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To Eric Holder: America’s Strength Didn’t Come From Cowards

What do you get when you stack liberals in a heap?  A pile of ass. Sorry, just had to get that in. Holy Cow! I’ve always known that liberals worship at the feet of Barack Obama. Barack is their god, their king, and their savior. It doesn’t matter that he’s a pathological liar. It doesn’t matter that he been accused of being a homosexual by folks offering very credible accounts of his nefarious and lascivious deeds. It doesn’t matter that with every second he occupies the White House that he is weakening the United States in every way. The lengths […]

Battle Ready Betty

In the latest bit of reality-bending psychopathy imposed by Barack Obama and the socialists of the Jackass Party, the ban upon sending women into direct combat has been lifted.  The braying donkeys who claim for the public good the right to confiscate your salt, your sugar, your firearms, and your fossil fuels will now, in order to ensure a ‘fairness’ that never has and never will exist,  send your wives and daughters into hell –  one which, of course, most of them managed to successfully avoid: […] Combat is no place for a woman. Every grunt knows that. So do […]

Fighting Words

Despite what some of my less than tolerant liberal acquaintances may believe, my military experience does not date back to the era of hardtack and beans — soldiers in the field in my day supped on such culinary catastrophes as ham and chopped eggs delivered in an olive-drab tin can laboriously broached (especially when the icy January winds that regularly blast through the Fulda Gap have demobilized your every digit) by the ubiquitous P-38 (OPENER, CAN, HAND, FOLDING, TYPE I).  The quality of these antique military victuals may be adduced by the fact that everyone’s favorite item in a case of C-rations was generally the […]