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Russian Nuclear Energy To Conquer The World, Thanks To Obama And The Clintons

Hat/Tip to Jo Becker and Mike McIntire at The New York Times. It’s bad enough when your elected officials go back on their campaign promises. Hell you might even cut them some slack when they explain how “it’s an election year, and gee whiz, they sure are vulnerable, but don’t worry, after the election, I’ll keep those promises.” Yeahhh, right. But this is something completely different and tenfold worse. This is a sitting President, a sitting Secretary of State and a former President conspiring to not only line their pockets, but also to sell America down the river. The headline on […]

Transparency – Schmancparency: The White House Press Corp Is Sick Of Obama

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. But he did actually say that…….once…..long ago…. So how’s that “Hope and Change” workin’ out for you? I didn’t think so, and the even the White House Press Corp isn’t buying it, either. For far too long, the “most transparent administration ever” has kept the press at arm’s length, refusing to allow access to President Barack Obama and feeding the media select morsels to appease their appetite. All of that may be coming to an end soon, or at least to a head, now that the White House Correspondent’s Association has grown tired of playing […]

Obama Regime Admits To Releasing Known Gang Member Who Went On To Murder 4 Americans

  Hat/Tip to Weasel Zippers. What was it Obama said about his Illegal Executive Amnesty? Oh yeah! He said that his administration was going to deport “Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, not a mom who’s working hard to provide for her kids.” I’m guessing that this guy must resemble someone’s mom, so they let him go. The Obama administration is admitting it granted executive amnesty protections to a known gang member — one charged with four counts of murder — and is now reviewing prior approvals to double check that other gang members have not also been approved […]

Declassified Material PROVES Obama Lied About Iran’s Nuclear Programs

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Sean Hannity. Obama lied????!!!! NO! Say it ain’t so!!! (okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s look at how we know he lied) President Obama lied to the American people about the true nature of Iran’s nuclear program, according to declassified material. Add this to a litany of lies told by our president. Declassified material reported on by Bloomberg confirms the following: “The Barack Obama administration has estimated for years that Iran was at most three months away from enriching enough nuclear fuel for an atomic bomb … […]

Most Of Obama’s Job Gains Come With The Question, “Do You Want Fries With That?”

  The Obamabots will tell you the economy is “improving,” because their Dear Leader has created millions of new jobs. What they won’t tell you is what kind of jobs he’s managed to create. Lots and lots of low-pay, low-skill, dead-end jobs. As in, “do you want fries with that?” In a post-recession world where many once-familiar occupations continue to automate, move offshore or disappear outright, one of the most basic questions remains: Who’s hiring? It turns out the vast preponderance of job openings these days consists of low-skill, hourly wage work with high turnover. The current slate of “help […]

Rubio’s Univision Remarks Lost In Translation: Says He WILL End Obama’s Illegal Executive Amnesty

  Hat/Tip to Sarah Rumpf at Breitbart. There are tons of Facebook posts claiming that Marco Rubio told Univision that he supported Obama’s Illegal Executive Amnesty. Such as this one…   What really happened? In a Spanish language interview with Jorge Ramos on Univision’s Al Punto show, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) discussed immigration policy, affirming his longstanding objection to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) programs. An article on Breitbart News earlier Saturday said that Rubio called DACA “important” and one that he would not reverse, but a closer […]

SCOTUS Smacks Obama Down On The (Un)Affordable Care Act

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. So we DO still have some rights in this country, huh? Who’d a thunk it? Almost 6 1/2 years into his presidency, President Barack Obama still hasn’t read that part about freedom of religion in the First Amendment. At least, I’m assuming he hasn’t. If he has, then the former constitutional law professor should have no excuse why his administration keeps on losing so many cases involving Obamacare’s contraception mandate in front of the Supreme Court. The latest case involved Roman Catholic organizations in the state of Pennsylvania. In a ruling late Wednesday night, Justice Samuel […]

Carly Fiorina Set To Run, Says She Will Take Away Hillary’s ‘I’m A Woman’ Argument

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. This is shaping up to be quite the campaign! Republican Carly Fiorina took a step closer to running for president, revealing Thursday that she is near a decision while blasting Hillary Clinton’s policies as “crushing the middle class.” “I am giving serious consideration to becoming a candidate for the presidency because I think our nation is at a pivotal point,” said the former Hewlett-Packard and one-time California Senate candidate. “I think our government has grown so large, so powerful, so costly, so complex, so corrupt in fact that we are crushing the potential for the nation,” she […]

Latest Obama Scandal?: ISIS On Our Southern Border

Hat/Tip to Tom Fitton at Doug Ross @ Journal. Excellent article by Tom Fitton, so here it is, in its entirety. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Judicial Watch is proving itself the most resourceful and impactful educational organizations in the nation. No other media outlet, no congressional committee, and no other non-governmental organization can match JW’s successes in ferreting out what the government doesn’t want you know. On the issue of terrorism and the border, JW’s journalism this week had an international impact. On April 14, our Corruption Chronicles published the following extraordinary report on ISIS operations in Mexico and in the United States: […]

