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Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle – Terrorist Nation

  It has been almost a month since I last wrote on Political Realities. This hiatus has not been because I haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening in the world. It is also not indicative of a lack of concern I feel for what I see going on. I simply have been busy taking care of other priorities, some of which have been neglected during the five plus years I have written this blog. That being said, some things can not be ignored. It is fitting that this next post is about the terror that seems to […]

Un-regulated Speech, AKA: The Truth, In the Obama Administration’s Crosshairs

As we witness what seems to our nation’s free-fall into what looks, smells, and tastes a lot like tyranny, champions for freedom cry out to get the people’s attention.    One such person is Bill Whittle.  Doug Ross (no relation) had a great write up on one of Whittle’s recent videos.  The article is written by Marc Slavo. And unlike despots of the past, the faces of modern day tyrants are smiling and look completely innocent, but their sinister intentions can be seen by their actions. They have, as Whittle warns, weaponized the government with the end game being the complete […]

Bill Whittle: Tie-Dyed Tyranny

Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall video is out, titled, Tie-Dyed Tyranny… H/T:  America’s Watchtower  

Bill Whittle – A Brief History Of Mental Illness

It has long been said that liberalism is a form of mental illness. I would tend to agree. How else can you explain the willful abandonment of logic that seems to inflict most liberals? Everywhere you look, it almost always goes hand in hand with liberals and their twisted way of thinking. It is even attached to people you may not realize. In his latest installment of Firewall, Bill Whittle gives a great example of how he used to be inflicted with mental illness. He explains that period of his life and how he too suffered from the willful abandonment […]

Bill Whittle: Why Benghazi Matters

H/T:  Daley Gator Bill Whittle knocks it out of the park, as usual, in his latest video regarding Benghazi…

The Unmarked Matte-Gray Crown Vic: Afterburner with Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle is at it again.  Here is his latest video: The Unmarked Matte-Gray Crown Vic. Here is the text intro to the video… Bill Whittle noticed something annoying on a recent commute: a Crown Victoria without license plates. Why are the authorities becoming more militarized and treating Americans like the enemy? Hear more on this Afterburner with Bill Whittle. Once again, Bill Whittle causes us to think and question.  No wonder liberals hate him. H/T:  America’s Watchtower

Bill Whittle: Destination Russia and the Indcitment of Communism

It seems that the legacy of Communism still haunts Russia.  Bill Whittle has his take on the Olympics, and the Russian legacy of Communism… As usual, Bill Whittle targets something, like Communism, and fires away, with awesome results. H/T:  The Right Scoop

Bill Whittle: Boiling Frogs

Here  is the latest from Bill Whittle. H/T:  Adrienne

Bill Whittle: Then End of the Beginning

Here is another video from the great Bill Whittle, titled; The End of the Beginning.  enjoy!

Bill Whittle Describes the Stupidity of ‘Silent Saturdays’

Apparently in some effort to make people “feel good,” liberals have take too having “silent Saturdays.  On such a day, parents are not allowed to cheer their kids at youth sporting events.  Bill Whittle describes the results, as only he can. More do-goodery, more fail. H/T: The Daley Gator

Bill Whittle: ‘Cookie Cutter Curriculum’

Here is Bill Whittle taking on Common Core, which is the most ambitious indoctrination program ever devised by our would-be regressive overlords. H/T: America’s Watchtower

Have Insomnia? Might as Well Educate Yourself with Bill Whittle!

Here is a rather long video, but if you’re not able to sleep right now, it’s a wonderful way to maximize your education.  Take a look at this, from Bill Whittle… H/T: The Daley Gator

Bill Whittle on “Traitorous Narcissist Weenies”

Bill Whittle knocks it out of the park every time. H/T: Chicks on the Right

Bill Whittle at the Western Conservative Summit

I caught this at Right Scoop.  Bill Whittle knocked it out of the park at the Western Conservative Summit. That’s just good stuff.

Bill Whittle: Sarah Palin Was Right About Death Panels

To follow up on last week’s story about Howard Dean emerging from the unreality bubble just long enough to admit that the IPAB is about rationing, Bill Whittle took on the infamous Death Panels. Of course, Whittle knocked it out of the park.  See for yourself… H/T: America’s Watchtower

Bill Whittle: The Lynching

Even harder hitting than usual, Bill Whittle takes on the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman case… Of course, he’ll be declared a racist for pointing out too many inconvenient truths.

Trifecta on The Boston Marathon Bombing: The Press Must Stop Blaming America

The Trifecta gang’s  take on the Boston Marathon Bombing is quite insightful, as always… I can’t add a single thing to it, other than  to ask why Bill Whittle doesn’t have his own show on some news channel? You can support the CH 2.0 with your Amazon purchases!

Bill Whittle on Voter Fraud

Bill Whittle knocks it out of the park again, taking a shot at voter fraud… H/T: The Other McCain