Obama, the Congress and Lee Iacocca … UPDATED


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UPDATE at bottom of page …

Back around 1979 or 1980 Lee Iacocca was hired as CEO of Chrysler Corporation. Shortly after he took over Chrysler reported its worst deficit in the company’s history, a $160-million loss in the third quarter. In 1983 Chrysler earned the best profit in its history, $925 million.  Mr. Iacocca replaced dead weight workers, and in his first two years laid off 7,000 white collar workers saving the company $200 million. A short time later 8,500 salaried employees were laid off and through those tough moves yearly expenses were cut by $500 million.

Mr. Iacocca didn’t lead by talk and making endless speeches essentially saying nothing. He lead by example. He reduced his own salary to $1 a year and called it, “equality of sacrifice.”  Executive salaries and lower-level salaries were also cut, some up to 10%.

Cost cutting, getting rid of waste, wise investing among other actions by Mr. Iacocca saved Chrysler Corporation.

I wrote all that to reply to Democrat Rep. James P. Moran of Virginia who says $174,000 plus all the perks is not enough money for congressmen to live decently. He said,  “I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”

Folks, when Lee Iacocca was hired at Chrysler Corporation, how long would he have been employed if he didn’t do what he was hired to do? If he increased Chrysler’s deficit, multiplied the losses, continued making poor quality cars, continued the waste and kept carrying the dead weight, Chrysler would be history.

The good Congressman from Virginia in on the “board of directory for the largest economic entity in the world” and take a look at it. We hired, elected these people to address things like the economy in general, unemployment, the national debt and the waste in government spending, job creation and reducing the deficit. A strong national defense is among the top as well.

What have we got in the last five years? The American health care system was replaced because 15% of the people didn’t have health care insurance. We got same-sex marriage legalized, which is fine I guess … but it wasn’t a priority for 97% of Americans. Our military is weakened to the point that other nations scoff at Obama’s threats. No one takes him seriously.  Americans are not interested in granting amnesty for illegal aliens. Americans want the border sealed and legalimmigrants getting citizenship. Next up, “climate change”? Gun control?

It’s pathetic. Not one issue that is important for the great majority of the American people has been honestly worked on. Instead of addressing the things important to the American people they’ve either left them alone or made the issues worse.  According to Rasmussen (Mar. 21, 2014)  a national telephone survey finds that only seven percent (7%) of likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job.  And the Congress wants a raise?

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It wouldn’t be so bad if what Obama and the Congress are doing wasn’t criminal. What they’ve done is commit crime after crime. They’ve embezzled the American taxpayer’s money. They have corrupted the rule of law for their own self-serving goals. They aren’t board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world. They are board of directors for the largest crime syndicate in the world.

No folks, the people in the Congress do not need a raise. They need to be fired.

Obama and those in the Congress always talk about “shared sacrifice” … they certainly could take some lessons from Mr. Iacocca’s example.


Okay folks. Here’s the update though it’s taking me a minute to stop laughing. Some liberal took the above piece and wrote that loan guarantees granted to Chrysler by the government and Jimmy Carter was responsible for turning around Chrysler Corporation.  Jimmy Carter!!!

There was a loan guarantee but that’s all it was. The money had to be borrowed from private financial sources.  Iacocca made the money work for the company … he didn’t pay off union butt buddies and give outrageous bonuses to the other corporate big shots. All the steps coordinated collectively by Iacocca and company pulled Chrysler out of the hole.  One other thing, by 1983 Chrysler had paid the loan off.

The certified bullshit claim that the government saved Chrysler is typical of very intellectually challenged people who can’t check the mail without help from the government.

Lastly, it’s obvious the asshole in an attempt to “debunk” the opening part of this piece missed the point entirely … JIMMY CARTER!!!! Gawd I love it!

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Obama’s Stimulus Package? We Are Still Paying For Obama’s Cronyism: Chrysler Plants in Mexico, Bankrupt ‘Green Energy’


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The “official” Porkulus Logo!

