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Thanks To ObamaCare Nearly 200,000 In Colorado Will Lose Health Plans

Hat/Tip to Cardigan at And the Lie of the Year is the gift that just keeps on giving, unfortunately; and 200,000 Coloradans are learning this the hard way. Gee, I wonder how many of those folks losing health care coverage in that Blue state voted for Obama? Buyers remorse, anyone? ~~~~~~~~~~ ObamaCare is causing even more Americans to lose their health insurance policies. Even if they like their policies, they can’t keep them. This time it’s happening in Colorado. Nearly 200,000 insured Coloradans will lose their health-care plans next year under the state’s embattled ObamaCare exchange, Connect for Health […]

Did Your State Raise Its Minimum Wage Today?

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Well, way to go lefties! Now the price of eggs and milk and, well just about EVERY FREAKIN’ THING at the grocery store is going to go up in price! Not to mention the cost of a Big Mac, or Whopper or etc… At the stroke of midnight today, 19 states increased their minimum wage. Residents of three more and the nation’s capital can expect hikes later on this year. A year ago, the White House and Democratic lawmakers embarked on a campaign to make the minimum wage a defining issue in the 2014 elections. And although […]

Colorado High School: Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance In Arabic – ‘One Nation Under Allah’

Hat/Tip to Rick Wells at GOPTheDailyDose. When will the moon-battery ever end?? The principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, is facing a hailstorm of criticism from some very angry parents and residents. The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday, a member of their “Cultural Arms Club” led the student body in an Arabic version of the pledge, replacing the words “under God” with “under Allah.” But the principal says his school isn’t pushing any agenda, Arabic or otherwise. Principal Tom Lopez denies any attempt to push an Islamic agenda, saying, “These […]

Report: Illegal Voting by Illegal Aliens/Non-Citizens Giving Democrats Wins in Close Races

Hat/Tip to Kellan Howell at The Washington Times. Voter Fraud! Voter Suppression! Which is it? For this author, it’s pretty cut and dried. You need a state-issued ID to vote. But of course the Dems will yell that we’re being mean to minorities, trying to suppress their participation in our free elections, via Jim Crowe and the ever-dreaded, oft threatened (by Liberals, that is) “Poll Tax”!! Okay, fine. So where are the loud Liberal voices when those very same minorities are LEGALLY forced to show a STATE-ISSUED ID to purchase Sudafed? …or beer, wine and liquor? …or cigarettes? …or to […]

The Return of Ten Buck Friday, Colorado Needs Cory Gardner in the U.S. Senate

  Week seven of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek Out new life for the Senate, to Boldly shuttle Harry Reid back to irrelevance! Focusing on the Senate races is it worth ten bucks a week to you (a six-pack and some beef jerky?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again? With that in mind, this week we look to the Senate seat in Colorado. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Cory Gardner? Real Clear Politics has Gardner up an average of 3.0 points over Obamabot Mark Udall, and rates the state as a […]

Pot Seen as Reason for Rise in Denver Homeless

It seems that among younger folks, the legalization of pot has led to an increase in traffic in Denver’s homeless shelters. Officials at some Denver homeless shelters say the legalization of marijuana has contributed to an increase in the number of younger people living on the city’s streets. One organization dealing with the increase is Urban Peak, which provides food, shelter and other services to homeless people aged 15 to 24 in Denver and Colorado Springs. “Of the new kids we’re seeing, the majority are saying they’re here because of the weed,” deputy director Kendall Rames told The Denver Post. […]

Colorado Pro-Abortion Democrats Seek to Legalize Infanticide, Enable Statutory Rape, and Force Individuals to Assist or Perform Abortions

It’s a long title, but very much needed. If you have been following this blog over the last few years, you will know that the pro abortion crowd has taken a few hits.  For example, various abortion providers were caught on video showing what they thought was a 13 year old how to get an abortion and cover for what they thought was a 30 year old lover.  In other words, they seemed very willing to cover up statutory rape.  Also, medical providers were caught penalizing health care workers that refused to assist in abortions, or any other medical procedure […]

Rare May Snowstorm Hits US: Climate Alarmists Silent

With several areas of the US being covered in a foot thick blanket of snow global warming the big lie, the climate alarmists appear silent.  How, in the age of global warming, can we be having such a major May snowstorm? FOX News has the info.. DENVER –  People in parts of Colorado and Wyoming pulled puffy jackets, hats and umbrellas out of the closet again Wednesday for another round of wet spring snow. The May Day snow storm was making travel difficult on Interstate 70 in Colorado’s mountains and along Interstate 80 in southeastern Wyoming, but the snow wasn’t […]

Irony Alert: Two Shot at Denver 4-20 Day Celebration

It’s been an irony weekend at the CH 2.0 this weekend.  The later example of irony comes from Denver, where their 4-20 celebration (4-20 is code for marijuana use) turned violent, with two people being shot.  UPI has more… Two people were shot in Denver’s Civic Center Saturday where thousands of people gathered for marijuana-inspired “420 Day” festivities, paramedics said. Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said a man and woman in their 20s were both shot in the leg, The Denver Post reported. They were expected to survive, said the newspaper, which initially reported three people had been shot. Police […]