Beer Warfare: Our Progressive Tax System In ‘Beer Summit’ Terms

bucket beers

President Obama has been waging his class warfare ever since he took office in 2008. Of course, he ramped it up just before the 2012 Presidential Election, in anticipation of campaigning against his preferred candidate, Mitt Romney. And with the 2016 elections just around the corner, I thought that it would be a good time to revisit and explain our progressive tax structure in beer summit terms. Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like […]

From ‘Dreamers’ To Killers: 250 Murders Committed By Criminal Illegals Knowingly Released In 2014

  Hat/Tip to Kurt Revere at The Minute Man Project. Evidently either President Obama lied to us in 2014 when he said they would deport criminals, or he has absolutely no control over a rogue ICE agency. I’m not sure which one is worse. But for a reminder, here is what he said about his illegal actions on immigration: “Over the past six years deportations of criminals are up 80 percent, and that’s why we’re going to keep focusing enforcement resources on actual threats to our security,” Obama said in his speech. “Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, […]

Tim McGraw Poised To “Dixie Chick” Himself With Gun Control Benefit Concert

Hat/Tip to Bob Owens at and AWR Hawkins at Those of us old enough to remember can recall the way the Dixie Chicks went from headlining stadiums to having Country Music Fans burning their CD’s in bonfires and radio stations across the country dropping them from playlists after they stood on foreign soil and publicly ridiculed our President in the lead up to the war in Iraq. Now it’s the “Who Chicks?” Well looks like Country Super Star Tim McGraw is flirting with the same type of poison by his actions lately. First of all, he had this […]

CJ Is At It Again: This Time He Tackles Hillary

Hat/Tip to Steven Ahle at Red Statements. This is a very outspoken young American, and as reported here, he makes no bones on his feelings for President Obama. Known for his Youtube videos and his work in Georgia state politics, young CJ Pearson is fast making quite a name for himself. This time, he tackles the issue of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Twelve year old CJ Pearson, who is known for his classic video on why Obama hates America has now made a new video chastising Hillary Clinton and her lack of accomplishments and her narcissistic attitude.  This kid has a […]

Senator Ted Cruz Is Not A “Natural Born Citizen” And Therefore Not Eligible To Be President

Editor’s Note: We ran a story about Marco Rubio which was written by Ken McIntyre at The Daily Signal. From the feedback of the comments, it would seem that, once again there are those who, armed with Google have their own interpretation of what the term natural born citizen means. Here, reprinted in its entirety, is an article from March of 2013 by Mario Apuzzo on his blog. Conservative Hideout takes no sides on this issue, as we have ‘no dog in the fight’, so to speak. Our job is to present facts and historical data, and even opinions of Constitutional scholars so […]

I Told You Guys That Net Neutrality Meant “Tax The Internet,” And I Was Right

  “Fairness” my ass. The FCC’s Net Neutrality power grab was about one thing, and one thing only — taxes. Eleven Billion Dollars in new taxes. Not long after FCC chairman Tom Wheeler swore that the FCC takeover of the Internet wouldn’t result in new taxes or fees, it appears likely that new taxes will show up on Internet bills in the near future. In mid-March, Wheeler told a House panel that he couldn’t, in fact, rule out a new Internet fee to help pay for the government’s “Universal Service Fund” (USF). By shoving the Internet into the agency’s Title […]

THE MONROE DOCTRINE IS DEAD: Obama Apologizes For All U.S. “Meddling” In Latin America Since… 1823

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. Well, he’s all but killed the rule of law; he’s viciously attacked the Constitution and now he’s outright murdered the Monroe Doctrine. What a guy… The Monroe Doctrine is dead. This key U.S. foreign policy, in place since 1823, made clear that foreign efforts to assert control over Latin or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression. No more stark example exists of the Monroe Doctrine than the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, possibly the closest the world has come to global nuclear war. It was then that the iconic Democrat President […]

The Grandpappy Of ObamaCare Circles The Drain: UK’s NHS In Trouble

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. You mean the only problem with socialism is that you REALLY DO run out of other people’s money to spend?? African AIDS Tourists Overwhelming England’s NHS Writing at The Commentator, Vincent Cooper shines a spotlight on the fiscal tsunami engulfing the United Kingdom. …the NHS is so short of resources that patients in some areas had to be treated in a hospital car park. But if that is true, was not Nigel Farage right to condemn the health service for putting the treatment of foreigners above the needs of those who have paid […]

Breaking News: First Step Towards Actual Impeachment, Or Just Grandstanding?

Hat/Tip to The Conservative Tribune. Congressman Ted Yoho, a Republican from Florida has sponsored a bill that would define what “high crimes and misdemeanors” actually are. Now this could be the first step towards impeachment for President Obama, or warning shot across his bow, so-to-speak, trying to rein in his future Constitutional transgressions, or lastly, it could just be vote-getting grand standing. After 7 years of numerous high crimes and misdemeanors, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives finally just made a move that could set off impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., is preparing to introduce […]