America’s Great Recession officially ended a few months after Barack Obama was inaugurated President in 2009. With a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, he had no problems getting approval for nearly $800 billion to “stimulate” the economy. More than four years later Americans are still waiting to see their economy stimulated. President Obama took the most pride in his “saving” of the auto industry and his investments in “green” technology. Let’s see how his entry into venture capitalism has worked out for those of us who footed the bill.

Saving the Auto Industry

Remember how President Obama, during the 2012 election campaign, bragged that he saved General Motors and Chrysler and said that Mitt Romney would have let them go bankrupt? THEY DID GO BANKRUPT! What Obama did was unilaterally break our nations bankruptcy laws and he personally decided who the winners and losers would be. The winners, of course were his crony union supporters. And, the big losers were the American taxpayers to the tune of several billion dollars. Since America came to the rescue of General Motors, General Motors has rewarded America by investing and sending jobs to China. And, Chrysler, after being saved by Obama with your money, was bought up cheap by Italian car maker Fiat. So Chrysler is no longer an “American” car maker. My good friend at the Spellchek blog did a post recently highlighting how this now foreign company is rewarding America for its largess. Here is a quote he used of Chrysler’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne:

All of this would not be possible without the extraordinary spirit of collaboration we have found in both the federal and state governments…

Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Not so fast. Mr. Marchione’s gratitude was directed at the federal and state governments of Mexico; not the US. Why Mexico? Because that is where Chrysler is going to invest their money:

AUBURN HILLS, MI- Chrysler Group LLC is investing about $1.25 billion in two facilities in Mexico.

Chrysler CEO and chairman Sergio Marchionne confirmed the amount Thursday at the dedication of Chrysler’s new Van Assembly Plant in Saltillo.

About $1.1 billion of the total investment was to construct the new plant, which started producing the Ram ProMaster van in July. The additional $164 million will add a new production line to assemble Tigershark engines at the Saltillo North Engine Plant.

Read more:http://www.mlive.com/auto/index.ssf/2013/10/chrysler_confirms_12_billion_i.htm

I don’t hear President Obama bragging about that. Which reminds me, how many times during Obama’s campaign did he brag about saving Detroit? Hows that working out for you, Mr. President?

Obama’s Green Technology Investments

I will not bore you with the long laundry list of Obama’s green energy and green technology flops. One would be hard pressed to find one that was successful. But, I do want to share with you the latest Obama investment to go south. I’ve only seen this reported in one place, the Inform The Pundits blog. This time it is a company by the name of ECOtality, which received DOE grants of $115 million to, among other things, produce electric car battery chargers and distribute them around the country. The company has gone bankrupt and has been liquidated. The CEO at the time the rants were made was another Obama crony, Johnathon Read. Mr. Read suddenly resigned last year and has disappeared. He is under investigation by the SEC for insider trading. Here is some of what AZ Leader at Inform The Pundits reported:

President Obama has a dream to transform the U.S. economy into a 21st century green energy bonanza. Barack Obama perceives himself as saving the Earth from the ravages of a looming global warming catastrophe.

He’s directed well over $100 billion to the cause. ECOtality got at least $135 million of it.

ECOtality was enlisted to help fulfill a 2008 presidential campaign promise to put a million plug-in hybrid electric cars on the road by 2015.

Jonathon Read, on the other hand, is a political opportunist; a scoundrel.

Read converted a tiny industrial cleaning fluids company into President Obama’s flagship of the electric car charger industry.

He did it through campaign donations to Democratic candidates, lobbying in Washington DC, and schmoozing politicians.

Read wanted to cash in on government green energy contracts. He snagged $143 million in government investments and put millions of those dollars into his own pocket.

Read absconded with $5 million or so for himself.

So, how much was recovered from the liquidation process?

