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Desalination in California, and why did Al Gore Buy a $9,000,000 Mansion Just Blocks From the Beach?

Desalination is used in many areas of the world, but why not in super-dry California.  I Own The World Report has some thoughts… CPR: Al Gore tells us that climate change is going to melt the icebergs causing coastal regions to flood, several miles into the geography.  Gore spent $9 million on a mansion in Montecito a couple blocks from the beach. Is he a believer or a huckster? But if true, what can we do to prevent the flooding of coastal cities? We could create a series of desalinization plants—and pipe the water throughout the West—enough to end the […]

First Accredited Muslim College In US Will Receive Federal Grants: Affirmative Action?

  Tammy Bruce notes that the first accredited Muslim college, in the U.S., was founded by three “jihadists,” and she asks if Zaytuna College, in where else–wait for it–Berkley, will offer courses in Advanced Stoning. I’m asking if affirmative action will be required, and adhered to? Well, yes it will according to the guidelines of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Any “minority” wanting to study with Jew-haters, male or female (yes, female) may apply, and within whatever the affirmative action guidelines are for schools receiving taxpayer’s dollars, an applicant should have a reasonable expectation of admission. The National Conference of State […]

Homofascist Tolerance In Action: CA Bars Judges From Belonging To The Boy Scouts

  You’re free to believe whatever you want, so long as you believe in the right things. So the homofascist tolerance warriors will punish the Boy Scouts in California, because “equality.” Or something. California’s Supreme Court voted Friday to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays. The court said its seven justices unanimously voted to heed a recommendation by its ethics advisory committee barring judges’ affiliation with the organization. In 1996 the state Supreme Court banned judges from belonging to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but […]

Thanks To California’s Lefty Birdbrains, Eggs Are About To Get A Lot More Expensive

  So I’m perusing the Star-Ledger business page during lunch and what do I see? An article reprinted from Bloomberg News about an upcoming price increase for eggs. And why are a dozen eggs going to get more expensive? Well, you can thank California’s birdbrain animal rights nuts for that. Eggs are about to get more expensive, as California moves to make sure hen houses are roomy enough to allow the birds to lay down, stand up, extend their wings and dance around. Farmers nationwide who want to continue selling to the most populous U.S. state are moving to comply […]

Religious Liberty Dies in California, Churches are Forced to Pay for Elective Abortions

  Feminism’s holy sacrament of abortion will not be denied. The California Department of Managed Health Care hath decreed that all employers, including churches, must pay for elective abortions in their health insurance plans. A coalition of pro-life groups is challenging the mandate. A campaign against the state of California mandating abortion coverage in insurance plans is intensifying. Several complaints have been filed with the federal government to keep it from violating what Christian legal groups consider American’s fundamental rights and go against their religiously held beliefs and conscience. The Department of Managed Health Care has ordered all employers, including […]

Obama’s Potemkin Village for Illegal Alien Kids

Hat/Tip to the Daily Caller. Obama Admin Forbids Lawmakers From Taking Photos Of Illegal Immigrant Facility As reported here at CH2.0, President Obama’s “Dreamer” policy of not deporting illegal aliens who are minors is wreaking havoc on our southern border. Obama’s Legacy – Squalid Living Conditions for “Dreamers” Tens of thousands of kids are pouring across the border, so many that our border states are having trouble housing, feeding and processing these kids. His “caring” decision to broadcast to the world his intention of NOT deporting illegal aliens, particularly children just to score a few more Hispanic votes is having […]

The Largest School of Manta Rays Ever Filmed

This amazing video captured in 2012 shows the largest school of Manta Rays ever recorded. At first I thought it was a bird. Then I zoomed-in closer and could not believe my eyes.What do you see in this video, is an incredibly large group of mobular rays and they do something totally unexpected. Thankfully, National Geographic filmed this event and we may be witnessing a very special natural spectacle. More from Diego Sacramento. .  

