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Guest Post From The Classic Liberal: There Is No Conservative Movement

Note From Matt:   The following  is a guest post from The Classic Liberal.  It is posted here because our friend has the habit of forcing us to think about what we are doing.  I’m all for debate, and being challenged, so give this a read, and see if it makes you consider your thinking or actions.   Dan Riehl wrote a couple of posts earlier this year that are worth examining. Here’s the second one first. What Conservative Movement? Bush 43 was correct, there’s more than enough evidence to conclude there is no genuine Conservative Movement in America today; […]

Judge Napolitano: Do we have a constitution?


Do we have a constitution anymore? Can the republic be restored? Judge Andrew Napolitano and Utah Senator Mike Lee examine this topic in the below video. Please take a few minutes and watch it. Mark Levin says we are living in a “post constitution” period in America. Conservative talk show host Mike Church believes our constitution is dead and that we need to get over it.  The other day I was listening toAndrew Wilkow and he made the case that DUI checkpoints which is now commonplace in America are 100 percent unconstitutional.  Think about it, every time law enforcement set these checkpoints up to randomly pull over cars and subject […]

Look Out Uncle Sam!!!

Viral video

Remember the video the left made about gramma being pushed over a cliff by the conservatives? That video was played up by the MSM and went viral in the liberal blogoshere. The video below was made in response but it will receive no attention from the MSM. Help make this video go viral as well. A big Hat Tip to Bunkerville for finding this. Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire

Profiles in Useful Idiocy: Mitt Romney Espouses the Big Lie

I’ve been openly critical of Mitt Romney as a POTUS candidate.  From his creation of RomneyCare, to his waffling on the issues, I believe that he is a RINO who will talk a good game to get elected, but will govern as a “Republicrat.”  For more evidence on that assertion, I offer you this from the Daily Caller… Liberal Al Gore took to his blog Wednesday to applaud the former Massachusetts governor for his stance on climate change. “Good for Mitt Romney,” Gore, the former Democratic vice president, wrote about the Republican seeking the White House in 2012. He continued: “While other Republicans are running from the truth, […]

Evidence of Democratic Success! Record Number Enroll in Government Anti-poverty Programs!


One measure of success for Democrats is the number of people that they have helped save from starvation and poverty. It is a worthy measure of whether a policy is successful or not, and Obama, Peters, and all the other Democrats often campaign about how hard they have worked to expand the ‘safety net’ and ‘feed the starving masses.’ In their speeches they talk about how they are setting a goal for themselves of getting as many people who need help into the right government programs. And on their watch, under the Democratic Congress and a Democratic President, they have been successful […]

Pat Dollard’s “Young Americans” Debuts at Big Hollywood

Here’s a cross post from Feed Your ADHD.  Snarky Basterd wanted me to re-post, so here it is. If you thought the tiny glimpse of the Iraq War you were allowed to see all those years through the polished prisms of pretty-boy liberal-run cable TV was real … get ready to have your ass blown up by an IED. Pat Dollard, who’s gracious enough to lower his standards and let your insane narrator have a weekly spot on his site,, had his tenacious and riveting and truly ground-breaking Young Americans video series debut yesterday at Big Hollywood. It’s the […]

Another Example of What Reagan Knew

Thank goodness for YouTube.  There is a lot of archived material there; like these comments from President Reagan… Many of us have been talking about these very ideas.  I think Reagan’s observations and suggestions are just as wise now as they were then. However, have we held up our end of the bargain?  Reagan speaks of “informed patriotism.”  Have we worked at spreading that?  I think yes, but only more recently have we begun in the volume needed to make any changes.  I fear that we have not come even remotely close to achieving “informed patriotism” among the people. Through […]