This Boy Wonder Is Building The Conservative Answer To In An Illinois Garage


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Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk, a new breed of GOP?

Hat/Tip to and Julie Bykowicz at Bloomberg Politics.

Maybe there is hope for the GOP after all.


Charlie Kirk was just about to leave the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa when he spotted the multimillionaire investor Foster Friess in a stairwell. Kirk, who was 18 and fresh out of high school, had spent weeks memorizing the names and faces of the top 25 Republican political donors in case he found himself in just such a situation. He grabbed Friess into a handshake, took a nervous breath, and began his elevator pitch. Instead of going to college, he wanted to start a grass-roots organization to rival liberal groups such as, which offer Democratic candidates a standing army of volunteer activists. All he needed, Kirk told Friess, was cash. Friess, who’d just blown $2.1 million on a failed quest to help Rick Santorum win the GOP presidential nomination, handed over his business card. Three weeks later, Kirk had a five-figure check. “He impressed me with his capacity to lead, intelligence, and love for America,” Friess says. “I instantly knew I wanted to support him.”

In the three years since, Kirk—who still sleeps in his childhood bedroom in Wheeling, Ill.—has built his organization, Turning Point USA, into the go-to group for reaching young conservatives. It has a presence on 800 college campuses, where fieldworkers hand out posters and collect e-mail addresses. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, the group hosted an event featuring Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who have each since announced they’re running for president. On May 8, Paul was scheduled to speak at a Turning Point rally at Arizona State University, and Carly Fiorina is on deck to speak in June at a Turning Point conference for women in Chicago. Kirk says he’s met candidate Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is considering a presidential run.

Kirk’s circle of financial backers has expanded to include Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner; Montana-based technology entrepreneur Greg Gianforte, a donor to Christian causes; and Mike Miller, a suburban Chicago jeweler who’s given Turning Point $50,000. Kirk says he’s raised $1 million since January. (Because Turning Point is organized as a nonprofit advocacy group, it doesn’t have to disclose its full donor list or budget.) During the CPAC convention, Friess and Miller entertained 100 Turning Point activists over dinner at Washington’s Metropolitan Club. Kirk, Friess says, “is the ultimate role model for us all.”

Turning Point LogoTurning Point displays at campus fairs are filled with colorful posters that cheer capitalism and boo big government. The most popular one right now spells out LOL, with the “O” styled after President Obama’s iconic campaign logo. The group’s field activists approach their duties with evangelical passion. When they reel in a curious student, out comes an electronic tablet with a questionnaire. “Where do you think the most cuts should be made in the budget?” asks one multiple-choice question. The options include defense, social programs, health care, environment, or “government itself.” The survey concludes with a place for respondents to list their name, graduation year, and e-mail address.

Attracting interest is easy on campuses such as Texas Christian University. In April, Turning Point’s Texas field coordinator Stephanie Conway, who moved to Dallas after graduating from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2014, set up a display in the student union. Dressed in a Turning Point T-shirt that read “Big Government Sucks,” she asked passersby, “Hey, who wants to talk about the debt?” A surprising number of people bit, popping out their earbuds long enough to listen. “People love our message,” she says. “We’re giving them something to think about—like, hey, maybe government is too big, maybe we shouldn’t have this huge federal debt—that they probably haven’t ever heard before in a college setting.”

Conway’s team deployed heavier-duty tactics at the University of Texas at Arlington, a larger campus that’s less right-leaning than Texas Christian.

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A staffer offered cupcakes: “These represent the federal debt. Take your share.” Others manning a dunk tank shouted carnival barker lines. “You can just go right up to the tank and push the lever,” said one, Tyler Bowyer. “There are no rules! Just like the federal government!”

The group’s paid workers are each supposed to make at least 1,500 student contacts per semester. About 20,000 people have attended a Turning Point event, posted on social media, or volunteered for the group’s events, Kirk says. Turning Point also registers voters in states that will be critical in 2016, including Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. In April the group registered 1,030 voters in Florida—30 more than the goal, says national field director Crystal Clanton.

Turning Point’s headquarters have moved out of Kirk’s parents’ house in Wheeling and into a garage in Lemont, southwest of Chicago. (“Apple and Amway also started in garages, so we’re in really good company,” Kirk says.) Behind the scenes, Bill Montgomery, a 74-year-old former restaurateur, handles paperwork—“the old guy who keeps it all legal,” says Montgomery, who met Kirk in 2012 at a panel discussion on politics at Benedictine College. The young man gave a speech that was “practically Reaganesque,” Montgomery says. An Eagle Scout who played saxophone and baseball, Kirk gained national attention for an essay he wrote for the conservative Breitbart website about liberal bias in high school textbooks, which led to an appearance on Fox Business. With Montgomery urging him to dive into full-time political activism, Kirk traveled to Tampa, leading to his fateful chat with Friess.

Turning Point remains tiny compared with MoveOn, which has about 8 million members. MoveOn started in 1998 with an e-mail campaign asking people to sign a petition demanding that Congress censure President Bill Clinton and “move on” after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. MoveOn’s success using the Internet to organize Democratic voters paved the way for Obama’s 2008 campaign, a model Hillary Clinton is trying to replicate in her 2016 bid.

Republicans haven’t come close to matching that organizational muscle, Kirk says.

When he pitches donors on Turning Point, he cheerfully describes it as “the MoveOn of the Right.” Now 21, he says it’s helpful to have an example to follow. “I don’t think I agree with them on a single issue,” he says. “But I have nothing but respect for how successful they’ve been.”





