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Climate Change

Is Your Goat Shrinking? Must be Climate Change!

I know, we all prize our goats (especially if you’re in with ISIS), but there is a danger lurking out there.  It’ a previously unknown phenomena called… (Dun dun daaaaa!) GOAT SHRINKAGE! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you precious goat (beloved if you’re in ISIS) is being secretly shrunk by Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change!   Caused by a previously unknown phenomena called solar inflicted intergoatal scoliosis, your goats are being shrunk before your eyes!  For more on this devastating development, we now go to Watts up With That… From Durham University, and the “would you, could you, with a […]

Americans Should Prepare for Winter Blackouts

Americans generally take our power grid for granted.  For most areas of the country, it has been pretty reliable over the past few decades, despite growing demands placed upon it.  However, our power grid faces many threats which could cause wide-scale blackouts…. such as EMP attack, solar storms, and aging infrastructure.  The biggest threat to our power grid, is less known to most Americans, and that threat is our very own Environmental Protection Agency. In January 2014, Americans suffered some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the heartland of the United States and throughout the northeast as well, due […]

Coming Soon…. Natural Climate Cycles: A Multipart Series

Since the UN – IPCC and other governmental agencies have basically refused to fund or publish studies about natural climate drivers, and/or natural climate cycles, here at American Movement to Restore Common Sense, we are now working on a multipart series of articles which will detail exactly this topic. Part 1 will detail decadal climate cycles, which take place over a 10 to 100 year time scale.  Included in this section will be oceanic and upper air oscillations such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation or PDO, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation or AMO, short term solar cycles of length and strength, […]

IPCC Has Become “Too Blinkered and Corrupt to Save”

Dr. Vincent Gray, serving in his role as “climate-change activist”, has some revelations for those of us less familiar with the IPCC, or United Nations – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Dr. Gray is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, with a PhD in physical chemistry.  He has published more than a hundred scientific papers and authored the book “The Greenhouse Delusion: A Critique of ‘Climate Change 2001?”. The IPCC is a UN body that is charged with combating “global warming” by advocating the reduction of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gasses”.  Comprising the Panel is a mix of […]

Recycled Story, Recycled Hype: Walruses Pack Alaskan Beach

photo: Corey Accardo / NOAA It appears the left-leaning mainstream media just loves to recycle everything, including their stories, and the hype surrounding them.  Once again, stories of the poor walruses being forced to pack Alaskan beaches as they rush to escape melting arctic ice, are making their way around social media. Don’t believe the hype, folks.  This story is nothing new, and walruses pack the Alaskan  beaches every year.  The location of the island where they congregate, is nowhere near the arctic sea ice…. even in winter.  It is located in the southern Bering Sea, off Alaska’s southwestern coast.  […]

Look Out! Climate Change Causing Shift in Earth’s Gravity, and Guam Might Tip Over!

Rep. Hank Johnson, please call your office. According to the European Space Agency, Climate Change is altering the Earth’s gravitational field, which, if we’re not careful, could quite possibly disrupt the balance of, well, everything. Gravity — yes, gravity — is the latest victim of climate change in Antarctica. That’s the stunning conclusion announced Friday by the European Space Agency. “The loss of ice from West Antarctica between 2009 and 2012 caused a dip in the gravity field over the region,” writes the ESA, whose GOCE satellite measured the change. Apparently, melting billions of tons of ice year after year […]

Climate Science Devolving Into War of Information? [Guest Post]

Antarctic ice anomaly June 2014 A rather large group of outspoken politicians and scientists, aided by the mainstream media, continue to present a public face of near certainty regarding the current state of climate science. However, the truth behind the scenes is anything but certain. In fact, it would probably not be an overstatement to say that climate science has never been less certain. Indeed there are multiple facets to the issue of climate change, even among those who believe humans are causing or contributing to our ever changing climate. Uncertainty is part of science. Scientific method states that scientists […]

Global Warming Not Proceeding As Planned

If you haven’t noticed, the United Nations is having its annual meeting of the minds in New York. Heads of state and other prominent characters from around the world are gathering to discuss the issues that are supposed to concern us all. You know, important issues such as global warming, radical Islam, climate change, and more global warming. One would think radical Islam would be at the center of the agenda, given how many people it is killing across the Middle East, but it is taking a back seat to global warming. The powers that be are gathering to bemoan […]

RFK Jr Wants a Law to Jail Climate Deniers, On His Carbon Footprint: Says He Doesn’t Need to Lead by Example: Must See Video

Hat/Tip to Cheryl K. Chumley at The Washington Times, The Daily Mail and Rush Limbaugh. John Fitzgerald Kennedy once famously said of Free Speech and the 1st Amendment, “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed – and no republic can survive.”  That was 1961. Fast forward 53 years to 2014, and my how the times have changed. Now we find the nephew of the 35th President, and son of Attorney General and United States Senator, Robert Francis Kennedy wishing for a law that, rather than foster ‘debate’ and ‘criticism’, would stifle further discussion and jail anyone […]

#ClimateChange: #ClimateMarch Of The Goofy-Footed Alarmists

The line up for Climate Change rally tmrw so you can march w your peeps #climatemarch” Who’s going? — Kay (@kmcnulty) September 21, 2014  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. So this is the Gore-distas’ big push to bring Global Climate Warming Change to the forefront of America’s attention. *YAWN* But WeaselZippers is covering this excellently, so we’d thought we’d bring it to you, with a Hat/Tip to them. Today is the “People’s Climate March”, supposedly going off in 1000+ locations all over the world to bring the world’s attention to the dangers of Climate Change.   As we reported yesterday, they […]

Fantasy: Al Gore Says No Arctic Ice in 2014 – Reality: Summer Ice Cap 1.7 Million Square Kilometers Bigger

Hat/Tip to the Daily Mail. In 2007, he won The Nobel Peace and then candidate and US Senator, Barack Obama predicted doom and gloom concerning Global Climate Warming Change. The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,” he said. “It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.” Those comments came in 2007 as Mr. Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change. But the reality is that the ice cap is expanding. But seven years […]

Pic: The Liberal View of Global Warming

This pic nicely sums up the standard liberal’s view of global cooling global warming climate change The Big Lie… H/T:  Our own Chris Wysocki via Facebook.