ECOtality was sold in three chunks:

Asset Price Buyer
Blink Network $3.335 million CarCharging Group
eTec Labs $750 thousand Intertek
Minit-Changer $250 thousand Access Control Group
Total =  $4.335 million

$4.335 million was salvaged on court filed estimated debt between $100 and $500 million!!!

All DOE taxpayer money given to ECOtality were grants that don’t have to paid back!!

And, for the 8000 or so owners of Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs that bought these battery chargers, it appears they will be SOL.

To your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in, the only thing to be stimulated by Obama’s stimulus spending are the bank accounts of his crony friends.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post: Asylum Watch

Note:  Image added by Matt


Conservative Guide for Automobiles


In the aftermath of the 2012 election, many conservatives are questioning and re-evaluating their spending habits and choices.  And out of all things that can be purchased, few are considered carefully as buying a car.   Many are asking themselves, “do I want to support companies that conspire with the forces that want to enslave me?”  Well, to make a car purchase easier, The Morlock Revolt has created  a convenient info-graphic to help you.  

Here is some more from The Morlock revolt…

-BMW is manufactured in the US in South Carolina.  These plants produce the X3, X5, and X6 models

-The Honda Accord, the Accura RDX and CL, and the CRV assembled in Ohio.  This may affect your decision because they are made in a Blue state.  The Honda Civic is made in Indiana.  The Honda Odyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline are assembled in Alabama

-The Hyundai Elantra and Sonata are assembled in Alabama.  The Hyundai Santa Fe is made in Georgia

-The Kia Sorento is manufactured in Georgia

-The Mercedes GL Class, M Class, and R Class are all assembled in Alabama

-Nissan plants are in Tennessee

-Subaru autos are made in Indiana

-The Suzuki Equator is assembled in Tennessee

-The Toyota Avalon, Camry Hybrid, and Venza are made in Kentucky.  The Highlander, Sequoia, and Sienna are assembled in Indiana.  The Tundra and Tacoma are made in Texas.  The Toyota Camry has plants in Indiana and Kentucky. 

That is some solid information.  I would remind everyone that if you buy a new car or truck, you are going to pay a lot of taxes, that will be used against you.  However, if you must buy new, buy from a company that isn’t trying to help fedzilla.

BTW, I’ve added the Morlock Revolt to the blogroll.  It is a great site.


Obama Crafts “For All” Meme, With Some Notable Exceptions


In an apparent response to Romney’s 47% speech, team Obama has created a rather creepy meme-“For All.”  He seems to be suggesting that his campaign is “for all” Americans.  The Hill has more…

In contrast, the Obama campaign said Obama is “for all” Americans.
“’For All’ illustrates the shared values of the president and young Americans across the country: that if we work together, we can continue to move this country forward,” reads a release from the Obama campaign. “Working together, we can continue to restore the strongest middle class the world has ever known — the promise that hard work will pay off, responsibility will be rewarded, and that everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same rules.”
The campaign is asking supporters to snap a picture of their pose on Instagram and tweet to submit using one of the suggested hashtags: #forall, #obama2012, #campaigntrail, #opendoors2012, #dnc2012, or just tweet the president’s account @BarackObama.

Um, this seems for one, slightly creepy, and for two, completely creepy.  But, I must point out that “for all” is not without exclusions. You are not included in the “all” if you are…

1.  A “bitter clinger.”

2.  You have a job.

3.  You own a business (because you didn’t build that!).

4.  You create wealth.

5.  You believe in freedom, personal responsibility, liberty, and the Constitution (DHS has already labeled you a terrorist).