ObamaCare Navigator Imprisoned For Terrorism


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Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, Convicted Terrorist and ObamaCare Navigator
Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, Convicted Terrorist and ObamaCare Navigator

Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius Forum.

This is the kind of top quality public servants brought to you via our President, Barack Obama.

Obama’s Chicago terrorist has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, authorities in the Windy City announced late last week. No, not his old terrorist, Bill Ayers, his newer terrorist, Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, the woman he hired to work as an ObamaCare “navigator” in Illinois.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, a terrorist from Jordan, was convicted in Israel for her part in several bombings including one from way back in 1969 that killed two students in a grocery store.
Despite her murderous past, the Illinois Department of Insurance hired this killer Muslim as an ObamaCare “navigator” to push the President’s odious healthcare take over onto citizens in that state.

So, Obama had a terrorist pushing his ObamaCare law on citizens in his own home state.

Great work if you can get it.

Yup, that’s our President for ya. He cares so much about us that he has convicted terrorists helping choose the authoritarian, top-down, central government, socialistic health care that he shoved down our throats.

When Odeh came to the USA and became a citizen she did not note her past convictions on her paper work. This lie could see her citizenship revoked.

Then, she has been arrested for her lies and faced ten years in prison.

After only two hours a jury convicted Odeh and she was sentenced to an 18-month prison sentence for lying about her role in Muslim terror and not telling US officials of her history.

So, there you have it. Obama’s other Chicago terrorist has been convicted and sentenced in his home town.






“We are in your state, We are in your cities, We are in your streets” ISIS Threatens “Obama Town”



Hat/Tip to CBS News Chicago.

It would seem that many terror organizations refer to Chicago as “Obama Town.”

Over the past six years, Chicago has become a top potential target for international terrorists, a top security expert said Friday, making the posting of a veiled threat by Islamic radicals on Twitter a higher cause for concern.

“Many organizations refer to Chicago as Obama Town,” said CBS 2 security expert Ross Rice, a former top FBI agent in Chicago. Under President Obama, the U.S. took out Osama bin Laden, and used repeated drone strikes to weaken terror networks.

Our Government sent out an alert, nationwide concerning ISIS.

In the meantime, the U.S. government on Friday issued a security bulletin to all U.S. law enforcement in light of the overall threat posed by Islamic State, commonly known as ISIS or ISIL.

In a Twitter post, ISIS makes threats on two US cities, Chicago and Washington DC.

The ominous post on Twitter, purportedly from somebody connected with Islamic State, shows a photo of the Old Republic Building, 307 N. Michigan Ave., in Chicago and the White House.

The text reads:

We are in your state
We are in your cities
We are in your streets

You are our goals anywhere.


 photo ISISthreatenschicago_zps2db0c2b3.jpg
 photo ISISthreatensdc_zps605a6d99.jpg

The handwritten note is dated June 20.

The security bulletin issued Friday cautioned that there is no known threat to any U.S. cities

The Twitter message seems to imply that Islamic State operatives are in Chicago and other U.S. cities.

Rice said the photo was likely taken by an American male, in his 20s or 30s, who has been radicalized by extremists via the Internet, much like the Boston Marathon bombers.

“That has been our biggest concern,” Rice said. “Individual attacks by one or two sympathizers of ISIS’ or other groups.

Islamic State is responsible for executing kidnapped journalist James Foley. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said ISIS an “imminent threat to every interest we have.”

They are well-funded, and bigger than al Qaeda ever was, Rice said.


Daily Kos Laments that Klingon Disruptors can be “purchased and carried anywhere in Georgia! “

pro vs antigun
But what did they think about Klingon Disruptors?

OK, maybe it wasn’t a Klingon Disruptor, but the Kossacks really stepped in it when they decided to run a story about the guns that could be purchased and carried in Georgia.  The Mental Recession has more…

The Daily Kos, a far, far, far left-leaning group of basement dwellers, has posted a handy guide for their readers to see what guns can be purchased and carried in Georgia under the new Guns Everywhere Law.  The member post, titled GUNS, GOONS, AND GEORGIA, even includes a poster-type image of such guns.

Problem is, the author used a poster full of toy guns, including a “pulse rifle” which can only be seen in science fiction movies such as Aliens.

The caption below the image reads:

“These guns can be purchased anywhere in Georgia and carried into a church, bar, school or library.”

Here is the image:

Toy Guns

As they are toy guns, they indeed could be purchased and carried openly in Georgia.  The lone exception being the pulse rifle.  Because …

It.  Doesn’t.  Exist.

The Aliens Versus Predators site describes the pulse rifle as a “22nd century” era weapon used in “various engagements with the Xenomorph and Yautja” alien species.

Alrighty then.  the Kossacks got caught lamenting the availability of fictitious toy guns.

However, in “gun free Chicago,” there were over 80 completely unexplainable cases of Sudden Onset Lead Poisoning during the July 4th weekend.   Good thing they have tough gun laws out there, isn’t it?

And by the way, how much would  one of those Pulse Rifles set me back? Or, maybe even  a Klingon Disruptor?


King Barry Addresses his Subjects

I have a pen and a phone.  And a teddy bear. I hug it because people are mean to me.

I have a pen and a phone. And a teddy bear. I hug it because people are mean to me.

“He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary….”

Constitution, Article II Section III

“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.”

