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Horrible Case of Bullying Caught on Video

A rather horrible case of bullying was recorded, and ended up on a local newscast.  Take a look for yourself…   A student captured footage of a violent beating in a Mississippi high school cafeteria, and the mother of the victim, who has since pulled her children out of school, is now threatening to sue. The mother, Rhonda Hughes, says her 13-year-old 7th grader suffered multiple bruises after being punched over and over again, WTVA reports. “It makes you outraged and makes you sick at your stomach to watch the videos. You know, the school has a policy against bullying […]

School Publishes Ridiculous Bullying Guidelines: Parents Outraged

Apparently, one school’s basic guidelines for bullied kids amounts to STFU.  The Federalist Papers has more… Another example of how school officials don’t always think clearly, and why you need to be vigilant and check up on what your children are learning at school! Via The Blaze: Fifth grade students at Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Neb., were recently sent home with a “flyer” outlining how they should handle bullies. The instructions were apparently deemed so ridiculous by parents that the school district quickly issued an apology and the “inaccurate information” was pulled. That was after the nine “rules” for […]

Charges Files Against South Fayette High School (PA) Student That Documented Bullying

Imagine, if you will, that you are a kid, and that you are being bullied mercilessly in school.  Now, imagine that you went to the trouble to record evidence of the bullying, so you could take it to the school’s principal.  Because, surely the school will protect you once the evidence comes to light, right? Then imagine that you face criminal charges for exposing it. That’s exactly what happened to a special education student from, South Fayette High School, located in McDonald PA.   Here are some details as to what happened… A South Fayette High School sophomore claims to have […]

#FreeKate Update: Social Justice Advocate Calls for Federal Charges, Supporters Get FOIA, and Are Strangely Silent

I had not planned on another #FreeKate post so soon, but there have been two developments to note.  The first is unexpected.  I received an email regarding a letter written to the Attorney General for the Southern District of Florida, Wifredo A. Ferrer, asking that a federal investigation be started into the crimes of Kaitlyn Hunt.  Here is more… Request for Federal Investigation in Kaitlyn Hunt Case Filed with United States Attorney for Southern Florida. Honorable Wifredo A. Ferrer Asked to Review Evidence for Violation of Federal Law Regarding Transfer of Obscene Material to Minors. Contact: Bill Simpson, 301-339-3338, ProtectChildrenFromPredators@Gmail.Com […]

The Strange Case of the Pretend #Freekate Stalkers

It’s been really interesting to observe the #FreeKate supporters that are stalking Jeanette Runyon.  They have been ruthlessly using false reports in getting her banned from Twitter multiple times, yet they continue to do to Jeanette what they claim she does to them.  I covered this a couple months ago. Here is the most interesting section… c) Feigning victimhood: in the unlikely event of denial and counter-attack being insufficient, the bully feigns victimhood or feigns persecution by manipulating people through their emotions, especially guilt. This commonly takes the form of bursting into tears, which most people cannot handle. Variations include […]

Are Anti-Bullying Programs Backfiring?

Bullying is considered to be one of the most significant problems in our schools.  I can see that, and I don’t really disagree.  I would say that the leftist indoctrination is far worse, but that is a post for another day. After months of covering #FreeKate, I now know more about bullying than I ever cared to.  From the death threats, the threats to “ruin people professionally,” the “digging up of “dirt,” on law enforcement personnel, as well as the victim’s mother, the simple insults and false claims about critics,  to the “doxing” of people that state the truth about […]

Online Bullying: TwitterGate Revisited

In my ongoing look at online bullying, I would be remiss if I did not revisit what I think was one of the most egregious examples.  TwitterGate was reportedly an invention of Democratic activist/consultant Neal Rauhauser.  What they did, was an organized and concerted attack on Tea Party leaders and members.  In fact, I would say that it went beyond attack, to terror.  Here are some screencaps… There was a video that chronicled more of this, all equally vile, if not worse.  Many times, people were offered the option of terminating their Twitter accounts in exchange for ending harassment.  Sadly, […]

#FreeKate #KatesFight Update: Law Enforcement Involvement and the Consequences of Standing up to Bullies

