Lefty media death spiral update: Fox News outdraws MSNBC and CNN combined


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Will MSNBC’s last viewer please change the channel?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for MSNBC, along came the quarterly ratings reports.

In both daytime and prime time, MSNBC endured its lowest quarterly demo numbers in a decade, and its total viewership since the final quarter of 2007. Prime-time viewership was down 45 percent in the demo from the first quarter of 2014, while daytime viewership was down 39 percent in the demo.

Between the hours of 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, for instance, more people were watching Al Jazeera America than MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Thomas Roberts and “The Cycle.”


Sucking up to terrorists and libtards is not a winning strategy.

The Big Kahuna in the ratings war? Fox News! For the 53rd consecutive quarter.

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With its 53rd consecutive quarter total audience win, Fox News Channel saw a 10% primetime rise among adults 25-54 in first-quarter 2015 over last year. In fact, with 321,000 on average among the 25-54s in primetime, Fox News thrashed rivals CNN (187,000) and MSNBC (132,000) with more news demo viewers than the other two combined, according to Nielsen.

In fact, Fox News had the five top watched and rated shows on cable news for the quarter. Again. Leading the pack? Bill O’Reilly. Meanwhile, Rachel Madcow fell to 26th place, behind reruns of Bill O’Reilly.


Their own families don’t watch MSNBC.

At some point the poobahs at Comcast will have to put profits ahead of ideology. At least I think they will. Who knows? They’re obviously in the tank for the Hilldebeest, and if she wins, running MSNBC at a loss is probably cheaper than writing checks to the Clinton Foundation.

Still, it warms my heart to see the looney lefties down for the count. Their shrillness echoes so loudly because there are so few of them to absorb it, not because their message is powerful or noteworthy.

If a cable news network bloviates in the forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it even matter anymore?

Originally posted by our resident curmudgeon Wyblog.


Class Act: David Axelrod Goes On Fox News To Sell His Book, Then Goes On ABC To Bash Fox News


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david the red axelrod


Hat/Tip to Newsmax and Politico.

Ah the impeccable scruples of the left…

Sure! I’d be glad to go onto YOUR network so that I could sell some of MY books!! Then, after you’ve treated me fairly, I’ll go on a “friendly” network and trash YOUR network so I don’t look so bad to all the other “scrupulous” lefties out there that are just like me.

Class act all the way, Axe.

/sarcasm off

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called Democratic political adviser David Axelrod “two-faced” for using O’Reilly’s show to sell his new book, then insulting Fox News Channel soon afterward.

In O’Reilly’s opening segment on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor,”  he took on politicians, pundits and left-of-center media who trash Fox News. He said the motivation is simple: Fox News is a threat because it has become the top-rated source of cable news and sets the political agenda.

Knowing that Fox will bring in the most viewers, Axelrod, who has worked for Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, asked O’Reilly to give him the first cable interview about his new book, “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics,” O’Reilly said.

“I told him, sure. We would have a lively, respectful discussion, which we did on February 9th,” O’Reilly said. “Then, to show his gratitude, Axelrod begins trashing Fox News, saying we are not a real news organization.  That was a mistake.”

Seems good old Axe couldn’t help himself when he left Fox News’ HQ and went over to ABC’s Sunday morning talk show, “This Week.” He just HAD to bash Fox, I mean he’d went to the “enemy camp;” he’d crossed over to the other side; he had literally given credence to the enemy by his very presence on their Network, and he HAD to fix that.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday that the Fox News Channel is “not really a news station” and that much of the programming is “not really news.”

“I’m not concerned,” Axelrod said on ABC’s “This Week” when George Stephanopoulos asked about the back-and-forth between the White House and Fox News.

“Mr. [Rupert] Murdoch has a talent for making money, and I understand that their programming is geared toward making money. The only argument [White House communications director] Anita [Dunn] was making is that they’re not really a news station if you watch even — it’s not just their commentators, but a lot of their news programming.