Barry Obama

As is the case once a year, the ruler of the former Republic of the United States addressed Congress.  I, the Manhattan Infidel, as is my duty, attentively vomiting watched the speech.  I now present highlights from King Barry and his State of the Union:

As is usual with a SOTU speech, the President opened by greeting everyone in the galley:

My fellow Kenyans……um, I mean my fellow Indonesians.  Dammit, I mean my fellow Americans.

After that opening stumble President Obama went on to discuss the state of education in America:

Today in America a teacher spent extra time with a student.  Naked.  She was promptly arrested.  Her union supports her.

Being the consummate actor that he is, the President threw humor into his speech:

Our deficit has been reduced.  I am committed to working with congress.  These are the jokes people.  Wow.  Tough crowd.

He mentioned the hot topic of inequality:

106 years without a world championship?  Come on Cubs!  Stop World Series championship inequality!  If congress doesn’t act I will sign an executive order giving the Cubs a championship.

Marriage equality?  What about divorce equality?  I’ve asked Michelle to move out.

The President talked about building a modern infrastructure:

I’ve ordered two hubs.  I’m sorry.  I mean two drone strikes.

….the benefits of federally funded research:

We must help the Marvel Agents of SHIELD!

….the limits of executive authority:

I will use my authority to have the Oval Office painted.

Climate change:

The debate is settled.  Climate change exists and is not made up, unlike my American birth certificate.


Fix our broken immigration system.  I need those Hispanic votes!

Unemployment insurance:

Congress needs to restore unemployment insurance to the 1.6 million people my economic policies have put out of work.

The President peppered his speech with personal anecdotes:

I want every child to have the opportunity I did:  An education in Indonesia.

He brought up the war on women:

Women only make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes.  Women make less then men, except when they are stripping or charging $3000 an hour for Democratic governors.

He addressed the war on terror:

Tonight more Americans are secure.  Unless they live in Chicago.

…and Guantanamo Bay:

Close Guantanamo Bay!  It should be as empty as Detroit.

All in all it was a typical State of the Union Speech.  One that I, Manhattan Infidel, was privileged to report on.  Kill me now.

Original Post:  Manhattan Infidel


More of Obama’s Thug Tactics, con’t.


As reported here at Conservative Hideout previously, the Obama administration is steeped in what can be described as Chicago Thug Political Tactics. Unfortunately, the liberal policies of FDR and LBJ gave vast amounts of money to the political leaders in Chicago to consolidate their choke hold on the city, and therefore, the entire state.

“The New Deal of the 1930s and the Great Society of the 1960s gave the Democratic Party access to new funds and programs for housing, slum clearance, urban renewal, and education, through which to dispense patronage and maintain control of the city.”

Since Obama cut his political teeth in Chicago, learning the ropes not only under the auspices of the Chicago Political Machine, but also as a disciple of Saul Alinsky, he naturally brought these tendencies with him to Washington DC. He has surrounded himself with like-minded individuals who completely understand that they don’t need President Obama’s complicity in their actions. They know what is expected of them and what will and won’t be allowed.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testifies in WashingtonEnter Timothy Geithner. His ancestry on his mother’s side can be traced all the way back to the Mayflower. He is of German descent, born in America, but spending nearly his entire childhood overseas, mostly in Asia. His academic credentials are impressive, including Dartmouth College, Peking University and Bejing Normal University and also Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

I think a very interesting point, and one that may indicate at least one reason why he was nabbed by Obama to be his Secretary of the Treasury is worth noting here. It seems that Geithner’s father in the ’80s, ran the Ford Foundation’s microfinance programs in Indonesia, which were being developed by Ann Dunham Soetoro.
ann dunham soetoro
Yes, THAT Ann Dunham Soetoro. Barack Hussien Obama’s mother.

Fast forward to the credit downgrade of the United States by Standard & Poor. That happened in 2011, and it seems that it brought about an ominous warning/threat by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. This has come to light in a legal filing as part of the case Eric Holder’s Justice Department has brought against S&P, following their downgrade of the US credit from AAA to AA+.

The Justice Department’s lawsuit alleges that S&P defrauded investors in the lead-up to the ’08 financial crisis by giving shaky mortgage bonds its highest rating. S&P alleges the suit is in retaliation to the downgrade, stating that Geithner personally called Harold McGraw III, CEO of S&P’s parent company, McGraw Hill Financial.

He said that two days after the announcement of the credit downgrade, Geithner called and warned him that the ratings firm had made an error in its analysis and that “you are accountable for that,” according to a filed legal document.

McGraw said in his deposition that an angry Geithner said on the call that S&P had made previous mistakes and would be “looked at very carefully.” McGraw added that Geithner told him “you have done an enormous disservice to yourselves and to your country” and that the downgrade had caused real damage to the struggling economy.

“Such behavior could not occur, [Geithner] said, without a response from the government,” McGraw said, according to the deposition.

Geithner has denied any such allegations through a spokeperson.

”The allegation that former Secretary Geithner threatened or took any action to prompt retaliatory government action against S&P is false,” Jenni LeCompte said in an emailed statement.

Eric Holder Attends Awards Ceremony At Justice Department

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department dismissed the charges out of hand.


“This is the first time this allegation is being made 2½ years after the call purportedly happened,” a DOJ official said, adding that lawyers involved in the case against S&P had no knowledge of Geithner’s alleged comments.

