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Some Brief Thoughts on the Indiana Boycott

The other day, Don pointed out that the critics of the Indiana Religious Freedom Act are either ignorant or liars.  My only thoughts are simple… Will it be as “successful” as the Chick-Fil-A boycott?  

Small Business Owners Explain Why ObamaCare Causes Cuts in Hours and Layoffs

As the layoffs continue to mount, and the left continues to blame everyone/everything but Obama’s policies, business people continue to attempt to explain the situation.  FOX News has the video.  Why FOX News?  Because the other networks won’t cover it! Of course, leftists will probably promise to boycott these businesses, and try to put them under.  Because, as we all know, putting all of the workers in the unemployment line is far better than some of them losing their jobs.  As far as I can ascertain, it must be a twist on the normal liberal fairness meme.  You see, if some losing their jobs, and others […]