“It’s really not news — it’s pushing a point of view. And the bigger thing is that other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way, and we’re not going to treat them that way. We’re going to appear on their shows. We’re going to participate but understanding that they represent a point of view.” 

So “they” will appear on Fox News, on their shows; “they” are going to participate, and then run across town to the safe haven of a CNN or ABC or MSNBC and tell people how “bad” Fox News is.

I will be the first to say that Fox doesn’t always represent us out here in “fly-over” country, but they do, at least give a stage to opposing points of view and they don’t try and pretend that their evening shows are news, unlike MSNBC or CNN do.





CNN: Belief In American Exceptionalism Makes Us “Dumb”…


Obama Dunce Cap

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

This article begs the question, “Can CNN get any dumber?”

Talk of American exceptionalism has become headline news, with loud sputtering from Rudy Giuliani, who suggested that President Barack Obama doesn’t love America in the same way that the rest of us do. Giuliani wants to dwell on our exceptionalism — the idea that we’re different from other countries, and much better.

It’s an old idea that Obama took on in the second year of his presidency, when he said: “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

That comment annoyed those who wished him to say: “America is the best country in the world, bar none!”

Somehow the drumbeat for exceptionalism continues. This month, Oklahoma politician Dan Fisher introduced a bill that tried to ban Advanced Placement history classes in his state because the guidelines for teachers didn’t talk explicitly about American exceptionalism. The bill passed the House Education Committee in his state by a 11-4 vote but has since been pulled back for a rewrite, the Tulsa World reported last week. […]

Obama loves the United States, and he upholds its values proudly. He speaks about its history in clear, rational terms, without pumping up the good side or trying to erase the darker sides.

We should never forget that Americans continue to advocate for individual liberty, equality and self-governance. We often step in when it’s necessary to help countries in need. But our history needs no whitewashing. To attempt this does us a terrible disservice.

American politicians who dwell on American exceptionalism only dishonor us by suggesting we play dumb to our past.





The Next Round In “CNN Wants To Become MSNBC”: Don’t Bomb ISIS Because They “Want Us To”


sally kohn

Hat/Tip to Jarred Stone at WeaselZippers.

Yes, you read that right. The cowardly terrorists which make up the ISIS ranks really WANT us to come and bomb them to smithereens! They NEED it because, well….er….honestly, you’ll have to ask CNN’s Sally Kohn because I’m too much of a Conservative to delve down to the depths of stupidity to properly answer that question.

But no worries, Ms. Kohn is CNN’s resident expert on ISIS and why they want, nay NEED us to bomb them.


One of the self-described “leading progressive voices in America,” CNN commentator and DailyBeast columnist Sally Kohn, thinks we shouldn’t bomb ISIS because “that’s the exact reaction ISIS wants”—and, besides, the Bible tells us not to.

Kohn laid out her reasons not to respond to ISIS via airstrike Monday morning in an online exchange with Townhall editor Katie Pavlich (who took a jab at President Obama the night before by tweeting, “At this point, Christians being exterminated in Middle East & Africa could use some Crusaders to beat back the scourge of Islamic extremism”).

Here’s the exchange:

Kohn: So that means bombs, huh? RT @PoliticsofJon: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” – Romans 12:21

Pavlich: Yes @sallykohn, bombing terrorists who behead and burn people alive is good.

Kohn: @KatiePavlich and what do you do with the obvious fact that that’s the exact reaction ISIS wants — that we’re taking their bait?

Pavlich: ISIS *wants* to be bombed? Interesting @sallykohn

double facepalm

Read the full story here.





Since Dispute With Fox, Dish Network Has Lost 90,000 Subscribers


 photo FoxNewsLogo_zps597c24a5.jpg

Hat/Tip to TownHall.com.

File this one under, “Underestimating Your Customers’ Wishes”.

Dish Network is bleeding customers right and left since deciding to stop carrying the Fox News Channel.

Thousands of TV viewers have proven they’re more loyal to Fox News than to the Dish network, following a dispute between the TV provider and political news channel. Since Dish removed Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network on Dec. 20, the provider has lost about 90,000 subscribers.