Now whether anything will ever be proven as to Geithner’s threats. It is clear that this administration continues to bully, threaten, scandalize and demonize anyone who gets in their path.


Guns Save Lives: Armed Woman Takes on Six Armed Robbers, Saves Husband


Once again, guns save lives…

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
Of course, liberals would be happier if these people were dead.  As only criminals can have guns.  Fortunately, they were not in Chicago, where strict gun control laws prevent shootings, right?

The City of Chicago is still racking up distressing numbers of shootings even as crime otherwise in the Windy City has gone down. On August 12, for instance, six people were shot in the space of only one hour.

On that Monday, between the 6:15 PM and 7:13 PM, six people were shot, one of them a 13-year-old boy.

At 6:12, police reported that a 23-year-old man was shot and critically wounded. At 6:15 a 21-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman were shot in the same incident. Then at 6:20 a young man, 17, shot himself in the groin by accident. Next a 13-year-old boy was shot at 6:47. And by 7:13 sixth person was shot.

This came only a day after a weekend where 4 were killed and 22 hurt in shootings in Chicago.

Those numbers are slight compared to the shootings over the Fourth of July holiday weekend this year where a staggering 72 shootings occurred, with as many as a dozen ending up dead. Among those shot were two small boys, one a 5-year-old and the other a 7-year-old.

Thank God for Chicago’s strict gun control laws.  Otherwise, someone might of been shot, or even killed!


Useful Idiot Alert: Chicago Public School Teacher Promises ” Violent Revolution,” Bashes Economic Freedom



I’ve covered the connections between public education, the unions, and communism many times.   Here is just the latest example.

As you can see, Jesse Jackson is right there, and he isn’t disagreeing.

Once again, this is a direct consequence of the Long March Through the Institutions.  McCarthy WAS right.  There were communists in our institutions, and they were indoctrinating followers.  This useful idiot is one of them, and the beauty of it is, he doesn’t even realize it.

What this teacher ought to remember is what Bezmenov warned of.


Strict Gun Laws in Action: 7 Shot Dead, 41 Injured in Gun Free Chicago



Wait a second, you mean that in gun free Chicago, seven people were shot dead, and another 41 injured?   How could that be?  They have gun control, don’t you know?  Perhaps Weasel Zippers can explain this mysterious incident…

Via Washington Times:

Chicago saw its bloodiest weekend this year as gun violence throughout the city left seven dead and 41 injured, including boys younger than 19.

One victim was 16-year-old Kevin Rivera, who was shot to death, as he walked near his home, by a bicycle-riding gunman, United Press International reported.

Another was a 15-year-old who was shot and killed by police during a drug-related emergency call in the South Side’s Englewood neighborhood, the Chicago Tribune reported. Police responded to a drug call about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, saw three suspects running, and launched a foot chase. The suspect turned and pointed what appeared to be a gun at the officer during the course of the chase, the Tribune said. The officer in turn fired his weapon.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead an hour later, the Tribune said.

Others killed included Jamal Jones, 19, Ricardo Herrera, 21, McGregory Porter, 24, Cortez Wilberton, 31, and Todd Wood, 40, UPI reported.

Police say this was the worst weekend for gun violence since the beginning of the year, and residents say they are unnerved. NBC put the statistics at seven dead and 41 wounded, up from earlier estimates by different media of six dead and 36 wounded.

All sarcasm aside, the fact that gun free Chicago is a shooting gallery is no surprise.  When gun laws are passed, gun crime increases, and the solution proposed is more gun laws.

This is the end result of gun control.  More crime and more death.


We Have a Winner: The Useful Idiot of the Month for Aril 2013…



Gun victims that destroy their own freedom and security by call for gun control-and that’s what earned them the title of Useful Idiot of the Month.

Gun control that makes them less safe, and would not have stopped them, or their family members from being victims in the first place.

It’s unfortunate that they (or their loved ones) were the victims of a crime, but disarming the rest of us only makes the rest of us less safe.  Since criminals don’t follow laws anyway, they will still have guns.  Just look at Chicago, which has the most restrictive gun laws in the US, and you’ll see how well disarming the populace works.

Thanks to all that voted, and stay tuned for the next Useful Idiot of the Month Poll!

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Union Violence in Chicago


union thug

It seems that socialists and teachers (union) were marching in Chicago, or do I repeat myself?  But, in all seriousness, it’s getting warmer, so we will see a spike in union activity, and union violence (This must be repetition day at the CH 2.0)  At any rate, people are not supposed to film socialists and teachers, and Jesse Jackson, because the guy that did got some Alinsky for his trouble.  Here is the video, via Publius Forum…

It’s really priceless.  From the juvenile penis comments, to telling the one ethical person there to “not snitch,” these so called adults showed less integrity or maturity that the children they are supposed to be teaching.  Then again, kids in the Chicago schools aren’t performing all that well, are they.  I guess it should come as no surprise.  It’s the Parents vs. the Children again, and as usual, the children are throwing a tantrum. 

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Cigarette Taxes Create More Failure? NY and Chicago Suffer From Liberalism


It’s common sense, really.  If you tax something highly, human nature dictates that people will go out of their way to avoid the tax.  Liberals, however, seems to have missed that, because they continue to tax and tax.  Then, they are completely shocked and surprised when people do what they have always done.  Hot Air has the latest…

First, my own home stomping grounds of New York, which has been seeking a way to stave off total fiscal collapse by jacking up one of the highest tobacco tax rates in the nation. How’s that working out for ya?