Record Cold Summer in PA Causing Leaves to Change Colors in August: Global Warming Likely to be Blamed

We’ve been covering some of the impacts of global cooling global warming climate change The Big Lie.  Here are some of the more recent… Global Warming Alert: Parts of US get 30 Inches of Snow Over Memorial Day Weekend! Uh Oh, Arctic Has Record Short Summer-Must be Because of Global Warming A Tale of Two Stories: Syrian Civil War Caused by Global Warming, Also Caused Nearly 1,000,000 More Square Miles of Arctic Sea Ice? Irony Overload: Research Ship Went to Antarctic to Prove Global Warming, is Now Stuck in the Ice Extra Global Warming Irony Overload: Had Antarctic Expedition Gone […]

In Keeping with their Classy Image, CNN Anchor Calls Fox News: ‘F*cksticks’

CNN must be so proud of Bill Weir Hat/Tip to Mediaite. CNN Anchor Bill Weir to Fox Nation: ‘You Willfully Ignorant F*cksticks’   The Clinton News Network, I mean CNN just keeps proving why they deserve the bottom of the basement ratings. In an effort to show his unbiased, journalistic integrity, CNN anchor Bill Weir tweeted a gutter-worthy message to Fox Nation. On Thursday, the Twitter account for Fox Nation, a blog run by Fox News, tweeted a link to a post headlined, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.” The story, aggregated from the […]

Global Warming ‘Fabricated’ by NASA and NOAA

Hat/Tip to Breitbart-London. In recent articles here at CH2.0 we’ve covered the scam that is Global Climate Warming Change. We told you how one of NASA’s own calls it the “Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science,” and how, despite temperatures being cooler for the last decade plus, the Al Gore army are still saying that Global Warming CAUSES more ice… Well, it would seem that NASA and NOAA have egg on their respective faces over their hysterical claims of climate doom. Scientists at two of the world’s leading climate centres – NASA and NOAA – have been caught out […]

Apollo Astronaut calls Climate Change ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’

Hat/Tip to CNSNews. Retired Marine Colonel Walter Cunningham and former NASA Astronaut in the Apollo Program has looked into Global Climate Warming Change extensively for the past 14 years and he has come to the conclusion that it’s a scam. Climate alarmism is “the biggest fraud in the field of science” and the 97% consensus claim is nonsensical, Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham tells MRCTV in a preview of his presentation at the upcoming Heartland Institute climate conference, July 7-9. “Since about 2000, I looked farther and farther into it,” Col. Cunningham (USMC, Ret.) tells MRCTV in an exclusive interview. […]

Global Warming now CAUSES more ice…

Hat/Tip to the Daily Mail. That’s right, Global Climate Warming Change is now responsible for MORE ice, and therefore more icebergs. Who’d-a-thunk-it? Earlier this year, global warming was blamed for the ‘irreversible retreat’ of west Antarctic glaciers. But now scientists claim that warming of the planet is in fact behind a paradoxical growth in South Pole sea ice. The comments come as Antarctica’s sea ice set a record this week, reaching 815,448 square miles (1,312,000 square km) of ice above its normal range. But how is that possible? Scientists believe the shift is caused by water melting from beneath the […]

Liberal Loon Website Blames Global Warming for ISIS’ Atrocities

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. In Mark Levin’s break out book, Liberty and Tyranny, he listed over 300 things that the left blames on Global Warming. Well, in any further re-releases of his book, he needs to add this one to his list, because the far left loons have rounded the bin on this one. Yes that’s right, Global Climate Warming Change is to blame for all the murder, violence, executions, rapes, beheadings and assorted mayhem in the Middle East being conducted by ISIS. Lib Rag Slate Blames Global Warming For ISIS Taking Over Iraq… Is climate change destabilizing Iraq? – Slate […]

Climate Change Now More Divisive Than Abortion, Gun Control And Death Penalty…

Hat/Tip WeaselZippers. Apparently some people haven’t heard the news… the science is settled. Via EcoWatch: It’s become obvious that opinions regarding humans’ impact on the climate often differ depending on one’s political party. While some conservatives have openly decided to leave climate denial behind, the gap between Republicans and Democrats on this issue is huge—larger than some of the most historically divisive debates. New research from Lawrence Hamilton of the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire shows that there is a larger gap between liberals and conservatives on climate change than abortion, gun control, the death penalty and […]

Scientists Rebut White House Global Warming Claims

Facts are stubborn things… goes the famous refrain. But we’ve got ourselves a President who is so awesome that he doesn’t have to rely on those pesky facts. This allows him to say things like this: “The shift to a cleaner energy economy won’t happen overnight, and it will require tough choices along the way,” Obama said. “But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact. And when our children’s children look us in the eye and ask if we did all we could to leave them a safer, more stable world with new sources of energy, I want […]