Obama’s Legacy – Squalid Living Conditions for “Dreamers”

Hat/Tip to and Breitbart. News Reports in Central America: ‘Go to America With Your Child, You Won’t Be Turned Away’ The thing about Liberal policies is that someone, somewhere, eventually down the line has to foot the bill. Well Obama’s ineptitude and childlike view of our country’s border policy is finally coming home to roost. The cities and states on the Mexican border are left holding the bag as they try to deal with literally tens of thousands of illegals who are pouring across our southern border. And those folks who have told that they won’t be deported are […]

The Contraception Lady wants public office

Okay, that makes sense. I mean Sandra Fluke made national headlines asking taxpayers to pay for her birth control and now she wants California taxpayers to pay her salary. She’s evidently thrown her hat into the ring in a run for the California State Senate. Is this any surprise? I mean look how Progressive/Communist California has become, she will fit right in. Much like the GOP establishment wants to “control the decline” of the country, she wants to control the nosedive that is California. Here is her campaign ad, then scroll down for a rebuttal ad that you will WANT […]

Students Sue California for Public School Failures; Teacher’s Unions in Opposition

I’m frankly surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner, but students are suing California for (allow me to paraphrase) having a crappy educational system.  FOX has more… Amidst ongoing national debate, nine public school students in California are suing the state over its laws governing teacher tenure, seniority and other protections they say keep bad educators in the classroom. The Los Angeles Times reports the lawsuit – filed on behalf of the students and their families by a group called Students Matter – argues such laws violate the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection because they lead to a “gross disparity,” […]

ObamaCare Damage: 70% of California Doctors Avoiding ObamaCare

Remember when the President Obama told us that if we liked our doctors, we could keep them?  Well, we now know that this was a lie.  However, the extent of how big a lie it was is up for debate.  However, it seems that at least in California, is a 70% lie, as that is how many doctors are refusing to participate in ObamaCare plans… This isn’t some far right wing think tank that’s making this claim. It’s the largest medical association in California: An estimated seven out of every 10 physicians in deep-blue California are rebelling against the state’s […]

People Fleeing California Due to Taxes

Imagine, if you will, a state that give companies a tax break.  Then, five years later, demand the money back, with interest?  Well, such a state exists.  It is alive, and not so well in the People’s Republic of California!  Here is some video… I wonder if, one day, that they’ll try to build a wall to keep people in?

Is Prop 8 Still The Law?

We all thought that Prop 8 went down in flames earlier this week.  however, some are questioning if the media has the story right.  Doug, of the Daily Gator, has this, via Breitbart… Proposition 8 is the amendment to the California Constitution that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A federal trial judge – Vaughn Walker – held that Prop 8 violates the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court held that only the losing defendants in that case – the governor and attorney general of California–had standing to appeal that […]

Taxing the Rich out of California

Likes has a slideshow about why rich folks are moving out of California.  I wonder how long it will be before someone suggest building a wall to keep them in?

Welfare Choices: Do People Migrate to States With the Most Welfare Benefits?

Take a look at this video, and see if welfare benefits change people’s behavior… Of course, I cannot tell you with 100% certainty that the video is authentic. However, it does match what so many have observed-that welfare benefits have removed motivation from millions of Americans, and has done so for generations.  Is welfare the cause of inter-generational poverty?

California Raises Taxes, Lose Revenues…Again!

They say that they definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.  If that is indeed the case, California’s tax policies make them the official land of fruits and nuts, as they are proving the insanity axiom to be most true. On March 15th of this year, we took a look at the fact that after yet another failed tax increase… One of the greatest weaknesses of the statists is that their efforts at creating a fantasy world. more often than not, create the exact opposite of their stated intent.  They try […]

California on the Brink: 144,000 Pay 50% of Income Taxes

Imagine the situation in which California finds itself.  Out of all the income taxes collected by that state, 50% of it is paid by by only 144,000 people.  Far less than one percent of the population.  Doug Ross has more on the issue… California residents already contend with one of the most progressive tax codes in the country. Not only does California have high marginal rates, those high rates kick in at relatively modest income levels. California’s middle class residents earning $48,000 a year, for example, pay a state tax rate of 9.3%. Millionaires in 47 other states don’t even pay that […]

California Raises Taxes and Revenues Decrease: Who Saw That Coming?

One of the greatest weaknesses of the statists is that their efforts at creating a fantasy world. more often than not, create the exact opposite of their stated intent.  They try to engineer unicorns that fart rainbows, and they create a stillborn jackalope.  You would think that they would learn from such infamous failures, but they seem to double-down instead.  The latest example of this comes from Califailure.   Knowing, and probably denying, the long history showing that tax increases  cause a decrease in revenues, they have stuck with the highest tax rates in the country.  Breitbart has the predictable results.   […]