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Even the “Clinton News Network” (CNN) laughs at Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ comment

CNN anchor can’t hold back from laughing at Hillary’s latest ridiculous statement   Hat/Tip to Douglas Barclay at Rare. Yeah, Hillary was as broke as Bill was celibate… For whatever reason, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been trying to convince the American people that her and her husband Bill aren’t as well off as the superrich they often disparage. On Monday, CNN host Allison Kosik couldn’t contain her laughter as her co-host quote Hillary’s latest attempt to relate to the average American. “Despite earning more than $100 million bucks since they left the White House, Clinton tells the Guardian that […]

CNN: “Redskins” Could Be The New “N-Word”…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Weasel Zippers has it right when they say how incredibly asinine this is… So dumb. Via Mediaite: For his commentary segment on The Tom Joyner Show Thursday, CNN’s Don Lemon drew some parallels between the “n-word” and the term “Redskins,” which is currently at the center of the debate over Washington, D.C.’s NFL team name. “An offensive word that many people hate and think should be banned. Others say not so fast, there’s nothing wrong with using the word, especially when we’re talking about a group of people we hold dear, like, even love,” Lemon said Thursday. […]

Gun Sales Soar Skyward, as Gun Crimes Plummet

Hat/Tip to TownHall, from a great piece by Katie Pavlich, one of my favorite columnists. When Nanny Bloomberg releases a report so factually inaccurate that CNN takes him to task on it, you know it’s a whopper of a lie. Earlier this week, Michael Bloomberg’s new anti-gun Everytown released a bogus report claiming since Newtown in December 2013, 74 school shootings have taken place. The report was so bogus, even CNN went out of the way, twice, to correct the record. More from Ed Morrissey: For the second time in two days, CNN went out of its way to debunk […]

Morgan Freeman on Race keeping people from wealth: “Bullshit.”

Hat/Tip to Conservative Videos. Thank God all of Hollywood is not completely Liberal! Moran Freeman gets right to the point on a recent CNN interview, in which the host, Don Lemon tries to bait him into saying that black people and minorities cannot be wealthy. Here is a partial transcript of the interview. LEMON: Here’s a stat from your show. And it’s just the richest 85 people on this planet have as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion. FREEMAN: Yes. Right. That’s on the planet, however. That’s… LEMON: That’s not far off in America. FREEMAN: No, it isn’t far […]

Piers Morgan Gets the Ax at CNN: And Nothing of Value was Lost

Piers Morgan, whose rants about guns undoubtably thrilled all three of his viewers, has reportedly parted ways with CNN.  Of course, nothing of value was lost.  CNN has given up on trying to make Piers Morgan the new Larry King after a three-year run and will pull the plug on the Briton’s 9 p.m. talk show, which has been finishing far behind rivals Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. According to Nielsen ratings from last week, “Piers Morgan Live” was seen nightly by just 270,000 viewers nationwide and only 50,000 people in the key advertising […]

Larry King’s Suggestion to CNN: Hire Spongebob!

Larry King was asked about improving CNN’s fortunes.  His answer, while in jest, says a great deal.  Lisa Graas has the details… Media Bistro: “CNN’s got problems,” [Larry King] said. “I don’t know what they’re going to do.” “Cartoons” he joked as advice for CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker. “Put ‘Spongebob’ on CNN— 24 hours— until a big story breaks. Then we break into ‘Spongebob,’ and go to the hurricane, and then back to ‘Spongebob.’” Frankly, I think having Spongebob on staff would increase the credibility of CNN immensely.  Of course, even the Teletubbies would do a great deal for […]

More of Obama’s Thug Tactics

Greta Van Susteren, a cable television personality since 1991, has spent her 14 year TV career building her reputation as a hard hitting, unbiased arbiter of the truth. She started working for CNN in 1991 as a legal analyst. She came into prominence during the OJ Simpson trial and after 11 years at CNN, she went to FOX News. Greta is known for asking hard questions, but being respectful in the process. She garners respect from not only her colleagues, but also the folks that she has interviewed. That is why it’s no surprise that Van Susteren is pulling no […]

A Third Party Perspective

Often times we hear that we’re too close to something to be able to be objective enough to evaluate it rationally. Now before I go much further, lets make sure that we all know who I’m speaking of. I’m not talking about our main stream media, MSNBC, CNN or the plethora of far left websites, such as DailyKOS, HuffPo, etc… No, I’m talking about those that are closer to the center of the political spectrum. The folks that possibly bought into Hope & Change in ’08 and maybe sat home in ’12. Back in ’08, candidate Obama sounded pretty centrist. […]

Obama Administration Stated ObamaCare Website Working, CNN Discovers the Opposite!

