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Sunday Links: Christmas Commercial Edition Revisited

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re going to continue our Christmas theme for the link post. Last week, we had a collection of Christmas songs, in the week prior to that, we had some vintage Christmas commercials. I’m going to go back to the Christmas commercials and give you an entirely different set. This time, were to go farther back in time, as well as into the 90s into the 21st century. This is my favorite time of year, and I can literally not get enough of this stuff. I hope you feel the same way.   It is also perfect opportunity […]

Sunday LInks: Vintage Christmas Commercial Edition

Well, we are in the Christmas season, aren’t we? Of course, as we’ve covered this week, there are a lot of liberals that don’t want that Jesus guy mentioned at all.  But, we won’t have that problem here. Its time for the vintage Christmas commercial edition.  I do this every year, because, like so many other people, Christmas brings out so many warm memories of my childhood.  I was blessed with good parents that protected me and saw that holidays were happy times.  So, let’s go back to a simpler time, and enjoy some vintage Christmas and toy commercials! That […]

Glenn Beck on Agenda 21

Glenn Beck has some rather well made, and very creepy, commercials on Agenda 21.  Take a look for your self… There are a number of links on the site regarding Agenda 21, I’ll be posting a compilation later.  Let’s just say that you ought to know what Agenda 21 is, and how it will one day affect you.

Sunday Links: Vintage Toy Commericials Edition

Wow!  It’s Christmas time again?  What happened to 2011?  I do have to say that perhaps the perceived disappearance of the year is a bit merciful, but that would be open to interpretation.   Temporal perception aside, this is a time for memories, particularly of childhood.  In deference to that fact, there are some vintage toy commercials with the links today. A Conservative Teacher Obama, Robert Frank, and Other Liberals are Wrong for Hating Black Friday   Aardvarks & Asshats: The Snarking An Open Letter to the MSM   Ace of Spades HQ Overnight Open Thread   Adrienne’s Corner A […]

Sunday Linkage: Christmas Commercial Edition

It’s been an interesting week.  From all of the work related mayhem, to shopping, I have not spent as much time on the blog as I would have liked.  So, as a token of my regard for you, enjoy the links and Christmas themed videos. Always on Watch asks in ObamaCare is imploding. America’s Watchtower is covering the lawsuit against an old Arizona immigration law. Opus has Rule 5. Ol’ Broad has Beck. Atlas Shrugs shows us that extremists are taking over Paris. Blogs 4 Borders asks if the federal government is hiring illegals? Bunkerville reveals the Fed’s worst nightmare. […]