ALBANY – Chronic cigarette-tax evasion continues to cost New York State at least $1.7 billion a year in tax revenue and 6,700 jobs, according to a new report from the New York Association of Convenience Stores (NYACS).

Commissioned by NYACS, the economic study by John Dunham & Associates determined that in 2011, one of every two packs of cigarettes consumed in New York State escapes collection of New York State taxes. “This is further proof that New York, which has the highest cigarette excise tax in the nation, continues to suffer the corrosive economic and fiscal effects of the worst cigarette tax evasion in the nation,” said NYACS President James Calvin in a press release.

Their study finds that nearly half of the packs of smokes purchased in New York were “from other states, Indian reservations, duty-free shops, and military bases.” And that doesn’t take into account the number of smokers who are choosing to do their shopping with black market bootleggers who are increasingly prevalent in sections of the state which are further from the border.

Lol, this has been reported for years.  I think I did my first post on cigarette taxes in NY in 2009.  But, in response to their failure, the liberals keep going and going -reality be damned.

Apparently, Chicago is also seeing the problem…

But that’s just New York. We’re kind of weird out here anyway, right? So maybe this case is just an outlier. I’m sure things are working out much better in Chicago, where Illinois is quickly moving to catch New York in the smoke tax category. The money surely must be rolling in by now.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Cook County investigators have been raiding stores across the county that have been breaking the law, and ripping off taxpayers of millions of dollars, by selling cigarettes without proper taxes…

About 800 raids take place each month.

“Roughly a quarter of them result in confiscations,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said.

“In the last fiscal year, it was a loss of $6 million,” she added. “$6 million would make a great deal of difference to our healthcare system, or to our criminal justice system.”

Chicago has at least found a way to make up some of the loss, giving credit where credit is due. To date they have managed to issue more than $1.3M in fines, largely against small retail outlets who sell cigarettes. So they’ve got that going for them I guess. And hey… they’re creating jobs, too.

Lol, when will they ever learn?  If you want something to go away, or go underground, tax it.  In pretty much every state where a cigarette tax has been pushed to the limit, revenues have not met projections, and in some cases, they have dropped in total.

The solution is really simple.  If the government reduces the tax, people will no longer have the incentive to avoid it, and revenues will increase.  But, the liberals will never see that.  It’s reality, and that really doesn’t “compute” to the liberal mind, so the taxes will continue to grow.  More people will be made criminals, and will not only revenues decrease, but the liberals then expend a freakton of resources on enforcing the taxes, to the detriment of other activities in the public interest,


What do Chicago Teachers do in Their Spare Time? Attend the Midwest Marxism Conference!


Over the years, we’ve shown the relationship, or the uniformity, between unions and the Communist Party.  Legal Insurrection has the story of how the Midwest Marxism Conference we chock full of teachers.

Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey, who spoke at one of the breakout sessions, was just one of the hundreds of attendees, many of them teachers, there to strategize about the next phases of the partnership between Chicago Socialists and the Chicago Teachers Union.

Of course, all recording was strictly verboten unless you had been preapproved by the Chicago Socialists.

The event kicked off with Becca Barnes’s keynote speech. Barnes, a Chicago teacher, spoke about the new era of Marxism in America stemming from the Chicago Socialists’ recent successes in running the show during the Chicago Teachers Strike. Said Barnes, who referred to everyday American capitalists as “capitalist vampires,” “the struggle here in the United States has entered a new phase. Nowhere have we pointed the way forward more clearly than here in Chicago with the teachers union strike.” From her talk and other succeeding events throughout the day, it was clear that the Teachers Union and Marxists were one and the same.

Thankfully, after hours of enduring non-discussion and hate speech against Americans (and being amongst those celebrating a philosophy of mass murderers), I was “outed” as not a communist, told I was “not in solidarity” and surrounded by members of the Chicago Socialists who told me to leave the Northwestern School of Journalism premises. Also “spotted” as not in solidarity was Rebel Pundit, who had a more interesting exit than I:

Also, there is video of Rebel Pundit being ejected from the conference…

As you can see, the Communists are very tolerant and democratic.  Until, that is, someone is not “in solidarity” with them.

That, and current advocates of the political system responsible for 100,000,000 deaths in the last century are teaching children their murderous philosophy.  But, we’ll just pretend that this ism’t happening, right?


President Obama Ignores Pleas to Lend 1K to Save His Sick Nephew


This is a stunning story, especially for those who think that Obama is still ‘a nice guy.’ He may be a good husband and father (from what we’ve heard), but no ‘nice guy’ acts this way towards his immediate family.


…We learned in a remarkable news story, a couple of days ago, that Barack Obama has an actual brother, not a figurative one, who is living in poverty in Africa. His name is George Obama. Barack has met his brother George, but has no ongoing contact with him. George Obama is in trouble: he has a young son who is sick and has been hospitalized, and George, a poor man, has no way to pay the hospital bill.

You would naturally assume that George Obama would reach out to his brother Barack for help. After all, Barack is a multimillionaire; not only that, he is the most powerful man in the world and has often spoken of the importance of being one’s brother’s keeper. So surely Barack would be happy to “keep” his real brother by paying his son’s–Barack’s nephew’s–hospital bill, right?

