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Child Abuse

Political Correctness Taken Too Far: British Child Taken From Family Due to UKIP

  In the newsletter I receive from Crisis Magazine, there is an article entitled “Political Correctness Reaches New Low in UK” by Theodore Dalrymple. In that article he shares the story about a family, in Rotherham England, who has been foster-care parents for the last seven years. Recently, the Rotherham Borough Council’s Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Joyce Thacker, made the decision to remove three children from their care because they are members of the UK Independent Party (UKIP). I don’t know a whole lot about politics in England or much about the UKIP, except for what […]

Washington County (PA) Children and Youth Services Accused of Abetting Child Abuse and Neglect

What happens when children are abused, neglected, and sexually exploited?   If the allegations are true, not much, if Washington County Children and Youth Services are involved.  WTAE in Pittsburgh has more… Channel 4 Action News’ Paul Van Osdol obtained court documents detailing cases of kids living in filth and a teenage girl moving in with a Megan’s Law offender. A 6-year-old boy was found on a cold February morning in the middle of the road outside his parents’ house in New Eagle, Washington County. “He had on a T-shirt, a diaper. He was covered in feces. His hands and […]

Occupy DC: Let’s Add Child Neglect to the List of Occupod Crimes

Even though most of the Occupod camps are closed, the crimes keep occurring.  The latest is from Occupy DC, where child neglect can be added to the list.  Big Government has more..,. An infant’s cries rang through the Occupy DC encampment in McPherson Square Wednesday morning, and when a group went to investigate they found only a baby girl alone in a tent, wearing a onesie and mittens. Soon after, authorities said, a man had been arrested and the girl — who was unharmed — was in the city’s care. The campers notified U.S. Park Police officers and then cared […]

Will Joe Paterno be Forced out at Penn State?

Sports fans out there in the CH 2.0 readership will recognize Joe Paterno, the 40+ year Penn State Coach.  However, the PSU great is in significant hot water due to a sex scandal involving a former assistant coach, who has been accused of multiple counts concerning sex acts with children, some of which allegedly occurred at PSU athletic facilities.  Here is some coverage from ABC… Paterno’s former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested Saturday for allegedly molesting eight boys, at least one of which Paterno allegedly was told about. Paterno was scheduled to have a news conference earlier today, but it was […]

Planned Parenthood: Fake Propaganda or a Pattern of Negligence?

If you noticed, I’ve been going back and forth with Chris Dominguez, the resident lib blogger at Silent Majority.  We’ve been debating the significance of the Planned Parenthood stings.  He recently posted, so I thought I’d respond. Where I think I disagree with him is this: the “pattern” of misbehavior that Live Action appears to be targeting each time is not a pattern that actually occurs in the real world.  They are patterns artificially created by the producers of the video in a specific bid to induce outrage and draw media attention.  That makes them propaganda pieces — sometimes monstrously good propaganda pieces, […]

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