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democrats Use Federal Employees to Campaign for Obama

Since rules do not apply to democrats, and only you, it should not be a surprise that democrats use the federal bueacracy to promote the re-election of president Obama.  The Right Scoop has more… WASHINGTON TIMES – In another case, a worker at the tax agency’s customer help line urged taxpayers “to re-elect President Obama in 2012 by repeatedly reciting a chant based on the spelling of his last name,” the Office of Special Counsel said in a statement. OSC said it is seeking “significant disciplinary action” against that employee. Another IRS employee in Kentucky has agreed to serve a 14-day suspension […]

Enthusiasm Gap? Obama Campaign Ends How it Started, In a Half-Empty Ohio Arena

When we say that Obama has an enthusiasm problem, we mean it.  In May, President Obama kicked off his campaign in a half-empty arena.  Breitbart has the pic… Barack Obama launched his campaign in unspectacular fashion today at Ohio State University, the largest college in the crucial swing state.  A photoposted to twitter by Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesman Ryan Williams reveals sparse attendance.  The above image, according to Williams, was taken during the President’s first official campaign speech.   According to the Toledo Blade, the venue for Obama’s rally seats 20,000 but “there were a lot of empty seats.” Comparatively, Obama drew a crowd of 35,000 at Ohio […]

Obama Ally Jarret Promises Vengeance Against All Opposition

Apparently, Obama ally Valerie Jarrett has declared vengeance against anyone that opposed them in the first term or election.  Doug Ross (no relation) has the details… • Valerie Jarrett: ‘After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn Payback Time’ « : Openly declared as “Obama’s Brain”, and the figure whose second story West Wing office has been described by political insiders as the true Oval Office of the Obama White House, Valerie Jarrett is letting it be known that if Barack Obama secures election victory next week, there may be, quite literally, hell to pay for those who opposed him…  …The part […]

Is The Obama Campaign Accepting Foreign Donations?

In a potential political bombshell, a non-partisan  watchdog group released a report pointing out irregularities in the Obama Campaign’s online donation system.  These irregularities seem to point to the possibility that the campaign is accepting foreign donations.  Instapundit has the details… SCANDAL: Bombshell: Owned by Bundler in Shanghai with Business Ties to Chinese Government. In an explosive report set to send shockwaves through official Washington, the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) released a 108-page GAI investigation into the threat of foreign and fraudulent Internet campaign donations in U.S. federal elections (visit to download the full report). Breitbart News obtained an advance copy of the […]

Obama’s Mud March

In January of 1863, General Ambrose Burnside commanded the Army of the Potomac. Regrouping following a crushing defeat by Confederate forces at the Battle of Fredericksburg, the 38 year old Burnside devised a maneuver designed to cross the Rappahannock River and flank Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, thus bringing about a sudden end to the War Between The States, and redeeming a reputation severely eroded due to the thousands of boys in blue whose corpses he had left mounded on the slopes of Marye’s Hill the month before — they were beyond anyone’s restoration. No one was particularly enamored […]

Funny and Truthful Ad by American Crossroads

This is a great advertisement from American Crossroads because it exposes fairly clearly that Obama is a big fat dishonest liar about very important statements that he has made regarding his views and policy positions. And it’s darn funny too. Enjoy! Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher

Republican Teachers Feel Harassed and Pressured at NEA Annual Convention

As a conservative teacher, I long ago figured out that the Republican Party best represents my interests. A rising tide floats all boats, and in a profession where income is determined by the ability of the public to pay taxes, it is vital to both my long-term and short-term financial success that our nation’s economy be vibrant and healthy, and that the last several years have proved that Democratic control does not lead to that (or at least the new progressive-version of the Democratic Party that Obama represents). In addition, I care about family values and the importance of strong […]

Get Your Free Obama Phone

“Call me; I need campaign money.” He never delivered on the Obamamaniac’s desires for him to pay for their mortgage and gas, but Barack Obama  can give you a free phone. (Question: Since when does a government program have a .net address?) Predictably, if you’re already sucking on the government teat, you automatically qualify for a phone: If you, or members in your household are, receiving the following benefits you automatically qualify for the Lifeline program. Those interested in the program must have an income of less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. (For example in the 48 Contiguous States and D.C […]

Obama: Forget About you, Donate to ME!