Wrong. What a silly idea! George Obama exists in the world of reality, not narrative. He is a real brother, not a fictitious “brother” who exists only as an excuse to raise someone else’s taxes. George apparently knew better than to call on his real brother, the President of the United States, in a time of need. So where did he turn? To Dinesh D’Souza.

George met D’Souza when Dinesh was in Africa, working on his blockbuster movie 2016, which is harshly critical of Barack Obama. D’Souza interviewed George Obama, and they spent a day together (here is the story)….

…This is, I think, one of the more stunning stories I have ever read, and if Barack Obama were a Republican, it would dominate the news. George Obama turned to a political opponent of his brother the President for help, because his brother Barack is useful only in the world of narrative, not in the world of reality. If you actually need a thousand bucks, and now, don’t go to a liberal: “brotherhood” goes only so far. Even in Africa, it apparently is understood that if you need real help in the real world, you should go to a conservative…

This is certainly a major news story and John is right- the fact that President Obama goes around the nation living it up on taxpayer money while hording his own personal income without helping out his family is a wrong.

Contrast this with Mitt Romney, who a couple years ago personally loaned money to a couple to buy a house even though they didn’t qualify for any loans under any government program. Or the story about how Mitt’s family in Michigan are some of his strongest supporters. Or any of the dozens of other stories about how when times are tough, Mitt doesn’t just appear to be a nice guy- he really is and really helps people out.

It is important that we know that Obama is not a nice guy- he is a power-seeking radical fascist from Chicago who voters took a gamble on in 2012. It was a bad gamble and in a couple months our nation will have an opportunity to correct the mistake. Mitt Romney is a nice guy, he has a long and well-known track record, and he has done a lot of good things in government. He won’t be the best President ever and I am sure he has some negatives and there is probably a policy or two you don’t like of his, but 4 to 8 years from now, you’ll be glad you voted for him instead of for Obama.

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Let’s Ban Doctors, Cars, and Knives before We Ban AK-47s


Suddenly, Barack Obama wants to ban AK-47 “assault” weapons because they belong only on “the battlefield of war,” even though the LEGAL AK-47s in the U.S. are dressed-up 22-caliber semi-automatic rifles NOT used in war. New York’s Nanny Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants America’s police to go on strike until the federal government adopts stricter gun laws, although I would expect that if his own security police went on strike he’d become a little nervous. Lanny Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton, told Sean Hannity on the radio Tuesday that the federal government should be tracking the purchase of weapons and ammunition to identify “disturbing trends” … you know, like being prepared for the country to fall apart or Barack Obama to join the UN in trying to ban weapons.

Let’s look at some facts about gun deaths in this country, facts the left-wing gun-grabbing fascists among us don’t include in their narrative — because facts don’t fit what they hope to achieve.

Let’s start with James Holmes, who murdered 12 people and wounded 58 others during a shooting last Friday in Aurora, Colorado. James Holmes did not use an AK-47, Mr. President. He murdered and injured people using an AR-15 with a 100-round drum, a shotgun, and a semi-automatic pistol. The AR-15 Holmes used was legal; it was not an “assault” weapon because it was not fully automatic; it was a semi-automatic rifle. Obama would have Americans believe that any AK-47 or AR-15 stored at home in their gun cabinets is an illegal weapon; they’re not. The Clinton-era ban on “assault’ style weapons in this country sunset in 2004, but it is still illegal to own an AK-47 or AR-15 that has been modified to fully automatic fire. So any time Obama or anyone else on the left rants about “assault weapons” used on the “field of battle” roaming “the streets of this country” all by themselves, remember this: The semi-automatic weapons in this country are glorified .22s. You can fire off rounds from a semi-automatic “assault” style weapon just as quickly as you can a semi-automatic Glock handgun: BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PULL THE TRIGGER EACH TIME YOU WANT THE WEAPON TO FIRE.

Here’s another fact the disingenuous left doesn’t want you to know about. Only about 1 percent, yes ONE PERCENT, of the gun deaths in this country can be attributed to the use of ALL TYPES of rifles and shotguns, let alone semi-automatic rifles, which the lapdog media and the fascist left will always refer to as “assault” weapons because the word gets stuck in your conscience.

You can see for yourself here among FBI statistics from 2006-2010.

While we’re on the subject of the numbers of gun deaths in this country. There were 12,996 homicides in 2010 that occurred when someone used a firearm to do the killing; 831 of those deaths occurred from the bullets fired from rifles and shotguns. Furthermore, murderers use “assault” style weapons so infrequently to kill  people, the FBI doesn’t even track them in a category separate from “rifles.” In comparison, 1,704 people were killed in 2010 with knives, and 745 people were killed when someone beat them to death.

I guess that means that the police should go on strike until the federal government bans all kitchen knives, hands, fists, and feet. Can somebody please tell Mayor Nanny Bloomberg that the Supreme Court ruled 7 years ago that the police aren’t even required to protect people?

Let’s get further into the left’s hypocrisy. In 1976, Washington, D.C., passed a total ban on guns within the limits of the District of Criminals, presumably to protect Curroptocrats from American gun owners fed-up with their raping of this country; 14 years later, murders in D.C. had skyrocketed. Naturally, after the gun ban was lifted in 2008, murder rates dropped 25 percent.

You won’t hear that in the left’s narrative. And I don’t even need to go into the left ignoring murder rates in Obama’s Chicago backyard, where some of the strictest gun controls in the nation violate the 2nd Amendment. All you need to do is watch the nightly news.