Team Obama promised that the ObamaCare website (which I will not link due to it being identity thief’s version of paradise), would be operating fully by the end of November, which passed this past Saturday.  However, as CNN discovered, the site was still giving error messages… Unfortunately, this was broadcast on CNN, and very few people saw it. However, if CNN tells the truth a bit more often, maybe more people will tune in! If you like your plan… The website will work… Yeah, same lies from the same liars!

ObamaCare Fail Day: CNN Blog Blames Christians for ObamaCare Fail

It seems that this is good day to review the failures of ObamaCare, and discuss how the left is engaging in the fine liberal tradition of “blame someone else.” In this particular case, the blame is placed on Christians, courtesy of CNN.  CNN has blamed Christians for the problem of Americans without health insurance, calling it “The Obamacare ‘scandal’ you haven’t heard about.” In an article on’s Belief Blog, CNN writer John Blake says that, while famous pastors “preach in states where crosses and church steeples dot the skyline,” they do nothing about “the poor who can’t get the […]

Insurance Industry Threatened With ‘Retribution’ if They Talk About ObamaCare Problems, Including People Not Keeping Plans

ObamaCare is causing a ton of problems.  Unless you’re under a rock, or watch MSNBC for your daily dose of Kool Aid, you know that.  But, the government doesn’t want you to know, and they’re trying to make people stop talking about it.  Today’s target is the insurance industry, who is being forced to cancel people’s plans because they are no longer compliant with ObamaCare’s myriad of regulations.  Believe it or not CNN has more… Are even the lefties in the MSM giving the Obama administration some payback for being rough with them on message control?  Who knows, but these […]

CNN Report Indicates That ObamaCare Website Wasn’t Ready, and the Obama Administration Knew

Once again, we see that the Obama administration knew about the quality and performance issues with ObamaCare website. Washington (CNN) — The Obama administration was given stark warnings just one month before launch that the federal healthcare site was not ready to go live, according to a confidential report obtained by CNN. Read documents The caution, from the main contractor CGI, warned of a number of open risks and issues for the web site even as company executives were testifying publicly that the project had achieved key milestones. On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Medicaid Chief Marilyn Tavenner, whose job […]

MSM Death Watch: MSNBC Losing Audience, Now Behind CNN

In the decay of the MSM, MSNBC is now taking the brunt of the damage.  It would seem that covering for the Obama Administration and blaming every single issue on Earth on racism is causing people to tune out in droves.  Newsbusters has more… The ratings from April through June brought good news for the dominant Fox News Channel, the resurgent Cable News Network and HLN — which was previously known as the Headline Network — but that period saw MSNBC deliver its worst quarterly prime-time showing among total viewers and adults from 25 to 54 years of age since […]

In Times of Crisis, People Turn on the News, and Avoid MSNBC

When something terrible happens, people turn to the news.  But, it appears that MSNBC is not the place to which to turn.  During last week’s Boston Marathon Bombing crisis.  People turned to the news.  However, it was FOX, and to a lesser degree, CNN, that viewers trusted.  MSNBC was not in the equation.  Newsbusters has more… shared data Friday (through Thursday): 4-DAY AVERAGE TOTAL DAY FNC: 1,647,000 total viewers (421,000 in the demo) CNN: 1,048,000 total viewers (403,000 in the demo) MSNBC: 515,000 total viewers (162,000 in the demo)   4-DAY AVERAGE PRIMETIME FNC: 2,783,000 total viewers (682,000 in […]

Americans Vote with their Remotes: Piers Morgan’s Ratings in the Tank

It seems that Piers Morgan’s ratings are in the tank.  I guess all that gun grabber stuff isn’t exactly resonating with the viewers (or lack thereof).  Weasel Zippers has more… Via TV By The Numbers: The February 28th episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, which featured an exclusive interview with Gus Searcy, the mentor of Jodi Arias suffered a yearly low in the key 25-54 demographic with only 87,000 viewers. The show is down 27% in total viewers and 38% in the demo from its debut in Jan. 17th, 2011. Piers Morgan Tonight also had the lowest demo in its time slot and […]

CNN Anchor Suggests That Near Earth Asteroid was Caused by Global Warming?

Just when we thought it was ridiculous to think that the big lie Global Warming caused it to be COLD, a CNN anchor, Deb Feyerick, floated the idea that a near Earth asteroid was caused by Global Warming?  Outside the Beltway has more… UM, stupid, or zealous for the narrative? I’ll let you be the judge.