What began as a contract dispute, is turning out to be quite harmful to Dish Network.

Dish CEO Charlie Ergen in a Christmas Eve video on Dishstandsforyou.com said the parties were nearing a deal, even though Fox News was looking for an increase doubling its rate – a hike he said was somewhat justified given its leadership status in the space. He said the talks, broke down when Fox introduced a third network into the conversation, for which it was eyeing a “surcharge” that would have trebled the cost for a service that was not scheduled to expire “for some time.” Ergen didn’t identify the service.

Besides the nearly 100,000 Dish subscribers who left, there are a whopping 350,000 that have told Dish how unhappy they are and are looking for other sources for Fox News.

One thing is for sure, though. In the long run this will help Fox and hurt Dish. Of course the massive lost revenue hurts Dish, but having so many Fox News viewers being forced to watch CNN or MSNBC is a real eye opener. The Far Left slant on those two networks is being hammered into the consciousness of TV news viewers, which will naturally make them seek ways to find Fox.

So, what is life like without Fox News? Greg Scandlen at The Federalist says being forced to find other news outlets has opened his eyes to just how biased the competition really is:

Both MSNBC and CNN are far more one-sided than I ever realized. Other than “Morning Joe,” they simply do not allow dissenting voices on their daytime programming. Anytime there is a story that needs a political comment, CNN will have a single has-been Democrat member of Congress. When MSNBC wants a variety of viewpoints, they will range from the Huffington Post on the Right to Mother Jones on the Left. Nobody ever disagrees with one another on these shows. It is really extraordinary.

Read the full story here.





Well MSNBC We’ve Got Good News And Bad News…


msnbc 002


Hat/Tip to Conservative Tribune.

The Good News?

Megyn Kelly and Fox News will be having a very happy Christmas.

The Bad News?

MSNBC has now been viewed by fewer people than airport radar and sonograms. – Source

Even CNN is doing better than MSNBC.

It was just revealed that the liberal MSNBC network is facing dismal ratings, and not even the recent midterm election coverage could give it a necessary boost.

According to Accuracy in Media, viewership of the leftist channel is down 13% from last year to November 2014.

The low numbers mean that MSNBC is now trailing behind CNN, which has struggled with ratings problems itself.

This is really just more proof that the age of Obama-Mania is over.

After the 2012 Presidential election, MSNBC’s ratings were looking hopeful, and network President Phil Griffin even predicted that 2014 would be the year that his channel beat Fox News.

Instead, the troubled network has only fallen more behind.

The overall numbers show a dramatic difference between Fox and the rest of the field. An industry report by Mediaiteshowed that Fox News had over 2.3 million total prime-time viewers during November.

In comparison, MSNBC only had 662 million total viewers. That’s less than one-third of Fox News’ audience.

Despite its countless critics, Fox News is the undisputed leader in the news ratings. That domination was improved by the very strong Republican takeover during the 2014 midterm election. Conservative viewers typically prefer Fox, while liberals associate with MSNBC.

And Megyn Kelly is really coming into her own as the titular head of Fox News, and is beginning to eclipse Bill O’Reilly.

The feisty Fox anchor was ranked in first place for her demographic. That makes November the first time that Kelly beat her friendly rival Bill O’Reilly, who also appears on Fox.

Read the full story here.






CNN Accidentally Aired THE Most Inaccurate And Embarrassing Banner OF ALL TIME


 photo double-facepalm_zps1d272cdc.jpg

Hat/Tip to Joshua Riddle at Young Conservatives and Twitchy.

Since the absolute drubbing the Democratic Party, and Progressives in general, took in the 2014 Midterm Elections, it is easy to see how so many on the left are having problems focusing on their jobs.

Or at least that seems to be the case over at CNN…






I know it’s easy to make mistakes in journalism, but this one is pretty bad.

Potato, patahto. LOL CNN.



CNN Poll: 70% Of Voters Are Angry At Direction The Country Is Headed…


Petraeus And Crocker Testify Before Senate On State Of Iraq War

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and CNN.