I also won’t go into the number of illegal guns used to commit most murders (estimates indicated about 80 percent); all you need to do is read anything about Fast and Furious and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Yes. The federal government did build that.

So let’s get to the heart of what really kills far more Americans every year than any nutcase wielding any type of gun. Numerous medical organizations estimate thatmedical mistakes kill nearly 300,000 people every year, though that figure may be closer to 500,000. Meanwhile, 32,310 people died on the highways last year (you know, the roads Obama built so your small business could become successful) in motorcycle and automobile accidents — almost 20,000 more people than those dying at the hands of a murderer firing a gun.

All of which means, I would be far safer if I never went to the doctor or drove to work. So, Mr. President, I’ll be keeping my AK-47 until you come for it. And Nanny Bloomberg? When you pry my weapon from cold dead hand, make sure you don’t spill the Big Gulp in my other hand.

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A Tale of Two Stories: Islamists Call for the Death of Gays, but let’s Stop Chik-Fil-A from Opening New Restaurants!


As is commonly known, homosexuality is a death sentence under Shariah law, but it seems that, at least according to the MSM and American liberals, that Chik-fil-a is a far greater threat.  So, let’s take a look at this, and see where the facts take us.

First up, The Progressive Puppy takes a look at how homosexuals are treated in Islamic countries…

These days, gays and lesbians live in terror under Islam.   Spiegel International: In most Islamic countries, gay men and women are ostracized, persecuted and in some cases even murdered. Repressive regimes are often fanning the flames of hatred in a bid to outdo Islamists when it comes to spreading “moral panic.” …More than 30 Islamic countries have laws on the books that prohibit homosexuality and make it a criminal offense.  In most cases punishment ranges from floggings to life imprisonment.  In Mauritania, Bangladesh, Yemen, parts of Nigeria and Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iran convicted homosexuals can also be sentenced to death.  In those Muslim countries where homosexuality is not against the law gay men and women are nonetheless persecuted, arrested, and in some cases murdered.  Although long known for its open gay scene, Egypt has recently started to clamp down hard.  The lives of homosexuals are monitored by a kind of vice squad who tap telephones and recruit informants.  As soon as the police have accumulated the kind of evidence they need they charge their victims with “debauchery.”

Then, there is more, people are devoted to tracking down, and then killing homosexuals in these countries…

One of the worst offenders is Iraq, where over 4,000 U.S. troops sacrificed their lives bringing “freedom” to the Iraqi people and where the murder of gays by roaming Sharia death squads is standard procedure.  From Guardian UK:  Sitting on the floor, wearing traditional Islamic clothes and holding an old notebook, Abu Hamizi, 22, spends at least six hours a day searching internet chatrooms linked to gay websites. He is not looking for new friends, but for victims.  “It is the easiest way to find those people who are destroying Islam and who want to dirty the reputation we took centuries to build up,” he said.  When he finds them, Hamizi arranges for them to be attacked and sometimes killed.  Hamizi, a computer science graduate, is at the cutting edge of a new wave of violence against gay men in Iraq.  Made up of hardline extremists, Hamizi’s group and others like it are believed to be responsible for the deaths of more than 130 gay Iraqi men since the beginning of the year alone.  (Many of them were tortured.)

The author goes on to point out that even though many lives were sacrificed to bring about “democracy” in  Iraq, we saw through that war, as well as the “Arab Spring” Tyrant Exchange Program, that extermists now rule-literally, if not formally.  Frankly, The Progressive Puppy makes a good point.  Then again, that is what democracy does-it’s the 51% abusing the living (you know what) out of  other 49.

Alright then, we see that even the progressives are noting that homosexuals are being KILLED in these countries, yet there isn’t much of an outcry.  Then, what of Chik-fil-a, whose CEO happens to espouse Christian beliefs?

The other day, we covered that several cities, including Boston, are telling Chik-fil-a, “nyet comrade,” when it comes to opening restaurants in their cities.  However, Boston’s Mayor, Tom Menino seems to go out of his way to help some Muslims, who just so happen to advocate the DEATH OF HOMOSEXUALS!  The Boston Globe has more…

Given his stance on Chick-fil-A, would Mayor Tom Menino grant permits to a group that has counted among its leaders a man who has repeatedly called homosexuality a “crime that must be punished” by death?

Actually, he has done that??.?.?.?and more! Menino effectively gave away city land valued at $1.8 million to the organization, and he gave a speech at its ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It’s the Islamic Society of Boston’s mosque, and when it comes to anti-gay sentiment, one of its early supporters makes Chick-fil-A look like the Provincetown Men’s Chorus

 …reporters discovered that the Islamic Society of Boston counted imam Yusef al-Qaradawi as one of its spiritual guides. As the Weekly Standard reported at the time:

“The ISB does not dispute the fact that they have repeatedly used al-Qaradawi as a tool to raise funds for the Boston mosque, printing a brochure that highlighted al-Qaradawi’s enthusiastic support of the mosque and playing a videotaped message of support from him at a 2002 gathering.”

Also in attendance at the gathering, listening to al-Qaradawi’s message: Mayor Tom Menino.

Outside Boston, al-Qaradawi is better known as a vocal supporter of terrorism who teaches a hard-core version of Islam. His claim to fame as a “progressive” is that he was the first prominent imam to urge women to become suicide bombers, too.

Well, at least they’re not Christians, or anything truly dangerous like that, right?

And what does this al-Qaradawi say about homosexuality?