Piers Morgan Promotes Himself to God: Demands Bible be Amended

Unfortunately, Piers Morgan’s self promotion to turn the Holy Trinity into a quartet did not go through, and he remains at his current station: officious twit.  Apparently, Morgan had a double portion of his “unwarranted self importance flakes” prior to doing this interview… So, Piers Morgan promotes himself to being God, because HE thinks that HE knows what should be in the Bible. The Bible answers… 2 Timothy 3:16 New International Version (NIV) 16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, But, as we all know, Mr. Morgan is a far higher authority […]

Obama Can’t Win a Poll Where Democrats are Over-Sampled +11?

We’ve been covering the fact that pollsters, in their effort to shape opinion, rather than reflect it, have been oversampling Democrats to make it appear that Obama is ahead.  Da Tech Guy has been ahead of the crowd on this, so check out his place.  In the meantime, here is the latest poll to be fudged.  Gateway Pundit has the information… CNN reported: It’s all tied up, according to a new national poll released two days before the presidential election. And the CNN/ORC International survey not only indicates a dead heat in the race for the White House, but also on almost […]

Pardon Me, Mr. President; Your (Freudian) Slip is Showing…

Much ado has been made (and rightfully so) about Candy Crowley’s performance as moderator in the second of the three Presidential Debates this year. Opinions on the left range from embarrassment to outright praise; while those on the right are pretty much in agreement that she was definitely in the tank for team Obama. In an internal memo obtained by TMZ and reported on Breitbart, Crowley’s Managing Editor thought she did a “superb job.” However, the question practically nobody is asking (although I did find one article about it on the Independent Journal Review) is “Did CNN and the Obama […]

CNN Moderator, Candy Crowley Uses False Fact Check

Here is the video, via Breitbart, that shows how Candy Crowley tried to explain away how she helped Obama with some false information. It seems that Crowley aided the POTUS will some cover.  Mediaite has even more on why so far fewer Americans trust the media… My singular take away moment of last night’s debate was one that elevated Crowley from moderator to debate participant. Crowley shot from the hip and echoed a talking point from the Obama campaign regarding their handling of the Libya attack to criticize Mitt Romney mid-debate. What’s more? She was wrong. Crowley did her profession a disservice last night and confirmed many […]

Presidential Debate Live Feed: October 16, 2012

Here is the Presidential Debate Live Feed: This one ought to be interesting in terms of how Obama adjusts to his failure in the first debate.  Then, we also have to see if CNN uses plants to ask questions, or will they simply structure the debate to favor Obama? There’s only one way to tell, which is to watch the debate!

Should we Expect Democratic Plants at the CNN Presidential Debate?

CNN is hosting the next  Presidential debate, which is a town hall format.  However, the host, as well as the format should provide the Romney campaign with some caution, as CNN allowed Democratic “plants” to pose as  alleged independents back in 2007.  Michelle Malkin has the details, as well as the history… But Crowley is already making noises that she plans to circumvent the agreed-upon rules and take control: In a rare example of political unity, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have expressed concern to the Commission on Presidential Debates about how the moderator of this Tuesday’s town hall has publicly described her role, TIME has […]

Media Bias: Administration Knew That Libya Attack Was Planned, Only ABC Covers it

Imagine, if you will, that our ambassador to Libya was killed. Then, imagine that the administration blamed the attack on a “spontaneous protest” over a YouTube video that no one watched. And, just to make it more interesting, let’s add that the Libyan government came out and said that it was a planned terrorist attack, and that they had warned the administration that it was coming…in advance of the attack. Imagine that security, in Libya, or anywhere else, was not increased. Imagine that the MSM played ball and used the death of our ambassador to Libya in order to attack […]

Barack Obama, Agent Of Chaos

“Hodgkins, I want the officer responsible for internal security in here on the double.” “You’re the internal security officer.” “Fast work, Hodgkins.” — Don Adams as Maxwell Smart “… this is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to United States policy, and not to, obviously, the administration, or the American people, but it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be be reprehensible and disgusting.” — Jay Carney, Obama Press Secretary No, the mayhem caused by the rampaging adherents of the perpetually outraged adherents of the ‘Religion of Peace’ can’t be the result of the policies of this administration.  […]

CNN Publishes Poll Results With Incomplete Internals: Trying to Hide Democrat Oversampling?

CNN recently published a poll showing Obama up by seven points, which seems incomprehensible.  However, when bloggers, like Da Tech Guy, took the poll apart, they saw that the breakdown of party affiliation in the poll was never punished. Can you read, “OVERSAMPLING?” Da Tech Guy has more… Well I took the liberty of re-reading the poll and while they don’t provide the splits they do have an interesting subsection where only Republicans and Republican leaners are asked that tells a story… BASED ON 419 REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS WHO LEAN REPUBLICAN– SAMPLING ERROR: +/- 5 PERCENTAGE PTS. Why is this important? here […]