The “Hope and Change” that Barack Obama rode into Washington DC on seems to have evaporated, leaving him to face a fully GOP controlled Congress for the last two years of his tenure as President.

Poll after poll is showing that all Americans are getting fed up with Obama’s globalization tendencies and his socialization schemes.

Not a poll Democrats want to see with the November elections right around the corner…

Via CNN:

Washington (CNN) — Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, two troubling signs for Democrats one week before the midterm elections, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows.

Democrats are battling to try and save the Senate majority, while hoping to prevent more losses in the House, which the GOP controls by a 234 to 201 margin.

In the Senate, Republicans need a net gain of six seats, and several state polls in the past month of contested races show that Democrats are in danger of losing control of the majority, and thus Congress. Currently, Democrats control the Senate by a 55-45 margin with two of those seats held by independents that align themselves politically with Democrats.

Read the full story here.




State-Run Media Circling the Drain: MSNBC Has Lower Ratings Than Reruns of “Shark Tank”


 photo msnbc-logo_zpsb248e2ac.jpg

For the past 3 months reruns of “Shark Tank” beat out every show on MSNBC. Oh, and Fox News is still #1.

shark-tank-s3No one would say the summer of 2014 suffered any shortage of breaking news.

From the crisis in Ferguson, Mo., to the cultural impact of Robin Williams’ and Joan Rivers’ sudden deaths and all the way up to recent round-the-clock coverage of U.S. strikes on ISIS, cable news has been heavily occupied. The last three months have been so big, Fox News Channel just clocked its first quarter with the most-watched prime time across all of cable in more than a decade — even besting USA and ESPN.

The average 1.79 million viewers between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., Monday through Friday, gave FNC its first quarter atop the dial since the Iraq War broke out in 2003.

CNN’s gains from the comparable quarter last year were modest, but they were still gains. Its 186,000 adults 18-49 in prime time (8-11 p.m.) marked a 4 percent improvement and even outpaced MSNBC — now back in third place. MSNBC, still holding slight second-place edge in total viewers, was down 21 percent in the key demo compared to last year. Pulling just an average 150,000 adults 25-54 in prime time, it meant quarterly lows for Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell in the key demo.

The wondrous anomaly of Shark Tank encores also continues. With the ABC reality competition in heavy off-net rotation on CBNBC, those repeats are outperforming much of cable news and ranking No. 14 in prime time where adults 25-54 are concerned — besting every telecast on MSNBC.

Can you guys hear me laughing? ‘Cause I’m rolling here. The Obamunist preenings of Rachel Madcow & Co. draw fewer viewers than reruns of a show devoted to naked capitalism. That’s gotta hurt.

Then, in a burst of schadenfreude synchronicity, we see that Pinch Sulzberger’s Pravda is sacking another 100 reporters.

The New York Times Co. said Wednesday it plans to cut about 100 newsroom jobs through buyouts, and perhaps layoffs, to cut costs and shift more resources to digital news products.

The company, whose advertising revenue fell 4% year-over-year in the most recent quarter, will offer buyouts to employees at its editorial and business operations. If not enough employees take the offer, it will resort to layoffs.

“The job losses are necessary to control our costs and to allow us to continue to invest in the digital future of The New York Times, but we know that they will be painful both for the individuals affected and for their colleagues,” said newspaper publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and company CEO Mark Thompson in a note to the staff.

Except, their “digital future” isn’t looking too good either.

They also announced that the company will shut down NYT Opinion, a recently launched mobile app for opinion content, because it wasn’t getting enough subscribers.

Folks aren’t willing to pay for Obamunist claptrap emailed to them 24×7? Well sure, it’s available for free on MSNBC, and we’ve already seen how well they’re doing…

If only there was a news outlet that was successful, one the Times could emulate, and maybe cash in on millions of new subscribers. I wonder if Carlos Slim has Rupert Murdoch’s phone number?




In Keeping with their Classy Image, CNN Anchor Calls Fox News: ‘F*cksticks’


 photo billweirofcnngullibleglobalwarmingbeliever_zpsaded571e.jpg

CNN must be so proud of Bill Weir

Hat/Tip to Mediaite.