HiViz Shooting Systems Latest to Leave Colorado Due to Gun Grabbers

Another company has announced that they are “going Galt,” and abandoning Colorado due to it’s animosity towards the Second Amendment.  HiViz Shooting Systems recently announce the intention to move their corporate headquarters to a yet-to-be named neighboring state.  Weasel Zippers has more… Nice job, Hickenlooper. April 1, 2013, Fort Collins, CO –HiViz Shooting Systems (a division of North Pass Ltd.), announces plans to relocate operations out of the state of Colorado due to recent changes in Colorado state gun control legislation. HiViz President and CEO, Phillip Howe, states that talks are currently under way with officials of a neighboring stater egarding the […]

Outdoor Channel to Leave Colorado if Gun Contol Passes

As we are all aware, Democrats in Colorado are exploiting the deaths of innocent Americans to pass restrictive gun control-so even more innocent Americans can be killed.  As a response, the Outdoor Channel is promising to leave if  Colorado, and cease all filming there.  Girls Just Wanna Have Guns has the story… Outdoor Channel’s executive producer Michael Bane recently sent an email to state Senator Steve King (R-Grand Junction) warning him that if the gun bills under consideration by the state senate pass, the channel would say good-bye to the centennial state. Bane wrote in the email, “This morning I […]

Colorado Democrats Threaten Sheriffs That Oppose Gun Control

It seems that Colorado Democrats are resorting to their time tested tactics…bullying and threats, to silence dissent.  The Democrats in Colorado not only denied many a voice at hearings, but they threatened the salaries of the Sheriffs!  Gateway Pundit has the audio… So, you better just go along with losing your freedom, or they’ll find a way to punish you. In all of this, the hypocrisy abounds.  If a Republican did anything close to dismissing the story or claims of a rape victim, there would be an outrage.  If elected Republicans threatened the salaries of other elected officials for opposing […]

Colorado Democrat State Senator Committed to Disarming College Women: Rapists Rejoice, Feminists Silent

It’s almost hilarious to see how the feminists remain in their typical kneeling position-right in front of the Democrat masters.  Once again, a Democrat has dismissed a woman’s story and testimony, that a gun might have prevented her rape.  The latest is state Sen. Evie Hudak who, at a hearing on banning concealed carry on college campuses, told rape survivor Amanda Collins that having a gun would not have done her any good. Collins had just shared her story of survival. Democrat Hudak berated her in response. I just want to say, statistics are not on your side, even if […]

Colorado Democrat Tells Women That Gun Control is More Important Than their Safety

What happens when a Democrat is asked about women using guns to protect against rape?  Well, Redstate has the video of what one Colorado Democrat said… Um, are we going to tell women that they have to submit to rapists for the good of the gun control narrative?  And, notice the silence from the Tammies? Not only are they being thrown under the bus (AGAIN), but they stay silent when real women stand to be hurt in real situations.  I guess they are standing by their their regressive man.  Or, are they kneeling in front of him?

Jefferson County, Colorado “Democrat of the Year ” Charged with Identity Theft of Developmentally Disabled Person

What do you call a person that steals someone’s identity, and that person is disabled, and confined to a wheelchair.  Apparently, in Jefferson Country, Colorado, you get the moniker, “Democrat of the Year!”  Chicks on the Right posted this video, so I though I’d share it here… Isn’t it hilarious that when these things happen, they are NEVER picked up by the national media. However, if a Conservative dog catcher would have stubbed his toe, and cursed loudly, more attention would have been paid?

Lassie Questioned About Colorado Wildfires!

Lassie, a Collie who likes to hang out with United States Forest Rangers has spent the night in police custody after being named a “Collie of interest” in the raging wildfires devastating Colorado. Suspicions were first raised about Lassie when Bob Erickson and Scott Turner  the two forest rangers who adopted Lassie noticed burns on Lassie’s paws. This is devastating to us.  We loved the dog.  He showed up at our forest station one day and kind of became our mascot. He would hang around with us when we were fighting fires.  We never suspected a thing.  Though he did like […]

Voter Fraud Confirmed: 5000 "Non-Citizens" Voted in Colorado

Since the inception of this blog, I have covered allegations of voter registration fraud. There were many stories, and quite a few guilty pleas or convictions.  And all the while, critics minimized the trend, stating something along the lines of, “you can’t prove that any of those people voted.”  As of yesterday, we can confirm exactly that.  Here is some information from The Hill… Republicans on the House Administration Committee want to shore up voter registration rules in the wake of a Colorado study that found as many as 5,000 non-citizens in the state took part in last year’s election. Rep. […]

Nanny Statists Claim Ownership of the Rain

What’s next, the sun, moon and stars?  The answer is probably yes. There are practical things that people can do to conserve.  I think that using some frugality and not wasting resources is something that every one can get behind.  One way to do that is to capture rainwater and put it to use.  People do that all the time.  They use rainwater for gardens, and such.  It saves on the water bill, and it relieves demand on local water utilities. Sounds nice and great, right?  Well, not so much, depending on where you live.  For details on what some […]