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The Dumbing Down Of the America’s Black Community Continues

Editor’s Note: Let me warmly welcome Kim from just a conservative girl to our awesome staff here at CH 2.0! ~~~~~~~~~~ I came across an article today on our very sad public education system in our country.  What is the most bothersome about the article is how little respect for the black community this administration seems to have.  I think I have made it quite clear that I am no fan of Bush’s No Child Left Behind initiative.  Well it seems that we have left it behind.  But the one thing that I will say in favor of it is […]

Racial Violence Video: Family Attacked by Mob

As it gets warmer, I’m thinking we can expect an uptick in racial violence posts.  However, it must be said that according to liberals this simply never occurs.  The latest comes from Lousiville Kentucky, where a a couple was attacked by a mob of black teens, as the couple’s children looked on in horror. LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Kentucky police are investigating a string of alleged assaults by a group of teens. One of the teens was caught on camera.  A woman says they attacked her and her family as her kids watched in horror.  “This is like something out of […]

Here is ‘Public Enemy Number One’ for Bill de Blasio

This is who Bill de Blasio hates…   194 Children. 194 Dreams. Closing great schools closes the door on opportunity. #SaveThe194 — Charter Schools Work (@Fam4ExcSchools) March 6, 2014   Dark skinned children that can read…   Bill de Balsio hates it when they can read, write, and escape the regressive plantation, so he’ll close down their school.   You know, equality! Equally illiterate, equally unemployable, equally poor, and utterly dependent on democrat policies and programs!    Don’t worry democrats, Bill de Blasio will make sure they stay right where you want them!  Those that don’t get aborted […]

Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ Has Turned the Corner, More Black Babies Aborted Than Born in NYC

As is well documented, Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization now known as Planned Parenthood, was a strong believer in eugenics; the idea that humanity could be perfected by selective breeding.  Part of the eugenic process was to “weed out” what the eugenicists saw as “inferior races.”  To this end, Margaret Sanger proposed the “Negro Project,” through which the “black race” would be “eradicated,” or “eliminated.”  And, true to the stated intent of Margaret Sanger, most Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhood, and black babies are aborted at a higher percentage than that of the African American […]

Conservative Blacks Talk About democrat Hate

The GOP recently had awards for black Conservatives, who were interviewed regarding the challenges of supporting freedom… MRCTV was in attendance at the awards ceremony and saw hundreds of black conservatives who were outspoken in their belief that modern liberalism is a destructive force to the black community and to the nation as a whole. However, despite a willingness to fight for conservatives values in the Obama era, many of the attendees we spoke to told us that they had been called vicious names and subjected to ridicule due to their conservative leanings.  “Oreo” and “Uncle Tom” were some of […]

Someone Understands why Margaret Sanger Started Planned Parenthood!

This person knows why Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood, and why most abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. I believe the liberals call the extermination of blacks “progress.” H/T:  Liberal Logic 101

Racial Violence: Rabbi in Brooklyn Describes New Game, ‘Knock out the Jew’

In our latest example of racial violence, we gain go to Brooklyn, where black youths have a new game, “knock out the Jew.”   CBS 2 Has more…   NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking into a series of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn. At least one attack was caught on surveillance tape. Some of the assaults may be part of a disturbing game, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported on Tuesday. Police have yet to connect all the incidents, but released surveillance video that shows one group attacking a Jewish man. The video shows from a few different angles […]

Allen West Asks if We Are on the Verge of a Race War?

Given all the racial violence that we have identified, the question must be asked, are we in the first stages of a race war.  Allen West and Thomas Sowell are concerned, as are many of us, that the racial hatred bred by the democratic party, their supporters, and the MSM, are bringing us to the brink.  Weasel Zippers has more… Via Allen West: I hold Thomas Sowell in very high esteem because he’s willing to focus on issues which the mainstream media does not and will not report on. In this most recent case, it’s black mob violence against whites. […]

Racial Violence: Revisiting the Case of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, National Media Ignored Horrific Murder

The following story was so poorly covered, that even most Conservative Bloggers (including mysell) missed it.  However, since the Trayvon Martin case was so misrepresented by the MSM and the racism industry I thought we might cover the case of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in a factual manner.  Call it my version of equal time, where I take a liberal lie, and counter it with reality. Don’t know who Channon Christian and Chris Newson are, or were?  Well, that’s not a surprise, as the national media did not decide to knowledge that it even happened.  They were a young […]

How Have Blacks Fared Under Obama as Compared to Reagan?

President Obama has stated that he was going to focus on Black unemployment like a “laser beam.”  Unfortunate for black Americans, the laser Obama chose was a death ray, as black unemployment is a national tragedy.  But, since Obama looks at himself as a transformative figure, let’s take a look at another transformative figure, Roanld Reagan, and see how blacks performed under that President.  Conservatives for Palin has the data… Richard Rahn, an economist, compared the relative economic fortunes of African-Americans under Presidents Reagan and Obama. The results are startling: If you knew nothing else about President Obama other than […]

Where Does Your Allegiance Lie? Christians Decide to Vote Against Obama

When a  candidate supports abortion, has a history of supporting late term abortion, voted against a bill protecting babies that were born alive after botched abortions, and is forcing Christians to fund those actions, how can Christians vote for said candidate?  And, if the voter is black, how can they vote for the candidate that is approving of their own genocide?  One Christian named William, answered this question, and then some… Where does you allegiance lie?  

Daily Kos Denies Dependency, Is Crushed by Reality

The Democrats have worked long and hard to keep their client groups dependent on government benefits to survive.  Frankly, I can see no reason to vote for them otherwise, unless is brainwashed.  But, when Joe Walsh (R) stated the obvious, it brought on an attack by the Kossacks… I really don’t know where Republicans dredged up their current freshmen class. But I imagine that somewhere in 2008 America, the world’s most boring circus closed down, releasing all their white-collar sideshow attractions into the wild. Then the Republican Party came by, flashed a little cash to lure them into an unused cattle truck, and dumped […]

The Black Holocaust

I caught this series of videos over at The Astute Bloggers.  It is a full length film about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, eugenics, and progressives.  What I have watched so far is chilling, but needs to be seen.  I will try to publish them part by part, as I know not everyone has an hour plus to watch it in one sitting. Here is part one: Again, this is disturbing, and it should be.