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Christmas music

Sunday Links: Christmas Music Edition

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope that everyone has had a great week, and is not going crazy with the holiday season. Rather than give a brief review of the week, which would likely be discouraging, I thought I would dive right into the links, and for this week, some Christmas music. I hope you enjoy. 90 Miles for Tyranny Hitler Vs. Obama   Adrienne’s Corner The Paleo Rodeo is up…   Always on Watch Nincompoopery — And Worse   America Victorious Why?   America’s Watchtower Paul Ryan “mislead” House Republicans in order to pass his budget compromise   American and […]

Sunday Links: Christmas Music Edition

Who doesn’t like Christmas music?  Well, I’m sure there’s a few that don’t, it’s something that reminds us of family, Christmas  and hopefully, good times.  So, here are the Sunday Links, as well as a selection of Christmas music.   A Conservative Teacher The 7 Pieces of Advice by Trotsky for Obama, found in the 1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon ‘Planned Economy or Planned Destruction’   A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER GET US OUT! Of the United Nations! – Anti-American, Anti-Freedom   Ace of Spades HQ Army Navy Game   Adrienne’s Corner USDA to allow more meat, grains in school lunches   All American […]

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