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Court Finds That Bloggers Have Same Rights as Journalists: Important Repercussions

Progressives, or as I like to call them, regressives, no matter of which party, hate the fact that new media is threatening their information monopoly.  Bloggers are among their chief targets. John Kerry notes a few months ago… Steve, from America’s Watchtower, has more… Yesterday at the U.S. Embassy in Brazil John Kerry said the following: I’m a student of history, and I love to go back and read a particularly great book like [Henry] Kissinger’s book about diplomacy where you think about the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the balance of power and how difficult it was for countries to advance their interests […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 85

Once again, it’s been a banner week.  The ObamaCare roll-out continues to be an abject failure, and even the MSM can’t ignore that millions of Americans are losing their coverage and that the ObamaCare approved alternatives often cost much more.  As usual, the Democrats are desperately trying to blame someone or something else, but it’s slow going. At any rate, here are your links, as well as some pics from my Facebook friends… 90 Miles for Tyranny Obama: Deceasing Our Work Week Hours…   Adrienne’s Corner Why is Obama the only one smiling… All American Blogger Hope N Change   […]

Senator Feintein’s Attack on Free Speech

I guess, if she wants to wipe out the Second Amendment, show might as well go after the First as well, right? I have often said that liberals don’t necessarily ban something outright, they just make it a practical impossibility to practice said right.  That appears to be what Diane Feinstein (Douche-Nozzle, California) is up to.  Here is some video via Gateway Pundit… OK, here is the my take… 1.  According to Feinstein, the only people protected by the law are “legitimate journalists.” How much you want to bet only people that tow the regressive line will be recognized?  It […]

Girls and Guns, and Did I Mention Links? April 17, 2013

Happy Wednesday folks!  As we are all now aware, hump day is the day for Girls and Guns! So, there are a select group of links; bloggers that have linked, commented, contributed, helped, nudged, advised, or have otherwise supported the CH 2.0. So, enjoy the links, as well as the ladies embracing their Second Amendment rights! 90 Miles for Tyranny Awesome Image   A Conservative Teacher Obama’s Bizarro World Nuclear Policies Adrienne’s Corner Boston bombing – live coverage…   Always on Watch Major Allergy Attack! (And Open Thread) Always on Watch Major Allergy Attack! (And Open Thread)   ARRA News […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 49

Well folks, another Sunday is upon us,. Hopefully, as you are reading this, my butt has arrived at church, which it is has missed for the last few weeks.  Frankly it needs to be there, and I haven’t been so good about that lately.  As for the news, it’s much of the same.  The politicians lie.  The MSM covers for them.  We the people get screwed.  Rinse and repeat as needed. At any rate, we have a great set of Sunday links, and my Facebook Friends have been really good this week, so there is yet another fine selection of […]

Lonely Conservative Subjected to Campaign of Harrassment

I what seems to be a continuation of a long campaign of harassment against Conservative bloggers, Karen, who blogs as the Lonely Conservative, has been the subject of more if the same.  Karen has more… Since then I’ve amassed nearly one hundred pages of disgusting, hateful and threatening messages. They’ve said that I (and all of you conservative readers) have no place in this world. They’ve told me to slit my own throat. They’ve called me every foul name you can think of. They’ve insulted my husband, accused me of molesting my children and threatened to report me to my local school […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Volume 17

I hope that everyone is having a great Holiday weekend.  In the past week, I was proud to participate in the Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin project.  While that will not stop people from trying to silence critics, it will expose their activities.  During that effort, the CH 2.0 was linked by many other sites, and I’ve added many of them to the blogroll, so check them out. As usual, the links are accompanied by some pictures from my Facebook friends. A Conservative Teacher Jay Cost: Democratic Party Now Embraces Factions and Special Interests to Detriment of Public   A […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Volume 13

Well folks, it’s another great Sunday.  It’s bright and sunny at the CH 2.0 bunker, and I’m catching up on house stuff, and getting some posts done.  I must apologize for the lack of rounds and responding to comments.  There have been some great changes in your humble admin’s life, and no offense to any readers, but she’s a lot cuter than you are.  That, and at work, it’s the ever dreaded “employee evaluation season,” so that is a bit of  drain on my time as well.  But, fear not, the CH2.0 will go on, I just have to adjust […]

Are Conservative Bloggers Being Targeted?