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Edmund Burke First off, I’d like to apologize for being cryptic the other day.  I really do hate when people do that, particularly bloggers.  However, here is where I explain what I’ve been up to, and how that applies to #FreeKate, now #KatesFight. As I have been indicating on Twitter, sources have been coming to me with the inner workings of #FreeKate, including their admins.  I had been posting screencaptures of those, and will continue to do so.  In fact, I still have tremendous […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Gays Insult, Make Death Threats Against a 14 Year-old Sarah Crank

In the name of tolerance and diversity, large numbers of regressives threatened the life of a 14 year-old girl named Sarah Crank.  Her crime? Not agreeing with regressive attempts to destroy marriage.  Here is her testimony… Here is a video highlighting the situation… Here is some additional coverage from Life Site News. After audio of her uncharacteristically mature testimony was posted on YouTube, the story went viral on homosexual activist websites—and death threats quickly followed. TFP Student Action, a Roman Catholic organization dedicated to traditional morality, recorded several of the most offensive threats in a press release. A commenter on […]

Student Sues School for Bullying: Was Abused and Threatened After Wearing Romney/Ryan Shirt to Class

For all of the talk about bullying, Conservatives get left out of the mix.  For the proof, take a look at this video, via Gateway Pundit… See, bullying is bad, unless you belong to the following “categories”… 1.  Conservatives 2.  Christians 3.  Jews 4.  Tea Party members 5.  NRA members You see, “anti-bullying measures” are meant to protect liberals from dissent (yes, they might protect some poor kids from general abuse-at least while someone is actually looking, but that is another story).  Anyone who disagrees with the regressive agenda are still subject to discrimination, abuse, death threats, violence, and the […]

Teacher Caught on Video Assaulting a Student: Get’s to His Job

What happens when a teacher is caught on video assaulting a student?  He gets to keep his job!  Here is the video… Here is the information from the video… The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday it is investigating a complaint of an alleged bullying incident, caught on video, involving a student at Kopachuk Middle School in Gig Harbor in February. The department said it was contacted July 30 by a lawyer representing the parents of the student who was concerned that her clients’ 13-year-old son had been the victim of a bullying incident and that “the incident appeared to be abuse.” Might it […]

Ending Bullying With Even More Bullying: Or is it Really About Attacking Dissent? UPDATED

We have frequently noted that one of the main goals of leftists is to silence dissent.  If they try to argue based on facts, they tend to fall flat on their faces.  So, the next best thing is to attack and discredit anyone that disagrees with them, attempting to silence them with wave after wave of ridicule, intimidation and abuse.  For the latest example, we need to look at the incredibly ironic, and excessively hypocritical efforts to end bullying.  While everyone would agree that actual bullying should be combated, it isn’t the real agenda, at least not for our leftist neighbors. […]

“Tolerance and Diversity” on Display: Biblical Stance on Homosexuality Bullying?

Ah, the left.  They live in a land of duckies and bunnies, with unicorns that fart rainbows.  And, if you ask them, they are by far the most tolerant, diverse, and loving people in all of the world…unless, that is, you disagree with them.  For those that have a different point of view, or have the audacity to engage in dissent, all pretenses of “tolerance” disappears.  Dissenters are ridiculed, accused, accosted, punished, and sometimes physically attacked.  For, you see, tolerance is a one way street for our liberal friends.  For the latest example of this “tolerance,” we have to look at the […]

Moonbattery: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Encourages Bullying?

I saw this story covered on KDKA out of Pittsburgh, and my initial response was, Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot???  Apparently, the nannies have their panties in a collective bundle over the adventures of that infamous, and much loved, red-nosed reindeer.  Here is that report… Is that just about the most asinine pile of garbage that you have ever heard? I can’t believe that I actually have to explain this, but the freaking story is about overcoming adversity, and finding one’s place in the world. But, I guess it would be better if Santa HUGGED him? And that it’s bad that Rudolph’s […]

Nation of Emotional Cripples Bans Bullying

Stunned by recent incidents of schoolyard bullying, and heeding the cry of Hollywood to do something, the House passed a resolution calling for an end to “all bullying and unnice behavior” in the entire United States “unless said bullying is directed at a monster such as Sarah Palin.” The House resolution was introduced by Anthony Weiner, (D-NY) of the ninth congressional district.  During a moving speech that had himself and many members of the House in tears, congressman Weiner recounted painful incidents from his childhood when he was bullied: I remember it like it was yesterday.  It has seared my […]