CNN Anchor Bill Weir to Fox Nation: ‘You Willfully Ignorant F*cksticks’


The Clinton News Network, I mean CNN just keeps proving why they deserve the bottom of the basement ratings. In an effort to show his unbiased, journalistic integrity, CNN anchor Bill Weir tweeted a gutter-worthy message to Fox Nation.

On Thursday, the Twitter account for Fox Nation, a blog run by Fox News, tweeted a link to a post headlined, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.”

The story, aggregated from the Washington Times, relates to a Denver visit by former Vice President Al Gore‘s “Climate Reality Project” for EPA hearings on power plant emissions.

The group showed up to hand out ice cream even though it was 58 degrees.

Weir retweeted the link, with his own comment: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks.”


Evidently someone over at CNN thought he might want to walk that back a bit. Therefore he tweeted out this half-hearted ‘apology’.

CNN, keeping it classy.





Even the “Clinton News Network” (CNN) laughs at Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ comment



CNN anchor can’t hold back from laughing at Hillary’s latest ridiculous statement


Hat/Tip to Douglas Barclay at Rare.

Yeah, Hillary was as broke as Bill was celibate…

For whatever reason, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been trying to convince the American people that her and her husband Bill aren’t as well off as the superrich they often disparage. On Monday, CNN host Allison Kosik couldn’t contain her laughter as her co-host quote Hillary’s latest attempt to relate to the average American.

“Despite earning more than $100 million bucks since they left the White House, Clinton tells the Guardian that her and her husband are ‘not truly well off.’ She says they aren’t like other multi-millionaires because they have ‘done it through the dint of hard work’” Miguel Marquez told Kosik.

While Marquez was spouting off Clinton’s quotes to the Guardian, Kosik couldn’t contain her laughter immediately calling that claim “hilarious.”



CNN: “Redskins” Could Be The New “N-Word”…


redskins 001

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Weasel Zippers has it right when they say how incredibly asinine this is…

So dumb.

Via Mediaite:

For his commentary segment on The Tom Joyner Show Thursday, CNN’s Don Lemon drew some parallels between the “n-word” and the term “Redskins,” which is currently at the center of the debate over Washington, D.C.’s NFL team name.

“An offensive word that many people hate and think should be banned. Others say not so fast, there’s nothing wrong with using the word, especially when we’re talking about a group of people we hold dear, like, even love,” Lemon said Thursday. “Sounds like I’m talking about the ‘n-word,’ which has been debated, discussed and reported countless times, but I’m not. This time it’s the dreaded ‘r-word,’ Redskins, as in the Washington football team.”

Lemon referred to the U.S. Patent Office canceling of the “Redskins” trademark as a “small victory” for those who find the name offensive “because it doesn’t mean the team has to relinquish the name; the owner has vowed he wouldn’t.”

Keep reading…


Gun Sales Soar Skyward, as Gun Crimes Plummet


gun show

Hat/Tip to TownHall, from a great piece by Katie Pavlich, one of my favorite columnists.

When Nanny Bloomberg releases a report so factually inaccurate that CNN takes him to task on it, you know it’s a whopper of a lie.

Earlier this week, Michael Bloomberg’s new anti-gun Everytown released a bogus report claiming since Newtown in December 2013, 74 school shootings have taken place. The report was so bogus, even CNN went out of the way, twice, to correct the record. More from Ed Morrissey:

For the second time in two days, CNN went out of its way to debunk the Michael Bloomberg/Barack Obama claim that mass shootings have become epidemic and a “new normal” in American society. The day after CNN debunked the Bloomberg-funded Everytown claim that there were 74 Newtown-style mass shootings since Sandy Hook, Jake Tapper interviewed Northeastern University criminology professor James Alan Fox to look at the data rather than the anecdotes. Over a 40-year period, Fox concluded, mass shootings have remained flat — even while the population of the country has grown significantly over the same period.