Recently, there have been reports of people using the identity of Conservative bloggers, and attempting to ruin their credibility.  Zilla has her experience here… Please be aware that leftists have taken to committing identity theft to impersonate me in comments sections of blogs and are using a fraudulent email that looks similar to my public email address to make it look as if I am saying horrible offensive things in an attempt to destroy my reputation, apparently because I did well in a recent contest for political bloggers, they have been doing this to the winner of the contest, The Lonely Conservative, […]

Special Easter Links

I thought that since so many bloggers have done posts for the Easter Holiday, that I would do a link post of them.  Enjoy! Adrienne’s Corner He is Risen…   Always on Watch My Redeemer Lives!   American Perspective Passover Exodus, Joe the Easter Bunny   ARRA News Service Happy Easter 2012   blogsense-by-barb ALIVE!   Bob’s Blog He is Risen!   Bunkerville Happy Easter!   Capitol Commentary ObamaNation: Easter Bunny Edition   Conservative Blog Central Easter 2012   Conservatives on Fire Easter Is The Gift   Da Tech Guy And yet more on Mormonism on Easter Sunday…. Freedom, By […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Pics Volume Six

Another week has come and gone, and the “let’s invent other issues to discuss other than Obama’s failure” campaign is in full swing.  And it couldn’t come at a better time for the Obama administration, with gas prices rising, and more and more power plants closing due to regulations, they need all the cover they can get.  Also, we saw the death of Monkees front man, Davey Jones, and closer to the Conservative heart, Andrew Breitbart passed away unexpectedly, and far too soon. Of course we then had the mysterious type of birth control that costs over $1000 a year, […]

Sunday Linkage: I Caught my Daughter’s Cold, so I’ll Post More Pics Edition

I love my daughter more than anything in the world.  However, like all children, she is a mobile bacteria and virus dispenser.  In accordance with that function, the kiddo has delivered cold symptoms to the CH 2.0 World Headquarters, which is now my bed, under two comforters, and contains one shivering administrator.  However, the link post must go on, so her it is.  In addition to my new cold, there were some technical problems, which prevented me from getting all the links.  If I missed you, let me know,and I’ll add your link. 4 Walls and a View DIET is […]

Sunday Links: Let's Have Some More 80's Metal Edition UPDATED


It’s almost Halloween.  I would do a related theme, but the Occupods have that covered.  So, I thought I’d go to what has been bouncing around my head lately, 80′s metal. The Occupods have been dominating the headlines here at the CH 2.0, but I just can’t resist.  It isn’t all that often that the hard left goes out and exposes themselves so thoroughly, so I really can’t let that go. There are so really good links this week, so enjoy the music, and click on the links.  It’s educational! 4 Walls and a View He’s HOME!   A Conservative […]

Right Haven Spanked by Court


As most of you (hopefully) know, Right Haven is a legal outfit that has been suing bloggers and other website owners for using the content from several newspaper groups.  Most folks in the know have had questions about the legality of these suits, but finally, a judge has ruled against Right Haven… A Las Vegas federal judge has sanctioned copyright troll Righthaven to the tune of $5,000 for making misrepresentations to the court. U.S. District Judge Roger Hunt of Nevada last month ordered Righthaven to explain why Hunt should not sanction it for trying to “manufacture standing.” (.pdf) Standing is […]

Sunday Links: Themeless Links Edition


It was a short work week, but for me, it felt like two. It was just incredibly  busy. I hope that all of you got through your work weeks well, and are relaxing a bit over the weekend. Sorry that there wasn’t a theme for the links this week.  I had to work today, and that took a lot of the time away from getting this post together.  So, there should be a theme next week. Fleeing the Final Frontier Torching The Constitution Three for One, Today Only or Maybe Not Gunrunner: Darrell Issa claims Eric Holder’s testimony was not accurate Kosovo Albanian […]

Sunday Links: Hey Man, is That Freedom Rock? Edition

Yeah man! Well turn it up man! My weekly grass cutting chore gave me the inspiration for the theme.  When I hit the 70′s collection on the MP3 player, I thought of the old Freedom Rock commercial.  Actually, I laughed as I cut the grass.  The neighbors probably think me to be mentally ill, but so be it.  Anyway, the inspiration was complete, so enjoy some classic rock.    As always, I’ve assembled a great collection of Conservative links, so give them a look. Conservative commenters picking on little girls? College Student Responds to “Defining “American”” – Unwittingly Provides Proof […]

Sunday Links: More Classic Rock Edition

What a week!  We’ve had the multiple versions of OBL’s “kinetic de-living” (Thanks Infidel!).  We also saw another “unexpected” rise in unemployment.  The GOP debate had some mixed reviews.  And it just kept on coming.  The theme for the week basically came from me turning off the talkers, and listening to some classic rock for a change.  Enjoy the tunes, and the links. Obama’s ‘Food Stamp Recovery’ ‘Smart’ Pundits Sneer at Herman Cain Libya war and Wisconsin recount continue… Own a Piece of Mulholland Drive History: Paul Newman’s Insane 300hp VW Bug Bloomberg Replacing Iconic NYC Taxi Cabs with Hideous […]

