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Cass Sunstein

America, The Land of the Free? What Constitution?

Apart from some of us in the blogosphere, Americans go about their daily live with no cognition that their freedoms are being eroded away. There is no perception that they are any less free today than they ever were. And that, I believe, is by design. Our constitution exist to protect us from our government, to protect our unalienable rights and, to limit the power of our government in Washington. Yet today our government pays little heed to this sacred document. While I was recovering from retina surgery to my only, I managed to read my favorite blogs every day. […]

The Utility of Free Speech Redux


If you read the recent post, From The Front Lines of the Culture Wars: Student Disciplined for Thinking Homosexuality is Wrong, you would have seen an interesting exchange between Harrison, of  Capitol Commentary, and myself.  While we happen to disagree on that topic, I consider him to be a good blogger, who often asks us to question some core beliefs.  Our exchange reminded me of the following, which was originally posted on September 29, 2009.   As we all know, freedom of speech is under attack.  Mark Lloyd proposes to replace privately owned media with a government approved and moderated PBS.  Cass Sustein and Henry Waxman have […]

Fairness Doctrine Officially Dead: Why That Means Absolutely Nothing


Yesterday, the FCC officially killed the fairness doctrine.  While it hadn’t been enforced since the late 80’s, the left would occasionally state the desire to resurrect it, and the right always feared it.  Here is coverage from The Blaze… The last nail was finally driven into the Fairness Doctrine’s coffin when the FCC eliminated more than 80 media industry rules, ending the obsolete post WWII-era regulation. The doctrine, that sought to ensure inclusiveness of different viewpoints broadcast on the airwaves, was officially erased by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Monday. Conservative critics of the Fairness Doctrine believed the rule violated broadcasters’ rights to free speech and […]

Was Fast and Furious Meant to be Cloward-Piven for the Second Amendment?


If you recall, the lefty meme from a while back was that Mexican gun violence was caused by guns imported from the US.  While that came into debate, the governments of both the US and Mexico made the claim, and the lapdogs in the MSM followed suit.  Of course, the porous border and the fact that these guns are being used by CRIMINALS never entered into the discussion. As the details of Operation Fast and Furious have come to light, we see that that narrative is at the very least partially true.  The US government was sending the guns to Mexico in the […]

Robo-Trolls: Coming Soon to a Website near you?

The other day, RS McCain did a post, Sock Puppet Software,  that got me thinking.    Here is what FOX had to say about it… The US government is offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage “fake people” on social media sites and create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues. The contract calls for the development of “Persona Management Software” which would help the user create and manage a variety of distinct fake profiles online. The job listing was discussed in recently leaked emails from the private security firm HBGary after an attack by internet activist […]

Exploring the Intent of ObamaCare: Donald Berwick and Ezekiel Emanuel

Note from Matt: Since Donald Berwick has been re-nominated to his post, and the left is busily trying to discredit anyone who speaks out about ObamaCare, let’s tale a look at where the real “big lie” is being told.  Here is a post from last May. As regular readers are well aware, I’ve spent a great deal of time covering the death and abuse that are part of the British NHS.  We’ve covered that over 20,000 cancer victims die each year because the NHS won’t cover their medications.  We’ve covered the terrible conditions at some NHS facilities, and we’ve covered […]

Ending Dissent: An Overview of Media Control Part I

It is well known that totalitarian systems seek to control all media.   To achieve, and then maintain, control of the people, the totalitarian must prevent dissent.  In such a scenario, obedience to the state is first and foremost, and is difficult to achieve if people are able to share actual thoughts and ideas.  Dissenters must be marginalized and/or punished, and they cannot be permitted to defend themselves in the court of public opinion.  Additionally, as the regime takes more and more from the people, and, as a result, causes suffering, actual information as to the reasons for the suffering must be […]

Blog Focus: Negating the Electoral College and the Trolls that Love it

Over the years, there has been some talk from the “progressives” about doing way with the Electoral College.  I remember folks in the Clinton Administration talking about it in the 90’s.  It came back again in 2000.  Lately, there are a number of states that have been passing laws to do just that.  I first heard about this at Kristen’s Mishmash.  Here is a quote from her original article on Bypassing the Electoral College… A bill is working its way through the Massachusetts state legislature that would bypass the electoral college and give all electoral votes to the candidate who […]

Apparently, Socialists Are not in Favor of Dissent: Venezuela Jails Two for Twitter Posts

Now, we all know that, according to Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, Hugo Chavez is a really swell guy, and not at all a dictator.  However, reality intervenes and sheds light onto his true nature.  The Washington Times recently published an account of what happens when you disagree with the kindly communist dictator in Venezuela. In Venezuela, Luis Enrique Acosta Oxford’s ordeal began June 30, when he posted a 120-character piece of financial advice on the popular micro-blogging site Twitter: “Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t say you weren’t warned… Pull out today… I’m telling you, there are just a few days […]