6.  You are a Jew.

7.  You USED to be a GM or Chrysler Dealer.

8.  You USED to be a GM or Chrysler stockholder.

9.  Your Chevy Volt burst into flames.

10.  You worked for Solyndra, or any other “green energy” company that had an Obama donor or bundler as an investor.

11.  You lost your job.

12.  You lost your job so long ago that you gave up trying to find another.

13.  You lost your job because of ObamaCare.

14.  You lost your plan because of ObamaCare.

15.  You lost your Doctor because of ObamaCare.

16.  You thought you were going to get a stimulus job, but the money got sent to China, or another country.

17.  You thought you were going to get a job with Boeing in South Carolina.

18.  You were a non union Delphi worker, and the administration killed your pension plan.  

19.  You are Benjamin Netanyahu (see #6).  OK, he’s not American, but he is a Jew, so he get’s on the list.

20.  You do not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

21.  You are not a Black Panther that wields clubs at polling places.  

22.  You are not an illegal alien.

23.  You are a Christian that believes in the Bible.

24.  You are a college student, and your insurance rates just skyrocketed because of ObamaCare.

Feel free to suggest more exclusions in the comment section.  And remember, you are ONLY part of the “all” if you agree with them.  Otherwise, you are a hateful terrorist that should be locked away.

 H/T:  Michelle Malkin


This Ford Commercial Kicks! "Owner" States that he Bought a Ford Because They Didn't Take Government Bailout Money


I’ve had guessed that Ford’s increased sales after the auto-bailouts were due to people rebelling against government motors.  Might this commercial be a confirmation?

I remember visiting a Ford dealership not too long after Ford sales increased.  When I asked, a salesman smiled and said that a lot of buyers were saying that the bailouts were why they chose Ford.  In a sense, all the steps that Ford took to get new products out, and improve existing ones coincided with this potential rebellions against the bailouts.  From their perspective, if it had to happen, the timing was perfect.  Ironically, it was Ford that everyone thought would go up in smoke, in the end, it was GM and Chrysler that got hit the hardest.

I haven’t seen this one on TV in my area, but love it all the same.  I think it’s great that Ford is playing on this, and I would imagine that they have some consumer data that would suggest that this would be an effective advertisement.  It certainly is resonating here at the CH 2.0 Bunker, and Smitty is also considering a Ford in his future.  


Union Members Behaving Badly: Again Caught Drinking and Using Drugs on the Job


Oh those crazy union members.  What will they be caught doing next?  Drinking and using drugs on break?  Doing it in the parking lot of the union hall?

It’s more likely than you think.

Okay, we can’t say that the union was aware, or would condone this activity.  But the fact is, it had happened before, and these guys were using as if they had immunity of some sort.  Then again, addicts do the craziest things.  I congratulate the tipsters, that for some reason thought that their only option was to go to the media, rather than the company, or their own union.  My only guess is that the union didn’t want to hear it, and the company’s hands are tied because of the union.  But, that is just conjecture on my part.

What do you think?

H/T: Redstate


The Summer of Unrecovery: Car Sales to Reach 28 Year low


As the Summer of Recovery© continues, evidence reveals the overall fail of the Obama economic policies.  Recently, housing sales tanked.  All this year, the government and their media apologists have been forced to discuss, “unexpected” and “unanticipated” statistics, like increases in unemployment and decreases in economic indicators.  For the latest, Hot Air provides us with a link to see how “Government Motors” are doing.

U.S. auto sales in August probably were the slowest for the month in 28 years as model-year closeout deals failed to entice consumers concerned the economy is worsening and they may lose their jobs.

Industrywide deliveries, to be released tomorrow, may have reached an annualized rate of 11.6 million vehicles this month, the average of eight analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. That would be the slowest August since 1982, according to researcher Ward’s AutoInfoBank. The rate would be 18 percent below last year’s 14.2 million pace, when the U.S. government’s “cash for clunkers” incentive program boosted sales.

“Home sales are way down, the stock market is way down, the unemployment report is very disappointing and consumer confidence is sputtering,” Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry trends at TrueCar.com, said in an interview. “People just don’t want to make big-ticket purchases because they’re uncertain about their jobs and the value of their homes.”

