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Bill of Rights

These Are Low Information Voters: Obama Supporters Agree to Repeal Bill of Rights

We all talk about “low information voters.”  These are people that drank deeply from the Kool Aid in high school and at the local university, and haven’t a single clue about reality.  How bad is it?  They do seem willing to repeal the Bill of Rights.  This video helps answer the question… They apparently vote like that too.  

The Reason for the Second Amendment

What is the reason for the Second Amendment?  Why did the founders place in in the Bill of Rights, and why so high up on the list?  This video explains it. H/T to commenter Steve, of Cry and Howl for reminding me of this video.  We had run it here before, but given present circumstances, it’s a good idea to run it again.

Do we even deserve our constitution?


The one thing I have learned in the last few years is if you want to effect change you must stay engaged in the process and address the tough issues we face today.  Now many of you might be thinking there are so many problems that need addressing where to start?  I believe the single biggest problem we face as a nation is our elected officials’ complete disregard for our constitution.  The second biggest problem is the total lack of understanding by the citizenry of the document that protects their rights.  I told someone earlier in the week that if […]