The Tale of Two Obama Minions: Donald Berwick and Ezekiel Emanuel

As regular readers are well aware, I’ve spent a great deal of time covering the death and abuse that are part of the British NHS.  We’ve covered that over 20,000 cancer victims die each year because the NHS won’t cover their medications.  We’ve covered the terrible conditions at some NHS facilities, and we’ve covered the lack of care and waiting periods that are part and parcel to any socialized medical system.  Needless to say, the NHS should be viewed as a cautionary warning against a single payer system. Here are some of the posts here that discuss the carnage that […]

ObamaCare Damage: IPAB, Rationing and the Dealth Panel?

I caught this video over at Hot Air today, and thought it best to share it here.  Kindly give a close listen to Peter Orszag, the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget under the POTUS. So, we have the IPAB, which stands for Independent Payment Advisory Board.  From what Orszag is saying; that it will cut costs by not being “based on quantity,” I think we can safely assume that this is a rationing body. Now, if this is a rationing body, and they are going to cut costs by not treating things, might this also be […]

MSM vs. Reality: More Media Bias Concerning the Tea Parties

With all the talk of “threats” and vandalism lately, the MSM has continued to repeat the talking points that the GOP and the Tea Parties and guilty of racial slurs, threatening government officials and breaking windows at Democratic offices (even ones that are 30 stories up!).  Now, there are no videos of this (other than the one that showed that the Congressional Black Caucus was lying).  There have been no arrests, but the MSM keeps going along without evidence, just like they did last summer. I would also be negligent if I omitted the violence at the 2008 GOP Convention.  […]

Czar Wars & Trolls: Cass Sunstein Advocates “Cognitive Infiltration” of Groups

My point about groups being infiltrated by trolls has taken another turn.  Apparently, Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar, had suggested, in a 2008 paper, that government agents, or allied groups, infiltrate and undermine groups that spread “conspiracy theories.” In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocated “cognitive infiltration” of groups that advocate “conspiracy theories” like the ones surrounding 9/11. Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” in which he argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative […]

Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, Ezekiel Emanuel, and the “Death Panels”

So, with the announcement/unveiling of PelosiCare, the Heath Care debate has heated up once again. Here’s my take on several of the debated issues. Death Panels:  First, let me say that have a strong dislike for this term.  I believe it to be the hyperbolic, and not accurate to the true form and function of the heath care rationing that is to come.   That being said, there are some are some patterns in the actions of the government that suggest that there will be rationing decisions made that will end lives.  When Sara Palin suggested that people are going to […]

Czar Wars Profile: Cass Sunstein

As time wears on, we find out more and more about Obama’s Czars.  First, there was Van Jones being a “truther.”  And, who can forget John “De-Development & Forced Abortion” Holdren?  Then, there was Kevin “Make sure you use a condom with your rapist” Jennings.  For today’s post, we’ll go back to Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar.  We’ve taken a look at Mr. Sunstein before, here and here.  But like most of the Czars, the more one looks, the more one finds. Apparently, Mr. Sunstein believes that organs should be harvested from terminally ill or the recently deceased, without their […]

The Utility of Free Speech

As we all know, freedom of speech is under attack.  Mark Lloyd proposes to replace privately owned media with a government approved and moderated PBS.  Cass Sustein and Henry Waxman have both floated the idea of regulating Internet content.  Speech codes on campus restrict the free flows of ideas on college campuses.  The ACLU threatens to sue kids that pray at graduation ceremonies.  People are threatened if they pray in public.  Conversely, the left is able to engage in whatever outrageous activity they choose, and even do what they accuse the right of doing.  The double standard is sometimes astounding. […]

A Note on Trolls

I think many of us have seen an upswing in troll comments.  From what I have experienced, both at the blog and at the forum I used to frequent, many trolls have several common denominators: They smugly post democratic talking points. Their posts have little or no evidence.  They post accusations and assertions.  If they back them up at all, they use MSM reports that only give their side of the story. Their posts are filled with logical fallacies. If you respond, with evidence and logic, they disregard the facts, and simply make other accusations. So, I thought about looking […]

New Poll, New Useful Idiot!

As I covered the other day, Cass Sunstein is the new appointee as the messiah’s “regulation czar.”  And what a czar this guy would be!  We covered at bit of his looneyness in the other post, but I thought taking a deeper look would be hilarious.  He was recently interviewed by Salon Magazine.  Here are some excerpts. What inspired you to write this book? What sounded the alarm for you that there was a danger to democratic discourse? What sounded it was all the excitement about personalization and customization, hearing people saying, “This is unbelievably great that we can just […]