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ObamaCare Medical Devise Tax to Cost 33,000 Jobs?

If the numbers hold true, ObamaCare has cost 33,000 jobs, just in the medical devise industry.  One “feature” of ObamaCare is a tax on medical devises, like pacemakers, and artificial joints.  Just like everything else in ObamaCare, it’s causing people to lose their jobs, or cause other jobs to be “aborted.”  Here is more… This spinning of the loss of jobs due to Obamacare was described by Sebelius as not simply  ‘not true’, but as a myth. This, however, does not mesh with the reality that is happening around the country. Today, the New York Post reports on 33,000 jobs […]

The Boomer Retirement Tsunami Will Be Devastating To Younger Americans

Last week I wrote a post in which I offered my condolences to Americans under sixty years of age. I was referring to the mess my generation (The Elders) and the Baby Boomer generation (Soon To Be Elders) have left to the younger generations. Actually the cut off is closer to 53 than 60; but 60 was a nice round number. Now I have some more detailed information to share with you younger folks so you will know just how thoroughly screwed you are. I found this wonderfully informative guest post at Zero Hedge that lists twenty facts about the […]

The Self Fullfilling Prophesy of Zero Leadership

Does hysteria breed hysteria? I think that is the message of Professor Larry Kotlikoff;s article at VOX. Imagine that you are an employer. Every day you hear, “the economy’s going over a fiscal cliff. Tax hikes and spending cuts totalling $600 billion will kill the economy”. Everyone is saying it – the politicians, the media, the economists, the Fed, the CBO, the IMF. So it must be true. Sure, the Republicans and Democrats may make a deal and save the day. But these guys never agree and, meanwhile, economic doomsday – January 1st – is just weeks away. What do […]