What happens when you combine hubris and a need for campaign cash?  This, apparently… That, and if Obama wins a second term, you won’t be able to afford to put gravy in the bowl anyway. H/T: Weasel Zippers

Paid Protesters Heckle Romney?

It’s more likely than you think.  According to at least some of the anti-Romney protesters out there, the phrase rent-a-mob is a bit more spot on than the President’s campaign is willing to admit.  Buzzfeed has more… DeWitt, Mich. — The protesters popping up at Mitt Romney’s rallies throughout Michigan Tuesday look like run-of-the-mill grassroots liberals — they wave signs about “the 99 percent,” they chant about the Republican’s greed, and they describe themselves as a loosely organized coalition of “concerned citizens.” They’re also getting paid, two of the protesters and an Obama campaign official told BuzzFeed.   At the candidate’s […]

Union Bosses Abandoning Team Obama? AFL-CIO Directing Funds From Obama

It seems that the Union bosses are pulling the plug on team Obama for 2012.  Is it due to the fact that the DNC and Obama threw the unions under the bus in Wisconsin?   The Lid has more… The AFL-CIO has told USA News and World Report  that it’s moving money from political candidates even though its right in the middle of election season. This represents another blow to the Obama campaign which is already way behind its fundraising goals. The labor union says this shift was planned for a long time and has nothing to do with the fact […]

Effective Romney Video: People That Obama Left Behind

The Romney campaign seems to be hitting the right spots-namely, the Obama economic record.  The Lonely Conservative has the video… Keep it coming!

Another Luke Warm Obama Reception: Holds Speech in Family Garage-They’re not Sure They’ll Vote for Him

Imagine, if you will, that the POTUS-the Great and Mighty Obama, shows up at a family home, and gives a speech.  Then, also imagine that very few people show up, and one of they home-owners later states that she might not even vote for him!  Well friends, that very thing happened just recently.  Ace has the details… Hmmm. Probably not. I’ll call it “more Saturday Stupid.” As leader of the free world President Obama will be used to making speeches to millions of people around the globe.So he might have felt the occasion was a little beneath him yesterday when […]

Obama Opens Official Campaign: Can’t Fill Arena

Much is made about Obama’s campaign, and whether or not Romney has he “oomph” to defeat the sitting POTUS.  In fact, I’ve been receiving emails from bloggers questioning that very point.  While Romney is not the most scintillating candidate, I think he might have more of a chance than some are giving him.  Yes, Obama has the smear machine; consisting of the unions, the community organizations, and even the occupods promise to disrupt anything good and wholesome.  However, it seems that the Obama “get out the useful idiot efforts” have been a tad bit, shall we say, flat. First, let me say […]

Will Gingrich Respond to National Review’s Call to Drop out and Endorse Santorum?

After surging in South Carolina,  Newt Gingrich crashed and burned in Florida, and shows no signs or recovering.  After several poor showings in a row, the vultures are circling over the dying campaign.  One influential source, The National Review, has called on him to drop out of the race, and lend his support to Rick Santorum.  Teresa, at Teresamerica, has more… Today the National Review has taken a bold move and requested that Gingrich drop out of the race and endorse Rick Santorum.  With Santorum’s rise in popularity and continued surge, and Gingrich’s implosion I think this is a good idea. […]

Herman Cain “Suspends” Campaign: It Looks Like the End for the Hermanator Updated!

In a speech today, Herman Cain announce that he was “suspending” his campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination.  R.S. McCain has a correct interpretation… 2:10 p.m. ET: My 12-year-old son Jefferson asked, ‘What does ‘suspending’ mean?” It means “quit.” Cain will still be on the ballot in several states. He could, if he chose, resume the campaign at some future point, but in general, “suspend = quit.” The good news? J.D. Gordon is now unemployed. More good news? My “sources close to the campaign” can now speak on the record about who was responsible for screwing up. And finally, for those of my […]

First Obama Campaign ad of 2012


Just a Conservative Girl posted this, so I thought I might re-post here… Hilarious, isn’t it?