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Democrat Candidate, Gary Peters, Threatens Licenses of TV Stations That Ran Anti-ObamaCare ads

In keeping with the fine democrat tradition of silencing dissent, the campaign of candidate Gary Peters is reportedly threatening the operating licenses of TV stations that have run ads critical of ObamaCare.  Here is one of those ads… Here is a link to the threatening correspondence.  In the end, this is how democrats work.  When their policies fail, they take several paths.  They can blame others.  They can deny that it is happening.  Or, they can simply punish anyone who discusses it.  Forget that this women might die because her policy, that she LIKED, was cancelled because it was not […]

CPAC 2013 Videos: Rand Paul CPAC Speech

Rand Paul followed up on his filibuster with a great speech at CPAC… I think we have to watch Rand Paul.  He is clearly a great communicator, and has potential as a candidate for POTUS.  



  It is always a joy for me to introduce a Bill Whittle video, however this one is by far and away his best effort, EVER!  

Thaddeus McCotter


I’ve heard of Thaddeus McCotter before, and have seen excerpts of his speeches.  I know that he has some fans, but he’s very little known.  He is, however, running, so I thought a closer look was in order.  So, here is his speech from last week’s Iowa Straw Poll. While I don’t find him to be electrifying, he does make good points, and would seem to have a good grasp on Conservative ideology.  Of course, at this point, he doesn’t seem to have a chance, but we ought to look at everyone. What do all of you think?

A Tale ofTwo Stories: Rick Perry Electrifies Conservatives, Brings Light Bulbs back to Texas

I have to admit that I don’t know all that much about Texas Governor Rick Perry.  But after these two stories, I’ll be giving him a closer look. First up, Governor Perry lit it up at the recent Republican Leadership Conference.  Another Black Conservative has the video. (Note that I could not get the original video to embed, so I got another version from YouTube) I thought it was a rather good speech.   He has some pluses, like the fact that  Texans are creating most of the new private sector jobs in the country, and I don’t think they’re […]