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Greatest Hits- High Cigarette Taxes Backfire Once Again: Illinois Latest State to Collide with Reality

High Cigarette Taxes Backfire Once Again: Illinois Latest State to Collide with Reality– Once again, cigarette taxes fail, but that won’t stop regressives from proposing them! Who would have thought that higher cigarette taxes would reduce tax revenue?  Well, anyone with a brain would have predictecd that, so I guess that’s why regressives went and did it anyway.  Hot Air has the details… With some time having passed to let the cash cow fatten, we should check back in and see what the fine citizens of the Land of Lincoln are doing with their new found largesse. I do hope they’re not […]

Things that You Need an ID to do, But Voter ID is Racist!

It seems that people get through life just fine with needing an ID to access products of government services.  However, to vote?  Why sir, that’s racist! The Washington Examiner compiles 24 things that you must have an ID to purchase, I don’t hear much from liberals about how any of these things are racist. When it comes to protecting the integrity of what keeps America from turning into a dictatorship, showing an ID is definitely racist. Mind Boggling. Below are just some of the examples of things you need to prove your identity for: 1. Alcohol   2. Cigarettes   […]

Cigarette Taxes Create More Failure? NY and Chicago Suffer From Liberalism

It’s common sense, really.  If you tax something highly, human nature dictates that people will go out of their way to avoid the tax.  Liberals, however, seems to have missed that, because they continue to tax and tax.  Then, they are completely shocked and surprised when people do what they have always done.  Hot Air has the latest… First, my own home stomping grounds of New York, which has been seeking a way to stave off total fiscal collapse by jacking up one of the highest tobacco tax rates in the nation. How’s that working out for ya? ALBANY – […]

Will the Transportation Bill Kill Roll Your Own Cigarettes?

Thanks to a tiny amendment buried in the Transportation bill, businesses that have machines to roll cigarettes will be forced to close, and lay off their workers.  America’s Watchtower has more… Buried deep in the transportation bill was an amendment which was added to the legislation which will change the definition of cigarette manufacturers to include those who own and operate roll your own cigarette machines, effectively shutting down these small businesses all across the country. For those who do not know: Loose tobacco is taxed at a much lower rate than cigars and cigarettes and because of this many people have opted […]

Chuck Schumer Channels Nazi Germany, Goes After Americans Attempting to Escape Taxes

We’ve talked about taxes quite a bit here.  We covered that when Maryland passed a special tax on millionaires, one third of their millionaires disappeared, and the state ended up losing money.  When NY passed oppressive cigarette taxes, New Yorkers found ways to evade it, and the state missed their income projections by several country miles.  And, we covered that the early 90’s luxury tax cost tens of thousands of jobs, and then the government ended up paying more for unemployment benefits than they collected in revenue.  In short, tax increases kill jobs, and result in the creation of new […]

New York Cigarette Tax Fails to Bring in Projected Revenues: Anyone Surprised?

One thing that statists miss is that taxes change human behavior.  When something is taxed to the extent that it becomes less affordable, people will either stop using the taxed item, use less of the taxed item, or obtain the item by other means.  For the latest, NY State is lamenting the fact that their cigarette tax revenue is far below expectations… The Empire State is struggling to bring in additional tax revenue it projected it would gain from efforts to stop smokers from buying untaxed  cigarettes on Indian Reservations, reports the New York Post: The state’s tax collectors were recently […]

Wisconsin Leftists Caught Giving Cigarettes to Minors in Exchange for Recall Election Signatures

Yes, I know the pic is photoshopped, I think it's funny.

Occupy Milwaukee must be real proud.  Unnamed individuals were caught on video giving out cigarettes in exchange for signatures on recall election petitions.  Here is the video, via Gateway Pundit. Pay special attention to the stills at the end of the video. Jim Hoft has some more background on the video… This video and pictures were collected on the corner of 7th and North Ave. in Milwaukee during the “Occupy Milwaukee” protest/takeover of the bridge. These appear to be children under the age of 18. They were also given cigarettes in exchange for their signatures. They were asked if it would be OK […]

Sunday Links: Banned Commercial Edition

Sorry that my rounds and posting has not been up to my normal standards lately, but family stuff, plus a lingering GI virus, in combination with the sudden and sad loss of Ken, I’ve been a bit occupied.  Hopefully, with the start of a new week, and finally getting the Christmas decorations up, I can get back to a semblance of “business as usual.” As for the theme, it is a case of; “I was looking for one thing but found something else instead.”  I started looking for interesting Christmas commercials, but as I did, I saw some even more […]