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Obama, the Congress and Lee Iacocca … UPDATED

UPDATE at bottom of page … Back around 1979 or 1980 Lee Iacocca was hired as CEO of Chrysler Corporation. Shortly after he took over Chrysler reported its worst deficit in the company’s history, a $160-million loss in the third quarter. In 1983 Chrysler earned the best profit in its history, $925 million.  Mr. Iacocca replaced dead weight workers, and in his first two years laid off 7,000 white collar workers saving the company $200 million. A short time later 8,500 salaried employees were laid off and through those tough moves yearly expenses were cut by $500 million. Mr. Iacocca […]

Obama’s Stimulus Package? We Are Still Paying For Obama’s Cronyism: Chrysler Plants in Mexico, Bankrupt ‘Green Energy’

America’s Great Recession officially ended a few months after Barack Obama was inaugurated President in 2009. With a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, he had no problems getting approval for nearly $800 billion to “stimulate” the economy. More than four years later Americans are still waiting to see their economy stimulated. President Obama took the most pride in his “saving” of the auto industry and his investments in “green” technology. Let’s see how his entry into venture capitalism has worked out for those of us who footed the bill. Saving the Auto Industry Remember how President Obama, during […]

Conservative Guide for Automobiles

In the aftermath of the 2012 election, many conservatives are questioning and re-evaluating their spending habits and choices.  And out of all things that can be purchased, few are considered carefully as buying a car.   Many are asking themselves, “do I want to support companies that conspire with the forces that want to enslave me?”  Well, to make a car purchase easier, The Morlock Revolt has created  a convenient info-graphic to help you.   Here is some more from The Morlock revolt… -BMW is manufactured in the US in South Carolina.  These plants produce the X3, X5, and X6 models -The Honda Accord, the Accura […]

Obama Crafts “For All” Meme, With Some Notable Exceptions

In an apparent response to Romney’s 47% speech, team Obama has created a rather creepy meme-“For All.”  He seems to be suggesting that his campaign is “for all” Americans.  The Hill has more… In contrast, the Obama campaign said Obama is “for all” Americans.   “’For All’ illustrates the shared values of the president and young Americans across the country: that if we work together, we can continue to move this country forward,” reads a release from the Obama campaign. “Working together, we can continue to restore the strongest middle class the world has ever known — the promise that […]

This Ford Commercial Kicks! "Owner" States that he Bought a Ford Because They Didn't Take Government Bailout Money


I’ve had guessed that Ford’s increased sales after the auto-bailouts were due to people rebelling against government motors.  Might this commercial be a confirmation? I remember visiting a Ford dealership not too long after Ford sales increased.  When I asked, a salesman smiled and said that a lot of buyers were saying that the bailouts were why they chose Ford.  In a sense, all the steps that Ford took to get new products out, and improve existing ones coincided with this potential rebellions against the bailouts.  From their perspective, if it had to happen, the timing was perfect.  Ironically, it was Ford […]

Union Members Behaving Badly: Again Caught Drinking and Using Drugs on the Job

union thug

Oh those crazy union members.  What will they be caught doing next?  Drinking and using drugs on break?  Doing it in the parking lot of the union hall? It’s more likely than you think. Okay, we can’t say that the union was aware, or would condone this activity.  But the fact is, it had happened before, and these guys were using as if they had immunity of some sort.  Then again, addicts do the craziest things.  I congratulate the tipsters, that for some reason thought that their only option was to go to the media, rather than the company, or […]

The Summer of Unrecovery: Car Sales to Reach 28 Year low

As the Summer of Recovery© continues, evidence reveals the overall fail of the Obama economic policies.  Recently, housing sales tanked.  All this year, the government and their media apologists have been forced to discuss, “unexpected” and “unanticipated” statistics, like increases in unemployment and decreases in economic indicators.  For the latest, Hot Air provides us with a link to see how “Government Motors” are doing. U.S. auto sales in August probably were the slowest for the month in 28 years as model-year closeout deals failed to entice consumers concerned the economy is worsening and they may lose their jobs. Industrywide deliveries, to be released […]

GM: Turned Into Fail by the Gubbermint

Well, it finally happened.  GM files for Bankruptcy and is now owned  by the messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS and his minions.  But what does this mean for you and me?  CNS News has an insightful article found here. GM filed for bankruptcy Monday, as the administration announced a Treasury-financed plan to push the 100-year-old American company into government possession. Under the plan, the U.S. will own 60 percent of the company; Canada will own 12 percent; unions 17.5 percent — and bondholders will receive 10 percent of the pie. Between 60 to 90 days after GM’s bankruptcy, the administration said it […]

SPENDULUS MAXIMUS Introduces New Car Line

A Ministry of Truth  Production ALL HAIL THE MESSIAH! Narrator: Welcome everyone!  Every network and website is broadcasting this momentous occasion, so there’s no excuse!  The messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS is about to introduce the new car line.  There are representatives from every state industry here today.  It’s a black tie affair to be sure!  Wait!  I’ve just been notified that the messiah has arrived and will be approaching the podium. The messiah approaches the podium.  Surrounded by teleprompters and flashing cameras, the messiah walks down an aisle through the crown, stopping to allow minions pay their respects.  An MC approached […]