would have to clean up the mess that her generation left behind.   As time wears on, that statement rings more and more true. Remember the polling that CBS did last summer?  It showed that the Tea Parties are not slack jawed rednecks that hate people with dark skin.  It showed that the average Tea Party participant is in their early 40s’, makes slightly more than median income, and is more educated that average.  Frankly, that fits me rather nicely, and if […]

Baby Boomers Bombed

Many of you have probably figured out by now that Jon Hayward (formerly  Doctor Zero  and now writing full-time for Human Events) is one of my favorite conservative writers. He has written another thought-provoking article titled “The Boomer Bust” or “Boomers reap what they didn’t bother to sew”.  It’s well worth reading the entire article, which isn’t very long. Although I am arguably John’s biggest fan, I’m compelled to differ with his depiction of the Baby Boomers in some aspects. But, before I get into that, let me share the initial part of his essay. Then I will add my comments. The Associated […]

Is my Children’s Future Being Ruined by Democrats?

The election of Democrats to Congress in 2006 and Obama to President in 2008 has caused the federal budget deficit to explode. While George Bush and the Republicans ran deficits too (about $400 billion a year), those deficits grew steadily in 2007 and 2008, and exploded to record highs in 2008, set new records in 2009, and according to the White House, will set records again this year and next. Democrats are spent a record $1.4 trillion last year, and will spend more than $1.4 trillion that they don’t have this year, and plan on spending another $1.4 trillion that […]