Sunday Links: Get the Led out Edition

Last week went fast, didn’t it?   It was a busy news week:  The Supreme Court election in Wisconsin had some twists and turns, the rebels in Libya are partially bad guys, and got bombed by NATO, and the shutdown was averted, all to the disgust of Conservatives.  As for the theme of today’s aggregation, Bob Belvedere, proprietor of The Camp of the Saints, inspired me with his outstanding post.  So, enjoy the links, and the great Zeppelin. NRO – Not Reporting Objectively? Don’t Shoot Shoot Shoot That Thing At Me Friday Nite Frolic with Lincoln Durham Featured Blog: The TrogloPundit Video: […]

Site News: New Friends, and Featured Bloggers

It’s been an exciting week at the Conservative Hideout.  The response to the Useful Idiot of the Year has been beyond expectations, so thanks to all of you. I have added some folks to the blogroll: Woodsterman:  He goes under the category, “Why has it taken me so long to add him?”  I’ve enjoyed his blog for a while, and we both comment at many of the same places, so it only makes sense to add him. THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS:  Because they’re so gosh darn astute! The Big Feed:  Not only is this one of Snarky’s other haunts, it’s an […]

Site News: Featured Blogger of the Week

Well, another week has come and gone, and it’s time to decide the Featured Blogger of the Week.  This week’s decision is even more complicated as usual.   With my “blogcation,” and the launch of the Conservative Hideout Information Center, I’ve received assistance from many of my blogging friends.  As such, I have to go with the people that have given me feedback and guidance on the launch of the new site.  So, the winners are: John, at The Current. BTW, John celebrated his first year of blogging on Sunday, so stop by and read some of the great stuff at […]

Site News: Featured Blogger of the Week

I was in a bit of a bind this week.  I could not decide who to make Featured Blogger of the Week. One the one hand, we have the Frugal Cafe Blog Zone.  The proprietor there, Vickie McClure Davidson, has faithfully and repeatedly linked my posts about the Progressive States Network, as well as our coverage of rampant voter fraud.  For helping spread the word, and consistently hammering Rule 2 of “How to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year,” she cannot be ignored. On the other hand, we have Reaganite Republican.  RR has been […]

Featured Blogger of the Week: The Classic Liberal

There are bloggers with which you automatically agree.  And that’s a great thing.  You end up emailing, chatting, and you do battle with trolls.  It’s one of the things that make the blogging experience worthwhile. We end up meeting people from all over the country, and exchange ideas and news.  It makes to long hours we put into this endeavor more tolerable.  In the end, it’s about people. There are, however, others.   They are on your side.  They do support you, but they also challenge you.  They make you think.  They force you to defend your assumptions, and long […]

Philly Taxing Bloggers

Most bloggers, well…blog, as a hobby.  It’s a time intensive labor of love to find stories, write your particular take on them, publish them, visit other blogs to comment and show some support, publicize your work so people might actually pay attention to it, and so on.  And with all of that comes the great profit and critical acclaim that we all seek…right? Eh, not so much. Most bloggers have no advertising at all.  Some have tip jars.  Others do advertising, but make next to nothing on it.  As you have likely noticed, there is advertising at the CH 2.0.  […]

Sunday Linkage, and Where did that car Company go?

Throughout the 20th century, car companies came and went.  Whether due to mismanagement, or changing market conditions, many companies went out of business.  Others just stopped making cars, and went into other directions.  Those different directions are sometimes surprising.  Enjoy the links, and I’ll throw in some car company information. Maggie shows the reality of Gaza. Totus has more on tyranny. Nuke has some Stevie Ray Vaughan Right This Way makes the points that there are no moderate Dems. John at the Current has a post about the latest leftist narrative, but don’t bother him today, he’s gone golfing Doug […]

CNN Hosts Channel Chavez: Advocates Regulating Bloggers

And they wonder why no one is watching… So, the MSM doesn’t like the bloggers.  I wonder if they got that from JournoList? Here are some of the highlights, if you can call them that. “There are so many great things that the internet does and has to offer, but at the same time, Kyra, as you know, there is this dark side,” Roberts said. “Imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t taken a look at what happened with Shirley Sherrod and plumbed the depths further and found out that what had been posted on the internet was not […]