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Global Warming to Kill off Coffee??

This time, they have gone too far!  You have to understand something… I LOVE COFFEE! Really, I like the stuff. I need it.  When I say that I have to prevent too much blood from entering my caffeine system, I mean it. So, imagine my rage when the advocates of global cooling global warming climate change the big lie take my favorite beverage/addiction, and make it part of their twisted campaign of propaganda.  News Busters has more… Now, they’ve gone too far! All sarcasm aside, it’s another lies in the long list of lies.  There appears to be no depths […]

Earthquake Strikes East Coast: Left Uncertain as to who to Blame


Since there was relatively little damage from the east coast earthquake today, I thought I’d have at least a bit of fun with it.  For more serious coverage, I would refer you to the Lonely Conservative. As for me, I was on a break from the day job, sitting at the doughnut shop, enjoying my freshly purchased coffee liquid life in a cup, when the tremor hit. The bench shook, and some things creaked and groaned, and that was about it.  No damage, no injuries, and I didn’t even spill any coffee.  So, here is the official Conservative Hideout Reaction… […]