“[A homosexual should be given] the same punishment as any sexual pervert??.?.?. Some say we should throw them from a high place, like God did with the people of Sodom. Some say we should burn them.”

According to the Anti-Defamation League, “In 2003 Qaradawi stated on IslamOnline that the punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty.”

OK then, Christians are bad, very, very bad; but a radical Imam that calls for the death of homosexuals is just fine?

Of course, Chicago is another city that has told Chik-fil-a to take a hike, but once again, Islamic groups seem to be perfectly welcome, like the Nation of Islam.  Here is what their Leader says…

In Its Own Words
“[T]he Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man. He wasn’t a great man for me as a black person, but he was a great German. Now, I’m not proud of Hitler’s evils against Jewish people, but that’s a matter of record. He raised Germany up from nothing. Well, in a sense you could say there’s a similarity in that we are raising our people up from nothing.”
— Louis Farrakhan, radio interview, March 11, 1984

“Jews have been conclusively linked to the greatest criminal endeavor ever undertaken against an entire race of people … the black African Holocaust. … The effects of this unspeakable tragedy are still being felt among the peoples of the world at this very hour.”
— The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (NOI book), 1991

“Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews. … Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter Arab and a white imposter Jew.”
— Speech by NOI national official Khalid Muhammad, Nov. 29, 1993

“These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood that is seeding the American people and the people of the world and bringing you down in moral strength. … It’s the wicked Jews, the false Jews, that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality. It’s the wicked Jews, false Jews, that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic!”
— Louis Farrakhan, Saviours’ Day speech, Feb. 26, 2006

So, you would think that Chicago would be rather dim on that organization?  Not so, as a restaurant owned by that organization was welcomed with open arms.  

OK, what are we to take from this?  Here are some thoughts…

1.  Organizations that espouse Christian beliefs are bad, and should be banned, because they don’t support gay marriage.

2.  Organizations that openly espouse Muslim beliefs, like KILLING homosexuals, are OK, and entitled to public support.

3.  Jews are evil, and should be killed off.

4.  Picking on Christians is easy, because the vast majority of them are non-violent, and pose no real threat.  Muslims, on the other hands, have centuries of violence and oppression, including to the present time, and would kill people and blow things up if they don’t get their own way.

Or, these are just typical hypocritical regressives?

Or (and my personal opinion) is this…

Matthew 10:22-23  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name‘s sake

Sometimes, it’s that simple.


Lefty Protesters Attack Restaurant Customers in Chicago


It seems that the Anarchists are up to their usual antics, which includes violence against people.  GateWay Pundit has more…

The Sun-Times reported:

It was the middle of the lunch rush Saturday, and Mike Winston was working in the kitchen of his Tinley Park restaurant, the Ashford House, when a waitress screamed a fight had broken out in the dining room.

Police call the melee at the restaurant a targeted assault by a mob that Winston said wielded metal batons and hammers. Ten diners were hurt in the attack, and three of those were hospitalized.

Tinley Park police had five suspected assailants in custody, and Winston said 18 young men, all wearing hooded jackets and obscuring their faces with scarves and other coverings, stormed into the restaurant.

“They came running in the door single file,” said Winston, who owns Ashford House, 7959 W. 159th St., and the adjacent Winston’s Market.

Winston, and police, said the men knew who their targets were, and that the attack wasn’t a random act of violence. Winston said the mob “targeted” a group of 20 diners, all of whom were from out of state.

“Once they attacked the table, they went and started hitting random people,” Winston said.

A group calling itself the “Anti-Racist Action Group” took credit for the targeted beating.
They left this on their website:

On Saturday, May 19th a group of 30 anti-fascists descended upon Ashford House restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park where the 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet was taking place. The White Nationalists were targeted inside the restaurant and physically attacked, causing several injuries and completely shutting down their meeting. The anti-fascist group was privy to anonymous inside information. This fascist event had been in secret planning for six months. The attendees have attempted to cover up the true intent of the event with mainstream media reports initially reporting the white nationalist conference as a wedding party and then as an Irish heritage meeting. The event was advertised on, an established white nationalist fascist internet forum.

Um, if these folks are white nationalists, and that isn’t exactly clear at this point, they are reprehensible.  However, in a free society, we tolerate nonsense, and even hate, when it shows it’s ugly face.  If we do not, it simply goes underground, and becomes more dangerous.

However, the anarchists, who do not believe in freedom in the least, took it upon themselves to attack the alleged white nationalists.  In the end, what we have is one hate group attacking another alleged hate group.    Neither tolerates freedom, and either will resort to violence to achieve their goals.

Perhaps the ground should have opened up and swallowed them both?

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Chicago Police Officer “Terminates” the First Amendment?


At least, that’s what he thought.  According to reports, two news reporters were arrested for causing a scene.  The Blaze has more coverage, plus video…

Chicago police arrested WGN reporter Dan Ponce and WMAQ photographer Donte Williams Saturday, saying that they were “creating a scene” outside of Mount Sinai hospital.

The two were covering the fatal shooting of a six-year old girl and, though they were already across the street, the officer demanded they go another street over.

“F*** news affairs, I don’t care about news affairs.  Forget news affairs,” he said.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that there wasn’t anyone else around. The street outside the hospital was mostly empty. No one seemed to be upset, or at all disturbed, except, that is, the officer.

Maybe we ought to listen to The Classic Liberal when he talks about “the police state?”