If you want to arm yourself with the facts on guns, gun crimes, and gun related accidents, watch this short video.

Read the full story here.


Morgan Freeman on Race keeping people from wealth: “Bullshit.”

Morgan Freeman
Oscar winning actor, film director, and narrator, Morgan Freeman

Hat/Tip to Conservative Videos.

Thank God all of Hollywood is not completely Liberal! Moran Freeman gets right to the point on a recent CNN interview, in which the host, Don Lemon tries to bait him into saying that black people and minorities cannot be wealthy.

Here is a partial transcript of the interview.

LEMON: Here’s a stat from your show. And it’s just the richest 85 people on this planet have as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion.

FREEMAN: Yes. Right. That’s on the planet, however. That’s…

LEMON: That’s not far off in America.

FREEMAN: No, it isn’t far off in America. But we still — we still here, don’t abandon the idea, that it isn’t finite. It isn’t finite. And you were born — where were you born?



LEMON: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

FREEMAN: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. I had a long haul from where I came from, to here. But here we are. So proof is in — proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here we sit at the dining table.

LEMON: But it’s hard to — when you say that to people because they say, “Here you go with the pull yourself up by the bootstraps. You’re just being respectable. Not everybody can do that.”

FREEMAN: Bullshit. Everybody can. Not that it doesn’t — courage. Courage is the key to life itself. A lot of people were born in situations, “I’ll never get out of this.” So they won’t. I say to people who say, “Well, I would like to have done so and so and so and so.”

“Well, you could have done it.”

“I couldn’t get out of here.”

“Man, the bus runs every day.”

Morgan Freeman on whether racism exists.

LEMON: You know, I said — this will probably get me in trouble, but I said to some of my colleagues recently, so I know that it’s an issue. But I’ve been — it seems like every single day on television I’m talking about race. And it’s because of the news cycle and it’s in the news, but sometimes I get so tired of talking about it. I want to — I want to just go, this is over. Can we move on?

FREEMAN: And if you talk about it, it exists.

LEMON: Right.

FREEMAN: It’s not like it exists, and we refuse to talk about it. But making it a bigger issue than it needs to be is the problem here.


Piers Morgan Gets the Ax at CNN: And Nothing of Value was Lost



Piers Morgan, whose rants about guns undoubtably thrilled all three of his viewers, has reportedly parted ways with CNN.  Of course, nothing of value was lost. 

CNN has given up on trying to make Piers Morgan the new Larry King after a three-year run and will pull the plug on the Briton’s 9 p.m. talk show, which has been finishing far behind rivals Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

According to Nielsen ratings from last week, “Piers Morgan Live” was seen nightly by just 270,000 viewers nationwide and only 50,000 people in the key advertising demographic of Americans ages 25 to 54. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Maddow had, respectively, audiences of more than 2 million and 900,000 overall and more than 350,000 and 220,000 in that key 25 to 54 age group.

Mr. Morgan’s much-hyped debut-week audiences were in the 2 million neighborhood.

CNN confirms that ‘Piers Morgan Live’ is ending. The date of the final program is still to be determined,” CNN spokeswoman Allison Gollust told Politico on Sunday evening after Mr. Morgan himself said his show had “run its course.”

And by “run it’s course,” I think he’s comparing his show to the course that salmonella takes through the intestinal tract.

However, I don’t think loyal CNN viewers need worry about the departure of Piers Morgan.  I’m sure that they’ll hire some other pretentious twit that hates this country, freedom, and anything good.  After all; it’s CNN.

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Larry King’s Suggestion to CNN: Hire Spongebob!

Spongebob would increase CNN’s credibility!

Larry King was asked about improving CNN’s fortunes.  His answer, while in jest, says a great deal.  Lisa Graas has the details…

Media Bistro:

“CNN’s got problems,” [Larry King] said. “I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

“Cartoons” he joked as advice for CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker. “Put ‘Spongebob’ on CNN— 24 hours— until a big story breaks. Then we break into ‘Spongebob,’ and go to the hurricane, and then back to ‘Spongebob.’”