Source: Bloomberg

I wonder if this will be another “unexpected” event?  The sad thing is this; anyone with half a brain could have predicted this.  There is government inflicted economic uncertainty on a massive scale.  People don’t know if they’re going to get taxed to death next year.  They don’t know if either the taxes, ObamaCare, or environmental regulations will cause them to lose their jobs.

In the end, the government is treating the economy as if it’s some sort of social engineering laboratory, and we rats aren’t playing ball.  Their ideas are based on the faulty premise that the government can manage or create demand.  It hasn’t worked before, and it isn’t working now.

So dear readers, the question is this; is it stupidity, or Cloward-Piven?  Discussion is welcome.


GM: Turned Into Fail by the Gubbermint


Well, it finally happened.  GM files for Bankruptcy and is now owned  by the messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS and his minions.  But what does this mean for you and me?  CNS News has an insightful article found here.

GM filed for bankruptcy Monday, as the administration announced a Treasury-financed plan to push the 100-year-old American company into government possession. Under the plan, the U.S. will own 60 percent of the company; Canada will own 12 percent; unions 17.5 percent — and bondholders will receive 10 percent of the pie.

Between 60 to 90 days after GM’s bankruptcy, the administration said it expects a rapid sale process that will permit a better and smaller company to surface.

However, economists and consumers are united in saying that a government-owned GM will mean bad news for consumers making them less likely to purchase a car made by the reorganized company.

“Public institutions or public enterprises tend to focus less on customer service, tend to focus less on innovation, and tend to focus less on continual improvements in their goods and services,” said Niels Veldhuis, senior economist at the Fraser Institute, a Canadian organization that promotes free markets.

Well said.  But don’t forget that there is a political agenda involved as well.  They will be making small, low margin, cars…cars that you will NOT want to buy!

Nice Girl, Weird Car!
Nice Girl, Weird Car!

It is pretty well know that small cars usually don’t create profit for the companies.  It’s the larger cars and trucks/SUV’s that make the money.  Concentrating on smaller cars will make it more difficult for the “new” government approved GM and Chrysler survive.  That, combined with all the new equipment and technology needed to meet the messiah’s new CAFÉ standards, these new small cars will be even more expensive.  In then end, you’ll end up paying more, for less and less.

“I would expect that, yes, you will see a drop off in terms of consumers buying the product, not for emotional reasons, but rather to reasons that are attributable to how public enterprises are ran and that is there is a lack of focus on the consumer,” he added.


Dan Ikenson, associate director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the libertarian Cato institute, said that, on the surface, given the fact that the U.S. government will have a stake in GM, consumers could have an incentive to buy from the company.

“There is going to be less availability of bigger cars, there is going to be much more emphasis on cars that Americans have traditionally not wanted to purchase,” Ikenson said.

The government, Ikenson said, is going to make it easier for consumers to purchase unwanted cars “by subsidizing them.”

BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  The messiah will subsidize this junk to satisfy their move to get everyone to drive these sub-compact nightmares that will be low quality and deadly in crashes!

But Ikenson also pointed out that, given the amount of money the government has invested; the new government-owned GM will hinder competition.

“My concern is that we are less likely to see robust competition in the auto sector because the government has such a stake in GM now,” Ikenson told CNSNews.com.

“It’s going to be more likely to invoke policies that sort of tilt the playing field in GM’s direction,” he added.

Ikenson predicts that competition will be affected because the government may impose policies that “hamstring” the competition by raising prices of non-GM automobiles.

Ah, the agenda is revealed!  Take over GM and Chrysler, have them make subcompact junk, subsidize this junk, put pressure on the other automakers to make the same kind of junk, or fail – and get taken over by the government too!!!

However, Ikenson points out, “There will be fewer alternatives for consumers who just want to purchase GM products.”

WANT an SUV?  NEED a truck?  DESIRE a car that will “bend” speed limits?  Too FREAKIN’ BAD FOR YOU!  The messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS and his minions will be deciding what kind of vehicles you can buy.  Your opinion is irrelevant!