Frankly, I think having Spongebob on staff would increase the credibility of CNN immensely.  Of course, even the Teletubbies would do a great deal for MSNBC’s credibility.


More of Obama’s Thug Tactics


Greta Van Susteren, a cable television personality since 1991, has spent her 14 year TV career building her reputation as a hard hitting, unbiased arbiter of the truth. She started working for CNN in 1991 as a legal analyst. She came into prominence during the OJ Simpson trial and after 11 years at CNN, she went to FOX News.

Greta is known for asking hard questions, but being respectful in the process. She garners respect from not only her colleagues, but also the folks that she has interviewed.

That is why it’s no surprise that Van Susteren is pulling no punches and reporting the latest attempt by the Obama administration to exert influence over and control the news. She says that someone within the Obama administration, someone that she knows personally, told her to tell Fox reporter, Jennifer Griffin to back off and stop investigating and reporting on the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on 9/11/2012.

I remembered a disturbing phone call from a good friend in the Obama Administration. I have known this friend for years. The call was a short time after 9/11 (maybe Oct. 2012?) In the call, my friend told me that my colleague Jennifer Griffin, who was aggressively reporting on Benghazi, was wrong and that, as a favor to me, my friend in the Administration was telling me so that I could tell Jennifer so that she did not ruin her career. My friend was telling me to tell Jennifer to stop her reporting. Ruin her career?

In 20 plus years, I have never received a call to try and shut down a colleague – not that I even could – this was a first. Here is what I know: Jennifer is a class act…experienced…and a very responsible journalist. One of the absolute best in the business – no axe to grind, she just wants the facts.

I told my friend before I go to Jennifer telling her she is wrong, I need proof she is wrong, strong proof and you need to be specific – what are you saying she is getting wrong? We went around and around — including the statement again that this was just a call as a favor to Jennifer and me to save Jennifer’s career from reporting incorrect information. I got no proof. Zero. I smelled a rat. Favor to me? Hardly. My friend was trying to use me. I feel bad that a friend did that to me, tried to use me for a dirty reason. I knew then — and it is now confirmed by BIPARTISAN Senate Intelligence Committee — Jennifer was getting her facts right. I think it is really low for the Administration to stoop this low.

On her website, Gretawire, she posted that in the days following the attack, Fox was left out of the conference call hosted by the State Department press. Fox received no invitation to that call, while all other major news outlets were included. But it got worse, for a later briefing by the CIA followed the same MO by excluding Fox News.

“Our friends in other media outlets were scandalized that Fox was not included and told us all about it. They were suspicious of State Department forgetting us/Fox and courageous to tip us off. The State Department claimed it was [an] accident and not intentional,” Van Susteren writes.

And there were many times in the months and years since September 2012 when Obama Administration officials would make comments to suggest that Fox was just doing the Benghazi reporting for political reasons. The Administration was doing what it could to deter and demean the Fox News Channel investigation. They did not want to give us the facts — so their strategy was to attempt to belittle and demean our reporting.

It turns out Fox News wasn’t alone in being the subject of the Obama administration’s bullying tactics. CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson scared the administration so bad that not only was her very own network taking a dim view of her reporting, but she began to get stonewalled, having trouble getting her Benghazi stories on the air. But the veteran reporter persisted, even after her computer got hacked. CBS confirmed this, but stopped short of placing blame. Atkisson said:

I find [that] improper,” she said. “You could say suspicious.” Suspicious? “We don’t know what we don’t know,” she says. “There could be political reasons or valid national security reasons [for not replying]. I just don’t know. I know they haven’t made a good argument” for why public disclosure of the material would harm national security.

Breitbart would later report that the survivors, which were debriefed by the State Department immediately following the attacks have been kept out of the public eye, and that they in all likelihood they were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

It was reported that Nixon had an enemies’ list and he used similar thug tactics to control the message. The only difference being that the MSM was outraged by it and publicly took him to task. Today’s MSM and some of the cable news outlets may be just as outraged, but you’d never know it by listening to the evening news.