The tires double as teething rings!
The tires double as teething rings!

James Gattuso, senior research fellow in regulatory policy at The Heritage Foundation’s Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, agreed that a federally owned GM is bad for consumers.

“It’s bad news for consumers in two senses, first as taxpayers by having $30 billion of risk as their money is invested in GM,” Gattuso told CNSNews.com.

“But more important directly as consumers, there is real concern that General Motors now will be run with a political agenda,” he added. “Consumers will lose if General Motors in effect becomes another Postal Service.”

I was thinking more like Amtrac.  Leaks money like a sieve, and provides less and less.

Well, here it comes.  They take over industries, CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE, and destroy customer choice .  They’re closing more dealerships too, which will mean less selection, and poor service.  They are going to make cars that are small, that people do not want, and will do it on our dime.  This is about control, nothing more.  They want us all in “sustainable villages,” riding bicycles anyway.  This is just another step in that process.

The messiahs true desier for the auto industry
The messiah’s true desire for the auto industry

BTW, How ya likin that change?


SPENDULUS MAXIMUS Introduces New Car Line


A Ministry of Truth  Production


Narrator: Welcome everyone!  Every network and website is broadcasting this momentous occasion, so there’s no excuse!  The messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS is about to introduce the new car line.  There are representatives from every state industry here today.  It’s a black tie affair to be sure!  Wait!  I’ve just been notified that the messiah has arrived and will be approaching the podium.

The messiah approaches the podium.  Surrounded by teleprompters and flashing cameras, the messiah walks down an aisle through the crown, stopping to allow minions pay their respects.  An MC approached the mic.

MC: Introducing the champion of change, the messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS!


The messiah approaches the podium and signals for quiet..

messiah: Thank you for the warm welcome.  For too long now, the private market offered products that were not in line with our plans.  With the stimulus and the bailouts, we  changed all of that.  Now all industries are under our control!

A lighted sign, a teleprompter, if you will, hangs on a platform above the stage, out of the camera angle.  Men with sub machine guns stand to either side of the sign.  A message flashes…

Yes we can!


The messiah signals for quiet.

messiah: I am here today to share with you, the fruit of our efforts.  After consulting with all political appointees, we are unveiling our new car line.  If you meet eligibility for car ownership, you will be able to buy one of  these fine vehicles for the fixed price of 250,000 obamas.

Sign: The messiah is blessed!

Crowd: The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!  The messiah is blessed!

The messiah gestures for quiet.

messiah: Let’s take a look at the first new car.  It’s the Barak!!  Maximized for personal transport by government workers inspecting state farms, the Barak is everything you need.   In keeping with our policy of fairness, there are no accessories.  Only a radio and GPS transponder, after all, you have to listen to state approved radio, and we need to keep track of you!



The messiah gestures.

messiah: Next, is the personal car of the future.  If you’re related to a minion, you’ll be eligible to own the Crapelle.  This car is uniquely powered, and requires no fossil fuels at all!

Sign: Amazing! Yes we can.


The messiah gestures.

messiah: The next car we have is for the family.  If you are well connected, and are permitted to own a car, we have just the thing.  The Sycophant is family car of the now!  There is lots of glass in the Sycophant, so don’t think you can hide anything!



The messiah gestures for quiet

messiah: Last, but certainly not least, is the product of which I’m most proud.  The Michelle!  Built with the most advanced technology, the Michelle is the luxury car for the upper level minion.  The Michelle is the $500 sneakers of cars!

An engineer speaks to a friend just off camera…

Engineer: There is one problem with the Michelle.

Friend: What’s that?

Engineer: If you smack Michelle in the a**, she EXPLODES!!!

Friend: Lol!



Citizens!  Remember to report any disloyal friends of relatives.  It’s for their own good, including yours!  Contact your local messiah Youth Corps Community Organizer if you suspect independent thought!

Remember to get spayed or neutered!